Parent Units Fridge Guard, White

Parent Units Fridge Guard, White

World’s best fridge guard appliance safety latch keeps refrigerator doors safe and shut. Fridge guard is the world champion and favorite among professional child proofers. Made in the USA. Made of high grade durable plastic. 

Main features

  • Keep your baby safe with parent units products
  • Durable quality
  • Easy to use
  • Comes in white color

Verified reviews


Waste of time and money.

This survived all of 3 yanks from a not terribly insistent little girl. and I did clean and dry the surface prior to applying the adhesive as instructed. Good idea if it worked, but it does not.

Dena Darfur, MN

Worked for about a week

I liked this product for the first week I had it until my kids starting pulling on it and now it no longer sticks. Waste of money in my opinion, I have yet found a fridge lock that works.

Elinor Jansen, NE

Excellent product for a great price

This item has been in service for a couple months now without a hitch. They aren’t as intrusive as other fridge latches since this is clear. My wife and I are very pleased with these, and would buy this same product again.

Constance Randall, IA

Works great, but could be less flimsy

It works great, unfortunately both the ones we’ve bought have lasted 3 months before breaking off. Hoping to find something more durable now, although I guess it’s ok for the price.

Tameka Beaver Crossing, NE

It’s been doing it’s job for 3 months now

I’ve been using this for about 3 months now. It’s very easy to install and keeps my 2 year-old out of the refrigerator. I don’t understand why it’s $8. It’s just two pieces of plastic, but if it keeps working then it’s worth it.

Verna Elkhart, KS

Had high hopes

I had high hopes that this product would keep my 2 year old out of the fridge, but it wasn’t even on for 30 minutes before she pulled it right off of the fridge. So sad that this product was cheap and unreliable.

Britney Carroll, OH

does its job

cant say nothing bad, it does its job, by keeping my toddler from getting in to the refrigerator , adults jus have to get use to open it every time 🙂

Louisa Renfro Valley, KY

I love it, even though it’s starting to peel off!

I love this fridge lock SO MUCH, I don’t mind ordering another one cause mine is already peeling off 6 months later. No matter how hard my 1 year old son pulled, he couldn’t open the fridge. And he pulled at it A LOT! And it took some getting used to (on our part as well) cause even I would forget it’s there and yank at it hard. Still through the continuous abuse, it held up for 6 months. I’d say it was worth it and I’m getting another one!The next one should last longer cause now we already remember it’s there so we try not to yank it and my son has given up trying! 🙂

Lily Silver Bay, NY

Keeps My Toddler Out!

We have a side by side fridge and were having a hard time keeping our 21 month old from helping himself to anything and everything in the fridge. We installed two of these locks (one on top of each door) and problem solved! Our little guy tried a few times to open the doors, but has lost all interest now that it’s impossible. These locks work very well and they way they’re constructed keeps the adults from forgetting the locks exist and breaking them from pulling on the door too hard. We’ve done that with other devices. I’d recommend this item for anyone with a curious toddler!

Julianne Stacy, NC

Works great!

I am so happy with this product. It is so simple but works so well. I put it on our metal garbage can because our dog kept opening our garbage lid and leaving garbage all over our kitchen. This lock keeps the dog out! It is so easy to open, my 2 year old can still open the garbage can. And it barely cost anything! Note: You do need to put it on a flat surface. Our garbage can is rectangular shaped (not round) and has a 2″ tall lid with no lip so it stuck really well for us.

Cassie Gresham, SC

my 2 year old figured this lock out less than an hour after i put it on.

I installed this exactly as instructed.. my 2 year old walked up to it and unlocked it in mins! SOO I then took it off and installed it so that you had to push on the door to unlock it.. she figured that out the next day. I would have sent it back but the charge to return it was about the cost of the lock. This product is useless.

Leanna Cadogan, PA

Great Lock. Put on top of Fridge so kids can’t reach it.

