Pearhead Babyprints Keepsake, Year-Round

Pearhead Babyprints Keepsake, Year-Round

Create and display a tiny handprint or footprint of your most cherished member of the family. The Babyprints Hanging Keepsake allows you to easily capture your baby’s actual handprint or footprint with included lightweight, no mixing, air drying impression material. Once you have created your perfect little print, just hang with the included grosgrain ribbons.

Main features

  • No mixing, air drying, no mess
  • Festive ribbons included (white, pink, and blue)
  • Multiple sizes, a perfect shower gift
  • Create and display your baby’s tiny little handprint or footprint
  • Perfect gift

Verified reviews


Easy to do… but final product is soft

We had a great time making the imprints for our twins’ hands and feet. It was very quick and there was no mess to clean up afterwards. Also, there was enough foam in a kit to do both a hand and a foot. However, the final product is very lightweight and rather soft. I would also recommend using something to cut it out other than the included ring because we had a hard time getting the ring to look even.

Althea Windsor Heights, WV

Way too soft

First of all, do not think you’ll be able to get a baby’s handprint. Most babies keep their hand balled up and will refuse to open it. Even when I forced her hand open, she proceeded to grab a chunk of the clay upon pulling her hand back off. Got an okay footprint. But even after the full drying process, the product is very soft and can be scratched easily with a fingernail. I don’t see how this would last a long time as a keepsake or ornament unless you treat it very delicately. Not what I was looking for. I thought it would be more solid when finished.

Ronda Woods Hole, MA

Not Thrilled

This sounded like a great way to capture the hand and footprint of our new granddaughter, but the only thing is it takes FOREVER TO DRY…needless to say we couldn’t hang them on our Christmas tree for her first Christmas because after two weeks they still weren’t all the way dry. Start way earlier if you plan to hang them on a Christmas tree.

Shannon Soda Springs, CA

Used quite a few of these now…

I’ve got two daughters that we’ve used these for grandma and I’ve used them at home too. It works pretty well overall. I can’t seem to make salt dough to save my life, so these being a premade mix is great. The "rolling pin" really sucks tho – it needs to be at least two inches wider. When you wet your childs hand tho, we just put their hands under the running faucet, shook their hand to get excess water off, and pressed it into the mold and had no problems with their hands sticking. I think it does take longer than two days to dry tho, and we flipped it over and let the back dry for an extra day too. We’ll probably paint the actual handprints so they’re easier to see, since when direct sunlight is on them, you can barely see the print.

Ernestine Springfield Gardens, NY

Stays soft and pliable! NEVER hardens!

From crazzeto’s wife:I really wish I had read the amazon reviews before I bought this. This was our baby’s first Christmas and we had intended to give cute keepsake ornaments of her tiny hand to her grandparents so we bought two of these packs. When I opened them, the first surprise was that they didn’t come with modeling clay as I had anticipated but instead came with a lump of some sort of sticky, lightweight marshmallow foam. The second surprise was that the “shaping tool” was not a circular cookie-cutter but was really just a long, thin piece of flimsy plastic you were supposed to form into a circle on your own and use to shape your foam into a cicle. Unfortunately, it is absolutely impossible to shape it into a decent circle – it is literally impossible to do it. You’ll end up with a lumpy, mishappen sort-of circle. Very disapointing. The biggest and worst surprise is that the marshmallow foam NEVER fully dries. Your keesake ornament will always be somewhat soft and forever at the mercy of anything that touches it because even the slightest touch will cause a dent or scratch. Hardly the sort of material you want to make an heirloom out of. Please, do yourself a favor and do NOT buy this. I am very upset that I missed out on the opportunity to commemorate my baby’s first Christmas and I hope no one reading this has to go through that too.

