OXO Tot Sippy Cup with Leakproof Valve

OXO Tot Sippy Cup with Leakproof Valve

The OXO Tot Sippy Cup is a spill proof solution for teaching baby how to drink like a big kid. The 9 ounce Sippy Cup has a non slip grip, a dimple in the lid that makes room for little noses and translucent walls to show just how much is left. A leakproof valve releases pressure for comfortable sipping and is easily removable for cleaning. Valve is shaped for easy assembly and cleaning. All OXO TOT Sippy, Straw and Training Cup lids are interchangeable. Top rack dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Spill proof comfy cup for small hands
  • Leakproof valve prevents spills
  • Air valve releases pressure for comfortable sipping
  • Liquid level can be seen through translucent cup
  • BPA, phthalate and pvc free

Verified reviews


Love this cup!

My 13 month old has gone through several types of sippy cups, and so far he likes this one the most. I like that it’s clear plastic so that he can see what he’s drinking – formula or water. Some of the cups with characters just distracted him because they look like toys. He has an easy time drinking from these, unlike some cups that require so much sucking that I can’t imagine how any baby would use them.Easy-to-clean parts, and I like the measurements so that I can tell how much he’s drinking. Wish they were even numbers instead of odd, since that’s how most powdered formula is measured for mixing. So far, no leaks.

Alice Deatsville, AL


This cup has a great design and looks awesome…..BUT…..the valve on it makes it too hard for my 18 month old to drink from it. He’s been using sippy cups since he was 8 months old and he cannot get the liquid out of this cup. So it’s basically useless to me.Also, the company talks about how all the parts are inter-changeable so the cup can grow with your child……but you can’t buy the extra parts without getting a completely new cup. Since the valve doesn’t work, I don’t even have the option to turn this into a training cup for him…..so again, another waste.I’m a HUGE OXO fan and have their products throughout my entire house, but they missed the mark with these cups!!!

Libby Grant, FL

So far, so good! -Edited: not so good. 🙁

I was needing a new sippy cup for my 16 month old daughter and turned to the amazon reviews for help, so I always like coming back to give my thoughts. I went with OXO because I love, love, love their kitchen tools and figured that their brand has been awesome for everything else, so it was worth a try. Things I love about this cup: 1. It looks like an adult cup. Has anyone noticed how freaking ugly sippy cups are? This is not one of them. 2. Easy to wash. I like the valve in it, it like “clips” on instead of having to mash it in a hole. However, before she even had the cup 5 minutes, she had dropped it down the stairs, and then my husband went down to get it and threw it back up the stairs, and the valve did come out when he threw it (but he tossed it a good distance and it landed hard, so I don’t think normal wear and tear would make the valve come out). It wasn’t a big deal to me so I still gave it 5 stars. Love OXO products!!***Updates as of 2-21-11***I really wanted to love these. And I did for a while, but the valves (I bought two cups) kept coming off more and more and my husband dropped it off the counter and the lid cracked all the way around the cup right above the threads. I really just think the quality is lacking in this product, but they have hit some design aspects on the head. It looks great, you can easily see what is in it and how much, and it fits standard cup holders (of car seats/stroller/etc). And it didn’t leak as long as the valve stayed on. We’re using an ugly Gerber one now that we can’t see through and doesn’t fit cup holders, but as least it is tougher!

Gabrielle Preston, OK

SO disappointed! :'(

I’m addicted to Amazon and I love reading reviews and subsequently buying a LOT of here. All I can say is that I should have listened to others about this product. I really wanted to love it. I have the Playtex insulated sippy cups and they’ve always been AMAZING. However, I liked the idea of being able to see how much was left in his cup with this OXO sippy. Ugh, I should have just stuck with what works.What I like:- It’s clear and has measurements so I can see exactly how much is left.- It’s pretty cool looking.What I hate:- The lid and the grooves where it screws on is really cheaply made. Does not feel sturdy at all and one time my 20 month old son dropped it and the ENTIRE lid came off. Milk everywhere.- The rubber stopper/flow regulator ALWAYS seems to fall off and into whatever he’s drinking. Therefore, you have to go fishing for it and then clean up the mess it made leaking all out.I’m pretty lenient with most things and usually can make most things work. Unfortunately this is isn’t one of them. This thing is just junk. Save your money and get something else.

Beverley Perryville, AR

Cute cup, but not spill-proof!

I wanted to love this sippy cup, but it has one big issue and one small issue. It is cute, colorful and a nice size. It doesn’t leak when tipped upside down. The inner valve does remove and install easily, and the cup is easy to clean and re-assemble. Those are the pros.The big con against this cup is that it leaks when lying on its side. We have arrived at destinations with a soaked car seat and wet pants on our 1 year old more than once. The lid twists on and does not seal tightly enough. My smaller con is that I think the valve might harbor mildew over time, like Nuby valves do. I do not know for sure because my husband asked me to stop using the cup.It would work well for a meal-time cup, but not one to take places, take to bed, or tote around the house.

Althea Fordland, MO

Its OK..

I really wanted my son to like this cup because we love OXO products at our house. The snack cups are great, all the bath items, kitchen items etc. This cup just doesnt fit the bill. Its MEH. The design is nice and modern, along with the colors. I like that I can easily measure exact OZ and it cleans well. But my son doesn’t really like the shape of the sipper part and its awkwardly big for a 1-2 year old to hold onto. Also if not threaded 100% correctly, it will leak out of the top sides… into your purse. This is pretty much the last sippy left in the cabinet, every time.

