OXO Tot On-the-Go Travel Drying Rack with Bottle Brush- Green

OXO Tot On-the-Go Travel Drying Rack with Bottle Brush- Green

Make cleaning up away from home less of a chore with the OXO tot travel drying rack and bottle brush. This compact cleaning kit is small enough to easily fit into diaper bags or purses while on the road. It opens up into a drying rack with flexible tines to accommodate bottles, nipples, breast pump parts and more. Neatly tucked inside the folded drying rack are a silicone detail cleaner and bottle brush head that assemble to form a full sized bottle brush. The brush has soft and firm bristles for gentle cleaning or serious scrubbing and has a soft handle that is non-slip, even when wet. The silicone detail cleaner cleans tight spots like bottle nipples and breast pump parts more effectively than bristles can. The ventilation holes provide aeration for quick drying, so you can say good-bye to wet brushes in inconvenient plastic bags.

Main features

  • Compact, all-in-one cleaning solution perfect when away from home
  • Bottle brush with silicone detail cleaner and bottle brush stand fit securely inside drying rack
  • Flexible tines elevate bottles, nipples and breast pump parts to allow for ventilation
  • Rib pattern wicks away water and provides ample space for drying
  • Ideal for sanitary drying of bottles and sippy cups on the go, or breast pump parts at work or while traveling

Verified reviews


Useful for travel but doesn’t have drain holes

Definitely wouldn’t need this at home, but if you travel, this beats putting everything on paper towels or washcloths on a hotel bathroom counter. The drying rack really doesn’t fit all that much. If you’re traveling with bottles and breast pump, you’re only going to get about half of your stuff on the drying rods and about 2/3 in the rack. But if it fit everything, the case would be pretty large to be toting around. The bottle brush comes apart in two pieces. The bottom half has this pick that purports to clean small parts of your breast pump, but it is just a plastic pick with no brush. Can’t see how it would clean anything. Also wish the rack had holes. After use, it would be hard to get it dry before packing it up, so it’s going to get gross and need a run through the dishwasher pretty soon after using it. Drainage holes might have helped that situation a little. Traveling with breastpump and bottles is a pain. This makes it a little easier but doesn’t come near solving the problem.

Shauna Dighton, MA

Terrific Way to Clean and Dry Baby Things!!!

Very useful and convenient for travel. Great for using in hotel rooms or if staying in a home that doesn’t have “baby” things. Plus it’s just nice to keep baby’s things cleaned and separated from other people’s stuff. The brush that comes with this set is a full size brush. It’s not a miniature so you can use it like normal. It comes apart in the middle into 2 pieces for storage. It’s a handy set to have around. I would use it for multi-day out of town trips. It’s not really a daily use thing for me. I would recommend!

Camille Culebra, PR

Great travel drying rack. I especially like the brush

This is a wonderful bottle brush. Meant for travel, it easily fold and fits into even smaller baby bags. It opens to have 18 spots for bottles, spoons, cups, or whatever you want to dry. Though you probably will not need 18 spots for bottles, you can fit baby bowls, spoons, or other feeding implements when they get older.I especially liked the included bottle brush. It connects into place and then SNAPS into place. The bristles are sturdy and well constructed. When you are done with the brush, you push the release button, unscrew and put away. This is a good enough brush for daily use let alone travel use.The drying rack then folkds up for easy storage.

Cara Peculiar, MO

Rated “C”-for “Clever”

The Tot Drying Rach/Brush is a clever item for traveling. I find that in a hotel it is of limited usefulness (I can dry most anything with a hair dryer), but it is useful when visiting friends. Works as described, priced fairly.

Angela Andalusia, IL

Great On the Go Drying Rack

I bought this to carry with my breast pump to work. It is marginally compact and the brush is good quality. If I had to change anything it would be few peg further apart but that is minor.

Morgan Tremont, PA

So useful!!

We travel with our kids a lot and we are always washing bottles or sippy cups on the go. I wish I’d had this when my first was little. So great to have everything in one kit. It creates a defined space for drying supplies so that you don’t end up with bottle parts spread out across someone else’s drying rack. It is compact but it will hold a good amount. This and the oxo wipes container are my new go-to baby gifts.

Susanna Payette, ID

Perfect for small counter-space

I love this rack and use it as our primary brush and drying rack. I didn’t want a huge rack to take up counter space in our apartment with little counter space and frequently travel so we can just pack it up and go. The brush is durable and the rack can comfortably fit one bottle and nipple as well as the 2 bottles, lids, flanges, and other washable parts after pumping. I even bought a second one of these to take to work alongside my breast pump.

Ingrid Sedalia, OH

18 pegs does not = 18 bottles

You’d think the peg spacing would allow you to dry bottles side-by-side, but in reality you can only fit them as close as every other peg. It’s not an issue because we can put the nipples in between, and don’t have that many bottles to dry, but just wanted to point that out. Other than that, it’s a great space-saver for our limited counter space.