Krystal Fords Branch, KY

Hard to get an impression, but easily malleable

Like the title says, this item was kind of hard to get a good hand impression on but on the plus side, it was easily moldable so we could try fifty million times if we needed to, lol. It’s a foam-type material, which surprised me, and because it was hard to get a good impression, we had to make it thicker, thus unable to use the star shaped mold. I really don’t think we could have gotten a good impression by making the foam as thin as needed for the mold.

Elinor Edwardsville, KS

Cute momento

The material was harder to work with than I anticipated because my baby kept scrunching up his toes. The nice thing is you can just roll it out and try again. It’s not messy either which is nice. Once I realized it was impossible to get a perfect impression we just had fun with it. Both sets of grandparents loved them!

Willa Panaca, NV

Easy Baby Print Ornament Kit!

I purchased this so we could have our daughter’s handprint for her very first Christmas. It is INCREDIBLY easy to do! The best part is that if you make a mistake or you are not happy with how the print came out you can redo it. I am not sure what this is made of, but it smells like marshmallows. It is smooth and soft and you roll it out using the roller included with the kit. I should mention that the material stuck to the wooden roller that came with the kit and the directions state that if this happens, to use a round tin can. That worked for me! The other thing I had trouble with was the plastic ring that came with the kit; I just used a bowl.You do have to push a bit hard to make a solid impression in the material. A straw is included to make the holes at the top for the ribbon. I used a toothpick and pin-pricked the year at the bottom. It came out beautiful! I highly recommend this kit for parents and to make those one-of-a-kind keepsake gifts.

Marianne Lodge Grass, MT

Perfect for the perfectionists out there!

I bought this after having some difficulty in getting a good handprint from my 4 month old baby. This worked fabulous! I was able to re-try several times until I was satisfied with the handprint. It came out very nicely.

Ana Dowagiac, MI


I got one for my first daughter as a gift and had to get another for my second, we even had enough to make three this time so I made a hand and a foot print for my baby and a hand print for my 3 year old. I love them!

Cherie Holman, NM

works great

I got two prints out of it, but it was tight. works just as good as anything else !!

Allie Casselton, ND

Easy and not messy.

We go this product for our first child’s baby shower and I ordered one for my second.The best thing is that the clay is not messy.It takes several tries to get your infant’s hand/foot print done right.We are dealing with clenched fists and rolled up toes.The clay re-rolled easily. It took 6 tries for my son’s hand and it was no problem.TIP: I used the backside of the clay after I rolled because it was smoother.The leftover clay was just enough for a foot print.The plastic ring is tricky. But bending it around a bit got the circle I desired.You want a home-made look to the project anyway.After, you can pick out a cute paper background and glue gun it in to a shadow box.

Angelique Blountstown, FL

sweet keepsake

I received one of these kits when my daughter was born and I bought one for myself when my son was born. Easy to use and makes a sweet memento of these precious days.

Anita Murfreesboro, AR


I had purchased this item in a store and had great success with it so ignored the reviews and bought it here. Mistake! It was like a totally different product, didn’t work at all and looks terrible. I did the exact same thing as I did the first time so I know it isn’t user error.

James Monmouth, IA

Not worth it

I thought this was going to work well, but it did not. It is much like a play dough consistancy, difficult to get out of the packaging, and it did not hold my toddler’s handprint very well. I tried it three times and ended up tossing it. The "rolling pin" stick can be used as a great drum stick, that is about all we got out of it.

Melissa Effingham, KS

Fairly easy and surprisingly light and unbreakable

Like many of the other reviews, I found the material a little sticky but I was pretty easily able to get two good footprints of my newborn and if the circle isn’t perfect, I certainly haven’t noticed. The one thing that surprised me is how light and unbreakable the finished product is once it has dried. It makes a great ornament that your kid can hold without fear of it breaking. I just ordered some more and would recommend them as a nice keepsake.

