OXO Tot Training Fork & Spoon Set- Green

OXO Tot Training Fork & Spoon Set- Green

The OXO Tot Fork and Spoon are perfect for when tots are ready to feed themselves. Generous handles have soft, non slip grips and are easy to hold while scooping yogurt or piercing pasta. The Fork tines capture food effectively (really) and safely, while the deep Spoon head easily scoops and contains food, easing the frustrations of learning to self feed. A flat spot on the handles prevents the Fork and Spoon from rolling off the table or high chair tray and the soft grips are shaped to keep them from sliding into bowls or plates. This durable stainless steel Fork and Spoon Set eases the transition to “grown up” flatware. Dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Soft, non slip handles are easy for little hands to hold
  • Handles are curved to prevent slipping into bowl or plate
  • Effective fork tines, yet no sharp edges, deep spoon shape for easier scooping of food and liquids
  • Sturdy stainless steel for durability
  • BPA, phthalate and pvc free

Verified reviews



The item that was sent to me was not the item that was advertised. Different color different shape, not at all what was in the picture. Buyer beware! Also expensive, it had a tag on it that they took off and I found the item at a high end baby store for $5.00 cheaper. Do not buy this item go to the store and get it way cheaper and you can make sure you are getting what you pay for.

Ashleigh Cromwell, KY

Not worth the money

I purchased this utensil set almost a year ago and these are not really useable after the child is 16 months or so, depending on their fine motor skills. The spoon is a great shape and curved just right for making it easier to spoon the food in. But I have to take three stars off for not being able to use the fork at all. I know that a fork can’t be as sharp as an adults, but the completely blunt ends make it impossible to stab any food. I pretty much threw away the fork because my child makes more of a mess trying to stab her food and it slipping off the plate than from her feeding herself. My husband calls it a weird and impractical version of a spork. You can have a sharper ended fork, if you are attentive to your child when they’re eating. The silicone grip has changed color from several dishwashings. The plastic is just cheap and I can tell it will crack before I can use it on the next child. My favorite utensil set for my daughter, after having purchased several cheap and expensive brands has been the toddler utensil set from Ikea. Very inexpensive and is all metal. You dont have to worry about any plastic cracking at the seams over longtime use and dishwashing. The fork is just right for stabbing food but not dangerous and the spoon is a perfect shape for getting just the right amount of food for a toddler. I love it so much that I bought three more sets.

Alisha Rutland, ND

Wish I would have passed on these…

I purchased this set for my toddler because he was demanding his own fork and spoon at mealtimes, and he did not want the plastic kiddie ones we had. Since regular forks and spoons are a bit large for his mouth, I found this set. Well, he doesn’t like it. He still prefers adult forks and spoons, which he uses with success. The spoon in this kiddie set is too wide to fit in a toddler mouth, and the fork’s tines are so dull, he can’t stab anything with them. Otherwise, they’re nice quality, but not meeting our needs.

Maureen Coalmont, CO

Too wide

my kids like them and my wife too. But it is too wide for my kids. And shallow too. Hey OXO, not every kids have same mouse size. Got it?

Eva Gardena, CA

Great Product!

The design on these is great! My son is learning to eat with a fork and does really well with this set. We have others at home are so poorly made that even I have trouble getting his food on the fork!They’re also a great gender neutral color so that if our next one is a girl I can use them again.MATERIALS: Packaging says BPA Free, PVC Free, Phthalate Free.We’ve been using them for several weeks now with runs in the dish washer daily and they still look brand new. They’re so well made that I think they’d last no matter how many kids we have! 🙂

Sherry Tarpon Springs, FL

Good, a little too wide for baby’s mouth

Cute set for my 9mo.old but the spoon is a bit wide for his mouth. I wanted something a little bigger than his rubber babyfood spoon, but again, this was a bit too wide. Hopefully it’ll work better once he’s a bit bigger.

Marissa Norlina, NC

Eyeglass case works as travel case

The spoon and fork are beautifully made. Oxo did not offer a travel case for the diaper bag so I tried to look for one made by another brand. Then the thought occurred to me that any old plastic eyeglass case should work since they are about the same length. I rid my house of extra stuff on a regular basis so I actually didn’t have a free one lying around and purchasedRosallini Portable Hard Plastic Clear Green Rectangle Eyeglasses Case Storage Box. It’s a good sturdy case that fits the utensils JUST right (see pic), no trouble closing and the utensils go in and out easily for busy feeding times. Ta-da!

Liz Imperial, PA

Good product

Both my son and daughter used these sets and i’ve never had any issue. Nice and sturdy, easy to wash and well balanced!

Christie Cumberland Foreside, ME

great for my son was 1 y/o to 1

great for my son was 1 y/o to 1.5 y/o. As he gets closer to two, he wants other more normal looking spoon or the ones the adults use.

Clara Monarch, CO

cute and functional

my twins like this set of cutlery. the fork is spork-like, but still pierces macaroni and eggs. the rounded edges make me worry less about an accidental fork to the eye situation. they have no problem with the spoon. cleans up well, and the size seems well suited to their hands.

Juliana White Haven, PA

Love these! Best for little hands!

These are the best spoons and forks for toddlers. We have been using them since my son was 2 and he is now 4. They look brand new and have been washed in dishwasher many times (top rack). I give these as gifts all of the time. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy again and again.

Germaine Holy Trinity, AL

Toddler perfect!

Perfect for my son to feed himself. The fork especially is nice because he can’t really hurt his mouth easily with it. I’ve bought several sets!

Freida Morganza, LA

Really good!

