OXO Tot Silicone Tub Drain Stopper- Aqua

OXO Tot Silicone Tub Drain Stopper- Aqua

The OXO Tot Tub Drain Stopper keeps water in the tub during bath-time. Soft, flexible silicone makes it safe for little fingers, and a suction cup secures the Stopper to the tub floor with a water-tight seal, keeping water (and toys) from escaping down the drain. When the Stopper is not in use, the suction cup is convenient for storing the Stopper on the wall.

Main features

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  • Seals drain to fill tub with water
  • Suction cup secures Stopper to tub floor
  • Suction cup can be used to store stopper when not in use

Verified reviews


WORKS and is cool!

So other drain thingees (don’t know what they’re called) you get at loews or home depot and have to install it by screwing it on, or something more complicated! This one is so rediculously easy, clever and you can CLEAN IT too! Works really well. I can see it possibly not working for certain odd-shaped bathtubs with drains that aren’t flat but for the typical generic tub, it’s really quite convenient. Clever too. Even has a little suction cup on the little tail end to hang on your bathroom wall when you’re done plugging the drain. Who would have thought-it’s so simple- just cover the drain verses that whole metal screw thingee that we all grew up with!

Glenda Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

It works, but needs suction on outside ring.

Our landlords aren’t very on the ball with getting things fixed, so we have to take matters into our own hands…hence us getting this drain stopper. Our tub wouldn’t hold water long enough to give a toddler a 5-minute bath, so it was a big necessity. And put simply, it works exactly as advertised. Sure, the kid can pull it up with no problem, but I just redirect his attention and put it back no problem.Edited to change my review from 5 stars to 4 stars because this product would greatly benefit from some type of suction around the outside edge–it’s just too easy for a busy toddler to kick out of the way. But for adults, it shouldn’t be a problem, which is why I’m only deducting one star.

Nell Mercer, WI

Works on any size drain!

Extremely easy to use. You just cover the drain with the stopper, and push down on the suction cup. Once the water starts running it creates a seal. It was nice to take a long bath without having to use a wash cloth shoved in the drain. We live in an old apartment and the tub stopper doesn’t work. This is a quick, easy, and cheap fix!

Sybil Piedmont, OH


The product itself is good. Decent price but the only problem for me is how it fits. If your drain has a nob that sticks up above the seal part it will not work. Otherwise great product for seal stopper.

Charmaine Townsend, GA

Finally a drain stopper that I won’t kick out of place during a bath

Our stopper was broken and every other replacement I would end up kicking out of place mid-bath. This works perfectly every time, seals quickly and completely. The suction cup doesn’t hold to our shower enclosure very well but I don’t care it just lives with the bath toys.

Lesley Townley, AL

Does it’s job

This may be a very simple gadget, but it does it’s job well. I would recommend it to anyone! No complaints.

Lavonne Belleville, WI

Perfect for tubs with children

This works great. No sharp edges and sits flush over the drain. With the way it is designed it would likely fit just about any tub drain. The suction of the drain holds it in place. Because it sits flat, there is nothing to stick up and hurt a child. Perfect drain-stopping solution!

Lea Gladys, VA

This one works!

I tried a few different plugs and none fit right…. should have just gone with this from the start. Pretty blue color too. Reminds me of a pool liner.

Jennie Cos Cob, CT

I like how you can suction it to the tile while not in use

This works well and looks so cute in my daughter’s whale/frog themed bathroom. It suctions well as a plug and can be slapped right onto the wall when bath time is over.

Kitty Grawn, MI

Stops water, but doesn’t stay stuck on the wall for storage.

Works well for stopping water from escaping the drain, but its suppose to stick to the wall when not in use. One of OXO’s selling points is that it has a suction cup built in, so it can stick to the wall when not in use, It doesn’t stay up, and perpetually fell off the wall, till we just leave it sitting on the ledge upside down, where it collects water nicely. But as a stopper, it does well at the bottom of my tub.

Colleen Ketchum, OK

Does what you need it to do

Works perfectly and looks great in our tub. It sticks to the wall in the shower when you don’t need it, and it perfectly stops our drain from leaking when we give our son a bath. Our initial reason for purchase was because the built in drain stopper in that tub no longer worked perfectly and would let the water drain out very quickly during bathtime. This product saved us a call to the plumber and a lot more money by perfectly sealing the tub off when we need to. It feels well made and I don’t foresee needing to replace it or buy anything else in the future.

