OXO Tot On-the-Go Gift Set

OXO Tot On-the-Go Gift Set

The OXO Tot on the go bundle has everything you need for a trip with your little one, whether it’s to the park around the corner or grandma’s house across the country. The handy stroller hook provides an extra hand to securely hold shopping bags, or for big kids to hold on to while walking. The on the go wipes dispenser keeps wipes on hand for easy access, and can even hang right from your stroller handle. The silicone seal keeps wipes fresh, and the compact size tucks neatly into diaper bags. The on the go feeding spoon and flippy snack cup make munching on the road a breeze. The feeding spoon has a compact case that keeps the spoon clean, and the flippy snack cup has a snap on lid that keeps snacks contained until your tot is ready to grab on to the non slip handle. The sippy cup set has comfortable, removable handles and can transform from a regular sippy cup to a training cup, and even a regular cup, as your child grows. The on the go drying rack is perfect for cleaning and drying sippy cups, bottles, breast pump parts and more; the nipple cleaner and brush head with durable, nylon bristles easily twist together to form a full sized bottle brush. When separated, the parts snap neatly into the drying rack, and the compact shape can fit into diaper bags, suitcases, or purses.

Main features

  • Set includes: handy stroller hook, on the go wipes dispenser, flippy snack cup with travel cover, on the go feeding spoon, on the go drying rack with bottle brush and sippy cup set with training lid (7 ounces)
  • Wipes dispenser keeps wipes on hand for easy access on the go, while the stroller hook provides an extra hand for hanging bags or for big kids to hold
  • Flippy snack cup and sippy cup set are shaped for little hands to hold and are great for snack time in the park or on the road
  • Soft, silicone feeding spoon features a case to keep the spoon clean, and its compact size is perfect for diaper bags and purses
  • Drying rack opens to reveal flexible tines that accommodate bottles, nipples, breast pump parts and more, as well as a silicone detail cleaner and bottle brush head that assemble to form a full sized bottle brush

Verified reviews


Lots of great individual pieces but it’s a strange mix

I would not recommend this item as I just don’t think this set is a great value. All six items have a varying degree of utility and I feel like this set was put together in a somewhat haphazard fashion. Some of the items we are using much more than others and they are all made with the excellent care and design that you would come to expect from OXO. That being said I would not recommend this product as I don’t feel this set is a good value.

Nettie Lund, NV

The spoon is amazing!

The spoon in this is wonderful, but that’s about it. I would buy the spoon separately, but I certainly wouldn’t buy the other products. The wipe container lets in too much air to keep the wipes moist, the travel cover for the snack cup doesn’t do a good job of keeping cereal inside, we’ve had trouble with the flow of liquid from the sippy cup, and the other options are just okay. But the spoon . . . oh the spoon!You can’t really tell from the pictures, but the spoon is angled slightly, thus making it easy to feed our baby even when he’s looking down at the other things on his tray. The angle also helps to keep the food on the spoon while feeding.

Ernestine Swartswood, NJ

Some useful items, others not so much

I received this bundle through the Amazon Vine program. Some of these items are very useful, some not so much, and some I haven’t yet used and don’t think they are particularly useful at all.1) The Cup.I like this cup a lot. It is a good training cup for a toddler sitting at at able and starting to learn to drink from a glass. The top has several cut out holes around the rim, so the toddler gets used to sipping from an open cup. However, it is NOT spill proof. There is also a top that is (mostly) spill proof that can be used as a traditional sippy until your child is ready for to start learning to drink from a glass.2) The spoon.This is a nice soft-tipped spoon, principally to be used for feeding infant children. My son is beyond this stage, but this seemed like a good spoon generally. I like the carrying case, although, honestly, it’s just something extra to clean. A plastic bag works just as well, and that you can just throw away.3) The stroller hook.Unnecessary. I use a diaper bag that can be hooked around my stroller’s handles, which keeps my belongings more secure and less likelty to make the stroller lobsided in weight or to get caught in the wheels.4) travel bottle brushUnnecessary. Seriously, do you really have a great need to wash bottles when you’re not at home? I don’t get this product at all.5) Snack container.As good as the Munchkin brand I see most commonly. But better, because this has a top, which keeps all those cheerios from filling the bottom of my diaper bag.6) Wipes container.This wipes container keeps wipes wet, better than the Huggies-brand refill container I also have. It’s also harder for my toddler to open and then just take all the wipes out, too.So that it. Decide for yourself if the individual items are better to buy individually — my hunch is yes, it will be cheaper to just buy what you need rather than this "bundle."

