Pearhead Babyprints Memory Babybook, Pink

Pearhead Babyprints Memory Babybook, Pink

Record your baby’s milestones with this guided journal and album in one. With over 60 pre-printed journal pages, our classic babybook provides a great guideline to easily create a keepsake memory book to have for generations. With a durable book cloth cover and suede spine, this elegant book has openings for both your little one’s photo and hand or footprint. Making the print has never been easier. Just press your baby’s hand or foot onto the “clean-touch” ink pad to reveal a detailed print. Photo corners also are included to allow you to mount photos for a classic look.

Main features

  • Record you baby’s cherished memories with this cloth covered journal and album in one
  • “clean-touch” ink pad ensures baby’s foot never touches ink
  • Includes “clean-touch” ink pad and imprint cards to create your baby’s print
  • Post bound book with an elegant suade spine
  • Acid-free pages and photo pocket sleeves preserve your photos

Verified reviews


Did not care for the baby book. The seller was a complete hassle to work with 🙁

I didn’t care for this book. It just seemed like a lot of extra work with the photo corners that you need to put on each picture. I have 3 kids and work full-time and I just don’t have that kind of time. I wanted to return it – the company gave me the run around for a week and then told me it was too late to return it ( had been 29 days and they allow only 30 – including shipping time). Finally, was able to return it and theY took a percentage off for restocking ! Would NOT buy from this seller again!

Natalia Swanquarter, NC

Halfway there. 50% achievement on both the scrapbooking/picture pages and milestone pages.

I read all the reviews for this baby book and was somewhat hopeful it wouldn’t be the typical cutesy over done baby books you see out there. I wanted something I could place pictures in as well as record milestones and events. Unfortunately I felt this baby book gave half an effort on both sides. There are plenty of pages to put your pictures in as every left page is blank for this purpose. I’m a diehard scrapbooker and this was a little much for me considering what “themed” pages were on the right hand side. The topic pages were just lacking. Sure there was info about mom, dad, a family tree page, first Christmas etc. and included pages for 1-6 birthdays, which I thought was a little excessive seeing as it was a “baby book,” but when it came down to other information you may want to record it was severely lacking. I wish I had written down the pages before I sent it back to give you more an idea of what they left out but I can say I did not send it back because it didn’t have cutesy pictures or because I thought the blank picture pages were just too much. I was more than willing to work with those pages adding color and pictures at my own discretion. I returned the book because when it’s your baby you want to make a note of every little thing and their weren’t enough “topic” pages with enough variety for me to accomplish this.

Kenya Cottonwood, AZ

Only ok

I ordered several baby books, including this one, and this was the one that I returned.It was a cute book, but some very basic things are funny… for example, there are pages for Jewish holidays, but not the Christian counterparts (like baptism for example).That was the major reason we returned it. We aren’t Jewish, so it just didn’t work for us. I also wanted some blank pages where we could write out thoughts and things, and there were very few of them here.But, it IS cute, and I love the ability to put the prints on it!

Josefina Bremo Bluff, VA

Nice Modern-looking Baby Book

This baby book would appeal to those with a more modern or minimalist taste. It does not contain cutesy pictures, rather allows you to place your own cute baby pictures in it. All the pages are a solid cream color. The left page is for the pictures, which are self-applied with the provided photo corners. Therefore, you can put virtually any size pictures. The page on the right cover a different topic. Some of these include one for mom, where you can put your name birthdate, places you’ve lived, schools you attended, hobbbies. There is one for daddy. There is a page for how mommy and daddy met. One page is about how you found out you were pregnant. There is a place to write when or if you found out the gender of the baby, and how you felt. There is one for the baby shower. There’s a page for the baby’s family tree up to his/her great grandparents. One page is for the day baby is born. There is a page for baby’s firsts. There are spots for birthdays for the first few years. I’m not sure what it would take for me to give it all five stars, but it just didn’t make me flip with excitement. Overall I’m completely satisfied with the book and it suits my needs.

Karina Newport, NE

Just what I wanted!

