OXO Tot Whale Pail, Blue

OXO Tot Whale Pail, Blue

A big fish in a small pond. Make bath time clean up fun with the OXO Tot Whale Pail. Use the Whale’s wide mouth to fetch toys out of the bathtub. The soft, non slip handle makes it easy for little bathers to help scoop and rinse toys, even with wet hands. Store the Pail on the holder which suctions to the wall and sits on the bathtub ledge for added security. Holes along the side of the Pail help increase ventilation and try toys. A translucent window shows which toys are being stored.

Main features

  • Collect, rinse and store bath toys
  • Large ventilation holes allow toys to dry
  • Small holes can stream water to rinse tot’s hair
  • Holder securely suctions to the wall and sits on the bathtub ledge for more security
  • Adhesive strips are included to accommodate textured tiles

Verified reviews


Not worth it

I was excited to try this out because I’ve had my eye on similar products for some time and our current bath toy storage was making the bathroom look cluttered. It comes with two options for mounting, the typical suction cup and a more permanent adhesive option. If you don’t want to mount it in the shower or on the wall, you have the option to use the included stand for placement on a counter or perhaps the corner of your bathtub.I tried the stand for a minute, and the whole thing immediately fell over when full of lightweight Thomas squirt toys. I then tried the suction cup mount which is a separate panel that you place on the shower wall and gives the “whale” a place to hook onto when not in use. It was fine at first, but within 15 minutes I heard the crash of it falling into the shower. Several times a day I walk into the bathroom and hang it back up. Every morning my husband moves it onto the sink because it has fallen off while he was in the shower. The suction cup panel has stayed put all but once, so that’s not the issue. The issue is that the whale just fits the panel so poorly that any nudge or even a breeze from the bathroom window seems to knock it down. It’s frustrating because it really would have solved the storage issue we were having if only it stayed put.My gripes with this thing don’t end there. It’s pretty small. If you have seen or own the Thomas & Friends squirt toys, they’re not big. And they’re not heavy. Yet, one of them barely fits the width of the mouth on this thing. Forget about the easy scooping of the toys when bath time is done. Not only that, but the holes in the sides designed to drain water, don’t. The water pools in the tail of the whale when its hung up. What’s the point of that?I may yet try another version of this product that I’ve seen sold locally (and is also cheaper) but I recommend staying far away from this product. All it is is a fancy bucket that will take up space.

Vonda Elbe, WA

“Make the Whale Eat the Fishies!”

I have been volunteering at a summer camp for disabled children. One of the main features of the camp experience is a gigantic water table filled with small toys such as boats, toy fish and little action heroes. Clean-up time has become a snap ever since I brought the OXO Whale Pail into the mix. Before, it was always a bit of a chore to get the kids to scoop out the wet toys and place them in the big buckets next to the water table. Not anymore. I give each child a chance to see who can get the whale to “eat” the most toys. After they get to scoop the toys out they have to count them as they place them into the big buckets. So not only is clean-up time fun it is also educational. The Whale Pail has been a HUGE hit with the kids and other camp counselors. Clean-up is almost as much fun for them as the actual playtime…and all the while they’re learning to take turns, count, engage with other campers, etc. It’s a win-win situation all the way around. 5 Stars!!

Katelyn Tornado, WV

Smart Scooper

The surprisingly educational whale pail has become a bath essential. My children were fascinated as I explained the toy actually mimics how live whales eat. Not only do my kids have fun scooping up their bath toys, it has become their favorite bath toy. It enlivens bath time four both my one and four year old. I have also used it to dry bathing suits and wash clothes after use. This is one item you never knew you need but will end up using constantly.

Ruth Wheatfield, IN

What a great design!

We already had a bath pail when we got this one. However it was so big and bulky we only used it once. to top it off the only option it gave us for mounting was the permanent sticky tape.That said, there are several things I love about this bath pail.1) I love that it comes with a suction cup wall holder. This allows us to use it in our temporary residence and take it with us when we leave.2) I love the way it comes off of and hooks back onto the wall holder. There is not a lot of fussing around trying to find the sweet spot to hook it onto, and I can hook it on with one hand without looking. It also has little feet on the wall hook to give it leverage if you pull it off the stand a little hard.3) I love the shower it provides when you scoop water into it. I have a different brand of bath toy holder that is also supposed to provide a similar shower effect, but the holes are too big, so the water just pours out instead of trickling out. The size of the holes in this pail are big enough to get an effective stream but small enough to give you the shower, rather than the dumping, effect.4) Everything I do with it, I can do one-handed. This is essential for anyone bathing a young baby. My daughter can sit up mostly by herself, and she loves to sit and splash in the bath with her toys, but I need to keep one hand at least available for any tips or slips. Using this pail, I can dump out her toys, shower her with water to keep her warm, scoop up her toys and mount it back on the wall hook, all with one hand. I would highly recommend this product for new parents who are looking to enjoy a safe bath playtime with their little ones.

