Ozeri Turtlemeter The Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer

Ozeri Turtlemeter The Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer

Introducing the Turtle meter, the first Baby Bath Thermometer built into a fun and safe Turtle Bath Toy. The Turtle meter activates instantly in water with no annoying buttons or switches. The Turtle meter dynamically calculates the bath water temperature every second, and displays the temperature with 3 different color screens, with Blue indicating Cold, Red indicating Hot, and Green indicating Just Right. Compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, the Turtle meter is safe and fun both in and out of the bath. Ships with 3 AAA batteries included.

Main features

  • Introducing the “Turtle meter,” safe and fun for child and mom, a happy bath for your little one
  • Instantly activates in water, floats naturally and fully submersible
  • Fun and safe bath toy that doubles as a bath thermometer
  • Checks the bath water temperature every second and displays it in Fahrenheit on an easy-to-read LCD
  • Displays the water temperature in 3 digital colors: Blue for Cold, Green for Just Right, and Red for Hot

Verified reviews


OMG I love this thermometer!!!!

I was originally using the rubber duck thermometer that has the word” hot” on its underside and was constantly having to guess at the correct water temp due to its poor reliability- that lasted for a total of one bath before I was on the computer buying this thermometer. I was torn between this and the other turtle thermometer and I am ecstatic I bought this one! First of all it is super cute, second of all, it is super accurate and fast- it is constantly showing new readings so I know if I need to add some more hot or cold water! It shows readings reliably and quickly so I know if my baby’s water is too hot or too cold. I use bubbles in her bath and even if I am a little overzealous with the suds and the turtle gets covered, I can still tell the temp of the water by the color of the light- red too hot, blue too cold- as long as it stays green 8 am golden! I highly recommend this thermometer since I don’t think that it is safe or responsible to try to guess the correct temperature of our baby’s bath- doing so could result in a chilly baby, or even worse, a burned one. For the price, the peace of mind I now have can’t be beat.

Freida Chandler, AZ

The only bath turtle

Don’t be fooled by the cheaper imitations! Most bath turtles don’t allow you to replace the battery… what a waste! This one is great. A little bigger than the cheap knock-offs, but my daughter loves it (even in her whale tub)and it works like a charm. Definitely worth the extra price!

Ofelia Buffalo, ND

Cute and Informative

I love this little guy. I am pregnant and need to make sure that my proclivity for steaming hot baths wouldn’t injure my little one, so I scoured the internet for something that I could use before and after her birth. Clear read out and helpful warning colors are great. Cheery little turtle floats along the surface and lets me know when I am getting too hot or cold. I know she’ll be amused by his bobbing and cute looks when she is older. I’ve been using it for several weeks now and the batteries have yet to run down. I really recommend this little pal!

Carolyn Crab Orchard, TN

Best Bath Thermometer EVER!

I am really impressed with the Ozeri Turtlemeter. The quick instantaneous readings on top of all the other features make this product ideal for bath time. The three colors on the LED screen offer a quick way to see if there needs to be a temp change. I love that readings are taken every second so the numbers are constantly accurate. Plus, he’s really cute and the kids enjoy playing with him in the tub too. *I received a sample in exchange for an honest blog review.

Reba Slaughters, KY

Definitely one of the better Infant Bath Thermometers

For those who are data-oriented and like specific measurements. This turtlemeter does a great job at displaying exact temperature of the water. One of the neat things I like is that it saves battery because it only automatically turns on when it senses water (as a result of "switch" that is turned on when the dimple leads at the bottom of the turtle touch the water. Another thing is that it has different LED color settings, so if you are doing something too far to see the actual temperature numbers you can do a quick glance to tell the temperature of the water. The colors are either RED (for too hot (above >100 degrees F)), Green (for best temperature (<100 degrees F to >90 degrees F), Blue (for <90 degrees F).This thermomemter not only is a therometer but also acts as a toy. My daughter loves to play with this because it also has lights in it, which very few bath toys have for good reason. It has not rusted in the 4 months that I have had it. And there is little to worry about in terms of electrical danger when it comes to having an electrical product in the water for it is well designed in its water proofing properties.Overall, this is the best thermomemter that I have had for infant bathing and it is better than using those sticks kind where you have to pick it up to see if it’s in the right temperature.

