Pearhead Babyprints Photo Frame

Pearhead Babyprints Photo Frame

The Babyprints photo frame is a kit that allows you showcase your baby’s hand, foot, and photo together within one frame. Now you can look back and remember just how small they once were. Includes our special clean touch mess free inkpad so no ink gets on the baby’s foot when capturing the little hand and footprints. The Babyprints photo frame makes the perfect gift for baby showers, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other very special occasions.

Main features

  • No Baking, no Mess
  • Includes, “clean-touch” inkpad, footprint cards, frame, and matting
  • Babyprints Photo Frame

Verified reviews


Great Gift! Check the ink pad though

This frame makes a great gift, for baby shower, for new parents, for grandparents, etc. I admit, I love to give the sentimental sappy gifts.This set is great as it includes everything you need: ink, print cards, labels and photo mat. The ink sheet is an awesome concept since no ink ends up on the baby!However, if there’s one think I’d change: the ink sheet.- As soon as you buy it – check the ink sheet. All 3 sets I purchased had some substance (crystallization? mold?) on the ink sheet so it was ruined. These sets really should have expiration dates on them.- As another review mentioned, I wish it included an additional ink sheet since it obviously is designed to frame 2 hand/foot prints. You can easily get multiple prints from a single sheet. Unfortunately, the subsequent prints get lighter and lighter – so you can really only get ~4 prints out of the sheet. Not a lot of room for error/practice with a squirmy infant. I like the suggestion of waiting for a sleepy baby…- The size of the ink pad limits the size of the hand/foot print that can be done. The ink surface is 2 3/8″ x 3 3/4″. Make sure it’s large enough if your baby is older than 2 months. My baby is 8 wks and it was about the right size.Great concept – and despite the issues with my ink pad, Pearhead has great customer service. If you do have issues with the inkpad – just email their customer service. They responded within an hour and mailed replacement ink pads!

Kerri Varney, KY

Good Luck with the Prints!

This is the second Pearhead Babyprints Photo Frame that I have purchased. I have the same frame for my first daughter. I am excited to have this frame now for my second daughter.It is VERY stressful trying to get those hand & footprints (especially the hands!). I wish they provided more paper for the prints. We ended up using the front & backs of all of the paper & then having to choose the best prints to use. None of them were perfect! They also need to provide more ink pads. We asked for extra at the hospital & we were glad we had more!The last thing about this frame that I don’t *love* is that the little "sayings" that are provided with the frame are quite cheesy &/or dumb. I just have my first daughter’s birth year in the slot. I think I will ask a family friend who is gifted with calligraphy to write both of my daughter’s names on paper for the frame. It would be nice if they provided some blank options with the words so you can write your child’s name.All in all, this is a cute frame that will provide you with precious memories of your baby!

Tabatha Shelby, IA

Easy to use

I have 3 of these and have done hand/foot prints for all 3 kids. You have a couple tries to get a good print and its not messy at all. I used the less than optimal prints to tape into their baby books since hospitals don’t give cute ones any more.

Nina Lee Center, IL

This is hard to use….

I wish I had read more of the reviews on this product. It isn’t going to come out as cute as the photo. One of the things that makes this convenient and less messy is actually a downfall of the product. Doing the footprint is simple, it’s the hand print that is going to drive you crazy. My baby is 2 weeks and I didn’t get anything from the hospital as far as a footprint was concerned, so I got this. The frame and set up is very cute, and like I said, the footprint was easy enough with the baby asleep. Then it came time to do a hand…oh goodness! We all now how a newborn baby likes to keep their hands curled, but it helps if the baby is sleep. Thing is, you’ll need to practice to get it perfect, but you can’t practice more than 5 or 6 times before the ink pad is no good. Think of the ink pad as you would an iron on decal for a t-shirt, its the same concept. The ink wears out eventually. I’ll probably use the less gruesome of the hand prints for now and probably get a real ink pad and try some more soon. You probably can’t use this if your baby is more than a couple months old because of the size of the ink pad. If i knew how annoying this product was, I probably would not have purchased it.

Pamela Willow, AK

Cute Keeper

Cute frame with a nice layout for your little ones picture and prints. Easy to make the little prints too. Love this one.

Roslyn Rocky River, OH


I wish i got this for myself when my baby girl was born. I got it as a gift for my sister’s baby girl and it is sooo adorable and great keepsake. Perfect to hang in any nursery too.

