Pearhead Babyprints Keepsake Wall Frame, White

Pearhead Babyprints Keepsake Wall Frame, White

Amazing results, amazingly easy! This ingenious baby keepsake kit includes a hand-finished wood frame that displays baby’s photo and handprint (or footprint, if you prefer), plus a complete babyprints plaster kit with everything you need. It’s fast, it’s fun, and you’ll treasure it always. 15″L x 12″W; includes reversible blue and pink backboard. Add it to your baby registry, or make it your go-to baby gift!

Main features

  • Elegant wood shadow box frame
  • No mess, non-toxic, air-dry Impression material makes capturing you child’s print safe and easy
  • Pink and blue background boards included

Verified reviews


Great keepsake

My husband bought this. He loved the idea of putting the baby’s picture next to her foot and hand print. He thought that it would be really neat for her to look back at the picture of her at 6 weeks and see how small she was and how tiny her little feet and hands were. It was so easy to to do. The material is really easy to work with. It is so easy to get baby’s foot and hand in it. It isn’t goopy so you can bring the material to the baby instead of trying to do the balancing act of getting the baby positioned over the material and then trying to hold her still while you put her into the stuff. This package you just grabbed the appendage you wanted to imprint, put the material to the foot/hand and pressed gently in. The frame was easy to put together after the caste was all dry. The set has the background pink on one side and blue on the other. It really doesn’t get any easier and it is really attractive once put together. The only problem I did have was that my caste cracked when drying. Not very much, but just enough to be noticeable. (This was because my husband didn’t lay it exactly flat to dry, this was not any fault of the product) However, I just filled the crack with caulk. It worked great. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a special keepsake for their child and anyone buying a gift for an expectant parent.

Lilian Craryville, NY

Nice idea but not the best quality

I think the material for the mold especially and for the entire frame is somewhat cheap. I know a couple of people who’ve been happy with this product but it just didn’t work for us. It is tough to do with a squirmy baby and once we did finally get a mold the contrast wasn’t very striking–a footprint with ink may look better. Not worth the effort or $, in my opinion.

Ruthie Springview, NE

Not a quick project….

It looks great once it’s finished, but it takes a lot of patience to get there:The impression material is incredibly difficult to work with. Before I opened the packet, I put it in the freezer for 10 minutes. Then, I opened the packet, rolled it into a ball, stuck it between 2 pieces of wax paper, and pressed down on the top sheet of wax paper with a book. I then put it back in the freezer for 10 minutes before removing the top sheet of wax paper and making the imprint.This trial and error took me 5 tries before I found a process that worked for me: if you don’t put it in the freezer, you can’t get the impression material out of the packet. If you use foil instead of wax paper, the little crinkles in the foil will make creases in the impression material. I couldn’t get the material to a uniform thickness with the roller, so I used a book – it was easier for me to press down once (fairly evenly, since the book was bigger than the material ball) than it was for me to repeatedly roll over the material ball. (If you do decide to roll, roll on top of the wax paper or the impression material will stick to the roller.) (Also, make sure it isn’t too thick or it will smush against the glass when you frame it.) If you don’t put it back in the freezer, the impression material will stick to your baby’s skin. (I tried lotion and baby powder – separately – as others mentioned, but the impression material still stuck to Dragon Baby.)The instructions say to let dry for 24-36 hours, but it took mine 5 DAYS to fully dry. When it dries, little holes and creases appear – so I took a nail file (I didn’t have any sandpaper) and filed the edges and the top, around the footprint, to make it look more smooth.Dragon Grandma thought it was professionally done in some special baby studio. It really does look wonderful if you can spend some time on it (which mamas don’t tend to have). And I had extra impression material left over to make a handprint for me!

