OXO Tot PerfectPull

OXO Tot PerfectPull

Diapers, wipes, powders, creams and a little one wriggling around on the changing table is a lot to handle. Simplify every diaper changing routine by keeping wipes conveniently within reach, with one-handed accessibility. The OXO Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser opens with a simple push on the lid and allows wipes to be removed easily one at a time through a weighted interior plate that keeps the rest of the pile perfectly in place. No more fishing around in a disposable package, the next wipe will always be ready and waiting. Dispenser lid seals in freshness with a silicone gasket ensuring that wipes stay moist and gentle. Dispenser fits all pre-packaged, pop-up style wipes, up to a 100-count package. A weighted plate and non-slip feet both help keep the Dispenser in place on the changing table. A clear front window indicates when it’s time to stock up on more wipes, polished plastic is easy to wipe clean and its sleek white design goes with any decor. When it comes to diaper changing, the OXO Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser is the next best thing to an extra pair of hands.

Main features

  • Weighted plate dispenses one wipe at a time and keeps the next wipe ready, upright and waiting
  • Dispenser lid opens with a simple push
  • Silicone gasket in lid keeps wipes fresh and moist
  • Non-slip feet and weighted plate keep dispenser in place
  • Fits up to 100 wipes

Verified reviews


Arrived broken

I was looking forward to the convenience of this for the nursery, and now I’m completely inconvenienced because it arrived broken: the latch doesn’t work and won’t close. OXO is usually a solid brand, so I’m obviously disappointed with the quality of this product.

Luisa Litchfield, OH

Yes, it will work with cloth wipes!

I read another review for this product that says it does not work with cloth wipes. I think the review was under the green color dispenser. I just wanted to share my experience because I am using cloth wipes and I was not sure what to use as a container. I debated just buying a wipes warmer, but I wanted something portable that does not require electricity, and I did not feel that my wipes needed to be warm. You can always warm them in your hands for a few seconds before using them if it’s an issue.The other review stated that you cannot use the weight with cloth because it’s too light, and folding them into the “accordion style” did not work for dispensing just one wipe at a time. I fold the wipes by laying them flat and then folding both sides inward so they meet in the middle. First I wet all the wipes with wipe solution by laying them flat inside a square dish. I pour a little bit of the solution into the bottom of the container, add wipes, and then slowly add more solution and more wipes in a “lasagna” fashion, careful to dampen all wipes. Any extra solution I can squeeze out and use again later or in my on-the-go squirt bottle. Once the wipes are wet, I fold them all and put them into the dispenser, seam side up. When you place the weight inside, you should see the two edges through the hole. If you do it this way, you can pull one wipe out at a time.I was also not sure which types of wipes would fit in this dispenser and how many it would hold. I have three kinds of wipes: Cotton Babies flannel wipes and two styles from Green Mountain Diapers, two-sided terry and thin flannel. The thin flannel work best in this dispenser. If you fold them in half or in the try-fold style I mentioned above, you can fit around 30-36 wipes in the container. The two-sided terry will work, but less will fit and they don’t fit perfectly. They are thicker and only about 12 of them fit at a time. This might not be a problem for an older baby, but for a newborn, 12 wipes will likely not last you much longer than a day, maybe not even that. I don’t see it being worth the time to mix up wipe solution every day just so you can store the wipes in here. I bought more thin flannel wipes to use with the dispenser because of this issue.This dispenser is smaller than I thought, smaller than a Huggies or Pampers box in my opinion, but it is nicer. The seal is superior and it will not crack as easily, if at all. I see it easily lasting through one or two kids. Overall I like it, and while it’s definitely not a must-have item, it is a nice-to-have item and is more useful than a wipes warmer, which could break after a few months or scorch your wipes. I understand that it was designed with disposable wipes in mind, and to hold the pack size of 100 wipes, but it could be a little bigger. Overall a decent solution to storing cloth wipes.

Margarita Adona, AR

Wish I had this long ago!

I wish that I would have had this a long time ago! I have been re-using the box that comes with the wipes for years and had the opprotunity to try this one. I was not dissapointed! On capacity, holds almost 2 packs of wipes, which is more than the other boxes. I really liked that there is a weight that holds down the wipes so that you are only getting one each time. I know that in the past I usually pull out more than I need, which the weight helps with. I really like that there is a little window in the side so that you can see how many wipes you have left…I can’t tell you how many times I needed wipes and pulled out the last one not knowing it. It is truly a one hand operation which is great when I have to keep one hand on my squirmy little one. Solid construction that will make it last a long time! Would recommend for anyone with kids in diapers!