Leann Brantwood, WI

Good but for the suction…

I had been holding off buying a bathtub toy holder because in my experience they always leave me wanting for better suction.I find this whale pail to have adequate space for all my infant son’s squirty toys and pouring cups. The drainage and airflow holes are great for keeping things from getting musty.The whale stayed suctioned for 5 days before the first ‘fall-down’.I’ve made a point of giving it a little push-back each time we hang it up after scooping up the toys. It’s been fine since.While I do think the ledge legs are a nifty idea, they don’t work with my tub so I can’t say how well they might be.Overall, I’m pleased with this product and would recommend it to my friends for their little ones.UPDATE 9/16/2010: After Trying to use this unit for more than a month and a half, I am ENDLESSLY frustrated with the suction. Absolutely nothing I do helps make it stick for longer than a couple of days to any of the surfaces in my bathroom.Even when we don’t remove the pail so as to limit jiggling it on the holder, the darn thing keeps falling down.Now it sits sadly on the bathtub floor.Revised star total to 2 for my experience. Perhaps I simply have the wrong surfaces in my bathroom.

Susana Lodi, WI

Works very well, i love it.

I am a previous owner of the Boon Frog Bath toy organizer and i had mixed feelings toward it. This one however has been A+++++. It holds all my kids toys which is about 10 different things. So i feel that it holds an adequate amount of toys. The whale pail also suctions VERY well to our tile walls that have pretty bad hard water stains. This was a very big problem with the Boon Frog that i had before. it fell pretty often and collected mildew behind it. So far the whale pail has done neither. overall i feel that this is an excellent way to store bath toys and should be considered over the popular Boon bath organizer. I highly recommend this item and would buy it for others.

Michelle Ocala, FL

a nice addition to a toddler’s bath

I have had some troubles getting this review to post, so forgive me if I am brief.This is a cute product that makes a handy addition to your child’s bathroom. Many of the storage containers store things across the tub – this puts the toys up on the wall. It also allows you to scoop up the toys using the whale’s mouth – a fun way to clean up – and then let them drain and store on a wall. The wall attachment can either be suction-cups or adhesive. I hope the adhesive will remove easily when we move. The suction cups didn’t work well on our tile.

Wendy Navarre, FL

Great bath accessory!

OXO does it again! Another innovative product to make our lives easier. I’ve only had the item for a couple of weeks, but it’s pretty neat. It holds my 1 year olds bath toys and it stays in place. That’s good enough for me.

Lavonne Seaside Heights, NJ

Epic fail, OXO

I love all OXO products, as a rule. This one, however, has failed me, not once…but twice! The first time I ordered this, it did its job for a few weeks, but then ripped of the wall…toys inside, and all.I sent it back, and amazon promptly provided me with a replacement. I was extra careful to follow the directions explicitly, but n day two, with NO toys in it, it lost suction and fell, anyway. Thank goodness my son was not hurt in either incident. I’m hoping amazon/oxo remedy this little tragedy in a swift and proper manner. We shall see….

Brianna Knoxville, TN

Great idea

Two things I want to say. Until recently, I had no idea OXO entered the toddler/children market. My other OXO item in this ‘genre’ is a sippy cup. Of course I have plenty of OXO kitchen gadgets that I love. Second, this isn’t a novel item. It is a wonderful design on someone else’s concept, kind of the old saying – a better mousetrap.My wife loves it because it’s easy to mount to tiles. It keeps our sons’ bath toys very neat and somewhat organized. Our toddler loves to play with it. He doesn’t like when we use it to wash his hair. But he just started to be bothered by water poured out on his head. The bottom of this device lets water out similar to a shower head, although obviously with no water pressure.

Elba Girdwood, AK

Great design and really useful!!

Super cute and functional! I can see why other people are unhappy with the whole thing falling off the wall (it does use suction cups), but honestly, everything else that I’ve used in the bathroom that suctions to the wall falls down eventually too. This holds a lot more weight than a soap dish, so you DO have to periodically press it down onto the wall again to redo the seal. It’s not that difficult.Five stars all around for being cute, useful, and easy to maintain and clean!

