OXO Tot Seedling High Chair, Mocha

OXO Tot Seedling High Chair, Mocha

The seedling chair will stay with your child from 4 months to 3 years, adjusting and growing with them. The contoured seat is great for infants still on the bottle, and can recline back if they fall asleep right after feeding. The chair easily adjusts to the perfect angle for babies to self feed with bottles or Sippy cups. Five different height settings make it easy to feed baby whether you’re standing or sitting. The lowest setting is also great for being close to older siblings, and the highest setting can be used for having baby up at table height. The depth adjustable tray has different settings to accommodate your growing baby, and stores on the back of the chair’s legs when not in use. We know how eating time can be messy, so the chair and cushions are easily wipeable for quick cleanup of crumbs and other sticky situations. The removable tray cover is dishwasher safe and the stain resistant cushion is easily removable and machine washable for those extra big messes.

Main features

  • 3 levels of tool-free seat height and depth adjustability that grow with the child
  • Adjustable, contoured seat is perfect for tots from 4 months to 3 years; Smooth surfaces are easy to wipe clean; Tray cover is removable and dishwasher safe for easy clean up; Cushion is stain resistant, wipeable and easily removable for machine washing
  • Large buttons are comfortable and intuitive for easy high chair adjustments; Seat has three reclining positions and five height settings for optimal comfort
  • Tray is light and easy to remove or replace with one hand, leaving the other free for baby and rests flat on table to prevent bowls and cups from tipping when removing baby from chair; Tray stores on back of legs for added convenience
  • Scratch resistant, locking wheels provide flexibility and mobility; The frame can be disassembled into two parts for convenient storage; Tool free assembly and adjustment

Verified reviews


Great, sturdy, nice looking high chair!

I recently purchased the high chair for baby #2 who is almost 4 months old and will not be using it right away. I did a lot of research prior to buying, as we have experience with baby items and had a tripp trapp for baby #1. The tripp trapp is a nice looking chair with a nice small footprint, but it gets very messy and hard to clean, and in my opinion is not great for younger children (before they are sitting up very steady on their own). Lack of a tray is also an issue. This new item from OXO seemed to have a nice sleek design and some well thought-out features. I love that the colors are neutral. The Mocha looks really nice in our kitchen. It is a large footprint, as others have mentioned, but it has 4 casters that lock which makes for really easy wheeling to wherever you need it or need to store it. I also love the recline features – it has three levels, and the most reclined already accommodates my 17 lb 3.5 month old nicely! The smaller babies do NOT need to have great head control to use this chair, something which you learn as a first time mom is crucial for those early months of feeding. On the flip side, the max weight limit is 45 lbs and my 36 lb 3.5 yo insisted on trying it out this evening. He used it with the most upright setting, and he fit in it nicely! He said it was very comfortable and would suit him just fine for eating as well. I think it is hard to find a highchair that accommodates two different age children so well, but this one fits the bill! The tray is great – with a dish-washable removable cover AND I love how it stores on the back legs so it is out of sight when you’re not using it. Overall, we don’t have this item in full use yet but I have a feeling it is going to suit us perfectly! I am so happy we picked this one.

Brianna Koyuk, AK

A Little Disappointing

I read reviews for pretty much every high chair sold on Amazon. This one seemed to fit all my requirements: easy to clean, PBA free, no polyurethane foam in the padding and easy on the eye.I ordered the Tot Seedling chair to replace an old Peg-Perego chair that I used for my two older kids.Unfortunately I am somewhat disappointed with this high chair.Here’s a breakdown of it’s positives and negatives.What I like:1. Easy assembly – took 2 minutes2. Easy to clean fabric3. Blue, one tone seat fabric looks more attractive than most high chair prints4. Tray is easy to slide in and out.5. The wheels maneuver wellWhat I dislike:1. The seat is narrower than on the Peg Perago. It’s 9 inches wide and our average one year old seemed cramped in it (the PP seat is 11″ wide). This is my main concern, as I was hoping to use this chair for at least another year or longer.2. The shape of the metal frame looks like an elderly walker or a hospital toilet. Not a very pleasant association.3. The tray is also smaller than on the Peg Perago.4. Chair is stable but the seat can be rocked back and forth slightly, something I never experience with a high chair. It’s a little disquieting.5. Huge footprint6. Chair doesn’t fold for storage ( I knew this was the case before ordering it, but it’s still a minus)I’m still undecided whether I’ll be keeping this chair or returning it. Most of the minuses I can live with, except for the narrow seat.