Melanie Moore, ID

Does the Job–But Is It Worth the MoneY?

This is a good looking wipes dispenser–much better looking than the “free” dispensers that come with Huggies and Pampers products. It is also much heavier than those dispensers and not something that you would want to put in your diaper bag. There is a plate in the dispenser with a whole from which a wipe can be pulled. To get a wipe out of the dispenser, it is necessary to open the dispenser–which can be done with one hand–and then one wipe can be pulled through the plate’s whole. As promised, only one wipe pulls out with little effort the vast majority of the time.I did not like, however, that the dispenser container had to be completely open to get out one wipe. This can result in the rest of the wipes in the container drying out faster, depending on the number of times the container is opened. Also, all the wipes will dry out if someone forgets to shut the container after taking out a wipe. For this reason, the “free” dispensers that come with the Huggies and Pampers products might be more practical. The wipes in those containers don’t usually dry out if the top of the container stays open. Also, I like that those containers are lighter weight, so they can be more easily carried in the diaper bag.

Ilene Elizabeth, WV

Didn’t stay shut, but then was replaced and now it’s great!

Rachael Browntown, WI

No more fishing for the next wipe!

Why can’t the diaper companies seem to get wipe dispensers right? If you’re like me, dealing with the evasive “next wipe” is a persistent frustration at changing time. This OXO dispenser fixed that, and I think given the amount of time a parent spends dealing with diaper changes, it’s worth the price.Pros:- Easy to open.- Front window shows you how many wipes are left.- The total weight of the dispenser prevents it from falling over when you’re getting wipes out.Cons:- Interior weight could be a little heavier, tends to move around a lot when getting wipes out.Overall, worth the Amazon price, I think.

Alison Hill, NH

THis actually works!

I saw this in a local baby store chain and thought, what the heck,w why don’t I try it. I have a generic refillable wpes dispenser that is sold with wipes, but always hated how it would be difficult to grab wipes when the box got too light. This box is weighted and comes with this heavy weight you place on top of the wpes and no kidding, the wipes come out perfectly, one at a time. It’s a good product, and I only wish I had found this when my son was first born!

Ada Morse Mill, MO

Don’t bother

Not what I expected when I bought this. It has an insert that a weight to put on top of the wipes.

Elisabeth Greenville, VA

Very well designed

This is a very well-designed dispenser that pretty much eliminates the thing I hate most about most of these things: scraping your hands on the plastic while trying to retrieve wipes which have dropped down into the box. The lid opens completely with the press of one hand and a plastic weight with a large hole in the center floats on top of the wipes. Thus, the next wipe is always accessible no matter what happens.The other major advantage of this box, besides the convenience of reliable one-handed operation, is that it seals well and reliably. It keeps the wipes from drying out much better than the factor boxes.Finally, by using this box you can just buy replacement packs that come without a box, saving money and producing less garbage.So there you have it: a three paragraph ode to a box that holds wipes. If ever there were an example of how much your social life goes down hill with kids…

Corinne Nelson, GA

well made for disposable wipes, doesn’t work with cloth

This dispenser does just what it’s supposed to with disposable wipes. It’s functionally attractive and well-made, as I expect from OXO. Whether the added convenience is worth paying for over the refillable containers wipes come in is a judgement call, but I don’t think buyers would be disappointed.One drawback for me is that it does not fit into myJJ Cole Collections Diaper Caddy, Cocoa Stripe. Be forewarned that they aren’t compatible – I’d guess that may also be true for other similar caddies – so you’ll need to choose which you’d rather have.I’d hoped this would work well for cloth wipes, but it doesn’t. I realize this applies to a minority of potential buyers, but many cloth diaperers would be on the lookout for a good wipes holder. I normally accordian fold my clean flannel wipes, wet the stack and stick them into a wipes dispenser. This works well with a standard leftover disposable wipes container; they stick up and dispense one at a time. But in this dispenser, when I pull a wipe the weighted plate lifts instead of releasing just one. It becomes the two-handed operation that this product is designed to avoid. The plate is heavy enough to work with disposables, but not for the heavier cloth wipes that have more traction against each other.