Bonita Gwynn Oak, MD

Perfect for travel or on the go parent!

OXO is a brand that is used daily in my home. From my daughter’s Sprout chair, which has the same green covers, to several kitchen gadgets I use to make dinner. I also have the green toddler bib and also several pieces of silverware, plates, you name it.I was happy to receive this as it comes in very handy if you are on the go. I think the best is the spoon and the cover for it. I can’t tell you how many baggies I have used with spoons. I like having one case that fits the spoon and I can just clean it when I bring it home dirty.My daughter is a toddler but still uses a lot of what this has to offer. This is another OXO set that has another selection of items so if the child you choose this for does not have use of all items, perhaps there other set will.• Spoon with travel case, can’t live without it now• Sippy cup, it works well, does not leak. It does not hold much though. I do love that it matches all my other green OXO items.• Stroller hook, I have it one her stroller but have not had a use for it honestly• Drying rack with brush, wonderful to travel with! Nice to know it is only used for the child and stays clean.• Wipe dispenser, love it! Great for dirty hands, potty training, wipes of any kind.• Snack cup, nice size but do not like the lid. It is like as Wet one lid, my daughter has had her hand caught it in a few times.I give this a solid 4 stars. I love OXO and the green they offer and will continue to add to my collection.

Rosalind Prairie Creek, IN

Perfect Baby Shower Gift!

The OXO Tot On-The-Go Gift Bundle would make a PERFECT baby shower gift. It includes a sippy cup, on-the-go-spoon and case, stroller hook, treat cup, wipes dispenser, and folding dish dryer with a portable bottle brush. It’s beyond amazing just how clever the things in this set are, and that they all turn up together is really genius.

Dollie Elgin, OR

Great For Grandparents House

After seeing and using the different items in this set I can see why it would make a great gift fo a new mother but I can also see the merits of having this on hand at GrandMa’s house. I wasn’t expecting to have my Grandchild living with me since birth and I had to make some drastic changes, one of which was to make LOTS of room in my kitchen for bottles, feeding utensils, bottle sanitizers, and the like. Since my kids were grown I had downsized and now have a much smaller kitchen. I was always looking for a place to store “that thing” while “this thing” was in use. Now that my Grandchild no longer lives with me full time all the larger items are no longer needed. I just needed a few items to use while my Grandchild visits. This is the perfect solution to Grandparents who need the same items as New Parents without having to set aside one-half the kitchen while the little one visits.My favourite items and the two I use the most are the wipes dispenser and the mini bottle rack.Wipes Dispenser-I put the wipes dispenser in my purse about 3 weeks ago. When I came back home I forgot to take the dispenser out and put it up. I pulled it out yesterday and opened it to throw away the wipes that I had forgotten expecting them to be dried out, like they are with the smaller wipes containers, but there was no need as the wipes were still moist and the container had not leaked any liquid into my bag. The seal on this container works really well.Bottle Drying Rack-I love that the brush comes apart and attaches to a special plastic piece to hold in place and then the rack closes up for storage. I have this one at home to use with my Grandson BUT I am going to purchase another one to keep at the office. It is the perfect size to keep on your desk to allow my cups, glass, sandwich container or soup bowl to dry. After the dishes are dry, it folds up, snaps closed and goes into my desk drawer until I need it again.Sippy Cup and Snack Container-Perfect for little hands to drink from or grab a cookie or cereal from without spilling the entire contents of the cup or bowl. The handles are ergonomic and little hands have no trouble holding onto it.The spoon has a storage case similar to those used with a thermometer. Much easier to feed baby in a restaurant with a small spoon than the adult sized and it stays clean until ready to use.I don’t use the stroller bag attachment yet as I’m not using a stroller too much right now. When he gets older this will be handy holding shopping bags.As for storage of the items-I picked up a plastic storage box with lid from a local store, one just a little larger than the shoebox size, and everything fits into it perfectly and stores in the cabinet above my refrigerator until my little man visits again.While I still think this is perfect for travel and for new parents while on the road, I think it’s a perfect fit for GrandMa’s kitchen.