Marilyn New Market, IA

Fantastic High Chair – Easy Setup & Great Quality

We replaced our Fisher Price Rainforest Healthy High chair with this one, and we LOVE it. Assembly was a breeze – only 3 pieces to fit together (see OXO’s Video on Amazon to show you the ease of setup). Adjusting the height is easy (5 settings) and the seat can recline. My son is 21 months old and he easily fits into the highchair. We have it on the highest setting for our bar height dining room table. The chair is reclined a bit more at the highest up position than the Fisher Price chair, but does not bother him.My two favorite features of this highchair are:1) The one handed removal of the tray. This makes it easy to hold your child while pulling off the tray to place them inside. Our other high chair had a 2 handed removal of the tray.2) The tray can snap on the back frame of the chair. This enables us to push the high chair under the table all the way (whereas previously the tray prevented it from going all the way in). This keeps it out of the way.I also like that the colors are muted and more "grown up" for our older child. The fabric of the chair is easy to wipe. The dishwasher safe tray fits fine in our dishwasher and can easily be wiped up/does not stain even with red Jello. The straps and cover are easy to remove and wash. I really am very impressed with this high chair.

Rosalia Milton, NC

Great OXO Highchair with Minor Areas for Improvement

I’ve very impressed with this chair. As a new mom, I have been loving OXO baby products and this one doesn’t disappoint. Great quality. Sturdy and solid construction. Easy to assemble. Easy to use. Easy to clean. The chair comes in a huge box and is 80% assembled. You just have to follow directions. The most significant part was getting it out of the box and snapping in the legs.PROS:1. The tray. Two pieces. The whole thing slides in and out so smoothly and locks into place effortlessly with one hand.I can have one arm around baby and operate the tray mechanism with the other. The second top piece pops off and so you can take it to the sink for cleaning. I really love the tray.2. Adjustable height. The chair can be moved up and down along the frame (approximately 4 inches) to adjust the height of the chair. This is a two handed operation but is easy and stable. You can safely adjust while your baby is in the seat.3. Reclines. The seat reclines. It’s easy. Though I don’t use this feature, I know others do.4. The wheels. They glide very easily. They can all move independently giving the chair great maneuverability. When the baby gets bored or fussy, we just wheel her into another room. We actually wheel it all over the house so the baby can follow us when we are doing chores. And it can go quite fast which gives baby a bit of a thrill.5. Wheel locks. Each wheel has its own individual and independent wheel lock. You only have to lock two to keep the chair from moving. Hands free operation as the locks are controlled by flip switches attached to each wheel. You can easily operate with your feet.6. Easy to clean seat. I haven’t removed the seat to put in the wash but the cloth material is stain and moisture resistant and spills wipe clean with a damp cloth. Everything else that is not cloth wipes up easily too.7. Use without tray. I recommend strapping your baby down with the attached harness first. I push the chair up against our dining table and set the wheel locks so baby cannot kick and push away from the table. Then baby can enjoy a dinner experience with the rest of the family without the obstruction of the tray.CONS:1. Huge foot print. 22″ wide X 33″. Granted the foot print is most other high chairs and is likely needed for stability. But before I got this, I was considering the Boon Pedestal highchairBoon Flair Pedestal Highchair with Pneumatic Lift,White/Orangwhich has a much smaller foot print. Also, my dining room is much narrower than it is wide. So when this is pushed up against the dining room table, the back legs stick out a lot and it is a bit difficult to get around the chair.2. Chair padding. The seat is padded and comfortable but could be a bit plusher in my opinion especially for younger babies. My baby is 9 months old. I started putting her in his chair at 8 months. When she throws a tantrum and she will flail about and throw her head back. I can hear that she’s hitting plastic underneath because the padding is not thick enough. We’ve strapped an additional cushion to the backrest so that she doesn’t bang her head. Otherwise, it’s comfortable enough that she has fallen asleep while sitting in the chair.3. Doesn’t fold away for storage. This just doesn’t fold. You would have to unassembled it. But even unassembled, it is still big.The pros definitely outweigh the cons on this high chair. OXO products always deliver on thoughtful design, quality materials, and sturdy construction. If you’re considering this, I would recommend. You won’t go wrong.