Kasey Joelton, TN

Big improvement over basic wipe tubs

This wipes dispenser is so much better than any those basic and cheap looking tubs that come with the wipes. The lid closures on those always break and look kind of tacky. This is a very worthwhile product. It looks great with its simple white design, the high quality plastic is sturdy, and best of you can buy the big bags of wipe refills and avoid buying them in disposable tubs, saving a little money in the process.The lid opens softy with a gentle press of the finger. There is a lip of rubber that seals in the moisture, and a heavy colored ring (I have green) inside sits on top of the wipes and weighs them down so you can use one at a time. A handy little window on the front of the dispenser shows how many are left in the container. I never paid attention to the way our wipes look in the babys room, but realize this is a an improvement in both looks and functionality.

Geri Roslyn, WA

NOT a Warmer

I bought this item thinking it was a warmer, my mistake. Seemed like a good product if all you want is a dispenser.

Cora Beatty, NV

Clean and Organized

I love the entire line of OXO Tot products! This wipes dispenser keeps wipes tidy and organized on your changing table.

Diane Carlisle, AR

At last… the PERFECT wipe dispenser!!!

Thank you, OXO, for creating the PERFECT wipe dispenser! Of all our baby & child items, the plastic, flimsy wipe dispensers have been the worst.This is truly an outstanding product and very appreciated in our household.Highlights:1) Wipes stay moist. The cover on this is sealed & heavy. Ensures that your wipes are always clean and moist.2) One wipe at a time! The dispenser comes with a heavy weight that sits on top of your pile of wipes. This ensures that only one wipe comes up at a time.3) Top opens with a gentle press– no frustration, easy to use top. Just push with a finger and the entire top gently opens up allowing access.4) Well made, durable, and just super high quality. Once you use this dispenser, you will never again be able to use the free tubs.5) Eco-friendly: buy wipe refills and avoid all the waste of the free tubsMy favorite baby item that absolutely makes diaper changes faster and easier. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! It is PERFECT.

Rosanne Antlers, OK

you DO need this!

Before baby came, I thought, “Special wipe dispenser…completely unnecessary!!” But after weeks using the ones that come free with the wipes, I was ready to scream. The top would break, the wipes would get stuck, it would slide all around. Enter the OXO Perfect Pull. All my wipe troubles are over!!! The dispenser stays put, it opens easily, tons of wipes fit and it is stylish. I cannot believe I waited almost two months to get this. Do not hesitate. You do need this.

Nan Jayess, MS

good for convenience and retrieval of wipes

There is a simple button, as on a tape player or similar, that you push on the lid to open the wipes dispenser with one hand. The wipes are held within in a kleenex-like hold by the dispenser.The dispenser is really pearly white, so it’ll match on any counter, in any room.The box is hefty, so it won’t be easily knocked over by a family pet or a young child, if left on the floor.

Katheryn Cross Timbers, MO

Much Better Than the “Dispensers” That Come With The Wipes!

When I first got my OXO Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser, I thought it was an overpriced but pretty and fun luxury item for my daughter’s changing station. Then a couple things happened. First, my daughter started rolling over, ESPECIALLY at changing time, and second, just to test how well I like my Perfect Pull Dispenser, I switched back to the dispenser that comes with the wipes. You know what? So what if the Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser costs the better part of a Twenty Dollar Bill? Worth every penny, I say! Here’s why:It’s easy to load with wipes- you just open it, pull out the weighted plate, slap down the wipes (they really mean UP TO 100, so don’t overfill!), then put the weighted plate on top and pull the first wipe up through the opening. No real threading of wipes to be done. The wipes dispenser is easy to open one-handed while trying to keep a wiggly baby from rolling over on the diaper changing table, the wipe is right there, ready to be grabbed out one at a time (most of the time-sometimes those pesky wipes stick together for me and I get two), and then it closes easily. It’s a well-made, solid little container that keeps the wipes from drying out, and it doesn’t fly up when you try to grab the last wipe out of it. The window on the front makes it easy to see how close you are to needing a refill, because that’s a surprise nobody wants to be confronted with when they’re elbow-deep in diaper. It makes life a lot more convenient for a parent and would make a really good baby-shower gift for someone who has everything else ready to go for Baby. I’m really glad I have mine!In fact, I bought an additional dispenser for right in the nursery, and for each of the other bathrooms in the house. Big people sometimes need a wet-wipe, too! Also, if you don’t have a baby and don’t like wet-wipes, or for using this product after Baby gets out of the diapers-n-wipes stage, it works pretty well for dispensing dryer sheets. There! Pretty AND practical! Thank you, OXO for thinking of this!

Brittney Nachusa, IL

I wish I’d had this from the beginning!

