Paci Plushies Paisley The Panda Pacifier

Paci Plushies Paisley The Panda Pacifier

Paisley the Panda Bear Paci Plushies

Main features

  • Makes finding the baby’s pacifier a snap.
  • ASttaches to nearly all name brand infant pacifiers.
  • BPA & Phthalate FREE

Verified reviews


Cute, good quality and functional

Our little girl is still a little bit young to understand the concept of holding the little bear to keep the paci in her mouth and more like, pulls the bear out of her mouth but that’s neither here nor there 🙂 The product is well made and the little soft latch loop mechanism seems to fit numerous types of pacifiers out there (not just the one that ships with the animal). To me, this is a plus.Would recommend to others.

Lottie Salyer, CA

Wish it was heavier

While being adorable, and fitting our MAM pacifiers, this paci plushie does not do the job. I thought would be a great idea for my 6 month old son, but the paci plushie just doesn’t stay in his mouth. He has a hard time keeping it in because it’s just too light. I wish it had a little more weight in order to “anchor” the pacifier in his mouth. So in the end, it just didn’t get used.

Jamie Jacksonville, OH


As with everything I purchase for my baby, I sterilized the pacifier. Which is now ending up costing me hundreds of dollars because it MELTED AND BURNED into my sterilizer and pump parts. So now not only do I not have a sterilizer, half of my pump parts are melted and unusable. I sterilize all my baby’s pacifiers and if this one wasn’t one you could sterilize it should have said so on the package. I only gave it two stars because the bear is cute, but it holds her nuk pacifier at a weird angle so she’s sucking air most of the time trying to keep it in her mouth. I’m so disappointed with this product. What a waste of money…

Madelyn Leicester, NC

Awkward angle

I ordered this to try to use with MAM pacifiers.Here’s what I like about the Paci Plushie: It works with a MAM pacifier, it’s cute, and the pacifier can detach from the bear so you can remove the pacifier to wash/sanitize.Here’s what I don’t like about it: It is an awkward angle. It doesn’t rest on my son like the wubbanub does. The pacifier won’t stay in his mouth because when the bear is laying flat, the pacifier is angled towards his chin. You can actually see this in the photo. I really wanted to like it because of the positives, but haven’t been able to use it. I’ve tried with multiple pacifiers, including the Soothie, and they all end up at this weird angle. I will try again as my son gets older (he’s 4 months now). For now my son is attached to the Wubbanub and he likes it so much that he now takes Soothie pacifiers, which he originally refused and would only take a MAM.

Tricia Turners Station, KY

Best out there

Absolutely the best stuffed animal holder out there. While we started off with wubanubs, our little one (at 3 months) wanted firmer pacifiers. I actually discovered paci plushies through an online ad, ordered a couple and they work great. They easily fit soothies (if you follow the directions) which is done by putting the tab through where attachment meets the stuffed animal. For other pacifiers you use the loop part. WIth a little ingenuity (by threading the loop through a hole) you can even get it to fit unsupported pacifiers such as the first years gum drop ones (they are like soothies but have a cut out to fit the babbies nose better.Anyways, its great that these fit any pacifier and that you can simply remove the pacifier to sterilize it. Also, if you want a better price buy direct from the manufactorer. They often have 50% coupons you can find by googling “paci plushie coupon code.” This brings the price down to 7 bucks each which is well worth it.

Zelda Oliver, PA


This is great. Easier to find than a regular pacifier in the night. It fits my advent pacifiers perfectly. Those are the only ones my son like so the wubbanub wouldn’t work. Its also great that you can take it off. For anyone that thinks they can make this, they must have better skills than me! And plus you have to buy the stuffed animal in that size anyway which would be hard and add to the cost. love it.

Lucia Rio Blanco, PR