OXO Tot Sippy Cup Set with Bonus Training Lid and Removable Handles

OXO Tot Sippy Cup Set with Bonus Training Lid and Removable Handles

The OXO Tot Sippy Cup is a spill proof solution for teaching baby how to drink like a big kid. The 9 ounce Sippy Cup with Handles has soft, non slip Handles that are angled so baby doesn’t have to turn his wrists too far. The Handles are removable for when baby’s grasp develops. The cup has a non slip grip, a dimple in the lid that makes room for little noses and translucent walls to show just how much is left. A leakproof valve releases pressure for comfortable sipping and is easily removable for cleaning. Valve is shaped for easy assembly and cleaning. When your tot is ready help ease the transition from sippy to regular cup with the OXO Tot Training Cup Lid. A translucent lid insert with perforations around the perimeter controls the flow of liquid when your child tilts the cut to drink. A tipped Training Cup will also spill more gradually to minimize messes during the learning process. When tot is ready for the next step, remove the perforated lid insert and the Training Cup converts to a regular cup. Soft, non slip grips are easy for little hands to hold and the translucent Cup shows just how much is left. All OXO Tot Sippy, Straw and Training Cup lids are interchangeable. Top rack dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Cup transforms as child grows and develops
  • Training Cup lid insert is perforated to control the flow of liquid when child drinks
  • Remove the training cup lid insert to convert to a regular cup
  • Liquid level can be seen through translucent cup
  • BPA, phthalate and pvc free

Verified reviews


sippy doesn’t work

i got this cup set because i thought it would be a good value since you get a no spill sippy plus an extra training lid to transition to real cups. the transition lid seems like a good idea and i have not seen any other similar products with this lid. all of the pieces come apart easily for cleaning. however, the sippy lid was too difficult to use. i filled the cup with water and even I could not suck anything out let alone my baby. also the set does not have a convenient lid for travel like other sippy cups i bought.

Carmella Shannon, NC

looks nice but not practical

OXO should have provided this with a cap so that the spout can be kept clean, this is important when giving water as you may have to use it several times on a go and baby tends to drop it.

Kelley Greenville, FL

worst sippycup *ever*

this should really be one star but for the cuteness (tho the tot lid seems pointless – we haven’t gotten that far, however). i for some reason thought i’d splurge on an oxo sippycup instead of going the standard playtex route.yesterday in a grocery store i noticed playtex guarantees a leak-free cup. and i bought one, because i can’t tell you how many times i’ve removed my sleeping child from her car seat only to find that her oxo cup has leaked all over her and her car seat, even with the valve in place – and god forbid she shakes it, as she sometimes does. did they even test this thing with real babies?there’s also the “free-floating valve” issue – i’ve found it in her milk more times than i can count (that *also* happened in the car seat).and luckily my kid could suck the chrome off a car bumper – she’d have to to use this. she about choked on the ease of the playtex in comparison. don’t bother with this particular oxo product.

Wilma Seaside Heights, NJ

Leak proof and good looking!

I’m sure a lot of parents know the pain of having to switch from the bottle to the sippy cup. We started at around 9 months to transition our son from the bottle to the sippy cup. It was a huge struggle and it wasn’t until he was about 13 months old that he finally went to only using the sippy cup. I have tried about 4 different types of cups… all to no avail… except the OXO Tot Sippy Cup! Funnily enough, this was the first cup I purchased. Had I just been consistent with my son and only given him this cup, he may have been more successful.Here’s what I like about this cup:HANDLES. I love how the handles come out from the bottom instead of the top. My son is better able to take ahold of the cup than other cups we own where the hands come from the top.SPILL PROOF. If the valve is in the cup correctly, this sippy cup is pretty spill proof. I do notice that after a little time if my son leaves this lying on the floor it does spill out a bit. However, I do understand that to make a cup truly spill proof it would be difficult to drink out of. My son is still in the stage where he throws his cup around a lot. After he gets through that phase we will probably get rid of the valve so that he can get used to the idea of free flow without sucking.MODERN STYLING. Most sippy cups on the market are not very good looking. The OXO Tot Sippy Cup, however is a happy medium between being modern and still having that child-like appeal with bright colors. I’m a design geek so this is a big deal to me.LIQUID MEASUREMENTS. All of the other sippy cups we own don’t have a liquid measurement. These cups do! I like to know how much milk my son drinks and this makes it easier. My only recommendation for the measurements is that they be in even increments instead of odd. We usually give our son an even amount of milk, not odd.EASY TO CLEAN. We just throw all the parts in the dishwasher and it’s good to go. Other sippy cups we own are a struggle to clean.Although I love these sippy cups (we own three) there are a few things that have made me give it 4 instead of 5 stars:VALVE FALLS OUT. When my son drops the sippy cup from his high chair or throws it when standing, the leak proof valve pops out. I have to then open the cup and reinsert it so it doesn’t spill everywhere. This can be rather annoying but I know that once my son gets the idea that mom doesn’t like him to throw his cup, it won’t be a problem anymore.NO SPARE PARTS. I’d love to buy more of these but I know my son will soon transition to a straw cup. However, even though the insert that came with the cups shows that they have straw cups and that all parts are interchangeable, I can’t find spare parts or the straw cups anywhere. Fortunately, I emailed OXO and they stated that the straw cups will be out in early 2012. I’m crossing my fingers that spare parts will also appear at the same time!I unfortunately cannot give my opinion on the transition lid for drinking from an open cup. I will add to my review once my son turns old enough to try this feature.Overall, I’d recommend this sippy cup. It was a tad bit expensive but I am still hoping OXO will come out with spare parts so this cup can grow with my child.