Peggy Fox Lake, IL

Good then Bad

I love this cup when we used it the first few times, easy grip, slick design with none of those crevices so many cups have that are impossible to get milk out of. Now this could just be my child, but he is tough on his cups (and well, everything). He is in a throwing stage and very much likes to throw things from the high chair, across the room, from the couch. He is not a set the cup down kind of kid. So we noticed the stopper (not sure of the technical term) comes out now when he throws it then he goes to drink again from the cup and milk is all over him, the floor, everywhere. We have other cups where this issue does not happen even when he puts in a lot of effort into his long arm.

Valerie Cantil, CA

Finally a cup that doesn’t leak all over the place!

We have a few of these cups and we really like them. We love everything OXO and these are up to par with the rest of their line. This is the only cup that doesn’t leak everywhere and doesn’t take an hour to clean all the little parts since it’s only the cup, lid and clear "stopper" inside. My only complaint is that the clear stopper will fall off if the cup is dropped hard enough – which does happen often in our house. We have to dig through the liquid and re-attach it, but this minor inconvenience isn’t enough to deduct a star for me. These are the only cups we buy and I’ll continue to buy them!

Joy Haines, AK

Excellent cup

LOVE, Love, love these cups. The lids all interchange with the rest of the Oxo Tot series and most importantly they DO NOT leak. Even after months of use!!!!

Carole Goodland, IN

A transitional cup that works!

Our baby is now 17 months and we have had the hardest time transitioning from bottles/nipples. We have tried probably 6 or 7 different kinds of sippy cups, which the baby has just gotten mad at. This OXO cup was the first one that she drank from, looked at me and smiled with a wet mouth and a big smile on her face. So, great.It’s a little bit more leaky than other sippys, but because of our situation I’m willing to tolerate this. Because it doesn’t seem like the sturdiest of cups, we have been hand-washing in hot water w/ soap, rather than using the dishwasher, as I would bet too-hot (dishwasher) water would warp this thing over time.5 stars for finally being the cup that baby (toddler!) likes, minus-1 for some leakiness and flimsiness.

Melba Brookline, MA

Nice Sippy Cup

Great cup for children who like to chew on soft spouted cups. This cup is nice and big, perfect for taking along enough water for your little one.

Myra Millbrook, NY

The best ever.

I have tried all types of sippy cups and this is by far the best. It is super easy to clean with very few nooks and crannies for buildup. It is very light and resistant, and the plastic is excellent quality. It holds up well and does not collect odors and yellow spots.

Letitia Cleverdale, NY

Really wanted to like these – but don’t

I have had good luck with some Oxo products before, but these do not stack up. First of all, there is a small rubber/plastic ring that provides the seal on the inside of the lid when it is screwed closed. It has an annoying habit of falling out when the cup is being washed. I have spent a lot of time hunting that little ring down inside the sink because without it the cup will not seal. The inner valve that prevents the cup from leaking also easily falls off into the contents of the cup. It is almost impossible to clean it properly, and it is also nearly impossible to clean the inside of the spout properly. (The manufacturer does recommend hand washing and no dishwasher use. I have always hand washed them.) I initially bought these on impulse because I was looking for a larger capacity, but I have had much better luck with my Nuby soft-spout cups which have been in use for more than three years and still going strong. I have been really disappointed with this purchase and wish I had read the reviews before I bought them.

Angie Rome, MS

The one cup to rule them all

I’m really, really surprised to read any negative review of these cups. We have tried literally a dozen different cups and these are the best of the best. We’ve had a set of these cups for 2+ years now and they’ve literally taken a beating from our little boy (our entire house is hardwoods and tile, so they’ve seen some abuse, especally during the terrible twos) and they’ve held up perfectly. Yes, when he’s thrown them on the hardwoods, occasionally the silicone piece inside comes loose. But, seriously folks, that’s not a design flaw. That’s a toddler-tantrum issue. At some point, the silicone piece WILL come out if thrown or dropped hard enough. However during normal use, they never come out. During car trips, they never come out.Like I’ve said, we’ve had these 2+ years and we’ve been super happy with them. In fact, I just ordered 2 more of the larger size since our little dude is getting bigger.These really are terrific cups and trust me – we’ve tried most of them out there. These rarely ever leak even when put through the ringer by a busy toddler.

Jade Briggsville, AR

Valve doesn’t stay put

I’m normally a huge fan of OXO products, but this cup hasn’t worked out for my 13-month-old daughter. If the cup is more than half full of liquid, it’s too heavy and unwieldy for her to hold it up to drink. The "valve" that keeps the liquid from spilling doesn’t stay in place, allowing the cup to leak at any time. The lid has also popped off twice when my daughter dropped the cup while sitting in her high chair… big mess. We’ve had much better luck with straw cups.

Barbara Douglas City, CA

Cute sippy cup

This cup has good quality materials and construction. It doesn’t leak and it looks like it’s going to last a long time. I took off one star because it does not seem to be shaped for little hands as much as some other sippy cup brands. It is a little wide to hold. But in general I would recommend. It is also dishwasher safe but not microwave safe, just FYI.

Judy Ruthville, VA

No problems here

I must be one of the lucky few because my son stands on his sippy cup (hes 10months and 24lbs)and that thing holds lol. No cracks, the top never comes off even when he chucks it out of his playpen, this cup is really good because of the color and style he is intrigued by it and loves drinking out of it. The only thing I would say is the orange one I have (I also have the aqua color) is that the plastic removable valve inside sometimes comes off, which is not a big deal to me but may bother others. Overall this is a good sippy cup!

Rocio Sibley, LA

Good cup

I tried 3 other cups before hearing about this one. Finally, asippy cup my daughter will drink from. It doesn’t leak, either. I only wish it had a lid or cap for traveling.

Wendy Oak View, CA