Pearhead Sonogram Frame, Mahogany

Pearhead Sonogram Frame, Mahogany

Frame the adorable little sneak peek of your baby with the Pear Head Sonogram Frame. With a hand-finished frame, and acid-free beveled mat, you can protect and display this wonderful keepsake for the whole family to enjoy. Also included are cute little phrases that you can placed below your sonogram. With phrases such as “bun in the oven”, and “love at first sight” you are sure to fine a phrase that truly warms the heart.

Main features

  • Elegant hand finished wooden frame
  • Personalized phrases
  • Simple and modern look
  • For boy or girl
  • Perfect shower gift

Verified reviews


Beautiful frame!

I absolutely love this frame, it is beautiful! I was surprised when I received it to see that there were actually several different sayings you can put in the little window, I liked ‘coming soon’ the best, and they each come in either blue or pink. I definately recommend it for anyone who’s expecting, or knows someone that is!

Rosemary Hamel, IL


Love this frame! It is a very nice quality and color, it is not cheap or childish in any way. It comes with labels to insert under the sonogram photo. We’ve been referring to our little guy as our “Bun”, and there was even a label included “bun in the oven”. Perfect!The labels included are in blue, pink, and a neutral (I’m not sure if this was in the product description, but here it is again).

Deborah Peshastin, WA

Only one complaint

The little "it’s a boy" or "its a girl", whichever you decide to put in that tiny little window, it doesn’t sit there very well and I ended up having to tape the little piece in there. Other than that, I love it. In fact, it’s still sitting on a shelf a year later.

Louella Davisburg, MI

Loved it — Didn’t come with all labels though

I bought this knowing that, based on some of the reviews, it may not come with all of the labels as some had. This one only came with a handful of sayings in brown font, and then with the same ones in several languages. I plan to just use the opposite side and write in the baby’s name anyway, so not a big deal. Would have been nice to have all of the labels though for more options.

Georgia Imbler, OR

So cute

The material is very nice, very cute,I love everything.And you can have the message in many language so I love that !

Kelly Prattville, AL

Here I am!

It’s life in a picture displayed in a beautiful frame. Very tasteful and a great memory to share with others.

Isabelle Welsh, LA

The best sonogram frame on the market!!!!

There are a ton of sonogram frames and I find most of them poorly made, ugly in design, and too gender specific. The Pearhead Sonogram Frame is simply beautiful. It’s classic yet modern in style and can fit nicely with almost any decor. The actual frame is really nice too, solid wood, and comes in white, black, and mahogany. The matte is a soft white and the cutouts for the sonogram and pharses are clean cut and perfect in size. Some people have complained that their frames didn’t arrive with all 10 sayings and that there were spelling errors as well. This wasn’t the case with the two frames I ordered. Both frames arrived undamaged and arrived with all 10 sayings, no misspellings. The phrases come in two sets, one pacakged along with the frame, the second right behind the actual backing of the frame. The pharases come in English, Spanish, and French, which is very nice too! I found that my sonongram picture was a perfect fit for this frame, not too big or small. I love that I can replace the phrases as I continue to add different sonogram pictures throughout my pregnancy as well. I also got this frame for my mother as her birthday gift too, since it was the perfect way to let her know she will be a grandmother for the very first time. Needless to say, she loved getting the news, but also loved the quality of the frame as well. The price for this frame is competative with other sites that sell it, but I did find it cheaper on another site and got it there instead. With that said, I HIGHLY recommend the Pearhead Sonogram Frame for anyone looking for a beautiful, affordable, and classic sonogram frame for themselves or for a gift. You won’t be dissapointed and most importantly, this is a beautiful way to present your pregnancy. Anyone getting this frame would be happy to recieve such a lovely and thoughtful gift as well. Even after the child is born, you can continue to use this frame for years to come. This is a must have for all mommies to be!!!!

Nell Malaga, NM