Zelma Highland, CA

Simple, useful, practical.

This is a premium high chair with lots of useful features and no fluff. We have the graphite model which goes with everything and is gender neutral. Though this high chair has a reclining feature that may be helpful for bottle fed babies and babies with reflux issues, we have not used that feature and do not expect to need it for our breast fed baby. We got this chair when our youngest was 8 months and our oldest is 2 yrs. We do not plan to use it with our two year old as he would have to be lifted and placed in the high chair. Alternatively, he can climb into his booster seat (strapped to a regular dining chair) without adult assistance.Graco Blossom Booster Seat, Brown/TanI don’t see the point of putting a toddler into a high chair unless you have a tall bar-height table and need the additional height and security of a high chair (or you don’t want to feed your child at the table).We have used a clamp-on style table seat for our kids when they are ready to start solids (and thus ready to sit at the table).Inglesina 2013 Fast Table Chair, Ibisco. The clamp on style seat takes up a lot less space at the table and is easier to clean than the high chair (less parts/ surface area to dirty). However, the Seedling chair offers more support for young babies and for bottle fed babies who may need to recline. The seedling is also useful if you don’t want to feed your baby at the table and need to move the chair a lot. However, in our case, our toddler thinks the rolling baby chair is loads of fun and wants to push it around (he knows how to work the locks on the wheels). Thus we use the clamp on seat more than rolling high chair as our toddler can not budge it and thus is more secure.All in all, this is a feature rich high chair that is simple to put together, simple to use and is a great option for bottle fed kids.Thanks for reading, I hope this review is helpful!

Staci Chase, MI

Easy to use, easy to clean.

This chair is very easy to put together and to use. The tray fits snug in place of my toddler and he looks very comfortable in the chair. Also, when the tray is not in use, you can just hang it from the bottom of the chair in the back which is very helpful when you don’t have much room, none of my other high chairs have done that.The fabric of the chair is very easy to wipe clean when there is a mess. Plus it is easy to remove to put in the washer.Overall I like the way it looks, we got the graphite. It is a sleek design and it doesn’t take up too much floor space. One minus is it doesn’t fold up, which would be nice when not in use.

Deidre East Fairfield, VT

Easy clean-ups

This is a great chair for my two year old. Admittedly it’s the only real chair she’s ever used outside of daycare. I was using a cheap booster seat contraption for at home but the chair it was attached to kept getting food on it, so I hated it. The OXO chair is the perfect size for her. Assembly was simple and took less than 5 minutes. My favorite thing about it is how quick it is to clean. The fabric on the seat is seemingly unable to be soiled. Whatever food or drink gets on it is easily wiped off. The wheels make it more convenient to move around.There were two minor problems I had with it: the tray and the wobbling. I kept forgetting how to remove the tray so that took some getting used to. The seat part of the chair wobbles when my daughter moves in it because the back of the seat is not connected to the base, only the front. That was disconcerting at first but I’m used to it now and I don’t think she’ll fall.This chair does take up a lot of space, which is fine for us only because one of the four kitchen chairs is constantly being used elsewhere. The chair isn’t perfect but it’s still very nice.

Mitzi Easton, MD


Not sure how many high chairs I have used in the past for my kids but this one stands well. It is very sturdy. Very easy to use. The tray goes in easy and pops out with ease as well. Some trays I have used in the past are too clunky or take a bit of strength to remove and place. This one only requires one hand which is great. The material is very easy to clean. You can wipe off with towel and stain comes off. It is also very easy to remove the material to get washed in case it gets very dirty. The fact that it tilts back is great too. Sometimes we feed our son his bottle and tilt the seat for more comfort. A big plus is the wheels. They roll real nice and you can move the chair around with ease unlike others I have tried. Overall a great high chair.

