OXO Tot Perch Foldable Booster Seat for Big Kids- Green

OXO Tot Perch Foldable Booster Seat for Big Kids- Green

The OXO Tot Booster Seat This Seat gives a little lift. It positions children three years and up at the perfect height with the help of a comfortable 3″ cushioned seat. A backrest keeps them supported in any style chair and allows them the option of sitting towards the chair’s front edge, so meals are within reach and little legs can dangle comfortably over the cushion’s rounded front edge. The soft skin urethane cushion is impervious to spills and a cinch to clean. The cushion lifts out easily when the whole Booster needs to be wiped down. The Booster backrest stays securely open by locking into place and collapses in an instant with the push of a button. Headed to Grandma’s for the weekend? The modern, clean-lined Booster folds compactly and is easy to carry with integrated handle. It even stands on its side for easy storage and is scaled perfectly for throwing in a weekend duffle bag. The Little Things Make the Biggest Difference: At OXO, we consistently develop products that address even the tiniest of pet peeves, because we know it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. When designing the Booster Seat, we knew parents often keep them out in the kitchen and dining room, so it was important for us to develop a seat that was not only functional and comfortable, but also attractive. Features & Benefits: Backrest and 3” cushion: Comfortably boost toddlers (3+ years) up to the perfect table height on any grown-up chair Non-skid feet and rounded back: Securely fit the contours of most chairs Removable cushion and smooth surfaces To make the Booster Seat easy to clean Collapsible design and integrated handle: Perfect for convenient travel and compact storage Holds up to 70 lbs BPA, Phthalate and PVC free Good Tip: The Booster Seat is great to bring along to a restaurant. It folds compactly and fits in the underside of a stroller . OXO Tot provides thoughtful products that help guide, nurture and care for your little ones. How do we do it? In five years, 25 babies were born to OXO employees, making for many users of all things baby! With so much growth comes a lot of opinions … and a lot of ideas. The collective group of new parents set out to create a line of baby and toddler products, developed with the specific needs and pet peeves of moms and dads in mind.

Main features

  • Boosts toddlers (3+ years) up to the perfect table height on any grown up chair
  • Collapses quickly and easily for convenient travel and compact storage; Integrated handle and Booster size make transport easy
  • Removable soft skin urethane cushion resists stains and is a cinch to clean
  • Non skid feet keep Booster securely in place on any style seat and rounded base fits contours of most chairs
  • BPA, Phthalate and PVC free
  • Removable soft skin urethane cushion resists stains and is a c” to clean

Verified reviews


This booster is a bust

I wanted a folding booster seat that could be kept in the car for meals out instead of using the ones provided by the eatery (Which are frequently dirty, in poor repair, and awkward to use at the table or in a booth. ) While a nice idea, this booster seat is not the solution. It has no straps to secure it to a chair and the suction cups aren’t anything I’d be willing to trust with a child wiggling around in it. With no sides, and no belt, it wouldn’t keep a toddler in the seat. The height is minimal so it’s not much of a booster. Maybe for an older, taller child this would be OK but really, at that point they are over using a booster seat to begin with.. Skip this and use an old fashioned phone book instead, you’ll be better off.

Alma Morenci, MI

great booster seat for older toddlers, but didn’t live long

My child is 2 and a half years old, and he is about 36 inches tall. We have a 4 inch vertical rim around the table, so finding a booster seat was a bit tricky for us. Other booster seats are made to be fastened to the back of the chair, so child would seat with his feet rested on the protruding part of the chair and his knees would be higher then the rim and not fit under the table, and if he would try to dangle his legs down, the hard edge of the chair would make him feel uncomfortable. The Oxo seat can be moved forward to the front edge of the chair thus eliminating the problem.My child can climb up and down on the seat with little effort. The seat has large rubber feet that effectively prevent the seat from sliding if any weight is applied to the seat. It is much narrower then the chair, so there is a “step” for my child to climb on and off.My son loves the new seat, he can move it to different chairs all by himself, so he can choose where to sit any time, which makes him very happy.Edit – after about four months one side of the cushion (where my son climbs on) started to deteriorate, the shiny surface is damaged there, and you can see the underlining porous foam. Dirt gets in there, and it is impossible to remove. My son is not even close to outgrowing it.