Camilla South Easton, MA

Not so fool proof

I should mention that I bought three of these. One of the three turned out fine.We followed the instruction on this, and it is really pretty easy to do. I’ve never done one of these before, so that may be why I had problems with it. My child is only 3 months old, so it was easier for us to do a foot print than the hand print. However, when we checked the ornament the next day, the area of the print had mostly flattened back out again. You could still see it faintly, but it wasn’t at all like the print that is pictured. I thought we pressed pretty hard into the clay, and it certainly looked like a nice deep impression the night before. While you can start over if you make a mistake in the beginning, after letting it sit over night there’s nothing you can do. That said, the grandparents that received these ornaments still loved them, but I was pretty disappointed.Also, you’re supposed to turn it over to dry the back after the first 8 hours. We did, and I was pleased to find that the back was still soft enough to enter my child’s name and the year. So, all in all, it wasn’t a complete disaster.

Mindy Weatherford, TX

should not have bought it…

i was excited to make my baby’s first xmas ornament but this product was a complete waste of my are the flaws:1. the clay is too sticky. i could not flatten it out smoothly with the “rolling pin” that was included in the kit. the clay would stick to the rolling pin making it impossible. i ended up patting the clay with my hand.2. the “plastic shape ring” is a long piece of plastic strip. there’s tape on one side to adjust the size of the ring you want to make. down side is that there’s no way you can make a nice circle out of it. i ended up with a lopsided semi oval ornament.conclusion: save your money. the ornament is difficult to make and is not cute at all. a huge disappointment.

Tracy Decatur, GA


I wanted to make an ornament of my baby’s hand print for her first Christmas. I ordered this kit and was disappointed. The dough was very, very sticky which made it difficult to knead and roll out. The plastic ring provided to cut the circle and the little straw to cut the hole for the ribbon also were hard to use. I would not buy this product again.

Lee Randolph, AL

No good- waste of money

This product had so much potential. I followed directions but found the clay way too hard to make a decent handprint. I was unwilling to press my fragile sons hand hard enough into clay to make a visible print. This was a waste of money.

Blanca North Hatfield, MA

It’s Manageable

We have used this brand before for two of our other children. We used it this Christmas for our third, and had a few more problems. It is "wetter" like some people have commented. Neither my wife or I remember it being so sticky before. But we figured out how to work with it. First, we rolled it and shaped it and let it partially dry for about 1 hour. This reduced the stickiness. Second, we wet our daughter’s hand before we put it on the clay. We had tried a few times with her hand dry, and part of the clay would stick. Wetting her hand eliminated that problem.Overall, it’s a good product. And these things aren’t perfect, and that’s part of the magic. You have the memory of fighting with it and trying to make a perfect memory of your child.

Elva Madden, MS

A little weird, but sweet

We received this as a gift from a friend and I was thrilled because I’d looked at it, but based on the mixed reviews hesitated to purchase it. I can’t fully say if I will buy one again until next year, because I’m not really sure how the ornaments we created will hold up. Here’s what we’ve got so far:Pros:Relatively easy to use in comparison to mixing up plaster. Dough is kneaded and rolled out.Comes with everything you need.Sweet idea that has potential to make a great keepsake (or become an annual tradition).Plenty of dough…you could get multiple kids done with one pack. We did our baby and our dog. =)Cons:Dough is very strange stuff. Spongy, a bit sticky and never seems to really harden. Not sure how it will hold up over time and I’m a little afraid packing it away will destroy it or make new impressions we don’t want.Frankly, getting a hand or footprint of a newborn is just not that easy to do. =) Don’t expect to get a “perfect” print unless you have a really still child or hours to kill trying over and over again.Since the dough is still somewhat soft the jury is still out on how this will hold up, but we’re pleased with the two ornaments we made right now. A few tips for parents…1.) Be prepared to have to try this multiple times. Don’t try to pull it off in 5 minutes or when your child is crabby/hungry/overtired.2.) I found the easiest way to do it was instead of rolling it out on a book or flat surface I rolled it onto my hand and then pressed my daughter’s hand to mine, sort of like doing paddy-cake. It means our ornaments aren’t a perfect circle (I trimmed it afterwards) but it made for the best impressions we tried.3.) Your child will most likely come away with a little dough under his/her nails or between fingers at least once. Have a wipe or towel ready before the dough makes it to his/her mouth. Not really sure what this stuff is.