Liliana Tiger, GA

Green baby accessories

All of these baby accessories are very well designed and functional. They are also easy to clean, and the plastics are all safe. As many of the other reviewers have mentioned, this would make a great shower gift. Although this set is suggested to be useful for travel, it is definitely good for home use as well.

Amalia Montandon, PA

mixed bag

I tend to like the OXO brand so I was excited to try out this set.First, the good: I LOVE the spoon. Its kind of a weird shape and wasn’t sure about it to begin with, but it has quickly turned into my favorite spoon. Its just the right size, shaped well and the material reminds me of silicon (not sure what it is…kind of like a cooking spatula). The little wipes container is also great and is just the right size to throw in your bag or purse.The okay: The sippy cup. Oh, how I want to love the sippy cup…and in some ways I do. The valve system is great — when it works. However, many times I find the valve floating in the water and the sippy cup contents dripping on the floor. No matter what I do to that valve system it seems to find a way to pop out and that is why I can’t call it good. The snack cup. This is a pretty cheaply made little cup that does not feel too durable and frankly doesn’t work all that well. The opening is difficult for my little ones to use so we end up taking the top off, whereby it simply becomes a bowl.The unknowns: The hook. I actually haven’t used the hook. I put it on my stroller hoping for a chance to use it, but I just haven’t. Its just not something I need or will use. The bottle brush and drying rack. This part seems well thought out. The brush comes apart and neatly fits in the rack, which closes up. Problem is that I don’t use bottles, so I really don’t have a need for it.Overall, a cute set but I wouldn’t buy it as a gift, especially considering the price tag.

Lucia Amberson, PA

A great bundle for babies who travel

OXO products have always proven to be of great quality, function and development. This gift bundle is ideal for a new mom, or for a baby who travels. From the sitter’s house tomgrandma’s, or for when you travel with your little one, this set is a must. Everything is compact and easy to clean and pack. I love the white and green colors. Everything is coordinated.The spoon is easy to use. Baby is provided with a soft utensil and it is a convenient shape for you to hold. I do notice that too much food will slide off the edges. This could make feeding messier than normal. The case is sleek and fits into the smallest of diaper bag compartments.The portable wipe compartment is small, very small. If your baby is messy, or requieres many changes this may be too small. But for shopping or a day at the sitter’s it will do fine. The case is thin and slips perfectly into a purse or diaper bag. The drying rack is similar: small and easy to pack. The brush is easy to put together. The bristles are quality. It is all plastic and very durable.The hook is not something I would buy alone, but as part of the bundle it is a nice addition.The cup and snack bowl really make this set. The sip cup’s handle can be removed. The sippy spout can be replaced with a slotted lid to make the transition to cup drinking easier, and cleaner. The clear plastic lid allows water to flow, but if baby throws it, the liquid will not fly everywhere! You can remove the lid and have a regular cup. The snack bowl has a lid to keep the contents clean. The handle makes holding easier. The flexible rubber allows baby’s hand to move through easily to retrieve snacks. A greedy hand won’t be able to get out all the snacks, so this also encourages slow eating!Overall I think all the products are wonderfully designed. They are easy to clean, store, pack, and use. The mother, or grandmother who receives this gift is lucky indeed. Recommended.

