Pearhead Giraffe Babybook, Ivory

Pearhead Giraffe Babybook, Ivory

There are countless wonderful events during your baby’s beginnings. Now you can record each priceless moment and memory with the Babyprints Baby Book. With over 65 printed journal entry pages, you now can make sure every event is captured and remembered forever. The Babyprints Baby Book comes with a special “clean touch” ink pad that allows you to easily make a detailed print of your baby’s foot. Best part is that your baby’s foot never touches the ink. The baby book has a screw and post bound construction so you can easily rearrange pages are remove pages you do not need. Unlike other Baby Books, the Babyprints Baby Book also includes 200 acid free photo corners so that you can mount your favorite photos along with each recorded memory.

Main features

  • Screw and post bound construction so you can rearrange and remove pages
  • Special “clean touch” inkprinter, baby’s foot never touches ink
  • 200 acid free photo corners to mount photos
  • over 65 pages

Verified reviews


How did this book get such high reviews?

This might be the first item i’ve purchased that I might return from Amazon. I bought this babybook because the reviews seemed decent and I liked how others said it was modern and not overly cute. However this book is just plain. All the pages just have standard large font Ariel print, it could have been printed off a laserjet. The pages don’t seem professional at all. It includes pages such as first christmas, easter, hanukkah, halloween etc. It also includes first trip to doctor, a family tree to fill out, a few memory pages etc. 90% of the pages instruct photos to be placed in photo corners (which are also included) and at the end of teh book there are a few pages with plastic photo coverings where you can write a description of the memory.I am disappointed in the book because it is overly plain. I like modern things and defintely try to avoid anything overly cute but this book doesn’t do the trick. I think kids might get a bit bored looking at the pages.Qualitywise the book is protected by a clear thick plastic covering you can take off or keep. It also includes an ink pad. I’d give it two stars but it seems like that would be overly harsh but a three would be too generous. It’s just mediocre. About 5 of the pages were bent back and creased.

Jacquelyn Orange, CA

Perfect for all the truly important stuff

I love the idea of scrapbooking and making albums, but I often just get overwhelmed by how much there is to do and then don’t do anything with all the stuff (or info) I’ve collected. Case in point — I’m now rushing to get our expansive wedding scrapbook finished two years after our wedding and two weeks before our baby is due! All of which is to say that I was looking for a baby book that would let me record all of the really important information, include some pictures and little souvenirs like hospital bracelets, take some hand/foot prints, but not stress me out with like 100 pages of prompts that I’d feel guilt about not getting around to.I think this book is fantastic on that level — there are guided pages for basic info like how mom and dad met, when we found out we were pregnant, what was going on in the world when the baby was born, etc. — but not SO many details you feel like it’s a second job to fill everything out. A lot of it I can do now before the baby comes, and then there’s some stuff after for the first year (like first Christmas/Hannukah), and then a page every year for the first few birthdays. I feel like it’s a very manageable book for me to record the most important stuff that our child can look back on some day.

Lee Chilhowie, VA

Great book!

I was hesitant to order this baby book because nobody online had any images of what the inside pages actually looked like. But after searching for a cute but modern baby book for a boy for 2 months I finally ordered this one in the blue giraffe since I could not find anything else. For the price it is a great modern baby book. It also comes with photo sticker tabs and album page inserts for photos in addition to the usual ‘fill in’ baby book pages that are the first half of the book (example: about mommy, about daddy, baby’s firsts). The font inside is modern and I am pleased with my purchase. It also comes with the ‘inkless’ transfer style ink to take your babies hand and feet prints for the book.

Renee Tecumseh, NE

This book is okay, but since I’ve purchased it, I’ve seen better.

This book is an okay baby book. It covers the big events, has a lot of room for photos, and goes up to the first day of school and beyond. However, there are only about 6 pages for recording information from conception to birth. I wanted to record more information during this time period, but there isn’t room, so I’ve purchased a second journal type of book. It’s a good book if you are looking for something gender neutral. Since purchasing this book, I’ve found others I like a lot better.

Katelyn Robertsville, OH


I have been looking for a gender neutral baby book and this is perfect. It comes with a bunch of picture corners and a touch free stamp pad. As others have stated, the pages are very easy to remove and reconfigure. I also like that it starts out with a bit of family history and parental information. I am excited to start filling it out soon!

Nan Maiden Rock, WI

I returned it!

Good product, but not what I was expecting! So, I decided to return it! I guess if you do not have a baby’s book, this might be a good purchase.

Coleen Warren, MA

The best baby book I’ve found!!!