I’ve looked at tons of baby books in stores and I couldn’t find any that I liked. They all contained too many pictures of other peoples’ babies or other ‘cutesy’ things that I thought were over the top. This book however was exactly what I wanted! I love how I can take pages out or rearrange them into the order I like so that it flows more fluently with my baby. Ex. I can arrange first Halloween, first Christmas, first Easter into the order that they come for my baby. I also love that this is more of a scrapbook/picture album so I can customize it the way that I want. My baby isn’t due until early/mid June so I haven’t had a chance to test out the ink pads yet but I’m sure with the extra pads provided that it won’t be a problem if it doesn’t work the first time. I am extremely happy with this purchase and I cannot wait to fill this book up!UPDATE: The ink pads worked out really well. Mind you my husband had to help me by holding my son still while I pressed his feet and hands down. So just make sure to have someone assisting you and they should turn out great.

Erna Raymond, OH

Great baby book

I really like this baby book. It has a good amount of space for pictures and writing, and is very cute. I got this for my son.

Earnestine Enville, TN

Cute baby book

This is cute. The foot stamp is difficult to use but at least the baby stays clean. Overall nice amount of pages.

Delia Kevil, KY

Great keepsake!

I love this book so much. Our daughter is now 2 months old and the book is getting filled fast. The pages I find to be exceptional. The only thing that doesn’t work to well are the photo holders for the page. You’re better putting double sided tape on the photos. But overall the handprint and foot print kit was fun to use and mess free. We went through a few cards (be sure to do a tester on a page first just to figure out how to get your childs hand opened and your positioning for that. Remembering that newborns really love to have closed hands.)

Alma Philo, OH

I love this!

It’s bit pricey but I love it. I can do light scrapbooking while adding family history and little antedotes about me and my husband for our son. I recommend this photobook.

Viola Wakonda, SD

Good Quality

This is a good-quality book with lots of pages to fill in info and put pictures. The inside pages are pretty plain- no decorations, but you can really make it look nice. I’m happy with this purchase and recommend the product.

Renae Louann, AR

Great adaptable baby book

This is a great book for people who want a nice, normal baby book, without tons of cutesy things. You can add stamps/crafts/stickers/etc to get a similar look, as I did on a few pages. I also like that each page is removable, so you can reorder things, remove pages you don’t need, etc. We decided to use the many picture pages with lines on the side for a monthly picture and things that happened that month. Much easier to rearrange as we’d like to do this and not need the firsts pages. For pages I didn’t use, I put craft paper over them to cover the headings and made it something else.I also like how they have a variety of other books, so I bought a similar book but different cover for my 2nd one.

Laurel Saint Helens, OR


This is a really nice babybook and it is not at highway robbery prices. Remember this is just paper and plastic. How some of the companies ask so much is beyond me.

Shawna New Rumley, OH

Bland, not exciting, and drafted for traditional mom-dad 2 parent families

I have a nontraditional family, and this book is geared toward a 2-parent, mom and dad, family.It doesn’t take much to tweak the wording to be more inclusive; this book fails.The pages inside are very bland, and call for you to use photo corners to put your photos into the book. It’s not very fun to fill out, and doesn’t have nearly as many “milestones” or fun events to track as my first child’s baby book. It also has birthdays 1-5; I was only looking for the first year.I really wish I’d just saved the money and picked up a digital photo album from an online shop.

Adela Hamilton, MO


I love this baby book! I love the fact you can put your own baby’s foot/hand print on the cover (there is also a page for more feet or hand prints!) It has all the fill in the blanks you will need: baby’s family tree, parents’ info, pop culture, news headlines, prices of things, miletones, growth chart etc… the only thing it does not have are envelopes for keepsakes. I made my own envelope page for the 1st haircut, and then just taped things in the book. I taped the hosptial bracelets on the inside cover and greeting cards throughout the book.It’s just so pretty and presentable. I even bought one for my friend’s babyshower!

Karin Cartersville, GA

Beautiful book!

I wish I had this book for my first son. It’s a beautiful book, and I love how easy it is to customize it. I can remove pages, and add my own events. I also love the ink-less footprint. I will treasure this book for years to come!