Liliana Kennebec, SD

Helpful but of limited usefulness

We had just gotten back from several days in a hotel w/ baby, and then this item arrived on our doorstep. So, I had just had the experience of washing and drying bottles/nipples/etc., and leaving them out to dry on hotel towels. Would this contraption have made my experience easier? Absolutely! It would have been nice to have this drying rack.However, here are a few things that aren’t quite as nice:1) the way the brush snaps together is great, but the little green rubber pointy part isn’t going to clean the inside of the nipple the way the usual tiny bristly thing on most bottle brushes does. this is the most significant problem, since if you actually want to clean the bottles/nipples, you need to bring one of those little bristly brushes to get the job done, in addition to this thing.2) in order to do the compact design, OXO had to put the drying fingers pretty close together, so you have to be fairly creative and careful when putting bottles and/or other items on them, lest you bump into other drying items and knock them over (maybe even to the floor)!3) the grooved floor keeps the water away from the things that are drying, but it has nowhere to go, so unless you are only using this thing for a night or two, you’re going to have to get in there and clean that moldering water out, which means getting between those drying fingers, and the brush holders, and so on. It would have been much better to have a few drain holes scattered around, to at least limit this problem.So, if you can handle these obviously “first world” problems, and if you’re not using the pump and have to clean and dry all those extra parts, and if you take a lot of short trips w/ baby, this would be a great little item to have. It also seems like it would be a nice little baby shower gift.A tip: get one of those tiny travel dishwasher soap bottles and fill it with the soap of your choice, it will fit right in about the ‘fingers’ in the left-hand section.

Martina Ivel, KY

Outstanding bottle rack for travel

My wife and I just returned from a two week trip to Ireland with our 11 month old baby girl and we found that this bottle drying rack was a huge help in keeping her spoons, bowls and bottles clean on the go. THere is plenty of room for even storing dish soap in the pack so that you have everything you need no matter where you are staying. And since it is made by OXO it is of course made of proper quality plastic and is not cheap and flimsy in the least. Highly recommended.

Kayla Matlock, WA

Got To Get Before Your Next Vacation

Small, convenient and durable. What more could you ask for from a little drying rack? Granted, it’s not going to hold a full arsenal of supplies, but for a weekend getaway with baby, this will do just fine. My niece is months old and could not give her opinion of her nifty drying rack, but her parents liked it just fine. The only downside is they do not travel too often where they don’t have access to cleaning supplies (and drying racks). Other than that, they are happy to have this when needed.

Dona Hicksville, OH

A must have for travel

Where was this travel drying rack last year when I was traveling with an infant?? I lugged around the full sizeOXO Tot Bottle Drying Rack, GreenandOXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner, Green. I love both products but it was a pain trying to fit them into a suitcase or overnight bag. Compared to the full size drying rack, this travel rack is smaller but it still held 4Dr. Brown’s BPA Free Polypropylene Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottle, 8 oz – 3-Pack. At first, I wished it was larger but then realized that when traveling, there usually isn’t a lot of counter space so a compact design is preferable. I love that there is a holder for the brush so that it stood up to dry, and there are snaps to hold the brush when taken apart. The quality is the same as the full size rack and brush. It folds up and snaps securely so you can throw it in your diaper bag. (There are thin slots at each end of the case so make sure you dry it out as much as possible if you don’t want water leaking over your things.) This will come in very handy for short and long trips.

Adrian Fairhaven, MA

Nice item

We have the full size Oxo rack and brush so this was a great travel companion. It worked pretty well.

Tracie Oglethorpe, GA

I love this for travel–it works great

I don’t travel very often, but when I do it’s really nice to have theOXO Tot On-The-Go Drying Rack and Bottle Brush, Green. It doesn’t have drain holes, but I’ve had one similar to this before and the drain holes ended up getting the rest of my luggage wet, so I’m fine with it having no drain holes. I don’t use it on this, but some of the other readers use it on things like coffee pots. That’s a great idea for it, and when I no longer need this I’ll probably use it for that, too. I like this product.

Corine South Fork, CO

Totally worth it!

THIS IS THE ONE. This thing is amazing. Seriously. We traveled SO much with our baby (he was elite status on Alaska airlines before his first birthday)! This was a life saver. I didn’t realize, until our first trip, that this would be necessary. Bottles simply will not air dry unless they have a surface such as this to rest on that allows air to circulate. The only thing that would make it better is to include a straw cleaner or have the travel bottles of dish soap fit inside it, but we had a bendy straw cleaner so we just stuck it inside and soap in a ziploc.

May Townsend, TN

All-around great deal!

My original intent for this was to have something to use when I pump at work. We use the Boon lawn drying rack + stem (necessary to hold the little white membrane of the pump) at home for my pump parts, and was going to buy that again for work, but when you add it up (drying rack + stem + bottle brush) this is a better deal.Plus, we’ll have it when we travel!

Noelle Azle, TX

Everything you need on the road… just add soap and water!

We all know OXO is one of the best products you’ll ever buy – all of excellent quality. And if you’re traveling and have to clean bottles, you’ll need this! Has everything!