Rene Kinta, OK

Good for older toddlers

This booster seat is easy to clean, folds up easily, and takes up very little space. The green seat removes easily for cleaning, but I have a bit of a hard time getting it back into the chair properly. My only concern is that this works well for older toddlers…those who are capable of sitting in the seat of their own accord. This is not a seat that can be used with a kid who can’t sit still in the seat for an entire meal unless a seat belt is used, or able to get themselves in and out of the chair on their own. There is nothing holding the booster to the chair, so again, could be safety concern with a wiggly toddler. So for now, this chair sits on the floor for my daughter to use when she plays.

Rhea Memphis, TX

Poor quality

We hardly use this seat anymore. There are nicks all over it thanks to my toddler. It is fairly easy to clean but gets dirty easily. I would not purchase this item again.

Manuela Nitta Yuma, MS

HUGE fan of this booster

I use this booster for my 1.5 year old, fully supervised. He likes the chair because he feels like a big boy up at the table and isn’t strapped in. Please note that there are no straps with this booster so it wouldn’t be good for kids that need to be strapped in. The cushion is much firmer than I expected, and I really like that. This will stand up to many years of sitting, and most likely more than one child using it. The whole thing is easy to clean. If we have pasta or something messy I simply spray it down with the kitchen sprayer and let it dry on a kitchen towel. The no slip grips work perfectly and grab onto both fabric and wood surfaces. Overall this is an easy to use, clean and durable seat that I am a proud owner of.

Ursula Parryville, PA

Perfect for older kids who don’t want to be strapped down

My 3 and a half year old is using this at the dining room table. I was worried that it would not stay on the chair, given there’s no strap for securing it, but the “no skid” feature actually works so well on our chairs (vinyl diner-style) that it hasn’t so much as vaguely threatened to topple even once even with her wiggling and periodically trying to stand in her seat. (no no!) It gives her a good boost plus freedom to move around, so getting her to sit in it is not a problem. The appearance is very neat and minimalist, not goofy and loud, which is a definite plus too. And it is very lightweight, and easy to clean.

Rosalia W Hartford, CT

Clean, Sleek, Portable

My toddler loves his new booster seat and so do his parents. It’s lightweight, easy to clean (the seat easily pops off), and folds up for convenient portability. My son loves it so much that he wants to take it everywhere. I’ve fairly recently been introduced to this brand (OXO), and so far, I’ve been impressed with every product I’ve used from this company.

Josephine Pavillion, WY

Simple and easy to clean!

This does the job — it lifts my 2.3 year old to reach his food.The best things?- easy to clean! The cushion detaches completely from the base so you can really go after everything if a big spill happens- simple — no big crevices, straps, buckles, etc. The back folds down cleanly.- stays put — the rubber feet on the base keep it stuck to my parents’ old vinyl-covered cushions easily.- good size — considerably narrower than the chairs we use, so there’s a hand-hold or knee rest for my son to use when he tries to get in/out on his ownI haven’t had any problems with the cushion deteriorating as I saw one person commented on. We’ve been using it nightly for about 4 months. I wipe it with Babyganics surface wipes.Overall — a great, simple, functional booster.

Brittany Star Lake, WI

Comfy chair

We are really liking this chair. Been using it daily for a few weeks now. My son is not yet 2 years but he loves having his breakfast and dinner in his chair. I’m sure the age limit is because of the falling factor. I’m not recommending going under the age limit. We supervise closely to ensure he doesn’t fall and it’s helping him learn proper etiquette at the table.Cleaning is really easy but you do have to lift the cushion to make sure it’s clean. Sometimes food falls down in between the cushion and the seat and this isn’t obvious until the cushion happens the fall out and the dried food falls out too. The seat cushion does come out extremely easily, although I’ve never had a problem with it coming out while he’s sitting in it. Putting it away is also as simple as it gets- it doesn’t strap on at all, so you just push a button in the back and the seat back folds over the seat.The price seems a bit steep for the materials, but I’ve found that OXO stuff is pretty good. So if this stand the test of at least 2 kids, it will be well worth it.

Geneva Pinebluff, NC

Love, love, love it!

Bought this booster seat after sturdy lil’ toddler broke the harness straps on his high chair, making it unsafe. I was looking for something that could grow with him, which this will, and something that he wouldn’t find confining. He had no problem adjustment problems with the OXO seat. In fact he loves it. I love that it’s easy to clean and fits in with our decor. Besides, I really love every OXO product I’ve touched or bought!