Angel Lakeland, FL

Great concept, however suction cups are a fail

My child loves this product, and the size of it is perfect for all the various bath toys. In addition, it’s great to be able to see through the little window to see some of the toys inside the pail.However, my only complaint is that the suction cups last for a couple of hours on our tiles and then the next thing you hear is a crash from the bathroom as the entire pail w/ it’s suction cups comes tumbling down into the bath tub. The tiles are new as no one has ever showered on those tiles so they are clean. Even adding water to the suction cups does not help the product stick to the tiles longer.The product comes w/ sticky tapes as well, but since my child sometimes bathes in different bathrooms in our house I prefer the suction cups instead so that I can move the product from bathroom to bathroom when needed for a less permanent residence.Overall, it’s a great product but I had problems w/ the suction cups.

Jeanie Huachuca City, AZ

Handy Bathtub Toy

The ‘OXO Tot Whale Pail’ in blue is a very handy bathtub toy. It’s quite large and should hold your child’s most favorite bath toys easily! It comes with two different ways to connect it to the wall- suction cups and adhesive. For my testing purposes, we used the suction cups. Amazingly, I found them to hold really well. In fact, the holder hasn’t fallen off the wall yet and that is after multiple baths and showers. the ‘whale pail’ connects simply to the suction cup holder attached to the wall, helps toys dry out quickly, and doubles as a toy itself!All in all, this does what it promises and even a bit more!

Gayla Caratunk, ME


The Oxo Tot Whale Pail is AWESOME! I’ve been thinking of getting a similar item from another manufacturer for a while; what delayed me in buying it were the reviews that said it comes detached from the wall unless you use sticky adhesive tape.The Whale Pail comes with about 9 suction cups on the back so it suctions onto the wall GREAT without regard to your tile spacing. It scoops up all the bath toys in one pass, the water drains out of the holes, and it mounts easy to the base (which is suctioned to the wall). Great product. Easy to install, easy to use. Highly recommend!

Maryellen Stonyford, CA

Does the job

Our one is only 9 months old so we use just a few bath toys right now and this holds them fine . . . but, they alreayd fill it up It’s smaller than I expected which is nice because it doesn’t take up a huge amount of room on the bathtub wall, but it also limits the amount of toys that can be stored it in. We have two bath books and 3 rubber ducks in it and it’s full! It has fallen off of the wall a few times so far and made a loud crash in the middle of the night but we recently seemed to have obtained a secure suction. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase. OXO makes good baby products!

Denise Marion, NY

Used every day, make sure you clean the wall before you stick this to it.

My sister has a kid who is like 1, and big enough now for baths in the tub. I think before they bathed him in the kitchen sink, which is kinda gross, but I remember my Mom doing that to us as kids too, so I guess that’s OK. Anyhow – so this kid has a zillion toys because his awesome Uncle (ie: ME) hooks him up. Every time the kid gets a bath, you just scoop up the toys with this thing (remove kid from tub FIRST) and stick it in it’s holder on the wall.The pail you see here sort of slides into this plastic holder unit which is stuck to the wall. That holder thing can be stuck to the wall in one of two ways: Suction cups or double-stick tape stuff. The directions say to clean the wall with alcohol before you use the suction cups – and we did that and it worked – it never fell down. But we ended up moving it, and not cleaning the wall there, and it ended up falling off the wall shortly after. So, please remember to clean the wall with alcohol before sticking this on. This thin also comes with that double-stick tape stuff, so if you are paranoid and want to jam this onto a wall for good, you have that option.The bottom of this pail thing has little feet, so you can almost stand it upright with the holder on too (if you didn’t have it on the wall). Right now, this is sitting on the wall by the edge of the tub you step over when you get in – so it’s suctioned to the wall, as well as having support on the bottom by the feet thing. It’s a good height to grab it when you’re on the floor bathing the kid anyhow.But overall it’s a neat thing to have around. Pick up the toys, let them drain, stick it on it’s holder – everything in it’s place!

Geraldine East Killingly, CT

Very cute and very functional.

I was a little worried when I first ordered this because I was thinking I would have to find a place to store it. What I did not realize was that it comes with this great mounting kit so you can mount it right on the bathtub wall. It’s out of the way but still within reach of the little ones. Now we don’t have all the toys hanging off the edges of the tub ready to fall in when we are showering or cleaning. The holder itself also becomes a fun toy at bath time because the kids can imagine a big whale is gobbling up their boats or other toys. In fact this is one new favorite bath time toys in our house. Overall everyone is very happy with this product!