Joni Fort Ashby, WV

Great Sippy

This is a functional Sippy cup because it changes with your baby and I love that. Also, I love the modern design and it is a neutral color for my future kids. I also like the fact that it is BPA and PVC free, This is very important to me.

Elva Islamorada, FL

not having much luck (with either lid option)

When I ordered this product, I was especially excited about the two lids– figured my (now 14month) son would graduate from one to the other.I haven’t had much luck with either, though. The sippy cup lid has an insert, and when my son drops the sippy cup (even from his standing height– not that far), the insert part falls out, and water pours freely from the sippy cup then.I also tried the "bonus training lid" part, which is a typical cup with holes around the side, intended to slow the flow. Maybe we didn’t practice enough with it. All I know is, my son is getting much better at going slowly with a regular cup, but he realizes there’s a special top on this and throws his head back just like he has a regular sippy cup lid, making a huge mess…

Dorothea Trafford, PA

Love it!

Really good quality, durable and looks good. I strongly reccomend this cup, my baby is just leaning and she really likes it. No leaks, no mess.

Sue Fork, MD

Our only sippy cup bc its can change as my baby grows

I love this cup and design because as Gene grows she will be able to still use this, without the handles and with the different tops. I don’t put this in the dishwasher so am not sure if that would change how the top fits over time. It’s been six months and its holding up really well.

Brittney Montgomeryville, PA

Love this cup

We are a house of limited, intentional baby purchases and have avoided the cabinet full of plastic sippy cups and only own two, both of which are these great cups. They last forever, the stopper doesn’t leek, they have a little dimple so her nose doesn’t get swished, easy to hold, and have survived many,many drops to the floor. At 1.5 years old we still have the handles on and haven’t tried the regular lid yet.

Heidi Elizabeth, NJ

Great Beginner Cup

Loved this sippy cup so much I bought a second! I alternate this with the Safe Sippy 2 so my little guy can get practice drinking from a cup and drinking from a straw. If he drops it or it hits something hard the rubber piece might pop out and cause leaking – but not a problem for us since he doesn’t carry it around with him all day.

Pansy Brunswick, MD

Some flaws but OK

The handles make it very easy for my toddler to pick up and drink from it. As others have noted, the valve pops off easily and will float in the liquid. Pretty much every time it is dropped hard this will happen. The cup scratches easily too. The bottom of the cup where you attach the handles scratches really bad just from popping it on and off. I would say it is ideal for just learning to use a sippy but not once they are walking and toting it around.

Leticia Linville Falls, NC

Best sippy cup

no leaks after months of use! lid fits on all their cups and snack cups. I LOVE OXO TOT for all my baby and toddler items now

Madge Cloverport, KY

Too hard

I was surprised that I didn’t like this cup because I love the OXO Tot stuff normally. The sippy spout it way too hard and the handles are difficult to get on and off. I found another brand sippy cup that worked much better for my baby.

Lessie Knights Landing, CA

slows down spills, barely

I’m glad this cup came with the normal sippy part. My two year old tried the bonus piece and spilled water all over herself. Her lip will touch it, making her think there’s something there to block the liquid. The cup itself is awesome. The handles come off, the top is hard plastic, and it’s dishwasher safe.

Evangeline Spencertown, NY

Something my toddler will probably “grow into” using

For now, there’s a soft piece inside that slows the flow…a little too much, because she gives up and tosses it. If I take out the regulator…it streams out of the 3 little holes in the spout like a little sieve. It seems like something she will be able to use as she gains more skill. Right now I am trying 5-10 types of sippies out…looking for ones she will drink from without too much mess or frustration for either of us.

Gretchen Kennard, IN

Good cup

My son is now almost 10 months and has been using this cup since he was 6 months old. It seems to be well made and we have not had any issues with leaking, even when he throws it on the floor from his high chair. We only used the handles for a brief time because we found that it was easier for him to tilt the cup back to drink without them. We have not yet used the training lid, so can’t comment on that portion. The cup is cute and easy to clean and assemble.

Angelica Stittville, NY

A good sippy cut but it does not come with a lid

We are search for a sippy cup that we can travel with because this one does not have a lid and we do not like that the spout is exposed. So this cup stays in the house.

Monica Umpqua, OR

Cup is ok, but son refuses to use it

This was recommended by Speech Pathologist, but my son as little interest in using it at 13 months old. I opted to try to put the multi-hole top on and he choked on milk and got it literally everywhere. He prefers the Tupperware sippy cup, and I prefer not having swimming pools of milk to clean up. Had high hopes for this cup, but possible it’s just too early for him to be using it properly. (Hence the 3 stars, not 1.) Won’t give up on it entirely until around 18 months. Will follow up with additional review then if I can remember to! 🙂

Vonda Rochester, VT