My baby is over a year old and I just ordered this after chucking yet another of the "refillable" wipes boxes that came with the wipes. Those boxes are terrible — the lids don’t stay shut, the wipe opening is hard to open and close, and the flaps inevitably rip from use after the 20th time you jam your fingers into the box to fish out a wipe that didn’t pop up properly. But the OXO Perfect Pull addresses all those issues beautifully. It’s incredibly easy to open and close with one finger, the wipes always come out just right thanks to the weighted plate and its wide opening, AND it’s easy to clean.I am a huge fan of not buying unnecessary baby gear, but this wipes dispenser is worth every penny and doesn’t take up any more space than the cheap ones that come pre-loaded.

Germaine Adamsville, OH

LOVE IT!!! A MUST HAVE!! 10 stars!

I’m sorry to use all caps, but I want you to understand how much I adore this wipes dispenser. It it worth every penny. It works perfectly every time and keeps wipes moist. Hasn’t let me down. I’ve started giving as a gift to all of my friends and everyone has had the same response. I can’t imagine gong back to the days of sticking my hand into a cheap wipes box and getting stuck on the one way flaps only to pull out a string of dried out wipes….all with a squirming poop covered baby. So frustrating. Get the OXO wipes dispenser and you won’t be disappointed.UPDATE: At one year I still love this box. Seriously…it’s awesome. My friends are all still happy with theirs. It has traveled all over with us. Despite being heavy for travel, it is completely worth it to have this with us if we are gone for more than a day or two.

Imogene Albia, IA

Dispenser truly makes diaper changes easier

I must admit, when I purchased this during my pregnancy I felt a little silly, as if I had to have every baby item and gadget out there for my daughter. Truly, I think I bought this more on looks and wanting to be perfectly organized than on any real expectation of increased functionality. Figured this would look nicer left out on her changing table, which it does, but it’s so much more than nice looking!This is so functional and works perfectly – every single time. The occasional times when I change my daughter in places other than her room (where I keep this dispenser on her diaper caddy) the plastic wipes boxes can be so frustrating. Especially when getting down to the last few wipes in the box. I can almost never pull out just one. Or worse, I end up lifting the whole wipes container up trying to pull the wipe out. Not so with this awesome dispenser!Perfect every time, and I can very easily see through the little window to know when it needs to be refilled. Might seem trivial to some people, but when you’re a busy mom, or when you’re up in the middle of the night, anything that makes life a little bit easier is well worth it.

Alison Melrose, CT

Simple yet awesome idea

A simple weight to hold down the wipes as they pull apart. This product works great. I will note that I still have some wipes that come out in a pair but not as often with this tub. I blame it on the wipes manufacturer – sometimes I wonder if they do this so you use more wipes.I’m giving this 4 stars rather than 5 because of the following items: (1) the cost is high in my opinion. i’m still trying to find a comparable household item to serve the same purpose without the cost for another wipes container (2) I’ve had to push the rubber ring around the seal up twice because it came off its track at the ‘mouth snap’ (3) I’ve had to unjam if I closed down the lid and a wipe got caught in the ‘mouth’ mechanism.

Claudine Quinebaug, CT

So great!

I wish I would have had this for my first kid! It is so nice to not have to fight with the wipe container at 2 in the morning anymore!!! I love how simple the design is . . . always going to work! The colors are pretty neutral too. It is a very fine lie of color . . . not overpowering.

Rochelle East Bridgewater, MA

an attractive little dispensing box

I think this dispenser ticks all the necessary boxes for me. It has a small footprint but can hold a lot of wipes. It is well made with rounded edges and a mechanism to keep the wipes moist and the pop up feature works as intended. Plus it has a nice colourful touch – I chose orange.

Chelsea Independence, WV

Simple yet effective design, easy to use dispenser.

OXO has gotten it right with this “Perfect Pull” wipes dispenser.Likes:>One hand operation: push once and lid opens by itself; push again to close. Great when trying to keep the baby still,removing the pooped diaper, and grabbing a wipe at the same time)>Weighted plate dispenses once wipe at a time so there’s no waste.>Weighted plate and non-slip feet prevents the dispenser from shifting around.>Fits major brands of baby wipes such asHuggies Natural Care Baby Wipes, Scented, Refill, 216-Count Pack (Pack of 3)andPampers ThickCare Unscented Wipes Refill – 7x Box – 504 Count.>Silicone gasket in lid prevents wipes from drying out.>Fits up to 100 wipes and has clear window to show amount of wipes remaining.>Fairly easy to clean and BPA/PVC and phthalate Free (safer for babies).Dislike:Don’t know the long term durability of the lid’s “click and spring open” mechanism.Bottom Line:OXO used the “Keep it Simple” rule and designed an easy to use and practical wipes dispenser that saves time and reduces stress when it’s time to change diapers.