Vonda Soldier, IA

doesn’t stick well

This looks adorable with all our bath toys piled in it, but it doesn’t stick well to regular tile surface or to the inside of the tub (we are still using an infant tub) with the suction attachment, which was recommended for that surface. We will have to use the stronger adhesive (also included) to get it to stay on the tub. I would recommend trying it out several hours prior to getting your little one to sleep since ours came crashing down and scared us all to pieces, in addition to waking our son up.

Elaine Middleboro, MA


This thing is so cute. It is bigger and sturdier than it looks. You can scoop up with the handle and you can use it to rinse. I think it would make a great baby shower gift. It comes in a great big box. it sticks to the wall and so far so good. Very sweet item

Alyson Frankford, MO

Doesn’t stick but kids like it

Overall it’s a cute pail, that the kids enjoy to use and have fun with – which is the important part.The build quality is very good.The one issue with it, is that it doesn’t stick/hold in the shower.Product description quote:”Holder securely suctions to the wall and sits on the bathtub ledge for more security”This just didn’t work as advertised, and hence the star off.

Ginger Trosky, MN

“Thar she blows”

My kids love to play in the tub. They have their own favorites when it comes to tub toys (and they bring a lot of toys). The whale is not only a receptacle for the toys, it is also a toy in itself. Sometimes they play with it as a basket hoop using the other toys as balls. And sometimes as a sea monster gobbling up all the debris she can find on surface.After bath time, clean up time is much easier as it takes only a few seconds to scoop all the toys. The whales has holes drains out the waters. Very convenient.Included are 2 wall attachments, a suction cup or a more permanent adhesives. We chose the suction cup for flexibility. You can move the whale anywhere if the kids change their minds.Some cons to consider:- if your kids play with a lot of toys that submerge to the bottom, they would need to help pick them up with their hands to shovel them in the mouth of the whale. Otherwise, floaties are much easier to scoop up with this gaping whale.

Kayla Herreid, SD

Cute AND Does the Job!

My 4 year old daughter loves making the whale eat her bath toys! I love not having to argue about cleaning up at the end of bath time. Thank you, OXO, for helping make bath time a fun experience for mommy and daughter!The whale is big enough to store all the alphabet letters and a few miniature Barbies that used to reside in a pail by the tub. I love the holes that allow ventilation and that keep the toys dry.

Violet Sanborn, ND

what a helper!

I love the whale pail. I like the overall fun shape, the color that suits our ocean theme perfectly, the sturdy design that has been proven again and again with each and every drop, how easy it is to store, to clean, to mount, that ALL of the kids bath toys store so neatly on the back wall of our shower and the overall fact that with all of the drainage holes, I know that the toys won’t get moldy since this is so effecient at drying even the smallest bath squirt. To be honest I am not sure what the kids like better; to be able to play with this in the tub with their toys or use it as a fun whale that swallows all the toys when it’s time to clean up! The whale is very generous in size, making the dimensions around a foot high and 10 inches wide. There are two options for hanging; suction and adhesive. I choose the suction option and while the whale has been repeately bumped off the mount, the suction hasn’t fallen off our walls yet and it’s been over 3 months, which is a much better than the green frog competetor, which I was forced to return after a few weeks due to it’s lack of suction stamina.

Elsie Golconda, NV

Great storage for bath toys!

This is a super cute whale pail that holds lots of toys. I got my son the letters and numbers for the bath and it holds them all. It sticks great to the shower wall and comes with an extra option of sticky pads in case the suction cups do not hold, but I had no problem with the suction cups. Great product.

Marisol Jasper, MO

Will not stay put

I’ve had this for several months and have tried everything to keep it secure to the shower wall. It won’t suction and the adhesive won’t hold it up either. BIG WASTE OF MONEY. Plus, the awkward shape makes it impossible to set it down anywhere…it just falls. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy this. It’s much easier to just store bath toys in a little dish that can easily set down near the tub than this awkward whale design.

Octavia Williamstown, WV

FANTASTIC for Legos…. Larger than it looks…

Summary: surprisingly large, good for it’s intended use, also good for cleaning up Legos and other small toys.I was surprised at how large this is – the pictures don’t really give a good reference for scale. The mouth is perhaps 8″ x 4″. It comes with two mounting bases – one with foam tape and the other with suction cups.We used it a couple of times in the bath and it very helpful at making clean up a game that I thought “hey, I’ll bet this will work with the Lego’s”It’s even better for that. They basically use it as a dust bin and sweep the toys into the whale with their free hand. We don’t have a huge amount of bath toys, so I’m thinking this is going to be a “land whale” for now.If you have any questions or comments, or found this review helpful, please let me know!

Nadine Liberty, KS