Parent Units DVD Guard

Parent Units DVD Guard

You will receive (1) Parent Units DVD/CD Guard and Baby Button Blocker About Parent Units DVD/CD Guard and Baby Button Blocker: DVD Guard by Parent Units keeps baby from constantly pushing those buttons on your DVD/CD player! Protects the DVD/CD drawer too! Our clear plastic shield keeps babies from pushing buttons and can help prevent damage to your valuable equipment. With DVD Guard you?ll enjoy quality movies with out the “special effects” of today?s “little directors”. DVD Guard covers buttons and the entire front panel, so it protects the disc drawer as well. DVD Guard is removable and transparent so remote controls remain operable for parents. Works with CD players too! Works on standard and slim DVD Players. DVD Guard covers the entire front panel from delicate disc drawers to all of the buttons that babies love to push! With DVD Guard, parents can protect their DVD, DVR, CD player, or Stereo. Easy to install and removable. Clear plastic shield Keeps babies from pushing buttons Prevents damage Covers buttons and front panel Removable and transparent Remote controls remain operable Works with CD player too

Main features

  • Removable and transparent plastic shield
  • Remote controls remain operable and covers entire front panel including buttons
  • Prevents damage from DVD equipment
  • Also works with CD players
  • You will receive (1) Parent Units DVD/CD Guard and Baby Button Blocker

Verified reviews



We have a toddler and we were told that we just had to get a guard for the DVD, and for other electronic things as well. It seems that babies like to push buttons. Well, that figures. Our boy has been trained with a bunch of musical toys that require button punching and he learned rather quickly. He loves them! It’s only a matter of time before he gets to the stereo, TV and DVD player, hence we bought this Parent Units DVD/CD guard.I’m annoyed by this product. It’s just a piece of transparent plastic with a couple small velcro straps yet it cost 20% that of the very sophisticated DVD/CD player. What goes? Second, if we use it as illustrated, we will have to remove the guard before each using in order to get the little disc drawer to open. Furthermore, our DVD player is on a small shelf and we cannot remove the guard without removing the DVD player from the shelf first. What a nuisance! I’ve gotten around this by using the guard upside down. The long flange of the plastic goes under the front legs of the DVD player and the short flange then covers the controls. OK, but we still have to remove the guard before each using of the player It’s an annoyance. We’re considering putting the DVD player at a higher level out of his reach.Gary Peterson

Jewell Rogers, OH

too big for dvd player

This is a piece of clear plexiglass that is the length of you dvd player and is angled at 90 degrees, so that you attach velcro (included) to the top of the dvd player and then to the plexiglass and the other part of the clear guard actually protects the buttons. It says that if your dvd player is too short to use the longer side, reverse it and use the longer side of the guard on the player and the shorter side to cover the buttons. I understand, but it was still too big. I have a Sony DVD player that is 1.5 inches high and the short side of the guard is 2.25 inches high. So since the guard would not lay flat, there is no way this would keep my son from getting into the dvd player. I thought about putting a book under the player, but I think he would just lift it and get into it.If your dvd player is less than 2.25 inches high, this will not work for you.

Shauna Cumbola, PA

Did Not Work to Keep Toddler Out of DVD Player

I’m not sure why I thought this would be any different than it turned out to be, but it’s just a piece of plastic. And it covers the place where the DVD slides in and out of the player. Baby wasn’t more than 1.5 (probably less) and quickly figured out how to move the DVD player so that she could still push all the buttons. This product was not the solution. The solution was to put that DVD player out of reach. Why didn’t I think of that first??

Cheri Harborside, ME

Good for tiny babies

Good to use for babies learning to crawl. Once they are a little older, if they push hard enough, they could still get some buttons to push!

Joanna Roosevelt, AZ

Excellent product

I am very pleased with this product. It doesn’t change the integrity of the electronic equipment. Little fingers are no longer able to touch the buttons on the cable box. I highly recommend this to those families with “happy pointer fingers”.

Jasmine Schuylkill Haven, PA

Great product!

This simple guard does its job and then some. Our daughter would not leave our cable box alone, so we bought this product as a last resort. Installs simply and easily. We’re very pleased with it. Our daughter can touch the guard all she wants, but cannot play with the buttons on the cable box.

Myra Adjuntas, PR


I purchased 3 different guards at once and I sent them all back!! Not one of them worked – this was the most expensive of the 3 and you can still push buttons through it!!I have now made my own guards out of clear dvd cases – works better than this junk!!

Cynthia Star City, AR