After reading several reviews, this book is exactly what I was looking for! I am not a scrapbooker but LOVE the ability to add picture corners with every life event to customize the size. I also love the ability to remove pages not applicable to us. This book is absolutely adorable and includes basic info from how my husband and I met, our wedding, the announcement if baby, delivery experience to preschool, holidays & major life milestones during the first five years.

Robyn Oswego, IL

No bells and whistles, but exactly what we wanted

Baby book is exactly what I was looking for. You can take sections out, add to them, and I love that it has the inkpad and foot print plate. It’s not super-fancy, but it’s definitely perfect for us!

Katelyn Lowry, MN

Not great quality–cover came bent

I thought this baby book was so adorable and I was excited to use it for my baby. I liked the fact that you could remove pages to customize what you want to include/exclude. I was disappointed when the product arrived. The cover was bent and misshapen and looked as though it had been crushed under the weight of something heavy. Normally I would have exchanged it, but I have another Pearhead photo album and the same thing happened. I believe it’s a quality issue on how they are constructed and don’t think the album offers the durability I need for this type of special item. I ended up returning to Amazon with no issue.

Earline Clive, IA

Bought this for both my children

A really fantastic baby book- the ink stamp pad is fool proof and the footprint turned out really great on the cover.

Lourdes Geneva, OH

A very nice baby book

I have been looking for a babybook since my son was born. I am glad that I bought this book. The layout allows me to record the important events with lots of room for 1-2 photos and writings and yet it does not look too overcrowded. It also has photo sleeves to put additional photos which I am only using for birthday photos or photos from big event because we have a seperate baby photo album. The design of this baby book is neutral and clean line looking.

Amalia Clayton, NY

Great baby book

I love this baby book. The pages have prompts you fill in for the events, parents met where, the proposal, marriage, how they find out about being pregnant, the delivery etc. I love that you can add or take away pages easily by opening book and removing them.

Verna Westbrookville, NY

too precious

I found this baby book when we were expecting our first baby. Loved it and have since had our 2nd son and bought him the same book with a different cover of course. We love the picture and foot/print pics on the front (messless ink kit included) and all of the pages of information, pictures etc. inside.

Tina Point Pleasant, PA

Good for DIY

This isn’t the traditional baby book that has all the spots for the "firsts". It’s more open to allow you to record what you want to record. The front is beautiful though.

Sara Gatlinburg, TN

I Love This Book!

I didn’t get to look at the book in the store, but I put it on my registry. When I received it I thought it was great. The pages are removeable. The book has spaces for photo on one side and topics on the other. Several page topics include: mommy, daddy, how we met, coming home, a family tree and other pages up to include their 5th birthday.It’s wonderful to just sit down when you get a minute and breeze thru the book and add a picture or notes as you reminise on how your baby has grown in only a few weeks/months. I am not good at scrapbooking and this book was wonderful so that I could put together a nice little history for my son. Each page has small suggestions on what to put on each page which is helpful, and on the family tree page, I plan to order small wallet size pictures of his grandparents, great-parents wedding photos if I can round them all up. I do wish there was a page for Christening, but I used one of the blank pages in the back to put his invitation and photo.I highly recommend this product and the company. I also recommend for preserving family memories the Family Tree Legacies: Preserving Memories Throughout Timeby Alison Stacy.

Doreen Hunker, PA

great find and I highly recommend this to anyone with a new arrival!!

Love this baby book, no other has the option to put the baby foot print in the front. It is good for either sex and is of high quality:)

Clarice Fitzwilliam, NH


Love this baby book. You can take out whatever pages you don’t need and the stickies for the pictures/mementos are removable so you can place them somewhere else if you decide you don’t like where you have it. It’s good quality and very cute.

Julia Cleverdale, NY

Cute book, plenty of pages.

Well organized and lots of room to record memories. Foot print is easy, although I wish the cover page would show both feet. Easy to insert photos, but it would be nicer to have some kind of plastic protection.

Shana Portage, WI

Nice baby book with printing error

I got this book twice from amazon. I returned it first because it has 2 pages of info for “daddy” and none for mom.The rest of it works.The replacement has the same issue so I’m assuming all of them with white cover in a certain batch are like this.I really like the ink idea and the rest of the book that’s why I don’t want to send it back anymore. At this point I’ll just print my own headline and glue it over the original. (probably can make something more interesting anyways).I’m leaving the review in case someone intends to correct these books at some point.

Emilie South Bend, IN

Great baby book!

Lots of pages for all sorts of life events. Love that you can take pages out and put them back in. The footprint idea is very original and not messy at all!The only con is that it is a little tricky to get the pages back in once you’ve taken them out… not super easy to get the screws back in, but no biggie.Especially for the price this is a great book!

Yvonne Cranford, NJ