PBnJ Baby Paci Holder Pacifier Holder, Big Pink/Purple

PBnJ Baby Paci Holder Pacifier Holder, Big Pink/Purple

The Paci Holder is a universal pacifier clip that is compatible with all types of pacifiers such as Soothie, Binky, Avent, Mam, Nuk, GumDrop and more. Fashionable colors and adorable characters patterns with a strong clasp that is gentle on cloths but won’t pull off. The material is silky soft and free of BPA and Phthalates, washable and durable. Will attach to all pacifiers.

Main features

  • The paci holder is a universal pacifier clip that is compatible with all types of pacifiers such as soothie, binky, avent, mam, nuk, gumdrop and more
  • Adorable character, dots, stripes, paisley designs.
  • Fashionable colors and adorable characters patterns
  • Strong clasp that is gentle on cloths but won’t pull off
  • Free of BPA and Phthalates, washable and durable

Verified reviews


No more lost pacifiers

If you have a little one, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of constantly falling (and sometimes getting lost) pacifiers. In comes the pacifier holder to the rescue. It’s a cost an inexpensive and simple solution to a nagging problem. The hook clips on to the baby’s dress and the pacifier can be looped in through the other end.The only drawback; My daughter ends up sucking the strap sometimes if she misses her pacifier, can’t really blame the manufacturer for that.Overall, the product quality is good. The strap is soft and washable, however, the clasp is slightly on the looser end and requires a thicker piece of clothing to hang on to. It may not clasp on to a thin summer dress, but clasps easily on a bib or other thicker clothing. (Since my daughter drools enough to flood the prairies, the bib is a constant feature, without that it may be tough to find something to clasp on to in the summer).

Sandra Pleasanton, KS

Plastic Clip Makes these 5 star compared to metal ones

We had the Boogin Head clips for a while and I love the designs and they never could be pulled off by our baby. But, the metal clips rust easily (I was washing them daily because of day care) and I started to notice that as my baby got older, she was intrigued by the metal clip and would suck on it. So, while these plastic clip paci holders don’t hold quite as strong (if you pull hard enough they do come off), I feel much better knowing that she won’t be putting rusty metal in her mouth if she grabs for the clip. So far, my 6 month old hasn’t pulled the clip off her clothing yet either and so it does the job.

Jessica Grafton, WI

Great product!

We received this product prior to its estimated delivery date in great condition. The paci holders are SO pretty in person and work just as described! I went ahead and hand washed them as directed. I let them air dry and they dried very quickly. My husband and I are very pleased with this product and look forward to using them when our twin baby girls arrive!

Carey Thayer, IN

clip broke

Well, after a few months of normal use, the spring clip just broke. It probably should hold up longer than that. It is not even the most used pacifier holder I have! This was the one for the stroller, only used once in a while. But so cute looking

Jean South Harwich, MA


This is really nice and useful. My baby doesn’t have a chance to drop it on the floor. However, it gets a little stain after few hand-wash with soap, rinsed through water.

Diane Lizemores, WV

Great selection of styles

We love the variety of designs! The fabric cleans easily and dries very quickly! We had a question with regards to this product and pbnj’s customer service replied quickly with a kind, formulaic-free, letter. Thank you for your help!

Jeannie Roxana, IL

Love these

I love these clips- we kept losing pacifiers until I found these- I wash them with clothes etc so they are super easy.

Sheryl Hodges, SC

and a good price. I like the length of it

Very cute, and a good price. I like the length of it, too. Perfect for our little one!

Leigh Roseland, VA


I liked this product a lot. I have holders with metal clips and they always rust after washing. This won’t and it is durable.

Christi Danville, WA

great useful product

Must have item so your pacifier doesn’t dissapear! It is great and easy to wash and clips on easily. Cute looking too

Kasey Bossier City, LA

Doesn’t stay attached AT ALL, EVER! Useless! Cute is not good enough.

The ones I used when my now-college-aged son was a baby never let go with an alligator-style clip. This just slides off at the least pull. It doesn’t matter if it is on folded T-shirt, over the cuff/collar of a Onsie, or attached to the (thicker fabric) wrap carrier. It does make it easier to find the pacifier in the dark, though, since I can just feel around for the ribbon–this means that only the ribbon has any value.Updated – 3 months laterI have given up on these completely. I am now using the clips from the casino badges. They never, ever fall off. Because I can’t find any to BUY with this style of clip, I have ordered a set of these clips to make and give as gifts–I am sure that my friends will be pleased to have something that actually works to use with their babies!

