OXO Tot Roll Up Bib and Silicone Spoon Set – Aqua

OXO Tot Roll Up Bib and Silicone Spoon Set – Aqua

Whether feeding baby at home or on the go, keep it clean with the OXO tot roll up bib and spoon set. The bib’s soft, food-safe pocket is wide enough to catch virtually any stray pieces of food that miss baby’s mouth. The fabric portion of the bib provides ample coverage to protect baby’s clothes, and is shaped for comfort during mealtime. When you’re out and about, simply roll the bib’s fabric into the silicone pocket, secure closed and tuck into a diaper bag. The silicone pocket keeps the messy bib away from the contents of the diaper bag. Easy-to-use Velcro closure is secure enough to resist tot’s tugging (really.) And is adjustable as your little one grows. The bib’s length and soft pocket won’t interfere with the high chair tray or table. Both the fabric and silicone materials are easy to wipe clean. Feeding spoon has a protective food-grade silicone coating which is gentle on baby’s gums and mouth. The soft edges of the silicone can be used to scrape the last bit of sweet potato from the bowl or jar, or to gently wipe applesauce from baby’s face. The shallow spoon prevents feeding baby too much food at once. A contoured handle is comfortable to hold and angled for easy feeding. BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.

Main features

  • Spoon rolls up inside bib, and bib secures closed for easy transport
  • Soft fabric on bib conforms to the body and is comfortable around baby’s neck
  • Bib is easy to wipe clean and machine washable
  • Silicone spoon feels soft on baby’s mouth and gums
  • Food-safe silicone on spoon and bib

Verified reviews


The very best!

Of all the bibs out there…cloth, vinyl, plastic etc., this is the one to buy!Love the colors it comes in.Soft upper fabric with no stiff vinyl around baby’s neck or chest.Easy Velcro closure.Can be wiped down for next use or washes in a snap (I don’t put mine in the washing machine as it is so easy to wash up by hand.)Handy little catch all for those treasured cheerios, peas, corn, bits of fruit, meat, snacks.Our little one often checks his treasure trove!Lightweight.The spoon is a plus and the bib and spoon can be wrapped up together for on the go days.

Katherine Mascotte, FL

Double duty item

This is the second OXO bib I have gotten to use on my grandson. The only problem with the first one was that the hook and loop closure became less effective with age. But it it is still working well enough after about a year of near daily use. We use the bibs at meal times of course but we also use them while shopping. My 17 month old grandson sits in the shopping cart seat wearing his bib into which snacks have been placed. He cruises along munching away. This keeps him happy long enough to get the groceries bought and paid for. We have really enjoyed these bibs!

Charlotte Hartford, WI

Greab bib!

Overall, love the bib! It’s soft and easy and has a good hand to it.Pros:Soft on the baby and does it’s jobLike the little design feature that can not only roll, but also has a little pin to make sure it stays rolledCons:The top part is soft because it’s made out of fabric instead of plastic, but it also doesn’t dry as easilyNot necessily a con, but we haven’t had the need to use the spoon, so maybe the bib itself is all you need

Valeria Cecilia, LA

Another winner for OXO

This is so easy to wrap up and pack with the spoon. The color makes it easy to find in a bag. The silicone on the spoon is easy on the mouth, and I agree that the length of the spoon handle is more for the adults than a child. Because of the fabric, it isn’t stiff and my nephew doesn’t mind wearing it at all, and actually likes picking the dropped food out of the catcher part. I like that I don’t have to wash the highchair cover so frequently.

Beverley Newark, MD

Good portable feeding kit

This set comes with a bib with a big rubber pocket at the bottom to catch dripped food, and a small baby-sized spoon. The spoon can be put in the pocket, and the bib can be rolled up around it and kept rolled shut by fastening the same velcro used to attach it to a baby’s neck.The quick storage by rolling the spoon up in the bib has been convenient, since otherwise, I have to use a small tupperware container to carry the baby’s spoon. The spoon and bib set is kind of expensive for that small convenience, but I have been fast to wash it and get it back in after I use it, because I like the space savings that much. If possible, this set stays in the diaper bag.The rubber pouch on the bib is a bit heavy. This should only be used on older babies (maybe 7 months and up) who are bigger. But also babies aren’t supposed to start eating solids as a main food until they are 6 months and up, so if you wait for that, then this bib should be fine.Overall, this is a good item for having a portable feeding kit. It is convenient to carry in the diaper bag, and takes up less space than packing a spoon in tupperware. With this kit, you also can try a new style of bib, with a really big food pocket. This is worth a try for a baby 7 months or older.

Sheri Prospect Park, PA

A baby must have item!

What an amazing set! I love the soft bib around the neck with the rubber catchall down below. It is the perfect blend of two bib styles. I wash this in my dishwasher and it comes out clean every time. I like that the spoon fits perfectly inside the bib and the bib rolls up and latches shut so you can throw it in the diaper bag dirty or clean. The spoon is soft and perfect size for tiny mouths. I would add this to my baby must haves list for sure.

Emily Salem, AR

Good for travel

My go-to bib in the past has been the Baby Bjorn plastic bib, so I’m comparing this product with what has been my favorite bib up until this point.For home use, I’d still prefer the Baby Bjorn because having a bib fully made of the harder plastic is easy to clean, easy to keep on (with a snap vs. a velcro closure), and makes it easy to catch food.But I think this is a good alternative for travel. It basically replaces the hard plastic in the upper half of the bib with a soft, foldable material and a velcro closure. This means that you can roll it up (with the spoon inside the bib if you want) which makes it much more portable. You get the benefit of the harder plastic shelf to catch food with greater portability.The spoon is on the longer side for baby spoons and has a thicker handle, which is convenient when adults are feeding the baby. I’ll have to wait a while to see how it works for a child feeding his/herself.I expect to use this on the road and also think it would be a nice gift set for an expecting parent.