Roberta Bracey, VA

Great OXO Tot items

We’ve had quite a few OXO items, and have had quite a few OXO tot items since they came out with the line a 3-4 years ago.Will go through what is included and our impressions.- Feeding Spoon. Standard high quality oxo, love that it comes in a case for keeping it clean on the way there, and keeping the dirty from getting on everything else on the way home.- Stroller Hook. Haven’t used it much but a nice way to hook your diaper bag, or shopping bags to your stroller.- Portable Wipes Container. Simple, wipes come out nicely, hooks on a bag/stroller/etc for easy access.- Food Cup. Has a handle for easy holding, top that prevents them from dumping our their cup of cheerios across your floor/car/etc. My son did find this somewhat annoying, but I think it’s better than competing snack cups with tops like this.- Portable Drying Rack. Very small portable size, brush that comes apart and fits in the case perfectly. Such a small little item that makes traveling someplace that much easier.- Drink Cup. This might be one of our favorite OXO tot items. Has lids that change out, from standard sippy cup which is near leakproof, to a lid that has multiple holes to simulate drinking like a normal cup, but slows down the liquid a bit. Handles come up from the bottom, and make this super easy to hold for the kid.The good news is that there is nothing that is bad in this kit, and you’ll probably end up using most of these. Buying the set essentially gives you the value of getting some of them ‘free’, but you can purchase all or some of these separately (and allows you to change up the color) as well. Love OXO tot products.

Gwen Waynesboro, VA

High quality toddler gift pan

This is a really cool collection of toddler gear! Everything is really well made and high quality. Very handy and versatile set if you’ve got small kids.

Nita Nyssa, OR

Some of these items hit the mark, and some not so much

This is a really fun gift set, but the combination of items is a little strange given the age range covered. For example, there is a sippy cup and a traveling snack canister, neither of which will really be used until a child is about a year old, yet there is also a traveling bottle cleaning kit that has a brush and a drying rack. It seems a little incongruous, because most kids aren’t drinking so much formula or breast milk at that age that you’d need to carry around your own personal drying rack and cleaning brush. Surely that can wait until you arrive home?I absolutely adore the traveling baby wipe dispenser, so much so that I purchased a second one so I can keep one in my car, and one in the stroller. I love that I don’t have to keep buying little disposable travel packs of wipes, or keep some huge thing of wipes that is constantly drying up in my vehicle. That’s a product that is useful from day one.I also really appreciated the little oxo spoon. It doesn’t hold much food at all, so is perfect for baby’s first meals from about age 6 months to nine months or a year.The sippy cup and snack dispenser are very well designed. The snack dispenser has little flaps to keep the fruit or whatever you put in there from rolling all over the floor if the baby bangs it against something or drops it. It won’t keep all of them from rolling out, but it does a pretty good job. That said, I kind of wish the sippy cup were made of glass or stainless steel so that I would feel comfortable letting baby drink things from it over a more extended period of time. I’m not that big on drinking from plastic containers.I also liked the stroller hook, which allowed me to run out to the co-op and pick up a few groceries while on the walk with baby, and bring them home easily. While some groceries fit underneath the baby seat, it’s nice to have the option to buy more than just milk and eggs.I think the baby drying rack and bottle brush is the one thing that I wasn’t too keen on. I guess I just didn’t really see the point. If I’m traveling, I bring enough bottles for the duration of the trip, and when I get home I clean them. Maybe if you go on a lot of overnight trips, this would be more useful. I did appreciate that the brush handle comes off so that you can fit the brush and handle inside the drying rack. But I guess I stick close enough to home that to me this seemed a little silly.Overall, oxo makes really innovative products and these baby products are no exception. That said, I would check the price carefully and make sure that you’re actually getting a deal by buying all of these things at once, because you may not want or need all of them, and perhaps you’ll save money just buying the few things you will need.