Lilia Leonard, MI

Excellent Quality, Very Functional High Chair …

If you are looking for an excellent quality high chair, you may want to consider the “OXO Tot Seedling High Chair (Graphite)”. Not only is it extremely well-made, it is also sleek and contemporary in its appearance. The solid color seat cover is a synthetic – nylon – fabric that wipes off easily and, in the case of an extreme “accident”, you can remove the seat cover for machine washing. The adjustments – height and seat angle – are easily accomplished using the appropriate “buttons”. Even more mature adults who may no longer have the hand strength or dexterity of their youth will have no trouble with the adjustment buttons.This high chair is easy to assemble; it took only a few minutes. One can select between three angles for the seat’s tilt – from semi-reclining for younger infants to straight for toddlers. There are four seat heights to select from – the highest is approximately 26″, the lowest approximately 16″. At the lowest setting, this chair can be used as a youth chair; the sides are approximately 25″ high. It will fit under most standard dining tables.Due to its large footprint – 22″ wide X 33″ deep – the “OXO Tot Seedling High Chair” is very stable. Only the most active, larger toddler might be able to rock the chair back-and-forth violently enough to cause the chair to topple over. Because this high chair does not fold up, it requires a significant amount of space for use and storage. Four wheels make the high chair easy to move – I was able to move the chair across heavy, plush carpet with no trouble. The wheels lock securely, so there is no issue with your little one “scooting” the chair away from the table.This high chair features a tray measuring approximately 9 ” X 17 ” X “; it has a snap-on cover of the same dimensions. The tray, as well as the cover, is easy to put on and to remove.The “OXO Tot Seedling High Chair” features a 5-point harness that is similar to those found in better car seats. Coupled with the center post on the seat, the harness should prevent younger children, unless they choose to emulate Harry Houdini, from escaping. Made from a woven nylon, the harness wipes clean with little effort; it is unlikely to stain if cleaned off, with no delay, following a spill or smear.The “OXO Tot Seedling High Chair” features a solid color, fabric seat cover. The graphite is a very nice shade and coordinates well with most decors; it is also unlikely to show stains. The mocha color would have been my second choice color as it, too, is less likely than other colors to show food stains. I particularly liked that the seat cover is not covered with a gaudy, childish print cover since we use this in the dining room as well as in the kitchen. Since we live in the south, the nylon fabric is far more comfortable for our granddaughter than a plastic cover.I am very pleased with the “OXO Tot Seedling High Chair”. If you are a parent or grandparent looking for a quality, stable high chair to purchase, you will definitely want to consider the “OXO Tot Seedling High Chair”.

Brooke Malvern, AR

Good Looking and Functional High Chair

Generally my family really likes OXO products. We’ve had good luck with most of their kitchen tools, and a few years ago they released their OXO Tot line.. We had good luck with some of the products, but the toddler chair and a few other things not as much. When we were looking for our original high chair OXO had only released the ‘Sprout’ high chair, which was priced considerably higher and didn’t have as good of reviews as other high chairs (although it looked gorgeous).The seedling seems a bit of a revamp in that regard. The price is lower, and while doesn’t have the wood base of the Sprout high chair, it still looks quite good. Features seem to be very good and very functional. Soft wheels for rolling around and not damaging/marking floors, multiple height adjustments (lowest allows near table height, highest a conventional ‘high’ chair for feeding). The tray stores on the back legs when not in use, and the best part is the chair/cushions/etc are designed to be easily wiped down (and machine washable!)

Hazel Paint Bank, VA

Great seat.