Lucinda Eastlake, MI

Perfect booster seat

This OXO booster seat is perfect for our 28 month old toddler. It was instantly appealing to her when she first saw it, and actually wants to sit on it. It has a nice firm yet comfortable cushion that is easy to clean, and they were smart to offer colors other than white so you dont have to worry about staining. The backrest has a convenient button that sits flush against the seat and when released folds the backrest down without crushing the cushion.I tested this on our flat kitchen chairs as well as our molded plastic chairs. It feels stable on both. On the bottom of the unit are inconspicuous rubber pads that prevent slipping, and the seat is wide enough it doesn’t wobble even when on a contoured chair. I also really appreciate these pads are sort of a tan color rather than white which also helps prevent staining if the seat were to ever sit on top of spaghetti sauce, etc.A real added perk is that the green happens to perfectly match the green plastic insert we have on our Stokke high chair, so everything looks good together at our table! It is sort of a classic grass green without being neon. Very gender neutral and contemporary.

Ella Jeffrey, WV

Sturdy and Easy to Clean

I purchased this to use with my neices and nephews when they came over. They like that it certainly isn’t “babyish” and gives them just enough of a boost so they can sit really comfortably at my table.

Viola Lake, MS

Perfect seat for taking to restaurants

The best use of this seat is as a portable booster for restaurants. It lets your little one sit at the booth with everybody else, instead of in the middle of the restaurant in the booster chair. It’s easier to deal with the restaurant high chairs, more hygienic, and sometimes you just can’t find a high chair anyway. It folds to a size that is very easy to carry in one arm, and the booster seat does a great job sticking to whatever surface you put it on. Very solid, well-designed product.

Yesenia Triadelphia, WV

Cute and Functional

Its a great little booster…compatible with most chairs and travels well and easy to clean. My daughter 2.5 took right to it.

Maryellen Ovando, MT

good for 3 yr olds

Bought this for my 2 year old–it is ok but a bit short for her. Still, we use it all the time. Some might prefer a booster with straps that is higher for little ones as a transition from high chair to table.

Joann Turners Falls, MA

Love Love Love This!!!

OXO has proven once again that it creates awesome products!!! My daughter has been siting in a regular chair at the table now for over a year but always either sits on her knee’s or sits and is a little low to the table. This seat solves that issue (not that sitting on knee’s is an issue, but this is more comfortable)!! The bottom of the seat has non-skid on the bottom so there is no flying out from underneath your toddler. The seat is super easy to clean and folds in half nicely and is super light in case you want to bring it with out out to dinner! It is the perfect high for my three and a half year old to be level at the table. I can’t really say anything bad about this chair! It is definitely made to last and plan to use it when my now 7 month old gets older!!!

Marquita Hamilton, MO

Great product!

This is really a great booster seat. It is light, compact, and has nice grips on the bottom of the plastic surface so that it holds onto chairs well and doesn’t slide around. The green seat itself is made of durable material that can easily be cleaned. The white plastic is also easy to clean, and since the green seat detaches from the white surface, there is no reason for the seat to ever be dirty. I should also add that the green cushion fits perfectly into the white plastic outer shell so that a child will not slip around on the cushion. I like the back support and think it helps the child sit comfortably.The chair folds up easily, so it is quite compact. My only suggestion would have been a strap handle on the outside of the chair so that it would be easier to carry. There is a place for the hand to hold the seat designed into the white shell, but it wasn’t designed to comfortably fit every hand shape. However, I still gave this product five stars because it is something that every parent with a toddler should buy.

Merle Woodland, CA

great for children, good for cleaning, good for travel – good product

This booster seat is made of plastic that folds down (in half) for easy storage and to make it convenient to carry the booster seat with you when traveling (visiting restaurants, grandparents, etc).I have the lime green seat, and the green part itself is soft but not too squeeshy.The seat provides a nice back support, and has little non-slider pads at the bottom to ensure that the booster seat doesn’t slide on the chair. It works on wooden chairs, plastic chairs, and suede chairs.The material on both the cushion and the plastic are easily washable, thus making it great for spillage.

Yolanda Springer, OK

Great seat!

My daughter loves this seat. It is modern looking and matches our decor well. It is very easy to clean and easy to store. We even took it to the movies a few times to use as a booster! I would highly recommend this seat to anyone.I gave this product 4 stars only because it doesn’t have a strap on the bottom. I wish that I could keep it secured on our dining chairs. However, that is just my opinion. If you don’t care about that then this chair is perfect!

Claire Versailles, IL

Great seat – but not for wiggly kids!