Debra Silver City, MS

Excellent gift bundle

The items in this bundle take you through infancy to preschool, making it a great investment long term.The handle is fantastic for a stroller. You can use it as a place for your toddler to hang on to when you take the little one for walks. Or you can use it as a hook to put shopping bags on. The grip is strong and it attaches easily to the stroller.The travel spoon is durable, easy to clean, and soft on a babys mouth. The case keeps it clean in a diaper bag and then keeps the diaper bag clean when you put the dirty spoon back inside when you are done with it.The sippy cup works nicely for toddlers. It is hard spout so they cannot chew a hole in the spout. It is leak proof and durable. Dishwasher safe. The handles are slightly rubberized to make griping the cup really easy for messy hands. The extra lid is great for training toddlers to drink from a big kid cup. It allows them to go the motions, without making an awful mess.The wipes container is easy to refill, easy to dispense and easy to attach to the diaper bag. I have no trouble finding it in my bag and it has never leaked. I do find that if it isn’t full, the wipes do dry out though.The snack cup is pretty standard. Dishwasher safe. Again there is a rubberized grip to make it easy for kids to grab on to. Larger crackers and smaller cereal both were easily eaten out of this cup by my preschooler.The travel dishwashing set is the best. I use this as my main cleaning system at home. My baby only occasionally gets a bottle and it is nice to have this folded in the cabinet ready to use when it is time to wash a bottle, a pacifier, or anything else small. I pack it away when I don’t need it, and then it comes out, pops together and works amazingly well when I do need it. The entire thing is dishwasher safe, so when I have used it a few times I do throw it in the dishwasher to disinfect it. An amazing feature is the locking nipple brush. I had problems with other bottle brushes not staying together, or worse, my curious preschooler sticking his finger in the hole on the bottom of the brush. I like that it locks to keep accidents from happening.OXO puts a lot of thought into their products. They stand by the quality and it shows.

Gayle Dix, NE

Easy buy for those looking to pick up a no-fuss gift; too bad it doesn’t feel like a true gift set

“OXO Tot On-The-Go Gift Bundle” is a good gift set for new parents. While not all the items may be of use, most will fulfill some need for parents at some point.That being said, this item would feel more like a true gift set if it actually came in a travel bag or container of some kind; as it is, it feels like a collection of separately sold items thrown together (which in fact, is exactly what this is, as you can buy all of the items in this set individually, with the exact same individual packaging found in this set).Still, it’s a quick, easy buy for those who don’t want too much fuss with their gift shopping. Overall, recommended.

Rosanna Du Bois, IL

Set has some useful travel accessories

When deciding on whether or not to buy this bundle of on the go baby accessories, you might want to ask yourself if you will really need or use all of these items. They’re all nice items on their own but not everyone is going to need each one of these items. Of the six items in this set there are only three that I can say I think are particularly useful for our needs.I really like the handle that straps onto the stroller to hold bags and things of that nature. It’s great for shopping or toting stuff to the soccer field. I also like that this handle can be used for an older child to hold onto when you’re pusing the stroller.I really like the feeding spoon with the convenient plastic travel case. Years ago [12 years to be exact] we brought a travel case from The First Years for baby spoons. It held four spoons but it isn’t very compact and I got to the point where I opted to bring a spoon in a plastic baggie rather than tote the spoon around in the case. This spoon and travel case can be easily slipped into a diaper bag or purse.The fold up drying rack is nice for visits to the grandparents or vacations. It’s conveneint and will ensure that you have what you need to keep baby’s bottles, pacifiers and even pump accessories nice and clean while you’re away from home.The snack cup is nice and has a snap on lid which is great. I’ve tried a lot of different snack cups in the past for my kids and they always eneded up dumping crumbs in my bag because they didn’t have a lid. But this is an item that I feel isn’t exactly an essential. Eventually your little one will figure out how to dump the contents of the cup despite the flaps that are supposed to prevent spills.The wipes container is just bulky. It has a nice loop for hooking it onto the handle of a stroller, but it’s added bulk that I don’t care to tote around. I opt to put a stack of wipes in a zip lock bag which is more compact, keeps the wipes moist and easier to carry.Of all the items in this set I like the sippy cup the least. My toddler didn’t care for the spout at all. Since she’s nearly 2 1/2 we also tried the big kid lid. She didn’t like that either. The cup has versatility, which is nice, but it’s one of those items that isn’t for everyone. Some kids may love this cup, but my daughter wanted nothing to do with it.