Lynette Nyack, NY

Quality product and great toy

This thermometer let’s you know the temperature as you pour water in and as it sits while your baby bathes. It has color coded temp display so you know when you’re safe and when water is too hot or getting cold. I tried other bath thermometers and this one is closest to what I would consider too warm/hot and getting cold. All others said "hot" when the water was just right in my mind. I still ALWAYS check with the inside of my wrist or elbow to make sure the water is safe, but this is a good guide when pouring a bath.

Denice Science Hill, KY

So far, a great product

Most other moms I spoke with said this wasn’t necessary, but boy, has it helped me with bathtime! I’d say the only issue I have with it, is that it takes time for the temperature to climb on the probe, so if you aren’t aware, you might think the temp is too cold, when in reality, it may be just fine. Easily remedied by tossing it in a small amount of water first before filling the whole basin. Overall, good product, very cute design.

Sheryl Paincourtville, LA

Disappointed after some usage 🙁

It’s super cute. Now I don’t have to worry about the temperature being too hot or too cold. Sometimes I don’t realize that the water is getting cold becuz I’m too occupied playing with my daughter, but with this, I red really catches my eye and reminds me bath time is over. She loves the turtle too. It’s soft and cute. Doubles as a bath toy.UPDATE- after a week’s usage I have to say I’m really disappointed in the product. The temperature gauge stopped working. I am returning this :(Guess I should have listened to the other reviews.

Jannie Saint Francisville, IL

One of my favorite baby products!

I didn’t realize my newborns bath water was 10 degrees cold until I got this little guy. I was so scared to burn her I was under estimating the temperate with my wrist. My daughter loves bath time now and I feel much more relaxed knowing she is safe and comfortable.

Lucile Vardaman, MS

Best therometer there is

I really like this thermometer because it’s very simple to follow instructions – red, too hot; blue, too cold; green, just right. It also tells the current temperature as well. Can’t get any more simpler than that! I recommend.

Eva Fields, OR

Better than aquatopia turtle

At first I purchased aquatopia turtle that is another best seller here on amazon, but didn’t like that it takes too long for the thermometer to warm up and get the right temp. This one is better, much faster I tested these two side by side. The only thing I miss is Celsius

Harriet Alfred, NY

Great Bath Thermometer + Mom’s Peace of Mind

Love this baby bath thermometer! So easy to use, gives up to the second temp readings with color indicator. Blue = too cold for comfort, Green = good, Red = too hot/unsafe for baby. It turns itself off right after you take it out of the tub, but I love that you can change out the batteries too if needed. Good water seal, not a throw away item.I started using this thermometer when I was pregnant to ensure that I wasn’t bathing too hot for my growing baby (doctor wanted me to bathe at 98.6 and no higher than 100F). Gave me peace of mind that I was in that range since I normally bathe much hotter.Lastly, though the description doesn’t brag it (it should), I checked with the company directly and this item is BPA FREE. It is made with PVC (to keep the plastic “soft”), but is also PRHALATE-FREE (the harmful additive to some PVC’s). I recommend you give it a try. Though it is pricier than the duckie competiton, you get a precise temperature reading with this one AND a cute toy!

Pearlie Keytesville, MO

This the cutest thing ever!