Great Lock. Put on top of Fridge so kids can’t reach it.I bought 2 a couple years ago – 1 for the fridge and 1 for the freezer (on a side-by-side)After 2 years of use (what, probably opening it 20-30 times a day?) they have both broken now. And of course there was some abuse by the kids yanking on the doors with the locks stopping it.But for the price, I think 2 years of heavy use is OKSo now I am ordering 2 more so I can replace them.

Lelia Queensbury, NY

good product

does exactly what it’s supposed to do. just be careful if they ever notice it’s there. small children love to bend things the wrong way and this device will break if bent too far the wrong way. on the upside the adhesive lets go without industrial favorite feature of this clip: it latches itself when you close the door.ours lasted 8 months before the youngin’ realized it was there and started testing it.

Libby Mooers, NY

Broke within 1 week

This item stuck to the fridge well, and it is easy to use. Unfortunately, if you ever have a guest who doesn’t know the fridge guard is in place, a single pull will easily snap it off. Great concept, but not very durable. Lasted about 2 weeks at our house before it broke.

Lorene Isom, KY

Works well, but too easy to break

I have mixed feelings about this fridge lock. It seems to work pretty well as designed, and i had no problems with the adhesive as so many other people did. It’s also easy enough for kindergarten-age kids to figure out; my 5-year old can get into the fridge with no problem. However, I have a couple of issues with it.1) It’s not easy to open one-handed. I can do it, but I have very large hands. I don’t think my wife can. Also, to do it I have to use the non-intuitive hand: i.e. the fridge opens on the left side but I have to use my right hand to get the lock open one-handed. I’ve gotten so used to this, though, that I barely even think about it anymore.2) It’s not the most durable lock. A determined 2-year old can break the long plastic pieces with enough determination by bending them backwards (assuming the fridge door is already open). My middle child, who turned 3 last month, broke the top “tine” about 6 months ago, which was easily fixed with some duct tape; but this weekend he broke the bottom “tine” and now the lock has reduced function (even with more duct tape applied to both tines). I’m going to have to replace it. Originally I was going to get the same fridge lock, but then I came online and realized that I’ve only had this lock for about 12 months (not the 24 months I originally thought). Seems like I should get more than a year’s use out of this product.All in all I can’t say I dislike the product; it’s been very effective keeping our kids out of the fridge. But I also feel like it didn’t last long enough to get a 4- or 5-star rating. I guess what is boils down to is: make this purchase with your eyes wide open. It works, but like everything else these days it’s not high-quality and has a limited life.

Bobbie Radcliff, KY

waste of money!!!!

This was delivered yesterday and I had it on my fridge no more than 1 hr and my 3 year old toddler was able to pull the door open after so many yanks. The lock came off and I cant put it back on because of the adhesive not sticking.

Etta Weld, ME

Works great and looks great

I was tired of broken eggs, cheese everywhere, and the "fridger door" (as my 2 year old son say’s) open all the time. I was very careful to clean the area of the fridge door with alcohol first and then let the adhesive set overnight without opening the door. I bet that is the key to getting the unit to work properly. I’ve only had it a month, but there is no stress in the plastic yet. My son simply stopped trying to open the "fridger." I was lucky for that; I am sure some kids just work really hard to pry it open. I forgot about the lock a couple times and pulled the door really hard myself, but it still didn’t budge. I expect it to last several more months if not more. For the price; I’ll be okay with that because I like how this particular latch works and looks. It closes itself when I close the fridge. Some people may have a different fridge door that causes it to work differently or break easier, but I’m glad I tried it. I’m going to add a picture of it on my fridge too for other people to reference. I had a hard time figuring exactly where to put it, but the way it is seems perfect.

Gwen Gibbstown, NJ

Worked for 1 1/2 days.

I have a toddler who just loves to sit in the refrigerator. After redirecting him from the refrigerator and many tantrums later I decided to get this refrigerator lock. I can’t believe it has as many good reviews as it does. I wonder if people would update their reviews if they would feel the same way about it. We installed this Tuesday afternoon. By Thursday morning my son came up to me with the latch in his hand. The adhesive is poor. When I tried to reaatach it I could see why it so easily came off. My toddler does not have super human strength… it’s a flimsy product. Don’t bother. 🙁

Krista Galveston, IN