Margaret Noyes, MN

Perfect gift idea!

I loved this bundle! It had everything that I need for my toddler! We had a wipe carrier, a handle, a spoon, snack holder, a sippy cup and a drying rack. Everything that you might need on the go in this kit! All were easy to use and very functional. The handle was great for bags and I also got my child to hold it and walk with me and the stroller. The snack holder was awesome. It held snacks with out spilling and as a mom, I’ve seen my share of spills.Overall, this would make a great gift or would be great to purchase for yourself! I was very happy with the contents and how well made they are!

Briana Kimberton, PA

Quality items, great for baby shower gift

This bundle by OXO comes with six baby items, and is marketed as "on-the-go" bundle. The items are made of the same high-quality materials that other OXO products (I have a number of their kitchen utensils, and they’re great), and are well designed and attractive. The bundle comes with 1) a wipes case (useful, though many wipes come in soft packaging with resealable covers, and are easier to store than a big stiff case). 2) a snack cup with flexible opening top, 3) a travel drying rack with brush (cool item, but I wonder how often I need a drying rack while traveling), 4) A spoon and case, 5) a stroller hook to allow for additional cargo on stroller (this is the item I anticipate I will use the least, though I can see it being useful in airport bathrooms perhaps), 6) a sippy cup. The cup is the best of the bunch, since it comes with two attachments: traditional suction nipple top, and a "big girl" top as we call it, which allows your little one to drink normally, slowing down the flow of water a bit so they can learn to drink not by sucking but tipping back. We didn’t need all six of these, but they’re quality products, and this would make a great gift.

Juliette Rosser, TX

Cool set of baby accessories

This is a cool set of baby accessories — IF you don’t really have any yet. They are mostly valuable if you are starting from scratch. The stroller hook is particularly nice. The cleaning case was a little silly for me, but could be useful to some people.

Tanisha Tea, SD

Great gift for new mom.

This is a great starter set for a new mom with a 6-12 month baby, but even a veteran mom will like this set. The feeding items, like snack bowl, sippy, and travel spoon, are super handy and well made. The extra handle is super convent for older kids or your extra items. The travel sized cleaning rack makes cleaning up a breezy away from home. The only thing I personally didn’t find extra handy was the strap on the wipe box. I felt it got in the way more, especially as I didn’t really hang it. Otherwise it is a good design, opened easily and wipes stayed moist.

Cathy Frederica, DE

Love OXO

This is an excellent set for the diaper bag or suitcase for short trips! I absolutely love the stroller clip and the wipe container. OXO really makes life on the go with a baby convenient. The cups and snack holders are great too, never any spilling. This is the best bib there is in my opinion, always there to catch spills and makes eating out much less of an ordeal with a baby. The quality of all the products is top notch I never have any problems.

Cheryl Dellroy, OH

Great new baby gift.

I really don’t like giving gifts for new babies that will only be used for a really short period of time – like clothes. This set can be used for well over the first year. The wipe container and the holder that would allow you to hang shopping bags on a stroller, can be used early in the new one’s life. The spoon, sippy cup, and snack cup will come into play a little further into the first year, but will be used well past that first birthday. I have many OXO items in my kitchen and I am sure these baby items will be of a similar quality.

Elsa Rushsylvania, OH

Mixed reviews

I love Oxo products, and was excited to get to review some of their Oxo baby products. Some of these items are awesome, and others…. not so much!The sippy cup does grow with your child. It has the traditional baby sippy cup pieces and then converts to the toddler cup. Toddlers can learn to drink from a "real" cup without TOO much spillage. My 3 year old granddaughter loves it! However, we find that the valve in the sippy cup does not stay in and always falls into the drink, so we don’t use it in baby mode anymore.The spoon in the case – you DEFINITELY need to buy more of these spoons. We have tried MANY different spoons and these are our favorites, after many babies in the last 6 years! The case is great – keeps the spoon germ-free.The stroller hook can hold a ton of bags – this is a great product, as is the wipes container. Most wipes containers are flimsier – great job on this one, Oxo!The drying rack and bottle brush is great, and the brush is in two pieces so it comes apart easy for travel.I’m very disappointed in the snack cup. The plastic flaps that are on the top are too rigid and not flexible! When the child reaches in for a snack, it’s hard for them to get their hand out! I’m sticking with the Munchkin ones for this product!!