This is a great seat.Pluses:-Number one best thing for me is that it is easy to clean. Our previous seat was just plain cloth (who thought that was a good idea?) and it was always dirty and gross and a hassle to wash so often with a very messy baby.-It is made of made of nylon with polyester fiber batting. No BPA, phthalate and PVC. Much of the squishy material in high chairs is made of polyurethane which off gases chemicals. Not good for baby.-Tray slides out easily and everything adjust pretty easily.-Easy to put together.-Two layer tray so easy to take top layer off and wash it off.Potential downsides:It doesn’t fold. So if you need to fold it and get it out of the way, this is not your seat.Kind of big. So if you are crowded, it is not the most slim high chair out there.Overall, it fit well, is easy to use, and we love it. I like the simple colors. Simple look. Easy to use. A+

Nola Falcon, MO

Mom & Toddler friendly chair

We use this chair for our 2 year old and it’s fantastic. It’s super comfy, easy to clean, and keeps him in place and upright, he has some medical issues so we like a more secure chair. I wish this chair was an option when he was a baby, it’s just so convenient with the cleaning and wheels. I can wheel him from the table over to the kitchen if I am in there prepping. I love the ease. It fits in well with our modern aesthetic and I also think the price point is fair. There are cheaper options that function fine but don’t have the same comfortable secure seat or wheelie option. Also, it folds up when you want to store it using less space.

Connie Radford, VA

Great chair that you and your kid will love

This is a nicely-built chair that exceeded our expectation for quality. The tray can be removed easily. The top cover on the tray is a great feature and makes washing it very easy. The seat material is machine washable. The height and recline adjustment options are great.After receiving this through Vine, we have ordered a second one for our other child because we (including our kids) like this chair so much.

Rosa Pulaski, IL

Pretty good high chair

We have two high chairs set up in our kitchen right now. As you can imagine, there’s not much space, and we’ve found good and bad in both high chairs.Good: 2-layer tray that is easy to remove with one hand, easy to clean the entire chair, easy to move around on wheels.Not-so-good: Big footprint (which seems to be a problem with a lot of high chairs these days), and does not fold up. If you’re tight on space, these are important considerations.All-in-all, it’s a decent chair. Nice, neutral color (graphite) that is easy on the eyes.

Matilda Campbell, CA

Very nice highchair

It was easy for my husband to put together. It’s a better highchair than the one I had before, which attached to a separate chair. This chair was easier and lighter to move around. It was also very easy to clean up. All in all, very happy with it!

Callie Claremont, SD


I think this is a great product! I love the fact that it’s adjustable with five different heights, making it practical for a baby as well as a toddler. I also love the large wheels, they roll very easily. Additionally, the cushion is removable and machine washable (you can’t beat that)! The tray is also removable for easy cleaning. I also like the design as the legs are spread out, making it safer from tipping over. All in all, it’s definitely worth the price and I would highly recommend it!

Cheryl Bluemont, VA

Great Chair, Take Up A Lot Of Space…

This is a really nice high chair. Well made, very sturdy and simple to put together and adjust the height. The seat cover is machine washable and the removable top portion of the tray makes clean up very easy.The only negative thing about this high chair is it takes up a lot of space. It does NOT fold up for out-of-the-way storage. Our first child’s high chair did, and it was great as I was able to slide it in between the wall and bakers rack to be kept out of sight. We’re in a different house now that’s a little bigger, but still…this takes up a lot of space. Something to consider if you’re in an apartment or looking for space-saving baby items.

Beverly Springdale, UT

Sturdy and perfect for long use

Oh this chair is sturdy and made for either long use of one child or several children. My child is 3 and still likes the height of a high chair so I love that she still falls within the weight limits of this.Since it is mostly plastic with an easy to remove cover, this makes it a simple matter of wiping for most messes. Having experienced a major vomit day with my child after she just ate, I highly recommend this chair for making that horrible experience much easier because of the large tray area.The locking wheels help keep it in place and also make it easy to move once unlocked.My issues with the chair is mainly the amount of space it takes up. I really wish at least the legs didn’t stick out so much as both my child and other family members have stumbled and even fallen a few times on them. Plus I do wish the leg separator was something that could be adjusted or removed for an older child as I feel it is something more useful for the first year.Other than that, I feel this is an ideal high chair to make you and your child’s meal time easier for both.

Bethany Upper Jay, NY

Solid, good features, functional.