Beryl Bath, OH

keeps the water in

This stopper does do its job. However, it is not the easiest to place in correctly without having to lift and replace to check that you’ve lined it up correctly. Also, my son loves to pull it up, so it sorta loses its efficacy. Probably should’ve gone with a white one that would have blended in and been less enticing…

Kaitlin Gwynedd, PA

Great stopper

Overall it works great. It does slip once and awhile if the water or my son hit bit just right.

Esperanza Danville, IL

works great, easy to use

What can I say, it covers the drain so the slow leak doesn’t empty the tub. It looks nicer than the old-school ones, and is easy enough for a 3-year-old to use.

Amparo New Boston, MI

Great tub stopper

We have a slow leak in the bathtub that we bathe our kids in. This tub stopper is so strong that the first time my husband used it, he actually forgot to pull the knob that stops the drain, and the water still wasn’t leaking. It also sticks to the side of the tub when not in use. Great product.

Mallory Summersville, MO

Works perfectly

We have an older tub and the mechanism that is supposed to stop the water from draining no longer works. We use this for bathing our child and it works perfectly. He will even try to play with it from time to time, but it makes a good seal and he never really gets it unstuck.

Latoya Woodstock, CT

Does its job

When I first received this drain stopper I wasn’t sure if it would do the job. However, this drain stopper effectively lets me create a bubble bath in the bath tub for my daughter! Easy to place over the drain and pull off when done. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another!

Gay Blue, AZ

great design

Only suggestion, make the suction cup to secure this on both sides, not just one. Other than that, this is a great product.

Randi Irvine, KY


This took the guesswork out of picking out a plug for my tub, it stops the water completely and I like the little suction cup on it so I can just stick it to the side of the tub when not using it.

Lola Grimes, IA

It works!

This little doo-dad will keep the water in your tub or sink and the extra suction cup is great at holding it in place or for storing it out of the way when not in use.

Jeanine Seville, GA

Doesn’t Fit Our Drain

If this bottom of this product was just flat, it would probably work fine. However, it has a little raised ring on the bottom, I’m assuming to help it seal better. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit our tub.

Lillie Westville, IL

Easy to Use and Store – Can Develop Mold

Our son is 2 and we just ordered our second OXO tub drain stopper. I like that it is easy to place, fits any drain, and has a suction cup to keep it out of the way when not needed. But after almost two years, it finally began to develop mold on the back. Good thing it is inexpensive so I don’t mind buying a replacement.

Jolene Newton, AL

Perfect stopper

Does the job fantastically well. Does not move while water is pouring on it. Sticks to the tub drain without issue. Sticks to the wall as well with the suction. It’s large enough to accommodate most holes. No popup drains though. Would be nice to have other color options…

Kelly Clay Center, OH

So easy to use!

Our tub stopper was a pain to use so I ordered this one. It is so easy to use! I got it mainly for my son’s bath time and it has worked out great.

Jaclyn Martin, SC

This is great.

This works great. I was surprised that it really holds the water in my tub. I tried a few other drain stoppers and they did not work. I am very happy with this purchase, as it saved my from calling a plummer

Tameka Montier, MO

Works Well!

This works really well. My son loves pulling it up at the end of bath time to say bye bye water.

Tessa Granite Springs, NY


Works perfect in our tub, nice slim design, good quality, vibrant color. I like that it has a tiny suction cup so I can keep it right in the bathtub.

Dayna Laurel, MD


I have two baths that are different and this works for both. I even travel with it! I have tried many of these and this works perfectly for my two year old and one year old!!

Anita Malaga, NM

Works great

This works just like it should and is so much easier than the drain plug I had before that I had to fight to get out if the tub was full. Nice and easy. However, I did find the suction cup doesn’t hold it to the shower wall for more than a few hours and it falls of.

Anna Gilmore, AR

As advertised

To echo all the other reviews, this product delivers. Bought it when one of our tub stoppers went missing and have since used it in another that was slowly draining throughout the bath. Works fine for both. Sometimes the simplest products are the best.

Ebony Newark, TX