My wife and I LOVE this turtle. It’s very helpful, accurate, and easy to use. It’s only drawback is that it only shows temperature in Fahrenheit, it has no option for Celsius.The body is not all plastic, the green parts are sturdy rubber, so the baby can play with it when she’s old enough to grab things.The display is crystal clear and the color led indicator makes it all too easy! 🙂

Lula Ottawa, WV

Great during pregnancy and afterwards

I bought this early in my pregnancy because I love baths but didnt want to overheat and harm the baby. Nine months later, it still works beautifully and I’ll be using it for my little one. The numbers are easy to read, and the background changes color to signify if the bath water is too hot (red), too cold (blue), or just right (green). I wasnt thrilled with the range they used for “too hot” (I think it shouldnt be above 100, but this device doesnt change til 102), but its easy enough to ignore the colors and look at the numbers.

Elaine Bighorn, MT

Such a cute thermometer

I have not use this with my child as she is not yet up to a bath, but I did try this in the sink, put the temperature up and down to see the changes register. I love the color indicators in the temperature gauge. And it’s a very cute item.

Jenna Farmington, WA

Works great!!

My son (now around 2 months old) always screams and cries during bath time. He will be ok and calm when I’m washing his hair (since he’s not in the water yet at that point). Once I took his clothes off and put him into the water, he cries and cries and cries, looks at me like he’s saying “why are you doing this to me?” I thought maybe by the time I’m done with his face and hair and put him into the water, the water must have gotten cold already. So I got this to make sure the water is at the right temp range at any point during the bath. This worked pretty well. My husband will draw the bath in the infant tub, the water is usually too hot. Once the turtle is put into the water, the temp reading starts to adjust and also display a color telling us whether the water temp is too hot, too cold, or good to go (so you don’t even need to know what’s the right range of temp the water should be)We will then adjust the water temp by adding in either hot or cold water. It does take a little while for the reading to stop at the water temp, but it is not too bad, and the display changes almost every sec, so you know it’s at work. So now I know that by the time when I put the baby into the tub of water, the temp is still in the green range. Although, sad to report, my son will still cries and cries and cries. But at least I know it’s not the water temp that he’s uncomfortable with.

Ingrid Pearl River, LA

Would make great baby gift

We adore this lil guy! Best water thermometer Ive ever seen. Seems very accurate and theres certainly no guessing like youd have if using a plastic gadget that turned white when hot, etc. I would buy this thermometer every 3 months if I had too. Just be sure to hang him up on your caddy or remove from tub altogether when youre done so his sensors dont read more water and run down your batteries.

Hannah Weyerhaeuser, WI


love this not only dose it do the temp but my little one loves playing with it in the bath

Bridgett Meally, KY

Weird numbers on display

I am not sure if it even works. It shows some random numbers half the time. Not reliable enough. I just go by light. Baby likes it as a bath toy.

Penny Woods Cross, UT

Pregnancy Baths.

I love hot baths, and even though I tried to hold back the heat when I found out I was preggers, my husband was worried I might be overdoing it (turns out, he was right by about 1 degree). I wanted something that showed actual temperature, so that if my Dr’s temperature recommendation ever changes, I can remain cautious while not sacrificing too much heat. A rubber ducky that displays the words “hot” does not give me that piece of mind.In my case, the recommended temperature and the turtle’s red light warning were pretty close (102F vs 102.2F), so that was an added bonus. The light makes the digital display really easy to read, and If I put the turtle by my feet/faucet when I add hot water, i can immediately tell by the “glow” color if the heat I’m adding is too much. Also great when the lights are dim.Seems to update quite frequently. I’ve seen it float over a warm vein of water, turn red, and turn back green a second later when it’s passed the hot spot.

April Regina, KY


I absolutely LOVE this! I use this in a baby bathtub, and it is not too big at all! My little girl plays with it when she takes a bath. It turns on by itself within a couple seconds of the water hitting it.Turns off shortly after being out of the water. I love that it not only shows you the exact temperature to the .0 of a degree, but it is “color coordinated,” so you just need to see what color it is to be able to tell if it’s too hot or cold or just right for your little one. I am thinking about purchasing the other animals for when she gets older so she has a couple bath time buddies to play with!