Jolene Red Ash, VA

Fun project for a child

I purchased several of these to make hand and foot impressions of my two kids. The concept is simple, product is easy to use. It takes about 48 hrs to dry so you have plenty of time to do over if you make a mistake. The mold is a little small, so if your child is over 1 year their hand may not fit inside the mold. It is very light weight so I’m not sure how durable or long they will last. They are cheap enough that you could purchase a couple for gifts for grandparents.

Suzette Floresville, TX

Not bad if you take advice in other reviews

I found that like most reviewers, the clay is sticky and will stick to the rolling pin and the child’s hand/foot. Once I figured out the best way to do things, I was very happy with my results. Here are some tips I think worked for me….1.) Use a regular rolling pin rather than the one provided – the clay sticks less and rolls more smoothly.2.) I used wax paper to roll the clay out on instead of aluminum foil.3.) Don’t use the “ring” provided to cut a circle, it will stick and ruin the imprint. Just shape it yourself.4.) Don’t use the straw provided to cut a hole, again it will stick. I used a chop stick to make the hole.5.) My daughter’s foot kept sticking in the clay, so I rubbed a little coconut oil on her foot and it worked like a charm.6.) I was able to make 2 ornaments of my 8-month-old daughter’s foot from the clay provided.

Clarissa Fultonham, OH

Very cheesy and won’t last

I got this as a baby gift and thought it was so cool. Yes, it was very easy to do. But, it is very flimsy, I bet you could snap it in half, and it takes marring very easily. You can leave a fingernail print in it after it’s “dried.” I had one in kindergarten they did and it was some sort of clay that dried brick hard. This is like a foam. It upsets me when I see the little foot and know it probably won’t last. Also, hardly any detail is involved in this mold.

Valeria Blue Hill, NE

Enough for 2 ornaments

I thought this was a little expensive (for what you get in the kit) but turns out that there is enough clay to make 2 ornaments (for baby or toddler-sized hands). I divided the clay in half, kneaded, then rolled out (use a metal can, the wooden roller sticks to the clay) made a circle out of the enclosed tape then shaped the clay to fit the circle (rolling and reshaping as needed) so there was minimal waste of clay, then press the hand into the clay. If you don’t get a good impression, you can repeat again until you get the impression you want. The final ornament makes a nice gift for parents (or grandparents).

Aileen Fort Washington, PA


This is a cute idea, but the execution is virtually impossible! The stuff is so sticky that you can’t roll it out with their little wooden dowel at all. The first imprint I did was fine, though not much detail. Then trying to "cut" the stuff into a circle? Disaster. And then trying to "poke" a hole through the top with the straw? Impossible!!! It’s so sticky and their tools are so dull that it doesn’t work and by the time you’ve gotten anywhere the imprint has been destroyed. I just threw the whole mess out. Don’t waste your money. Get real plaster and do it with something better.

Cindy Calypso, NC


Save your money -look up online and make the old school flour water and salt recipe you will get a better result:)

Eleanor Marion, NY

Worked so so

When I ordered the box the first time, the ‘clay’ was sticky and it was impossible to have a print. Amazon replaced it with next day delivery (no extra charge) and it worked great the second time 🙂 Thanks 🙂 HOWEVER, 3 days after I took the print and waited for the material to dry, it started to crack and come apart!! I am so disappointed 🙁 I had bought that exact same product a few months before, same brand, same package, from another country, and it worked great !!! So now I have a great looking hand print and a so so looking foot print 🙁

Michaela Tahoe City, CA

Worked… but…

It seemed a little cheap. I was expecting it to be a sort of clay and it was actually a foam that sort of cracked as it dried. Worked for its purpose and Grandma loved it so that is really all that matters.

Rosa Barton, MD