Pearhead Babybook, Pink Elephant

Pearhead Babybook, Pink Elephant

There are countless wonderful events during your baby’s beginnings. Now you can record each priceless moment and memory with the Babyprints Baby Book. With over 65 printed journal entry pages, you now can make sure every event is captured and remembered forever. The Babyprints Baby Book comes with a special “clean touch” ink pad that allows you to easily make a detailed print of your baby’s foot. Best part is that your baby’s foot never touches the ink. The baby book has a screw and post bound construction so you can easily rearrange pages are remove pages you do not need. Unlike other Baby Books, the Babyprints Baby Book also includes 200 acid free photo corners so that you can mount your favorite photos along with each recorded memory.

Main features

  • Screw and post bound construction so you can rearrange and remove pages
  • Special “clean touch” inkprinter, baby’s foot never touches ink
  • 200 acid free photo corners to mount photos
  • Over 65 pages

Verified reviews


If I coul go back and get a new one I might

This book is very cute but the ink pad that comes with it, since it is “mess free,” really doesn’t come out all that well. I couldn’t get a good foot or hand print with it and after using it once all the ink was almost gone. If you plan on using your own ink pad, this would be adorable. If not, I would say find another book.

Elisabeth Elmwood, IL

Great quality and content!

I really like this baby book. The pages are high quality, it comes with bonuses like photo corners and a foot printing/hand printing no mess ink pad. The content starts with bios of mom and dad, how they met and a family tree. Then how we found out about the pregnancy, baby shower details, labor story, growth chart, firsts, birthdays 1-5, and photo memories. It will be such a wonderful keepsake for the baby and for you to read and remember this journey. I would buy this for a friend who’s expecting and plan to purchase this brand of baby book again for future children.

Alyssa Altamonte Springs, FL

Amazing album

very well organized, beautiful album for your baby. Do not hesitate to purchase. Make sure you have the time to fill it in 🙂

Natalie Mediapolis, IA

Love this baby book

I love this baby book. Had one for my three year old boy and now am expecting a girl so wanted to make sure I got the same one. It is really easy to fill out and has lot’s of different areas to tell a story that the other (blank page) books don’t have, from "How Your Mommy and Daddy Met" to "Baby Shower" to "Pop Culture." This will be such a great snapshot for my kids from ages 1-5 that can be handed down to their children. All you have a do is fill it out (the hard part.)

Sherri Brownell, KS

Great book to grow with child

Cute book. Lots of room for pics and written details. Well made. This is a long term album, meant to be with your child through grade school, not just their first year.

Dolores Annville, KY

Super Cute

I ordered this for our first born-the pages are customizable and you can arrange them as you wish. I would definitely order this again.

Lidia Waco, TX