I’m not a high chair expert as this is my first. However, this one from OXO has what I consider to be some pretty nice features overall.- shipped in a double box and packed well so all arrived fully intact- it’s easy to assemble, move (thx to locking casters), and it’s light to lift.- the cover is like a nylon parachute type material and washes very easily, both by hand and in wash machine- removable tray- seat "horn" to keep baby from sliding downThe only iffy things about it:- the straps are like seat belt material, so I sprayed mine with Scotch Guard ahead of time to keep the stains at a minimum- the foot area has a matte finish to the plastic and this might mark over time if kiddos are wearing shoes while sitting in the chair

Gale Sheppard Afb, TX

Not My Favorite

The OXO Tot Seedling High Chair is not a bad highchair, it is just my opinion that a superior highchair can been had at a lower cost. That being said, the highchair I prefer – and utilize as a basis of comparison for this review – is theFisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High Chair.The OXO chair does have its advantages. In my opinion, it is a better looking chair, with a few nice, solid color-schemes to choose from. The Fisher-Price designs are a little too cartoony for me. I also appreciate the four, foot-operable locking wheels on the OXO model. The Fisher-Price model is stabilized by only having wheels in the front, but this design effectively makes the chair mobile yet difficult to mobilize at the same time. The final advantage of the OXO Seedling is its ease of assembly. I was able to get the chair set up and in use within a minute or two of opening the box. The Fisher-Price EZ took a little more effort.The three big disadvantages of the OXO compared to the Fisher-Price are affordability, adjustability, and cleanability (no, cleanability is not a real word). As of the writing of this review, the OXO model costs about 50% more than the Fisher-Price model. If it were otherwise superior, the price differential would not be a big deal. Unfortunately, the additional cost justification is undone by the woven fabric – imagine the seat belt in a car – straps, and the relative difficulty of adjusting said straps.The occupant of a highchair will certainly manage to smear and mash whatever they should be eating into the straps of the chair. This is an issue for the OXO model. Whatever is smeared and mashed into the OXO’s straps, stays smeared and mashed into the OXO’s straps. As one can imagine, this can get gross pretty quickly. Fisher-Price’s EZ Clean has largely solved this particular problem with the incorporation of an extra smooth, EZ Clean strap system. This same strap system provides an efficient and effective means of adjusting and storing the section of strap that might otherwise remain dangling or in the way through a convenient latch system on the back of the chair. OXO’s strap system is of a more conventional variety; which is just as inconvenient as it ever was.Not that it is a drawback or an advantage of the chair, I think it is worth mentioning that the tri-position reclining function of the OXO Seedling is a little ridiculous… unless your child is an aspiring astronaut… who is also aspiring to eat meals in the vertical pre-launch position.OXO made a quality product in the Tot Seedling, I just believe that Fisher-Price has produced a product of greater dollar-for-dollar quality in the EZ Clean.

Rosalinda Lothair, MT

Easy to clean and simple elegant design

This is made of BPA free materials so you can feel comfortable with your child eating right off the tray, as they will!The product is easy to put to together and very easy to put together. The cushion is machine washable. Great little high chair!

Regina Springtown, PA

Very good high chair

What I don’t like about this high chair: It’s pretty big, and takes up a fair amount of space. Not good for small spaces.What I like about this high chair: Everything else.This high chair is large and roomy, big enough for my 26 pounder, with room to grow. It is adjustable up and down, so can fit under a table if you want him at the table, or also higher, if you want to feed him to eat while you’re hustling about the kitchen. It’s easy to clean; the tray table is removable and the cushion sheet is machine washable. It’s monochromatic color means it’s not an eyesore. when not in use, the tray table fits easily on the back of the chair. There’s a five point harness, so it’s pretty safe for wee ones.My mother in law doesn’t love it because my son doesn’t quite sit up straight in it. That is a concern if your child has acid reflux, which most infants do have for some period of time. But this doesn’t really bother me — I like the fact that it’s so roomy and can fit under a regular table or under our high kitchen countertops.Recommend.