Alfreda Silver City, MS

Worth the price!

I was a little hesitant to buy this because the price scared me off- especially when you get free ones with the wipes themselves! But the reviews were so positive I decided to give it a try- and I’m glad I did! It’s one of those things you don’t know you need till you have to do without it! When I change my baby downstairs, and have to wrestle with the package to get out a wipe, and then shove back the extra ones that come out, it makes me miss this dispenser! Does exactly what it is supposed to do, keeps the wipes moist, and it fits great on top of myPrince Lionheart Diaper Depot Clearso I’m very satisfied with this purchase!

Jessica Rich Creek, VA

Perfect wipe dispenser

OXO has done it again by looking at an everyday problem some of us meet in real life and design a practical, functional product to solve it. In this case, I am reviewing the Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser, courtesy of Amazon Vine. Now exactly what makes it worth the asking price? To me it would definitely be one-handed operation and perhaps a little bit due to the window. This is essentially a tall weighted sturdy plastic box with a smooth surface, with a popup lid that has a silicone seal, and a transparent window in the front.All of these features matter! It’s weighted, so the box does not move around when you pull a wipe from it. It’s sturdy, ‘cos you know what, I managed to drop it multiple times from the changing station. It’s surface is smooth, because you often may want to wipe the surface itself. 😛 It has a popup lid to facilitate one-handed operation. There is a silicone seal around the lid so that the wipes don’t dry out so easily. The transparent window in the front allows you to preview how many wipes you have left. The box itself is tall so that you can fit about two packs of wipes to ensure a steady supply by adding a pack when the first pack is half-gone. You see, every feature is a necessity, and that’s why OXO is so successful. Five out of five.

Fern Pelsor, AR

Love this dispenser!

I love that the OXO wipes dispenser is so easy to load, and manages to dispense only one wipe at a time. Its easy to see at a glance if it needs to be refilled, and it opens very easily. I also like that my toddler hasn’t figured out how to open it and pull all the wipes out, the way he does with other dispensers. My only drawback is that it doesn’t fit in the wipes dispenser section of my diaper caddy. Overall an excellent wipes dispenser.

Mindy Ithaca, NE

Simple design but works!

I think my biggest pet peeve when changing my daughter was that as I got closer to the end of the wipes package, it became too light and I would end up pulling multiple wipes or even just the whole package up each time. All you parents know what I’m talking about!!Well thankfully this product fixes that problem. Sure, I could have fixed it myself with some homemade solutions, but this is a relatively low cost item and it looks really nice in our nursery. The lid is nice and opens up when you press down on it. Inside there is just a weighted plastic piece, that you put on top of your wipes. We use Pampers Sensitive wipes and just keep them in their packaging. Put the weighted plastic piece on top, and it provides enough weight and downward force that it makes it easier to pull one wipe at a time, even when you are near the end of the package.If you are familiar with Pampers Sensitive wipes and the little plastic tub that you can buy them in, this wipe dispenser has nearly the same dimensions.Simple product but serves its purpose well and I highly recommend it!

Myrtle Queensbury, NY

Good find — good baby shower gift — with caveat

So I’d given up on the plastic tubs and gone to just using the refillable packages of wipes. But those tabs are super annoying and eventually come right off, leaving you with a pack of wipes to dry out. This dispenser solves the problem (at least at home — where’s the travel version, Oxo?). I took the wipes out of the package and put them in the dispenser, fully prepared to come back to a whole pack of dried out wipes. But the lid’s seal works — all still moist! You do have to be careful when you close the lid. If you push too hard, you’ll pop the lid back up, and if you don’t notice, you’ll walk away with the lid up, which could dry out the wipes (although for some reason, it didn’t the one time I failed to shut the lid). There’s a weight inside that holds the wipes down and allows you to pull one wipe at a time with one-handed ease. This would make a great baby shower gift! ADDED NOTE: I downgraded it a star because the little clasp in the shut mechanism can come out. If you find it, you can insert it and continue on about your day. If you don’t find it because it is a very small piece, then the dispenser is useless plus you have the added worry that your child will find this choking hazard before you do (or already has, which is why you can’t find it!).

Josephine Livingston, CA

Big enough for cloth

We bought this so we could use it with our cloth wipes or disposable- and it works great. Plus, I like the look over the plastic tubs disposable wipes come in.

Mariana Rapid City, SD