Pack of 10, 80x80cm 31.5″x31.5″, Muslin Squares Diaper Cotton Baby Cloth, – Original By Rezzu.®

Pack of 10, 80x80cm 31.5″x31.5″, Muslin Squares Diaper Cotton Baby Cloth, – Original By Rezzu.®

…gets soft and cosy after washing !

Main features

  • 31.5″ x 31.5″
  • Pack of 10
  • 100% Cotton, chemical-free
  • Made in Europe

Verified reviews


Great burpcloths

These work well as burpcloths if your baby tends to spit up. We received other muslin squares as hand-me-downs; in comparison, I would rate these as having intermediate softeness.After going through the dryer, they aren’t square (not even rectangular) anymore, unlike the two other kinds of muslin squares we have. It is nice that these appeared to be made in Germany – a country with decent labour laws.

Annie Clinton, IA

Perfect Flat Diapers

I originally ordered these as cleaning rags. However they work wonderfully as a flat diaper for younger babies. They shrink down to about 27"by25" and are quiet absorbent.

Tracy Dickinson Center, NY

Good (but not great) Burp Cloth

I had muslin burp cloths from England, and was hoping to get more here in the US. Muslin is amazing if your baby spits up a ton. It immediately absorbs the spit up instead of sliding off of flannel versions. These muslin diapers were a bargain compared to the “official” muslin burp cloths offered on Amazon. After these are washed, the muslin has puckered like two-way accordion pleats. They get softer with every wash, but are still not as soft as my flannel or English muslin burp cloths. The combination of the bumpy, not quite so soft surface makes my baby annoyed after awhile if he is resting his cheek on it, but the absorbancy can’t be beat! They’re super big, too, so your clothes are well protected. Overall, they aren’t perfect, but for the value, I would definitely buy these again.

Jaime Muncy Valley, PA

Nice and soft

These cloth diapers are very nice – very soft and versatile. I use them for everything, such as a burp cloth and as a light small blanket. They get very wrinkled after washing it, so they will not be 80x80cms, unless you iron them. For the price, I would recommend getting them.

Elisabeth Los Alamos, NM

Rough. Fraying at edges. Waste of money

I decided to buy these even after seeing some poor reviews. I was desperate for some muslin squares and there wasn’t many options. I have washed them a few times and they are still rough and already fraying. Ended up getting my mum to post me some from Uk where you can get great muslin cloths. Don’t waste your money.

Tina Vernon, VT

Not good after washing.

The cloth looks and feels great when you first get it. But when you put it through the wash, the texture of the cloth changes. We use them, but only because I already spent the money on them. But if I had known they’d turn out like that, I wouldn’t have bought them.

Tamra Helena, OK

By far the most useful item I have for bebe

By far the most useful item I have for bebe. So versatile in use. From drool wiper, towel, etc. You can wet them and put over stroller sun shade to make improvised AC for baby.

Cecelia Dieterich, IL

They are what they say

I bought these to use for the DDL Flats and Handwashing challenge as I have heard wonderful things about muslin squares. They do come out softer the more you wash them and I haven’t had much shrinkage. However, I followed the washing instructions and then hung them to dry and after just one wash a couple of them started to unravel (become fringy) at the ends. After a couple of more washes a couple more began to do the same, maybe they will hold up better when I hand wash them.

Marina Stoneville, MS