Anne Lowmansville, KY

It’s cute…

It is well made, feels sturdy, and perfect for its purpose. definitely worth it for the price if this is what you need.

Dena Henrietta, NY

like the plastic clip

there were mixed reviews regarding the clip, but I like it, especially since my son puts everything in his mouth! So far it holds well to his clothes or bib.

Cara Barnet, VT


Wasn’t sure how good this would be, but I am so happy I bought it. It clips easily to the onesie where it overlaps on the shoulders, or the sleeves, or even the diaper! Its perfect! I will be buying more.

Corina China Spring, TX

Horrible clip – almost impossible to open

I ordered a couple of these clips but this one, for some reason, had a HORRIBLE clip part. It was almost impossible to open and when I was trying to pry it open one day, it snapped shut on my finger and actually injured me. I ended up throwing it out because I didn’t want it near the baby. The other color [blue/green stripes] that we got didn’t have the same issue, but this one was horrible and I would never have wanted it near the baby. Perhaps it was a faulty one, but I thought it was worth pointing out. The other one was useful and we used it for as long as the baby had a pacifier.

Christian Laughlin, NV



Winnie Ninety Six, SC

Works fine.

It certainly does the job. Not easy for little hands to pull off. Also, not easy for mom to clip on with one hand, like all other paci clips.

Cristina Grandin, MO

not Made in Switzerland as suggested by website description

We haven’t tested the abilities of this product yet, but we were disappointed to find that it is marked as “Made in China” when the amazon.com website lists its origin as Switzerland. The production itself looks to be okay, but we selected it over others because we thought it originated from a country with better labour laws.

Winifred New Lexington, OH

Just like the Boogin Head without the price tag!

I was very pleased with these pacifier clips. We own several of the Boogin Head Pacifier Clips however, I was wanting some different designs. I was very pleased with not only the variety of designs as I bought the Light Blue and the Jungle theme one but also the price. If you like the Boogin Head clips than you will like these with half the price. I would definitely would recommend these.

Katheryn Hebron, ND

great at first….

until after a few weeks of uses, the metal part doesn’t hold as well as it did at first and now the paci AND the long holder fall to the floor.

Mellisa Two Buttes, CO


The paci holder works good, easy to use with all our pacifiers. The print is really cute. Clip works good too.

Aline Meadow Grove, NE

Good, strong clip!

I love the design, it is easy to clean, and the clip is nice and strong! Also, I love the string that can adapt to multiple types of pacifiers.

Keisha Pelican, LA

Ducks Pacifier Holder

This pacifier holder has a super cute pattern with rubber duckies. The alligator clip is very good quality. This is one of the best pacifier leashes I have seen.

Marguerite Kaw City, OK

The clip only lasted 3 weeks before breaking

This holder is cute and worked great for about 2 and a half weeks before the clip stopped holding and then broke entirely. This product is not worth the money.

Angelica West Lebanon, PA

Adorable but broke within a week!

I purchased this for my son, and when it arrived I absolutely loved the cute puppy pattern. However, after having used it one week, the metal clasp has already broken! Very disappointed in the quality.

Sabrina Sterling, CT

love this paci holder

this paci holder fits my sons avent soothie paci’s perfectly and it is so easy to wash just soak it soap and water hang to dry and voila nice clean paci holder i was so excited that it fit the soothies i ordered another one. i also like the fact that the safety clip can only be removed by an adult and it doesnt get snagged on my sons cloths. i clip it to his blanket at night so wen midnight binky cries are in effect its exactly were i need it to be. NO MORE SEARCHING! happy baby happy mom>

Lourdes New Matamoras, OH

Paci Holder

This paci holder is strong and sturdy. It washes well I feel comfortable having it because I know that pacifier won’t fall and hit the ground.

Sonia Collins, GA

Handy Tool for Baby

-Works well with all types of pacis-Well-made and durable-Very cuteI bought several and have really enjoyed them.

Gena Gardner, ND

Very functional

I like this more than some of the other clips because the actual clip is nice and small…and just seems easier to clip onto different things (onesies, carseat straps, etc)

Octavia Mountain Home, UT

Worth the money

After purchasing cheaper binky clips, I must say this one I struck gold. Not only is the design cute, it’s durable, easy to use, and washable.

May Millerstown, PA