Savannah Bass Harbor, ME

I wish everyone stamped this way!

the plastic, no mess stamp method is AMAZING! We got GREAT prints the first time, and there was no ink to scrub off! I wish they all had the clean application option.

Kristen Casselberry, FL

tried 2 but still garbage

We tried to use two of these and either we are horrible at doing this or they were both defective. Even after applying even pressure some areas were blank like they wouldn’t accept ink and other areas are so sensitive if you even look at it too hard they get spots it seems.We returned the first one after the patchiness and the second was the same so we got a refund. I have extensive experience taking fingerprints from unwilling people and I couldn’t get this to work. We may have received 2 defective sets but I won’t try a third.

Marcy Brownsville, KY


I bought this for my two year old and now my newborn. They share a room and these frames look beautiful side by side. We did one foot print in the middle and then two pictures on the sides instead of a hand and foot print. I am awful at doing these stamps – yes they are mess free but they are still hard to get a perfect stamp. IF you mess up you can use both sides of the paper they give you, doubles the amount of tries you can take to get the perfect stamp. This is a perfect shower gift.

Harriett East Wallingford, VT

Nice frame & matte, but kit is impractical

I really wanted to like this despite some of the reviews I read. I do like the frame and the matte it comes with; it looks really nice. But, the kit is just impractical. It comes with ink that is basically one-time use (ink painted onto a plastic sheet which after a few tries, is used up) and four pieces of thick paper to do the prints on. We tried to use it for our 2.5 week old baby and there was a lot of trial and error involved, such that we used up the ink and the paper and still don’t have anything frame-worthy. I’m going to have to buy another ink pad. Word to the wise: if you love this frame and choose to get it, just get yourself the extra ink right away.

Lakesha Collinsville, VA

Absolutely precious, ink pad works great

This has become my favorite item in my child’s nursery. I purchased it despite all the reviews about the ink pad too small. I had no problem getting prints of my 5 month old. If you turn the ink pad horizontal on the card, the whole hand WILL fit! I’m glad I didn’t pay attention to reviews because this is adorable when completed. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Concepcion Sturgis, KY

Lovely idea

I ordered two of these – one for us & one for Grandparents visiting baby from England. The frame was bigger than I’d thought it would be (but I’d not taken much notice of the product measurements). Very nice quality. A lot of reviews mentioned the ink-pad not being very good. I had no issues with it, except it’s not very big. It was perfect to do hand/ footprints of my baby at 3 weeks old, but I’m not sure that the pad would be big enough now he’s 3 months old. We also ordered an ink-pad to be on the safe-side. The extra card for prints was useful as it’s very difficult to take baby prints, especially hands, and it took several attempts, even though we waited until he was asleep! A nice gift for relatives or a nice keepsake for you. Great baby-shower idea.

Lesley Camden, IN

Nice but be careful when printing

Nice memory frame with several sheets to ensure you get a good print. The only issue with this was that the ink pad does not contain much ink and the first print takes almost all of it off if you push it solidly on.

Autumn Wellborn, TX

Nice Frame.

This is a good keepsake for your little ones early years. Comes with everything you need to do it, as well!

Julie Lane, KS

Beautiful frame

Wish I have another ink pad. Messed up all the cards and only got 1 good foot print and half a hand print but it’s a very beautiful frame!!!!

Jamie Ryderwood, WA

we had a good experience using it

we had a good experience using it, I didn’t expect perfection when dealing with an infant and it turned out great. I loved it so much I bought one for my brother when he had a baby almost a year later.

Juanita Rough And Ready, CA

A great photo keepsake and a great gift for grandparents

I really like this photo frame and have used it as a gift for my parents and in-laws. It is pretty tough to get a baby to flatten their hand to do the hand-print but with the right team working on it, you can get it alright. I usually buy a couple so I can make a bunch at a time, do a couple of the hand and footprints in one sitting, pick the best, copy them on a copier, and then use the copy. I also think they should have a form included so you can put your kids name instead of the standard options but it isn’t too hard to guess the right size and just print their name on a piece of paper and then cut it out.For those wondering how the ink pad can work without getting ink on baby’s hand, the ink is on the other side of a thin, saran-wrap-like film that you put against the paper and then push your baby’s hand against the clean side of the thin plastic film. It doesn’t work as well as if you put the ink on the baby’s hand and foot but is much safer and cleaner to do.

