Padalily Original Car Seat Handle Cushion, Quatre Pink – Monogram Me

Padalily Original Car Seat Handle Cushion, Quatre Pink – Monogram Me

The Padalily is mom-invented, and loved by every mom who tries it. The infant car seat is awkward and heavy to carry around. This plush and stylish cushion wraps around the handle making the car seat handle comfortable and easy to carry. The stylish fabrics and exclusive trims make the Padalily a functional fashion statement. Simply wrap around the handle and Velcro closed. 360 Degree padding as easy as 1-2-3. The Padalily is the must-have for all new moms. Includes two toy loops to attach baby’s favorite toy.

Main features

  • Stylish, comfortable plush car seat handle cover
  • Velcro closure and reversible pattern for fashionable use
  • Makes carrying that heavy car seat much more comfortable
  • Includes two toy loops to attach baby’s favorite toy
  • A must have for any new parent

Verified reviews


Totally worth the $$

This is kinda a pricey little thing, but sooooo worth the investment. A total arm saver! I tried both the Boppy and JJ Cole cushions. They were both junk. They only had padding on one side, and I was constantly fighting to keep the cushion from rotating. The Padalily has padding all the way around, so it doesn’t matter if it rotates. A MUCH better design.

Ruby Jenison, MI


This is a truly awesome doo-dad for saving your arms while carrying your little one in the car carrier. I used mine from 1 month to 8 months (and now we’ve moved to a different car seat) and it never lost its soft, comfy thickness.Something you may already have figured out, but I didn’t, is that you can hook the baby dangling toys fromthe side rings. We used them constantly with our daughter. Because the dangly would often simply dangle in her face if placed directly on the side rings, we’d also connect the dangly toy through the side rings and then through the side of the car seat handle. That way the dangly would be out of her way but high enough on the handle to actually “dangle.”This is an extra that isn’t absolutely critical but certainly does help in carrying a heavy car carrier + infant for several months.

Lorene Peru, ME


The padalily is awesomePadalily the Original car seat handle cushion – Hottie Tottie-My friend uses hers ALL the time, to relieve pain in your hand while carrying the baby car seat around. And as soon as my daughter arrives I too will be using it all the time. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because I think it’s a bit high in price but it does serve a good purpose!

Kathie Palisades Park, NJ

The best car seat handle out there!

I’ve tried quite a few padded car seat handles, and this was by far the best one! Its also the nicest looking. I’ve tried the JJ Cole one, which was much too small and always rotated so that the padding was on the top. Same with the Boppy brand one. This one is awesome because it has padding all the way around. It also rotates, but that doesn’t matter because of the padding. Its also great quality and looks really nice. The rings for the toys are a great touch. I get a ton of compliments on it. I was really hestiant to spend almost $30, but its been worth it!

Bettye Montreal, MO

These are a lifesaver!

I ordered a padalily cushion after my baby reached 15 lbs. My carrier was so painful on my arm that is was almost unbearable. This made all the difference. I also got one for my sister and she loves it! I will now give these to any new Mom at her baby shower. Definitley a must have item to make life easier for new Moms.

Eunice Keen Mountain, VA

LOVE this product!

I am so happy I decided to buy this arm cushion for my newest babe. It definitely catches his attention and he likes to stare at it, and it also saves my arm! He’s a bit of a chunker, so it kills my arm after a while to carry him around. This makes it bearable! It’s high-quality, too, with nice fabric and good seams. I’ll be getting these as shower gifts for sure.

Brandy Lisbon, NY