Allene Hecker, IL

good ink

like the baby friendly ink, it should have more if one is not so good making the prints, with a baby it happens

Darlene Stuart, OK

Good quality

I haven’t used our book yet, but it is made of quality material, and I like that you can remove/re-arrange pages to fit your needs. The inkpad appears easy to use as well. Very good buy!

Young Flatonia, TX

Lots of options

I love to scrapbook but decided to go with something a little more structured than just a blank book for our baby book. I was leery of this one because it didn’t give a good description of what the pages inside had on them. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety though and the fact that you can add or remove pages as desired.Some of the pages include “how mommy and daddy met” “mommy and daddy’s wedding day” “the first time we heard your heartbeat” “doctor visits” “the day you were born” ” our family tree” then continues on with pages for each birthday up to 5 years and first Christmas first Easter first Halloween etc… Most pages the left side of the book is blank for pictures and the right has headings and lines you can write on.For any headings that I didn’t know what to write or didn’t want to write about I just put pictures on both pages and covered up the heading. (Only did this twice)Then the last several pages are just full of photo slots like a regular photo album and each slot has a space next to it where you can write something short about the picture.So long and short I think this is a great book! Have not tried out the ink for foot/handprints yet but it looks simple enough. I like that its a no mess process.

Estela Revere, MN


A bit boring, but maybe I’m just tired of doing baby books. This is my third and I’m having a hard time making it a priority to record every little move. Frankly, I’ve had this for about 3 months and am completely uninspired to do ANYTHING in it. So…maybe it’s me or maybe this little baby book just isn’t my muse.

Leticia Wilderville, OR


I bought this in blue and pink for my boy/girl twins and I’m very disappointed. The hand print/footprint kits are okay, though I wish it came with more cards for mistakes since it took us many tries to get a good print for either baby. I like that there’s a place for a picture and hand print/footprint on the cover. I don’t like how the pages don’t lay down nicely and you have to bed the page to get it to lay flat. This is especially a problem since the places for pictures are on the back sides of the pages and if you’re using photo corners to add a picture, you really need the page to lay flat. I also wish there were more prompts for things like baby’s first ______.I’m going to get rid of these and use Hallmark’s baby book instead. It has more prompts, it’s has three ring binding so the pages lay flat, and there are places for pictures on both sides of the pages. This book, unfortunately, made for an expensive hand print/footprint kit since it’s going in the trash!

Mitzi Rolfe, IA

Contents, Fits in Box, Customer Service

I read lots of reviews before purchasing and wished I known the following…Content Page Titles – My Story, About Mommy, About Daddy, How mommy and daddy met, Our Family Tree, Mommy’s Pregnant, Visiting the Doctor, Your Baby Shower, Your Delivery, Your Birth Announcement, Coming home, Leaving the hospital, Your Tiny Hands and Feet, Current events and pop culture, First – Fifth Birthdays (each separated), Early Learning, Preschool, Kindergarten, My first Christmas, My first Hanukkah, My first _______(Create your own), My first Easter, My first Halloween, My first Thanksgiving, Growth Chart, Firsts and Favorites, A Letter for You, 14 Photo Journal PagesPros:-It fits perfectly inside the top portion of the perfectly matching keepsake box – which I’m SO glad I finally decided to buy, as well.-The quality of the outside fabric and binding was impressive-You can rearrange/remove the pages by unscrewing the binding posts from the back-side-There aren’t a bunch of cutesy clip-art images everywhere – very elegant and “plain” so you can truly personalize-Pearhead customer service was very helpful and respectful in explaining answers to my questionsCons:-What I thought was unbelievably annoying was every text page has a “page suggestion” at the bottom that is pretty much impossible to hide. AND the suggestions are all pretty much the same/not helpful anyway! If they truly felt this was important, they should have made a removable index page and put the suggestions there so that they aren’t displayed in your book. Granted, these suggestions are very small and at the very bottom, but still.- The photo pages are each divided in half. One half with the cellophane covering for photos and the other half to write notes. For some, this is beneficial but for me, I just want more room for photos that speak for themselves.I wish they made a matching photo album with the same binding/cover. I’m going to purchase a second one of these just to remove the text pages and add all photo pages.Any questions?

Gabriela Humboldt, IL