Parent Units Double Door Fridge Guard, Black Strap

Parent Units Double Door Fridge Guard, Black Strap

Keep double refrigerator doors closed with our custom-designed strap and buckle system.  Our durable rubber strap combines forces with this patented buckle to stop little ones from accessing dangerous items, as well as preventing over-indulgence.

Main features

  • Keep your baby safe with parent units products
  • Durable quality
  • Easy to use

Verified reviews


Rubber not long enough

This works with our side by side fridge and freezer, but barely. We had to adjust the clasp to the very end of the rubber strip to fit around the fridge and freezer handles, which is fine when the strap is latched. However, once there slack in the rubber (whenever we need into the fridge and have to release the clasp) the clasp on the adjustable end of the strap falls off because we had to adjust it so close to the end of the rubber. This is such a ridiculous flaw, since the company could have cut the rubber strip an inch longer with little to no cost.Our fridge and freezer are Sub Zero style, extra large side-by-sides. So, the door on each of them was heavy enough for our toddler not to be able to open until recently.

Noemi Prosser, WA

Great product..

Worked well for us- it kept those two year old twins OUT of the fridge when I was not looking! haha

Judy Lake Odessa, MI

great product

well made, sturdy, child resistant;we love it that we don’t have to walk in to the kitchen any more and see the door open

Paula Byron, NY

good investment

if you have a younge one that wont stay out of the refridgerator this is an item to purchase! it was a little more than i wanted to spend but durable and worth it in the long run.

Laurel Hunter, OK

Works well

The picture doesn’t lie, its a rubber strap with a buckle on it, works perfect for french door refrigerators. The only inconvenience with it is where to put it when you "unbuckle it" because it would fall right off.

Ursula Nichols, NY


I have a standard fridge with 2 doors much like on the picture here. But my belt came in way tooooo short. I could not grip the two handles. what trash…and after returning it they lost my package so i ended up losing this money and the trashy belt. goodness it was cheap. oh but then that’s the problem, it was cheap 🙂

Lillian Ventura, CA

Sanity Saver

For our refrigerator, we need to have the strap at full extension, so I’m always afraid that the strap will disengage from the latch, but it hasn’t failed us yet and this is one of the very few safety devices that foils my son without foiling the rest of the family. One side of the strap has a rounded end to keep it from slipping off the latch part — I just wish the other side did too.That’s my only complaint though – the important thing is that my son no longer stands in front of the open refrigerator or tries to get the milk out. He hates that we can thwart him — but we giggle with glee at the same time. Wonderful item!

Beverley West Dummerston, VT

not worth the money

I wish I had read the reviews for this before my husband purchased it. its just a piece of rubber with a clasp, one side which has already fell off several times. Product is not worth the money, and not what I would have picked out.

Jo Winchester, VA

Too Small/Doesn’t fit or work

This strap is too small to fit around my double door handles on my fridge as you see in the picture. It’s got some elasticity but not enough, either the handles or the strap would break in order to make it work. Very disappointed.

Ruth Salem, MI