Erna Summitville, NY

We all like it

This isn’t the first bib we’ve used with a food bucket at the end. IKEA has a similar, cheaper model that is a hard, rigid plastic. It catches food well, but it isn’t too comfy for the little one. SkipHop has really nice looking, comfy nylon bibs; but they don’t catch food well. This OXO bib has the best of both worlds.[Good]Silicone bucket: The bucket is really awesome for catching food bits. The bibs are Target were comfortable, but they didn’t catch any food since the food bucket wasn’t more rigid like the OXO or IKEA bibs.Comfortable: OXO’s bib is made of nylon and its bucket is made of a flexible silicon. Consequently its more comfortable than the hard plastic IKEA bib and it fits better.Both the spoon and bib are good in terms of material quality and general design.[Ok]The top portion of the bib will not cover older babies’ shoulders completely.Harder to wash: It says that it’s machine washable, but I’m not sure if it’ll get damaged in the process so we didn’t try it. Compared to the IKEA bib, the nylon / silicon combo is a little harder to hand wash.Our baby tends to use the spoon as a chew toy, which isn’t so great when you want feeding time not to last forever.[Bad]Costs a little bit more: The only obvious disadvantage of this bib is that is costs a bit more than other bibs. However I have to point out that it’s not an expensive product and the quality is just great.You’re going to need something else to wipe your baby’s face. Nylon and silicon are great for cleaning, but not so much when using either to wipe a cheek. It’s not very comfortable.[Verdict]If you care about quality and you don’t mind spending a bit more for a bib and spoon. This is a great combo product that I highly recommend.

Luz Section, AL

Good Travel Bib Set

This is a good toddler bib and spoon set. The bib and spoon roll up and close, which makes it a great bib/spoon set for the diaper bag. The tops of the bib is softer, sport nylon type material. The bottle is flexible plastic. The spoon is metal with a flexible plastic cover. The velcro on the bib holds well, they can’t yank it off easily. It would not be good for a smaller baby, but for the 10 month and up crowd, it is great.

Shawna Sunset Beach, CA

Love this

This is a great product. The colors it comes in are super fun. My niece loves the green color and wants to steal it from her baby brother, LOL. The bib is comfy for baby, and the little tray works pretty well (though of course, any tot will still find a way to get at least some food on the floor). Overall, it’s a great bib/spoon set.

Ladonna Littleton, NC

Easy to use, pack, and clean. What’s not to love?

My nephew was a baby in the 70s, when Avocado Green was all the rage, so it was kind of amusing to see this color back in fashion when the time came to pick out a bib for *his* son.The closer is fasten around a wriggling toddler’s neck and the scooped bottom is great for catching crumbs.The spoon has a nice long handle that feels good in the parents’ hands and is soft enough in the child’s mouth.It’s all very easy to wash and pack up. Highly recommend.

Aida Dunn, NC

Works great, except that baby likes to chew on the …

Works great, except that baby likes to chew on the outer edge of the trough, which dumps everything in it all over the place. Otherwise, we love it.

Marion Friendship, ME

Good idea and well made, but…

Overall I’m very pleased with this unique little bib and feeding spoon set. It’s well constructed and the design is executed very well. The little rubber catch tray is a soft, flexible rubber material. The cloth attached to it seems durable and is connected solidly. The Velcro closure is strong. The spoon is nice, too.The main thing worthy of comment here is the unique design — which is to say, the pocket. It works exactly like advertised, catching crumbs and snacks and generally keeping the mess off my baby’s lap and highchair. But I’m a little surprised by the universal praise of the design. It would be a perfect solution if you fed your baby on your lap, or on the ground, or even in the car or a public place. But on a daily basis most of us probably feed our babies in a highchair, and it’s less useful there. Having used this now for a few weeks, I would probably never buy one. The reason is not that there’s a failure of functionality, but that, in practical usage, it just doesn’t help that much. If the baby is sitting in the highchair, the pocket sits below the highchair tray, meaning it doesn’t really serve a purpose. It also gets in the way, catching on the highchair tray every time the baby moves or leans back. Don’t get me wrong: it definitely works on many occasions and would be great for use outside the highchair, but I find myself just using a normal bib on a daily basis simply because it’s easier. If none of that turns you off, then I highly recommend this product!

Imelda Washburn, ME

Great set

Great set! Totally water resistant, easy to clean and caught all the food. The spoon may be a little deep for early feeders, but for toddlers, its great.

Dianne Gap, PA

It just works

Babies are messy eaters. I kept looking for bibs that would protect the clothing and had about given up until I found this one. It is soft on the top and pliable rigid on the bottom part. It is very good at capturing all the dropped food. The funny thing is that the baby will look down and grab the food that is there and "try" to eat it again. This is very useful when doing cheerios as they are still hard for him to grab and put into his mouth.I really love the color as it stands out in a dark bag. I also love the spoon that comes with it. The best part is the way it stores onto itself taking little space and not tangling with other things in your diaper bag.I highly recommend it for your bib-wearing child.

Kerri Gower, MO