Pearhead Babyprints Desk Frame, Mahogany

Pearhead Babyprints Desk Frame, Mahogany

Create and display your baby’s tiny handprint or footprint alongside your favorite photo. Includes everything you need and is simple and easy to use. Unlike messy clays and plaster kits, the Babyprints Kit includes a non toxic composite impression material that is clean and easy to use and does not require any mixing or baking. Simply remove the material from the bag, knead in your hands, roll out flat, then press you baby’s hand or foot into the material. If you may a mistake, no problem, simply knead the material again and repeat until you get a print that you like. Allow the finished print air dry for 24 to 48 hours and then mount in your frame using the included double sided tape. Includes mats for photo side frame to hold standard 4″x6″ photo or 5″x7″ photos. Included with your kit are a high quality hinged shadow box frame with real glass facing, bevel cut white mat, beige background board, impression material, rolling pin, shaping ruler, double sided tape, and instructions.

Main features

  • Elegant hinged wood shadow box frame
  • No mess, non toxic, air dry Impression material makes capturing you child’s print safe and easy
  • Beige background boards included

Verified reviews


Crappy impression compound 2009 purchase

the frame is nice…the compound sucked.It didn’t even take the mold of the foot…it just looks like a square of clay next to a picture of our babyMerry Christmas Grandma!

Cleo Delphi Falls, NY

Nice product, stays a little soft

I previously used a set that featured Sculpey material to make hand and foot print casts. The Sculpey material is a little firm, and with those soft little baby hands I was too nervous to push them hard into the material, so I only got fairly shallow impressions.With THIS set – the Babyprints brand – the material is different. You don’t bake it, it just air dries. It is much softer, so you can get a deeper, nicer casting. However, it seems to stay a little soft even after setting. I’m not sure whether it will survive the ages as well as the Sculpey stuff does.

Leola Martinsville, OH

fun and cute

This is cute, and we had fun trying to get our son’s hand print while he was asleep. It looks pretty cute, but don’t expect it to be perfect. It is hard to get their hand or foot pressed in hard enough to make a good print without waking them (otherwise a hand print would be out of the question for our squirmy son). And when you cut the edges you can’t get them quite perfect, nor can you roll it out perfectly flat without any flaws. Don’t get me wrong, it looks good, just a warning for those perfectionists out there (I guess I am one!).

Monica Greendale, WI


This product is worthless! I had to try and “lightly press” my daughters foot into the plaster no less than 9 times and each time it barely made an indentation. We tried everything, from rolling the plaster a little thicker for more cushion while pushing, pressing her foot a little harder and nothing worked. We could have thrown our $30 for this product out the car window and gotten more satisfaction and a better memory than this piece of junk will provide. We ended up with a very faint, almost unreconizable imprint that will most likely be replaced with an ink impression if we can find it soon enough. Save your money and buy something else if you really want a true memory of your child’s foot or hand.**UPDATE: I emailed the manufacturer Pearhead, after receiving this product. They sent another plaster packet out and we tried it again. We followed the directions as noted and it still did not work. We again were left with a horrible, barely there print. This product truley is a waste of money. We ended up ordering the Inkless print kit from another company for much cheaper, worked great and we got the keepsake this product/company could not deliver on.

Deloris West College Corner, IN

frames are nice, but…

The clay that comes with the frame isn’t the easiest to work with. If you don’t get the clay absolutely paper smooth and flat, you will get a pot marked, dimpled result. However smooth you are able to roll out the clay is the way it will dry, so don’t think its going to change when it dries, it doesn’t. One print worked well, the other didn’t because I was unable to get the clay super smooth.

Matilda South Rockwood, MI

Love it!

I purchased this to give my husband for his first Father’s Day & he absolutely loved it! I had a hard time getting the hand print to stick with the double-sided tape & it kept falling in the frame. I was desperate for a quick solution & put some jewelry glue (the ONLY kind of glue I had) on the back of it, and it’s been sitting in place ever since. I’m thinking of purchasing another one for the grandparents next!

Lelia Columbiana, OH

Simple way to display keepsake

I bought this frame twice. Once for my daughter and once for my son. The frame is simple, which I love.The imprint material is great and easy to work with. I just took it out of that package, worked with it a little, then rolled it out to imprint my child’s hand or foot print. No water required. No mess to clean up. There was no residue left on my children’s hands either.

Doretha Lovelady, TX

Nice product

This was a gift for a friend. She said the clay was very easy to work with and after the first failed attempt to get her infant’s foot mark she was able to re-roll the clay to set it again.I viewed the end product and it looks very nice.

Toni Guthrie, OK

Love it

I love this product so much I bought 1 for all my friends. I plan on buying 1 for my sister also.

Marcie Dubois, IN

Does not work. Returned it.

Impression material does not work. Would not keep the impression, it springs back. The frame is nice but not worth it if can’t get an impression.

Luz Glassport, PA


Bought this two years ago for my first son and it worked great. This time, the clay to keep the impression was awful. Not sure how to describe it, but it wouldn’t allow for a visible footprint. Sent it back and got a new one. Same problem. Must be an error in the current production. Do not buy. I ended up using an online recipe to make my own with salt and flour.

Francis Veteran, WY