Violet Solon, IA

Cute idea but…

It’s great quality and nice looking frame but the ink pad is the problem. It comes with extra cards in case you make a mistake but once I did the foot, the hand came out spotty and there wasn’t enough ink to redo it. My husband still loved it but I was disappointed with the ink pad although if you’re fine buying a different ink pad, it’s a great gift and worth it! 🙂

Karyn Vernon, AZ

Cute but not easy to get good prints

It is a beautiful frame and presentation. The pad is quite useful but I think I would need at least 4 of these pads to get good, presentable prints, and they just supply one. I needed the first time to get a feel for the product and the footprint did not come out nicely, the second attempt we did for a hand and it came out o.k., but not as expected. Afterwards there was not enough ink for more prints – i.e. the ink was missing in the places where the previous print was taken, so it looked funny. I probably have to get more ink to take better prints, but it is additional cost ($8 or so) and also it takes time to order….

Isabel El Dorado Hills, CA

hermosos recuerdos

encantada del producto, hermosos los acabados, el diseño, tiene calcomanías en diferentes idiomas para colocar la que mas se adapte a lo que deseas colocar. gran tamaño.

Shawn Willow Beach, AZ

Only one ink pad

This frame is adorable. The ink was very easy to use and they provided several card stock pieces to make a print in case you mess up. Problem is that they only provide one ink pad so once you do the hand or foot, there wasn’t enough ink to get a good second print. Wish they would provide two ink pads. Otherwise the product is great. Frame is easy to put together and hang.

Clare Arcadia, OH

Very nice

This frame is so nice and the print cards are really easy to use. I am buying one for my sisters new baby.

Celia Leonville, LA

Ink pad not big enough. Would not buy again.

The ink pad is not big enough for my 6-month old’s foot and hands. The ink was running out because we had to try so many times to squeeze his hand in the small space. We were able to get a barely acceptable print but would not buy again.

Angelina Sibley, MS

Inconsistant Prints

I do like this product but the ink pad is tricky. The first prints we did were really dark and kind of smeared. It took us a few tries to figure out the best technique and by that time we only got very light prints as we had used the ink pad already.

Daisy Carlton, TX

very difficult to get a good print

Although there were many extra sheets for the ink print, this was hard to use. We waited until baby was fast asleep, but it is difficult to get a print without smudges. I did like that the ink never touches baby’s hand/foot, but was very disappointment with our countless attempts. I think we are probably going to end up buying an ink pad and doing it the old fashioned way. As of right now, it is sitting in the corner, probably won’t be hanging it anytime soon. Not as easy as it looks.

Alisa Chocowinity, NC

Not as good as I would hope for…

I was so excited about getting this item, however I was really disappointed…The windows are really small and not very user friendly…So, for my son who was not even that big – we just could not fit his foot print in the window…Good idea, but poorly executed…

Celina Cambridge, MD

Cheap Inkpad

I really liked the design of the frame and it looks great. But the ink pad doesn’t print well. I tried using it a few times and it still hasn’t run out, but it doesn’t come out very black when pressed on it. I have a print they did for me at the hospital with their ink, but I don’t have a hand print of my baby because this one kept messing up and not printing on the card well.

Concetta Frost, MN

Great gift

These ended up being bigger than I expected which is a good thing. The hardest part was getting our 11 mth old twins to stay still to get the foot print right. They make it very simple, clean, no mess as the ink doesn’t touch their cute little feet. Great way to capture their first year for Mother’s day which is what I used these for.Put a photo of their first foot print and one of their foot print now with a cute picture of them in the middle. I’d recommend it.

Jocelyn Edwardsville, KS

I love this Baby Print Photo Frame

I have been looking at a lot of baby print frames for my second son. Most of the ones I found were not my style, but this one caught my eye. It is simple and stylish, and I love the fact that you have a hand print, foot print, and the babies photo all in one frame. It looks great hanging on the wall and is very well made. I wish I would have found this one for my first sons prints so I could have had matching frames. Great buy totally worth the price.

Rebekah Lake, MS

great keepsake

We had received this frame as a gift for our baby shower, and once we were able to get our little man’s prints on it (at about 2 weeks old) we were thrilled with how easy it was and at how nice it looks hanging in our upstiars hallway. I actually purchased this one from Amazon as a second frame to have on hand for baby #2 (which won’t be for a few more years lol). I wanted to be able to have the same frame for our next child as well and I was afraid they might stop making it by then. It is just perfect and so cute. The prints were so easy to do… mess free!!!

Lorrie Lochmere, NH