Lesley West Camp, NY

Love it

I’m so glad we purchased this Turtle Thermometer. My husband and I use it every night when we bath our little one. The thermometer is accurate and allows us to not have to worry about whether the bath water is too color or hot.

Anita Letohatchee, AL

Turtle Power!

It’s adorable and floats well. All in all, I love it!A bit bigger than I was expecting, but not an issue- I don’t have to worry about my daughter choking on it or anything at least.I kinda wish the batteries were a bit easier to get at- eight tiny screws is a lot to go through for a quick battery change. It’s not a big issue though, I assume it’s for waterproofing purposes, so there’s not much you can really do about that.

Adele Wapato, WA

Cute, functional and great customer service!

We really love this turtlemeter. It helps ensure that our daughter’s bath is the right temperature. We did have it stop working (it may have been exposed to too hot water, we think?) and the company shipped us a replacement quickly and free of charge!

Kristy Casa Grande, AZ

Get this one, it’s perfect!

I am so glad I selected this turtle over the other ones I found on Amazon or in stores. The temperature gauge is spot on, easy to read and I love that it changes colors depending on the temp. The turtle itself is soft enough that if my baby throws it or puts it in his mouth, no harm done. This is going on my must have list for anyone having a baby.

Rachel Wilmot, NH

Cute and works!

This thermometer makes live easy. The colour of the light changes if the water is too cold, right or too hot making it easy to prepare the bath as you can see if the temperature is ok even from far away and during the bath.

Joanna Mahaffey, PA

Bathtime must have

We don’t really use this anymore now that our daughter is 7 months old but at first when I was trying to get a handle on what the right temperature water felt like it was a must-have! I love that it reads the exact temp and not just some “hot” indicator like some other products out there. I’ve bought several as gifts for friends also!Update May 2013 – I didn’t take good care of our Turtlemeter and it died because I left it sitting in water for an extended period but Ozeri customer service replaced it even though it was past the 1 year warranty period. Great customer service!

Josefina Excelsior, MN

Still working after a year of use!

I like my water HOT so I didn’t trust myself to gauge the bathwater for my baby. This little guy is great! Tells the temp AND also acts as a bath toy!We’ve had to replace the batteries once in the last 14 months of use, I think that’s a pretty good rate.Tip: When you’re done in the tub, keep it leaned up against a wall. If you lay it flat water can collect underneath and turn it on, eating up your batteries.

Dianne Poteau, OK

Works for us!

My husband and I agree this thermometer is a great product. The bath in our baby’s bathroom is very temperamental and usually comes out really hot then cools within two minutes. I started out with a cheaper thermometer by Safety 1st, but it was useless – we could never read the temp, and the temp only went to 101! So you had no way of knowing what the temp was if it was over 101. The Turtlemeter clearly tells you if it is 100, 105, or 110, so we know when it’s safe to put baby in. It shuts off quickly when you take it out of the water. We have not had any issues with water getting in the LCD. We’ve been using for about a month.

Lindsey Rockwood, TN

Just OK. Disappointed that it stopped working.

Much like all the other reviewers said, here’s how it goes.-You receive the bath turtle and think, hey this seems a lot cooler than the other bath turtle you had (which lasted 4 months each time).-You start using this “Turtlemeter” and it works great! Easy to read, like that it’s digital and shows color depending on the temp.-Fast forward 2 months and you notice one day that the turtle is sitting on the side of the bath reading the exact same temp and it’s screen is blue.-Dead turtle. End of story.What everyone else said happens does. Read the “warnings”. Granted the item is relatively cheap, so I guess they just expect you to buy a new one. I’d be fine with that if it had lasted longer than 2 months! We were even pretty careful about drying it off after each use so that the sensor pad wasn’t wet overnight. Didn’t seem to solve the issue. Eventually it seems everyone gets the “blue screen” and the turtle has decided not to work anymore. Would probably give it 2.5 stars, since it is a great design in theory and we liked it better than the other bath thermometers we’ve tried.

Ora Wendel, CA