Pearhead Side Photo Album, Chocolate

Pearhead Side Photo Album, Chocolate

Store all or your cherished family memories with the Pearhead Side Photo Album. With easy to load slide-in photo pocket pages, it makes creating the perfect photo album a snap. Why not have a photo on the side? Now you can place these adorable albums on any bookcase or shelf, displaying a full array of cherished family photos. All Side Photo Albums come with a sheet of pre-printed personalized labels to define the theme of the album. Whether it be dates or titles, the personalized labels allow you to create your own unique album. Album holds 200 standard 4″x 6″ photos. Album cover holds one 3.5″ x 3.5″ photo. Album spine holds one 1.68″ x 1.87″ photo.

Main features

  • Fabric covered photo album stores all of your favorite photos
  • Opening on front cover to display your baby’s 3.5″ x 3.5″ photo
  • Additional opening on spine to display a cute 1.68″ x 1.87″ photo
  • Includes a page of sayings for personalization
  • 50 acid-free slip in photo pocket pages

Verified reviews


Love how it is so simple

I have been on the search for a very simple baby photo album. I’m not the type to like the standard Baby Albums with trains, bears, butterflies, king/princess themes, etc. It took me a while to find this and I love it. It comes with labels on the inside that you can insert in the spine of the album to indicate year/age/etc. It is very simple and timeless, I can put them anywhere in the house and they will not look out of place. The pictures are easy to insert and have an area to write descriptions and other information next to each picture. I bought three and I’m thinking about buying three more for future use (you never know if you will be able to get more when you need them).

Celia Chassell, MI

Just okay — not especially great and somewhat overpriced

For $20, I expected more than what I received with this photo album. For the most part, this is an ordinary album with a few stickers to personalize it. The photo pages are decent. But, on a few, the separators between photos had come loose and it did not hold the photographs in place very well.Overall, I think you’d do better buying photo albums at Kohls, Target, etc. As it stands, this one is not worth the price.

Olga Ebensburg, PA

Simple, yet elegant!

I know that’s a little corny, but it’s true! Great binding! I love the options for the title on the spine. Holds all landscape pictures, so I trim my favorite portrait pics into squares. Nice and easy album!

Enid Gauley Bridge, WV


Very happy with this album, it is cute, and very sturdy. The front picture and binding picture are also a nice touch for organization

Dorothy Kahului, HI

Pricey for what you get.

I bought this album because I liked the idea of having a picture on the spine and cover, however, these features are what you are being charged for, and I have to ask, what is so special about a cut out covered in plastic that one must charge $20? Honestly, the album is functional, and I like it enough, but the paper quality is rather cheap, as is the plastic that makes up the picture inserts.I think the album is attractive, but in the future, I would not buy another one like it at this price.

Jimmie Spangle, WA

loved it

i’m going to order more, the picture on the front and side are such a great idea.

Kendra Hanover, ME

Perfect for Great Grandparents

I love this album. Bought 2 for two different sets of great grandparents. I filled it out with our baby’s photos from the first few months of her life and am printing off more 4×6 photos as she grows that I mail to them for them to add to the album.I LOVE the side photo frame and title block.

Loraine Hereford, AZ


I LOVE this album. It is very simple on the outside, you can put a cute picture of your baby on the front as well as on the side and it has a room on the side for short description. No more looking through albums to see which is which. You can mark it on the outside and know exactly which time frame of your baby’s life is inside. If you’re like me and you fill up albums quickly, this is great. Another plus, it has several imprinted lines next to each photo for a description. My prior albums had 3 lines, not very much. This has twice as much or so, so you can write more of your precious memories next to each photo. Another plus, doesn’t look too baby like unless you put a newborn’s picture in it :), so it is great for toddlers and preschoolers as well, perhaps even school years. Absolutely perfect, I have nothing negative to say about this, in fact, I will be buying more soon. I received a prompt service from seller as well. AAAA+++++ all the way.

Rosemary Winona, MO

Well made. Looks nice.

Great photo book. I’ll be ordering more of these as a new mom taking WAY too many pictures of my little girl! Love the windows on the outside and the personalization options. Doesn’t look cheap and well made.

Katheryn Clarence, NY

Beautiful quality.

This album is just what I wanted and needed. I already have a memory book for my son (where I can record milestones, etc., in more detail), but I like having a place to put random pictures of his first year. This album is simple, but beautiful. There isn’t a lot of room for writing anything beside each picture, but there is a small space to do that. The cover is thick and durable, and the whole album holds up nicely. (I have the pink album for my two-year old daughter, too.) Overall, a lovely, simple album that keeps my pictures organized.

Lavonne Gold Hill, OR

Simple and nice!

I love this photo album since you can put the photo in front and on the side. Plus its simplicity makes it really nice. Will buy more of this!

Callie Rutland, IL

nice heavy duty

This album is super chic and stylish. I really like it. Nothing special just a cute photo album where you can put a pic in the front page. I haven’t had any problems of it being cheap or the plastic pages ripping.

Marcella Fanrock, WV

LOVE this album!

I purchased this photo book to use as a documentation of my baby’s first year of life. There are tabs to write next to the photos and this was perfect for me. It is a very high quality product and I love the side picture on the binding. I will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future. I HIGHLY recommend this for parents and grandparents especially.

Lynne Slater, IA