OXO Tot Straw and Sippy Cup Top Cleaning Set, Orange

OXO Tot Straw and Sippy Cup Top Cleaning Set, Orange

Tiny tools for squeaky clean spouts and straws. Keeping your kids’ cups clean as a whistle is all in a day’s work for the Oxo Tot Straw and Sippy Cup Top Cleaning Set. The straw brush is sized to slide perfectly into all straw cups and kids’ sports bottles. The lid brush eases into tight spots on the underside of tops and hard to clean breast pump parts. The slim as a toothpick sippy spout cleaners explores even the tiniest openings to ensure no drop of juice is left behind. All three tools have non slip handles for easy use, even when wet, and held together on a plastic ring to keep them handy.

Main features

  • Cleaning set consists of 3 tools; straw brush, lid and pump parts brush and sippy spout cleaner
  • Each tool has a soft, comfortable grip
  • Tools are held together on a ring and easily clip on and off
  • Dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


It works but it’s cheap.

It cleans just like the cheapest of brushes would for straws and sippys. I thought I would have a better quality of product if I bought this item a bit more than others, but the straw part came out of the handle, doesnt seem to protected against rusting even if you dry it out it doesnt help. I have used it 4 times and it broke off. Really disappointing I couldve bought another one cheaper and gotten maybe more uses out of it and still have gotten the rust and breaking of it later on. Nothing special about it.

Elva Garrison, ND


I have quite a few different brushes of all different sizes but even with my arsenal of brushes, my sippy cups were still a pain to clean. I use Tommee Tippee Truly Spill Proof Drinking cups (wish Amazon sold these) for my almost 3 year old but the area under the cap is the biggest pain to clean and NONE of my brushes could get in all of nooks and crannies very well. I found this brush set about a month ago after getting theOXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner and Stand, Orange. After using that and LOVING it I pre-ordered this with hopes of being just as happy.The straw brush is fine, I have a bunch of different sized straw brushes so I’m not doing back-flips over it but the little brush that’s in a U shape… LOVE IT. The bristles are longer than any of my straw brushes and get into ALL of the little nooks that I couldn’t reach with anything else. The little rubber awl thing is nifty too (yes, I said nifty). It fits into the small air hole on the top of our cups.All in all, great set! I just wish OXO would combine the bottle brush with these tools and you’d have an all-in-one bottle/sippy cup cleaner. They can somehow hide them in the handle instead of the useless big rubber “nipple cleaner” thing that the brush currently has (that I still haven’t found a purpose for). Anyway love OXO… and LOVE these brushes.

Mildred Fort Calhoun, NE

Good set, but don’t sterilize them!

I bought this brush set to help me clean the inside of the bottle nipples. I used the U-shaped brush for that purpose and it worked well. I threw it in the microwaveable bottle sterilizer after a while thinking that it needed to be sterilized. Since the product packaging says it’s dishwasher safe, I thought it would be sturdy enough withstand steam inside the microwave sterilizer….nope! I found that the bristles had melted. Now it is pretty much useless. Lesson learned.

Jamie Kennedy, AL


I can get in all the nooks and crannies of my baby’s straw cups. this is a mommy must have

Casandra Collinsville, OK

great little tool

I was skeptical about this product. However, after using it I dont know how I got by without it. I have Tommie Tippee Flip Top Straw cups. This tool cleans the straw parts great. The only thing is I wish the hard tip tool was a little longer in length so I could use it inside the straw as well. I would highly recommend this product though, worth the money!

Roxanne Midway, AR

Great set

Perfect for cleaning our assortment of various sippy and straw cups. The straw brush fits all the straws we have and the shorter brush is good for cleaning the nooks and crannies in lids.

Kitty Carrabelle, FL


This is a great little set to keep at the sink when you are constantly washing bottles, sippies and pump parts. We don’t use the pick very often but the other two pieces are great. Seems like a better quality than most of the bottle brush brands.

Margot Ashland, NY

Perfect for hard to clean cups!

My wife and I sometimes get lazy and leave straw sippy cups around for a few days, then have to soak them to get them clean. This is the cleaning tool we have been needing to get in those hard to clean places! I havent really found a use for the plastic pointed pick tool, but the two brushes have been awesome. Any parent that uses sippy cups of any kind needs one of these. The quality seems great, as most OXO products are.

Janet Castro Valley, CA

I find use for these well beyond cleaning sippy cups.

These are great to clean ANY small little baby items or items with small little holes, nooks, crannies. I have it hanging next to the sink and find myself grabbing for it whenever my dish scrub brush won’t fit into or clean something. A great product!

Monique Blandinsville, IL

No rusting

I really like this because it has several brushes that you need to clean all types of water bottles / sippy cups. The brushes don’t bend easily and cleans our daughter’s straw cups really nicely. We’ve had ours for about 6 months now and the bristles still look great and there are no rusting.

Alta Union City, TN


This is a great accompaniment to my full-sized bottle brush. It gets into all the nooks and crannies of my pumping equipment (Medela) that my full-sized brush just can’t touch. And, as I expect from Oxo, it fits comfortably in my hand

Lucile Hamburg, NJ

Love these brushes

Between the three of them, you can get into just about every nook and cranny you would ever need to.

Elise Ohiowa, NE

Love this! It even works for other straw sippy cups.

Great cleaning tools! I love that it works for other straw sippy cups also.I like a lot of Oxo’s products.