Fanny Jamaica Plain, MA

Compared with Chicco Polly high chair

I love this high chair! My son had been using a Chicco Polly high chair and it was pretty cumbersome, so we decided to try this one instead! Overall, I way prefer this one. If you’re stuck between this high chair and the Chicco Polly, read on:The OXO chair is more compact and better designed. The wheels on the Chicco chair constantly lock themselves and it takes up a LOT of room. The OXO chair is more lightweight. I also love that the tray on the OXO chair is flat on the bottom and can be set on a table. On the OXO chair, the bar between the child’s legs is attached to the seat. So you don’t have to worry about your child sliding out of the seat before you can lock the try in place. The Chicco seat has the bar attached to the bottom of the tray which IMO is a horrible design decision. #1, you can’t set the tray flat on a table. #2, it’s hard to lock the tray in tight to your child without mashing their nether regions. One last thing I prefer aboutt he OXO high chair is that the shoulder straps are set high in the chair so you can use them longer. My son is 18 months and has outgrown the straps on the Chicco chair. But he still has room to grow in the OXO chair! I think the Chicco high chair would be close to unusable by now – if you can’t use the shoulder straps, there’s nothing to hold your child in place until you snap the tray in.The ONE benefit of the Chicco chair is that the tray is much bigger. But we’ve gotten used to the OXO tray and it hasn’t been a problem.In summary – if you are debating whether to get this OXO high chair or the Chicco Polly, I highly recommend the OXO chair!!!

Ladonna Kearsarge, NH

Expensive but worth it.

Okay, my first thought was that a high chair should be less expensive. Of course I am a grandparent so my take on the size of the price is based on decades old experience. I am impressed with this high chair.It assembled easily.It adjusts easily.The seat cover is removable and washable.The seat reclines.The tray is flat and sits flat on the counter.The tray is two piece so you can remove the top layer of the tray and carry off the food disaster that no doubt lies on the tray.This puppy is solid, built like a tank, it is constructed quite strongly and should hold up to the most rambunctious toddler.If you are anticipating an arrival, this would be an excellent gift.There are a lot of less expensive high chairs out there but this is a good value for the money. If you are planning on more than one kid, this would be a no brainer due to it’s well constructed nature.

Frieda Two Buttes, CO

Quite functional and intuitive, but feels like they prioritized the wrong features

Overall, this high chair is quite functional and intuitive, but feels like they prioritized the wrong features to invest in.The recline does not add any value, in my opinion (granted I bought this after my kiddo had stopped taking a bottle) and just adds to the footprint to take up space in your kitchen.The quick-adjust height seems like overkill – you only really adjust the height at major milestones, so I’d rather have a chair that is harder to adjust once every 3 months than ugly molded plastic and extra levers that I have to look at every day.Pros:- easy to assemble- simple, intuitive mechanisms for adjusting the height, recline of chair, tray- affordable compared to some of the more aesthetically attractive optionsCons:- tray is not easily washable – I’m worried about water sitting inside the locking mechanism and getting moldy- aesthetic looks like a hospital walker or elevated toilet seat- huge footprint 21" wide x 32" deep (compared to the Stokke Trip Trapp which is 18" wide and 19" deep)

Eugenia Mahaska, KS

A chair that can grow with your little one

We already have a Graco high chair but we needed another to keep at the grandparents’ house. Now I’m not sure which one I like better. The chair is comfy and can be reclined for a baby drinking from a bottle. The seat itself can be adjusted up and down so that it is a comfortable height when you are feeding solids. The tray is roomy enough to spread around finger foods so baby can feed him/herself and then later for toddler sized plate and cup. And when our little one is ready to join us at the table, I can remove the tray and pull him right up to our table. Most importantly, it is easy to clean! The seat cover comes off so it can be machine washed. I haven’t tried this yet, as it wipes down pretty easily.The seat took a little work to unassemble to put it away when we don’t need it but it didn’t take long and was easy enough to do. It is a large chair, with a large footprint though so if you are short on space, you may want to look at another chair. But for everything else that we need for our 10 month old, this has been great. I can see us using it for the next couple years.

Sherri Lazear, CO