Solid, looks stylish, good quality – just wish it had straps. The material it’s made of is great and does not slip off the seat at all, but my kid won’t stay sitting in it!!

Hilda Jonesboro, ME

Easy to clean, super-light, perfect height

This padded booster is rated for 3+ years old. My daughter is 22 months and tall for her age, and it fits her perfectly. She can climb onto the seat herself. It seems fairly comfortable and I can wipe it down easily. Color is a nice bright green but not neon, very much like the picture online.

Meredith Moulton, AL

Another Winner from OXO!

This is a great little booster seat! It has a just-squooshy-enough cushion that’s wipeable,and the back folds down to make the booster seat portable, for those times when you’re headed somewhere that might not have gear for little kids. It’s very lightweight, has nonskid feet on the bottom, and a little handle that’s integrated right into the back. There’s no strap, either for carrying or for strapping to a chair for extra security, but the feet on the bottom are grippy, and it’s low enough profile that as long as the kid isn’t raring on the booster seat, it shouldn’t go flying off a chair.

Gabrielle Racine, MN

Great seating place for children combined with the prince lionheart …

Great seating place for children combined with the prince lionheart cover for chair ! My daughter loves this booster seat very comfortable

Lisa Ireton, IA

minimalist, contemporary design

got the taupe and it’s exactly as pictured. design is lovely. however, seat is very hard but a step up from the hard plastic seat toddler has been using. we also have one of the lionheart seats with cushion and these are not the same material. the seat is a bit low so will let 5 year old use this while 20 month old grows into it.

Velma Boonville, NY


We’ve had this seat for less than a year and as many other users have reported, the "skin" of the seat cushion is flaking off. I contacted OXO through their website and they were extremely helpful. The OXO Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to return any OXO product for any reason for replacement, exchange, or refund (must include receipt for refunds). Without a receipt, they will simply send you a replacement. I would have prefered to receive a refund because I discovered a vintage Fisher Price booster at the Salvation Army thrift shop that seems to work great, but since I didn’t save my receipt, I will take the OXO replacement and donate it.

Tamra Warrensburg, IL

Miss independent!

Easy to take along to family, friends, and out to eat. Great transition to independence, but with no seat belt they can get out before you may be ready.

Corina Nevis, MN

Great lift for our tall 2 year old

This is nice looking, easy to clean and take along to grandparents etc… The back is one of the factors we were looking for to give some kind of ‘regular’ chair feel to our son. It does not attach to the grown up chair, but the grips keep it in place as our son climbs on and off – also good for curved wooden seat chairs. Our son is good at the table but, he’s two, so enjoys standing up and all other chair stunts… The booster hasn’t slipped once.

Faith Harrison, ME

OXO Youth Booster Seat

Great for sit down meals. Still use the high chair for the messy stuff but he likes sitting at the table with adults.

Myrtle Jacksonboro, SC

Great booster

This is a no-frills, stylish booster. My daughter just turned three and her previous booster seat seemed a little cumbersome. We rarely strapped her in anymore, and she couldn’t climb in and out of it on her own. This booster is pretty basic. It doesn’t strap to the chair, which is fine, though it does move a little when she gets in and out (especially if we’re not lifting her ourselves). I wish it were slightly higher, as sometimes she tries to sit on her knees to access her plate on our standard-height table better, but she’ll grow into it. When the back is folded down the size is perfect for throwing in the car and taking to a restaurant or a relative’s house. It’s a great seat — my mom is considering buying one to keep at her house for all the grandchildren to use.

Lee Bailey, MI

really great boost for older toddlers

This is really an ideal booster for a toddler who’s ready to sit in a regular chair but is too short to comfortably reach the table. In my opinion, it’s just what it ought to be: convenient to use, easy to clean, attractive but very neutral, portable, and stable. My toddler and his cousin both seem comfortable and confident while sitting in it. I think the basic design keeps them from feeling it’s too babyish.Obviously note that this isn’t for babies or young toddlers; there are no straps to hold them in or secure this to a chair. The age recommendation of 3+ seems spot on. This is a great next step when graduating from a high-chair, as my son will do soon. In the meantime, though he’s not quite three, this has already been handy (with a little extra supervision) to take when we eat in other homes or if he needs a boost to be taller on the piano bench. It’s been great as well to have on hand for older toddlers who visit our home. It certainly beats offering to let them sit on a stack of books!

Pearlie Ontario, NY