Karyn Tilton, NH

crummy quality, disappointed

I don’t like to leave negative reviews, but I was so bummed to use this and not get a great result. Also, the wood on the frame is so crappy that the back was cracked in two places when I opened the box! The "clay" looking material is a foamy type of material and is always malleable (stays gooey even when dried) and it is quite difficult to get a good impression when you pull your baby’s hand or foot away. It sticks to the skin, so it takes quite a few tries, which can be frustrating with a newborn. I loved the idea of this product but it is quite cheap, and i’d rather splurge for something else. Wish there was something else out there…

Michele Wanaque, NJ

Difficult to work with

The molding material is a very sticky foam that results in a very lightweight finished product. I originally thought it would be more clay-like. However, it’s probably better as foam because it won’t put stress on the adhesive tape that holds it into the frame.I consider myself a pretty crafty person and strive to make things look perfect, but it was extremely difficult to work with. I read many of the Amazon reviews for tips (thanks!) and used the wax paper instead of foil (one piece for the top side, one for the bottom), and a cutting board instead of wooden roller to press the foam flat. The foam still stuck to the wax paper in some areas, despite kneading the foam for a while. The foam stuck in certain areas, primarily around the edges, which get cut off. But sometimes, it stuck to the whole surface area. There was no rhyme or reason to the way it stuck, I just had to try a few times. Then when I used a cutting board to press the foam flat, some of the cuts in the cutting board showed up in the foam. Instead, I used the bottom of a plate (that doesn’t have a rim) to flatten it out. It still produced some wrinkles some of the time.Used a bit of lotion on the baby’s foot and it did not stick to the foam at all.It was very hard to cut out a rectangle in the foam and produce a clean edge. Using the ruler, I pressed down to make the cut, then slid the ruler along the length of the cut to avoid pulling out the foam along the bottom edge of the cut. Hard to explain. A bit of touchup with fingers will help, but there is no way you can expect perfection and that annoys me.When it was all done, a piece of black lint stuck to the middle of the footprint. Ugh! Too much effort to re-do it all, so it’ll stay there permanently.Dried the foam face up for maybe 15 hours, leaving the bottom-side wax paper on. Then peeled the bottom-side wax paper off and dried the bottom. I agree that if you don’t flip it, the mold will curl/warp. After I flipped it and dried it, it’s relatively flat. Used scissors to trim off some roughness on the cut edge. An x-acto knife did not work to clean up the edges because it’s foam. I really do think that 48 hrs or more of drying is necessary. When I handled it after maybe 42 hours, it wasn’t really done.Frame is OK. Not the best, but acceptable. I wish it came with a more neutral colored mat to go behind the footprint. I have a girl, but the pink looks tacky, so I’ll use the blue… or maybe I’ll replace it with a mat of my own color choice.All-in-all a bit of a pain to work with, but so nice to have a (hopefully) permanent imprint of my baby’s foot at 1 month of age. After all, there’s no way to wind back time to remember how small she was. The hospital never gave us a footprint souvenir at birth, so this is all we have.

Marie Sweeden, KY

Frustrating experience, but finally got it to work. Some tips…

Ugh! This was really frustrating. It’s so hard to get a newborn/infant’s footprint without them curling up their toes and pulling all of the clay with it, but we finally got them on our twins. We bought two sets, one for each child. The first went smoothly and we nailed it after the 3rd try. The second was more challenging, and eventually the clay hardened to a point where it was no longer usable and we still hadn’t got the footprint. We called the company and they mailed us a replacement clay free of charge. The lady on the phone was very supportive and offered a few tips. Ultimately, what worked for us is preparing the clay on waxed paper, using the wood rolling stick over waxed paper to prevent it from sticking to the clay, pressing the foot firmly but quickly into the clay and quickly pulling it back up in a straight manner. I then placed a piece of waxed paper lightly over the print and used my finger to smooth out any wrinkles in the clay and then transferred it onto a piece of foil to lay while it dried. This was a really stressful experience. I wish there was an easier way to get footprints, but even though it sucked doing, I’m glad we did it. We now have their prints captured in clay forever.

Bette Mendota, MN

Easy to use!

This product was very easy to use and required very little effort. The instructions are clear and are helpful (I noticed a review that a woman rolled the dough too thin, but the directions clearly say not to. Maybe they have altered the directions to help alleviate any problems since she purchased hers). I too had enough left over to make a handprint which I was happy about 🙂 I am so glad to have this keepsake of my baby’s adorable little foot.