My daughter always loved feeding herself with fingerfoods (since she was 7mo) but since I bought these fork and spoon she was so trying hard (and happy) to use it that she is now 14 months old and doing a great job with both!!! (it’s been 2 months since we bought it)Compared to others we have, these ones are easier for her hands to hold because they are short, soft, comfortable to hold, non-slip, curved enough to keep the food in until it reaches her mouth.I first taught her how to use the fork to eat pieces of fruits like watermelon, strawberry, melon, apple. Although there are no sharp edges, the way it is is just perfect! she thinks she is playing while eating.the bad thing about is that I completely forgot to wash them right away after a macaroni with tomato sauce, that it spoiled the beauty of its color. There are “orange” stains which turned it really uggly…but ok…..I bought 2 sets more: one for home, one for dinner out….we just love it! they are cute and do a great job!!!

Vilma Garner, IA


My 14-month old could easily grip these and feed himself. He’s 18-months now and feeding himself like a pro. Thanks for the big grips!

Sheree Tome, NM

Nice set for young eaters

Recently bought this fork and spoon set in aqua (along with theOXO Tot Plate, Aqua) for my 11 month old son. He is not yet feeding himself but he likes to grab on the handles as they are just the right width for him. The fork is great when I feed him cheese, chicken, turkey, etc, and the spoon is a great size as well for regular baby food, yogurt, etc. I plan on buying another set!

Concetta Hendricks, MN

Too wide for 18m

Love the quality, and they both look so elegant, BUT, both are too wide for my 18m old child (when she first used it, she was 15m, still too big now), especially the spoon.She still uses it anyway because they are very easy for her to grab in hands.

Tameka Bethune, CO

Great for toddler

Our 15 month old likes these, as do we. We use a lot of oxo products and he can mange these fairly well. Still learning, but he definitely can use the spoon by himself.

Helena Isleton, CA

Perfect for my 15 month old!

I love these! I just ordered another set. My 15 month old can self feed with these. They are the best we’ve used. He has been able to spear items with the fork. It is not sharp but the design allows for baby to use it as a fork. He has also been able to eat cereal and yogurt with the spoon very successfully. The fork is rounded like the spoon so it works for a lot of things like mashed potatoes. The handles are nice and fat and perfect for a toddler’s little hands and grip. Great set – I highly recommend them.Oh – someone reviewed these and complained that they are too big. I don’t agree. It’s the same concept as the fat crayons for toddlers. PERFECT!

Deena Byfield, MA

My kid loves these utensils

Colorful, easy to grip, and the rounded fork design make this safe for your toddler to learn and feed themselves. I bought 4 different sets so I wouldn’t have to wash immediately after every use.

Lindsey Mountain Home, TN

Adorable and functional

We gave these to my daughter at 17 months as she was becoming increasingly competent with utensils but the fully plastic kind weren’t really functional – especially the fork. These are easy for her to hold and manipulate.

Maxine Prescott Valley, AZ

Great Utensil Set

We gave this Utensil set to my 14 month old son as a stocking stuffer, and he loves it. The Fork and Spoon fit nicely in his hands, and look great too. The Aqua color is true to the picture and the size of the silverware is great for toddlers to begin eating with a fork and spoon. We are happy with the set, but even more importantly our son loves them! We would recommend this set to any parents with toddlers learning to eat with utensils.

Earlene Millerstown, PA

Good size for toddlers

Good size for toddlers, dishwasher safe. I wish they were curved so it was easier to get into their mouth, but all in all a good purchase.

Connie Cassadaga, NY

Excellent Utensils for 1 Year Old

Our daughter loves these. She does an excellent job of feeding herself. They are light but sturdy and easy for her to maneuver.

Suzanne Osceola, PA

Good Product

Functions as described. Very durable as what you expect from OXO. I would definitely this buy again for my son.

Michaela Greenville, NH

Great Spoon and Fork for Toddler

My two year old has been using this spoon and fork for the last six months. They are easy for her to hold, easy to scoop or piece, and fit nicely inside her mouth. They are also dishwasher safe. After six months of use, they still look brand new. My three year old niece and four year old nephew have also used them. When I ask my nephew if he wants a big fork or this fork, he always wants to use this set. I like them so much that I am ordering another set.

Gloria Auburn, KY

Great for Toddlers

I ordered this fork and spoon set for my 1.5 year old son. He has an easy time gripping the handle and they hold a good sized bite of food.

Reva Oxford, GA

jr silverware

These are the best for new users. My grandson can handle these very well. I love the size and shape.

Laverne Southgate, MI

the only spoons i use for my 20 month old!

These spoon/fork set is perfect for toddlers..the thick handles and curvature allows the toddlers to feed themselves pretty well. These are the only utensils that work for my dtr, she can even eat milk and cereal with them. I wish they sold the spoons and the forks separately though, because we keep losing the spoons as my dtr loves them .

Effie Romney, WV

Great for toddler hands

I haven’t used the fork yet, but the spoon is perfect for my 15 month old. He wants to feed himself, but the food slides off most toddler spoons before he can get it into his mouth. This spoon is much bigger than others, which allows him to be able to feed himself. Other reviewers have pointed out that the spoon is larger than an adult spoon. This is true, but doesn’t bother me since that’s what I was looking for.

Helena Lovettsville, VA

A must get for the just started self feeder!

Well made, and easy to use. This fork and spoon set are very easy for an infant/toddler to handle, and they work well. They are shaped to stay in their hands, and very easy for them to feed themselves

Vonda Verplanck, NY