Willie Booneville, AR

neat and clean

gets in there. straws, done. sippys clogged, done. weird crevices of baby stuff, done. pair it with the Dr Browns bottle brush and you’re all set.

Irma Halifax, MA

Does what it should

I love that it has so many different cleaning pieces. I can’t find anything like this in the stores near us so it’s great being able to finally clean them as well as I would like without using pipe cleaners.

Katie Buxton, NC

straw cleaning set

Good price, very useful tool, all 3 in one so i dont have to buy each part seperate….nice color to choose also…love this cleaning set!!

Deanna Brilliant, AL


you obviously need this to clean the straw cups but within a week of using them the long piece that you clean the actual straw insert with came apart. not well made.

Susana Capay, CA

Wore out quickly

I love OXO products but was a little disappointed by this one. The design is great for the most part. I like that the straw cleaner has a tiny plastic ball tip instead of just twisted wire on the end so that it doesn’t catch when I try to pull it out of the Dr. Brown vents I use it for. I use the pick to pry the plastic ring seals out of the OXO sippy cup lids and it doesn’t damage them.My complaint is that I’ve had this less than a month and the bristles on the larger brush are almost at a point that I’m going to throw it out. I use this for nipples mostly and think that it should have lasted much longer under normal use.

Caroline Belvidere, NC


I recently got this tot straw and sippy cup cleaning set and I must say it’s wonderful to have on hand. My regular Oxo dish brush wasn’t quite managing to get my sippy spouts (and those little holes) cleaned out. I especially like the straw cleaner – we do a lot of smoothies in our house so the straw cups are used weekly – I finally have a good way to clean out the straws.

Blanca High Point, MO


Straw cleaner isn’t long enough for any of our sippy cup straws. Straw cleaner broke off handle within a week. of use. Other tools aren’t really very useful.

Colette Cloverdale, IN

Must have for parents

This set is great for cleaning baby bottle nipples, breast pump parts, sippy cups, etc. Wish I would have ordered this set years ago. The ‘key hook’ is really nice because it can be hung directly from your faucet, handle, etc. making it convenient to both ‘grab and clean’ but also dry it out. Wonderful product

Leola Arlington, KY

Good Small Size, but A Bit Flimsy

I really bought this set to use the smallest straw cleaning instrument. It is a good size for most of my straws (except the one on the Zo-li cup which is REALLY small; I’m sure I need to buy the specific tool for that cup), but the wire is a bit too flexible for my taste. If only it were a little stronger I would have a bit more control and not have to shove the cleaner into the straws the way I do now. But I’ll use it until all of the jiggling around wears the wire down.

Letitia Rowan, IA

Amazing product, useful for Camelbaks and many kinds of sippys

This thing is the best! I use all three devices–it is much more useful than a simple straw-type cleaner. I feel confident putting things like milk and yogurt drinks in sippys now that I know I can get them perfectly clean after use. And it even cleans my Camelbak really well!The little stick part cleans the holes in the sippy spouts, including the holes in the no-spill Nuby sippys.The straw cleaner is sturdy and cleans the straws for my daughter’s Playtex sippys as well as for my own Camelbak bottle.The oval-shaped piece is my favorite part. It fits nicely inside the spout/bite valve of a Camelbak and in all the crevices of the sippy lids.**I wanted to add that after using this for maybe a month, the straw cleaner detached from the orange handle. It is only embedded in the handle a short distance. I would change my rating from 5 stars to 3 stars because of how quickly this happened after purchase.**

Clare Clarksdale, MO

A must have for cleaning baby and toddler feeding gear.

Love, love, love this set of cleaners. So multi-purpose, and easy to take apart, store, travel with, etc. Every parent should own these.

Luisa Blawenburg, NJ

Good set.

Good combination of brush sizes to work with all kinds of different cups. The orange also makes it easy to spot in our drying rack when it is full of dishes.

Joanne Sutherlin, OR

Should’ve bought it a long time ago.

For long I’ve struggle on how to clean my daughter’s sippy and straw cups. I really should’ve looked into this a long time ago. The OXO is great at getting into all the nook and crannies.

Carol Graniteville, SC

a necessity i didn’t know i needed!

i hang this on my first year’s spinning drying rack to dry!the straw cleaning tip is PERFECTIONeach tip serves a needed purposeanother ingenious invention by OXO baby.

Esperanza Streetsboro, OH

Great Straw Cleaner

I got this after noticing some mold (I think?) had built up in my son’s sippy cup straw. Yuck! It does the job. Only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 was because I’ve never used the other two cleaning things attached. Well, I tried to use the little brush but my other bottle brush works better. And what the heck is the little toothpick thing for? There’s nothing on the package that even tells you what you would need such a thing to clean!

Teresa Bowmansville, PA

Longer brush came off

This set gets a very very light use at our home. Our baby still nurses, drinks water from a cup and barely drinks juice from a straw.So we use this about 2 or 3 times a week at most.Last week the longer thin brush came off from the base. I pushed it back in, but it won’t stay in place.I’ll probably have to use super glue or something like that.

Victoria Caseville, MI

Must have baby item

Every mom I know looks for a product to help her clean out sippy straws. This is the ticket. In addition to the straw cleaner there is a sippy spout cleaner and a cup and lid cleaner as well. The straw cleaner will also work in the dr. Browns bottle parts.

Holly Cascade, WI