Bridgett Abbottstown, PA

OXO products fan here

I’ve liked most of the OXO products and this set is of the usual good quality. It is called a "Tot on the Go Gift Bundle", but I am not quite sure if it’s the best group of items for such a purpose. The cleaning rack seems to be unnecessary (who would be washing bottles on-the-go, on an outing to the park, for instance?). It’s definitely not a travel kit, because it doesn’t include things like, I don’t know, a changing mat, bib or a tray for placing foods, or plates. I also wasn’t quite impressed by the bottle. If your toddler drops his sippy as much mine, you’d be tired of putting the drinking nozzle into the sippy top over and over. It is easily dislodged on impact.Overall, a good set, but not completely thought through in regards to its purpose.

Edythe Poteau, OK

A great gift for anyone with little ones!

I use every piece in this gift set and love it. The cup converts from a sippy cup to a "big kid" cup (as my daughter calls it). The handles come off but the cup has the colored grip spots that make it easier to hold on to. The spoon is perfect for my 9mo son who is teething and biting everything. I love that it comes with a case. The handles is useful when you’re shopping and your stroller basket is already full. It is like an extra set of hands to carry things. I already had the travel drying rack and bottle brush so I gave it to a friend. You can read my review of that here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R5VYICBB037BI/ref=cm_cr_rdp_permThe snack cup comes with a lid, which none of my other cups did. They all should! It’s nice to be able to throw the snack cup in the diaper bag without worrying what will fall out of it. The lid is a little loose after some use so I just try to make sure it is upright. And rather than throwing an entire package of wipes in the diaper bag, which can take up a lot of space when you’re cramming stuff in for a day trip with 2 babies, this is a slimmer container and a handle. Handles are like pockets. I wish they were on everything. I’m much less likely to drop something when my arms of full of everything I am trying to carry.I will definitely be getting this for my next friend who has a baby!

Rowena White Stone, VA

Good bunch of handy travel items

We’ve had good experience with OXO’s products, having used their wipes dispensers, bottle brushes, roll-up bib, and a few other random things. The quality is pretty consistent, and this set is no exception.It comes with six items: a hook, sippy cup, spoon with carrier, drying rack with bottle brush and cleaner, snack cup, and wipes case. The design is generally quite good.The hook has a velcro attachment to attach to strollers and you can use it to hang stuff, like diaper or shopping bags. Nothing much else to say about it: it’s sturdy and won’t fall off.The cup is pretty standard with clear parts to see inside from top, sides, and bottom. It has ml and fl oz markings, large handles, and two interchangeable lids (one anti spill, one for regular drinking). BPA free.The spoon has a soft rubber cover over the business end and a plastic handle. It’s metal-backed and has a little case to keep it clean. The scoop is thin and contoured.The drying rack is easily the largest item here, has a fold-up design, and has spokes for placing nipples and such. It’s good enough to dry a few bottles or other similar items out, and has spots to attach the brush and cleaner. These two items can also screw together to lengthen the brush handle. No complaints about these items, they work well.The snack cup is for non-liquid food, and has a flexible rubber flap top for easy access. It will likely retain most of its contents if dropped, but it’s not exactly spill proof when being used. The main advantage of this item is if the baby drops it from their high chair it won’t make as big a mess.The wipes case is pretty standard, enough to hold a small stack of wipes. It has a button to open for easy access and a loop for hanging. It’s slim enough to fit in a bag.Overall, the items are solid quality and built to last, with well thought-out design. OXO’s products are a bit on the expensive side but you get what you pay for.

Carol Claverack, NY