Monika Maysville, GA

Nice keepsake frame.

I bought 2 of these frames to give to the grandmothers for Mother’s Day from my 17 month old. She has tiny hands, so they fit fine (although I wouldn’t recommend it for kids her age with larger hands, definitely designed for infants). My only real complaint though is that the backgrounds that it comes with are either pink or blue. Am I the only mom that’s sick of everything being pink or blue? What about green, or yellow, or purple? So I went out to a craft store and bought a sheet of solid scrapbook paper to use as a background instead.

Jenny Canutillo, TX

grandparent gift

The frame itself is just okay, but the easy to put together footprint and photo for grandparents made it worthwhile.

Roslyn Newfields, NH

Precious thing

Great gift! It was easy to follow the direction. The molding material is easy to work at. It doesn’t dry too quickly so there’re plenty of time to try over and over

Germaine Plymouth, IA

Easy to use

If you mess up your clay, call the company and they will send you more free of charge. I have used these for each of my children and I love how easy it is to capture their tiny foot prints. I only had to replace the clay for one out of three kids since I messed it up. It is forgiving and you have many chances to re-do the print if you want. Follow directions and you will have a great impression after a few tries. Do not strive for perfection or you will hate this, but a great print is possible. I do this when the baby is newborn so I can fit two feet in the clay. Not easy but doable and the results are priceless.

Kerry Marion, OR

Best footprint frame I have found

I have checked out many of the baby foot print frames and this one is by far the best quality and the easiest to use. The plaster is quick to set, easy to do and looks good in the finished product. The frame is high qulity and has great clean lines. This is a great product that has been hard to find in the stores. I have two! Love them! (I have even knocked one off the wall on accident and it didn’t break – they are good quality, not cheap!)

Mabel Burlington, WI


Turned out nice. Not clay like other things I got but works nice cause this foam does not crack like clay. The print didn’t stick I’m frame but a little super glue fixed it. Good for gift too. Quality is pretty good.

Karen Northport, MI

Very poor quality for the amount you pay

While I didn’t have the problems others had with a broken frame, I was still very dissatisfied with the quality of the product.1) The blue background is so light that it looks more like a blueish grey than blue, the pink was fine but we were going to use the blue side.2) The clay is a horrible item to use for this purpose. The instructions tell you to roll it in aluminum foil. It stuck to the foil and repeatedly stuck to my son’s foot (see additional uploaded photos) regardless of how thick or thin it was rolled out. What finally worked was to roll it between wax paper, let the clay dry for 5-10 minutes after you roll the material before you try to make an impression (this was not included in the instructions). I only found this out after we had already made about a dozen attempts and decided to use the scraps to experiment to make a hand print. Because we re-rolled the clay so many times, lint and dirt started to get embedded into the clay resulting in an unattractive print that we didn’t want to frame.3) I would have expected a little form to keep the clay in a nice square/rectangle, cutting it with the supplied ruler was also a mess that stuck and deformed the print. After a day, the clay still did not completely dry and has the consistency of the stiffer marshmallows from Lucky Charms (firm but will dent with pressure).4) There is nothing special about the frame except it is thicker. To attach the clay they include double sided tape.I would not recommend this product. For the price you can easily go to a craft store and procure the same materials and have a much better end result. Personally, I would use artist clay to make a foot/hand impression first and cast that in plaster.Update: 30 November 2011I contacted Pearhead regarding the difficult time we had with the clay and that it was embedded with lint and stuff from being re-rolled. They responded in less than 12 hours and said that they would send out more clay to us. I originally rated this product as a 1, but because they had excellent customer service I wanted to upgrade my rating to between a 2 and a 3.Update: 02 January 2012Since my last update, they did not send replacement clay. I have since emailed the company two or three times and have received no response. I now would like to reduce the rating of this product to a zero if that were possible.Update: Jan 2013It seems that they did not like my picture I had uploaded of my newborn son’s feet stuck in the clay gunk and pulled down the picture from the site. Instead of fixing the product or providing customer service, it seems that they prefer to hide the imperfections with the product so that more people will buy it.

Elise Center, CO