Arline Barnwell, SC

I like it

This is a decent little tool for the parent on the go. If you travel a lot, especially to hotels, you might want to consider this simply because you don’t want your baby’s bottle sitting on some less-than-perfectly cleaned bathroom sink or other countertop. It seems sturdy (well, it’s an OXO, so what else would you expect?) and well made. It serves its purpose and does it well.

Francine Halleck, NV

nice for travel

I do like using my OXO Tot On-The-Go Drying Rack and Bottle Brush however the pegs are a tad too short for my larger sized bottles (8oz bottles). They tip over when I put them upside down for drying.I do like the pegs for drying my pump parts. The brush is a great size. It’s not fully size as another person commented but it is a good sized brush. I haven’t made use of the nipple cleaner as I have a separate smaller brush for that.The grooves are good for collecting water at the bottom.

Erna Rodessa, LA

LOVE for traveling

Seriously, this has been so perfect for when we travel. It’s true that it only holds only a certain number of dishes, but when you’re traveling with a baby, less is more! There’s no reason to cart around a large drying rack if you don’t need to. The removable bottle brush sold me on this drying rack’s convenience and practicality, and it has proven so useful. Love OXO!

Edythe Scottsburg, VA

Very cool

I really like this. I just used it on a family vacation. Very nice to have a clean dedicated place to put your bottles and nipples. Packs up easily, good price. I just keep it in my baby travel bag.

Hannah Hayward, CA

Does what it’s supposed to…

It’s small, compact, and convenient. We picked this product up before taking a trip to Okoboji this past June. It fit nicely in the backpack, we use as a diaper bag, and the bottle dryer was extremely convenient. The brush was adequate and dried quickly.I wish it snapped together a little more firmly but that’s the only negative I can think of. I’d buy it again.

Dena Texline, TX

This is so handy

When traveling with an infant, one is always concerned with having food and drink for the baby but there are bottles and food containers that may be rinsed out but are still not “clean” This system makes it so easy to clean up and avoid harboring harmful bacteria in bottles. The aeration lets the clean bottles dry in the diaper bag or purse. This is really a great , well designed product and makes my grandma time easier.

Zelda De Kalb, MO

Great for Travel and Home use

This bottle drying rack is awesome! I use it for travel, it’s lightweight, and use it daily at home upstairs in my bathroom (so I do t have to take everything downstairs)! It’s all about convenience.I love that the bristles keep the drying bottles (and or breast pump parts) up above the water collecting underneath. It’s very sanitary and they dry faster.It holds two bottles easily and a few breast pump parts, but is small enough not to take up too much counter space. You could use in small trailer while camping. It’s 8 and a half inches in height and 5 and a half inches in width when closed. 10 and a half inches wide when open and in use.It’s easy to clean and towel dry.The brush is strong and fits into small bottles easily. It’s snaps into the holder for travel. The silicone cleaner part seems handy but I don’t really use it.Way cooler than expected. Will get lots of use from me!

Keisha Hollis, NY

Nice Travel Size.

This is a good size for throwing in your suitcase or diaper bag for trips. It isn’t large enough to be used contiguously, but it works great for traveling. The bottle brush is a perfect size and the way it collapses and has a double purpose is pretty neat.This would also be the perfect size for a mother that is primarily breastfeeding but is supplementing with bottles occasionally.

Chasity Laona, WI


I am so glad I got this for traveling. Perfect size, doesn’t take up much room in your luggage either. One thing I am going to have my husband do is drill some holes for drainage then I’ll just keep it on a dish towel when drying.

Alma Stuart, OK

On the go and keeping it clean

This was a great find for me. Visiting friends and family they are not set up like my place for the baby. That is OK with this travel set. Small and exactly what you need wether it is a day trip or a few nights.

Alberta Archibald, LA

Get this!

I use this at work for my pump parts and it works great! So much better than using paper towels

Rebecca Columbia Station, OH

Nice product

This is a nice product. Great for washing and drying bottles and breast pump accessories while on the go. The material makes it easy to clean and sanitize once you’ve brought it back home. The compact size makes it easy to stuff in a bag and take with you. I’d love to see a full size product for use at home. Love the green color as well. Very gender neutral and mommy pleasing.

Kirsten Ringling, OK

Oxo Tot on the go drying rack & brush

Love love love it! It has proved itself very useful to us during travels/vacations as well as everyday life!Just recently, we were out on a day trip to the children’s museum & duck boats with my 1 year old son. We had been gone for a few hours when I’d realized I only brought one sippy cup! I of course remembered I had this in my bag and just washed his cup after he had his milk & put some fresh ice water back into his cup.It measures roughly 8Lx5W inches & about 2 inches thick. It fits perfectly in the front pockets of my Skip hop Duo Deluxe diaper bag, but I usually just toss it in the basket of whichever stroller we are using that day.It works perfectly on hotel sinks, and I love that there are no holes for drainage so it doesn’t leak on countertops or in your bag! The brush is awesome, not small by any means, and snaps securely into place.Highly recommend it to anyone with babies/or kids to use while on vacations or while out & about in day to day life.

Greta Maysville, WV