Peewees Disposable Multi-Use Pads – 36 Pack

Peewees Disposable Multi-Use Pads – 36 Pack

These oversized, quilted, disposable pads are not just for changing. Use them anywhere you need a clean place to lay baby down, or as a lap pad or shoulder pad. These 100 percent waterproof pads are soft, sanitary, and portable. Pack them in your diaper bag, stroller pouch–even your pocketbook. And the blue and red teddy bear design makes them as cute as they are practical.

Main features

  • 36 multi-use pads – 13″ x 19″
  • 3-ply facial tissue
  • Dispenser box
  • Channeled to avoid run-off

Verified reviews


Average nail clipper set

Purchased these clippers to cut my baby’s nails. They work fine, but are basically just smaller versions of adult clippers, and don’t have any safety features to keep you from cutting baby’s skin. Nothing special, but they do the job if you’re careful.

Deena Syracuse, NY

cheaper and as effective to get regular under pads at pharmacy

People…please don’t get ripped off. I went to Walgreens and got a large 50 count of underlayment pads that fit perfectly on our changing table for 3.99 Please don’t fall victim to the cute designs and baby marketing gimmicks. These work…but you can get the exact same thing at your pharmacy for much much less.

Saundra Hillburn, NY

Handy to keep a few of these in your diaper bag.

I like to keep a few of these with me for changing in public places or changing an extra dirty diaper. Just the right size, and leakproof.

Shawn Neosho Falls, KS

Very small in size – might as well use paper towel

These are very small in size and “paper-towel-like”, kinda feel like napkins that are made with recycled paper. We bought a pack and just couldn’t use it because it is so small. I’d rather just use paper towel instead if I were to use these. For us we now use the babies R Us brand, they are much bigger and has a plastic feel to it, which is much more durable.

Etta Rogersville, TN

Great item!!!

This was the best purchase!! These work great and have saved our changing pad from being stained!!! They are just like the paper they put under your chin at the dentist office – and they work great!!! We use each one a few times – unless it gets dirty on the first use – then just toss it. Great to have in the diaper bag as well – don’t feel so bad using the changers in the bathroom with these!!!

Judy Appleton, NY

Save yourself lots of laundry!

I love these and will be buying more. I like that is made of tissue paper and nothing plastic. They absorb pretty well–I admit that when my son decides to pee in the middle of a diaper change the sheet does get wet very fast, but 95% of the time it doesn’t leak into my changing pad sheet. I usually throw away the wet peewee pad right away so it doesn’t have time to leak anyway. These really are a lifesaver and save me from excess washing of the changing pad cover. I only wish that Amazon sold the 108 ct instead of just the 36 ct pack.

Billie Oberlin, KS

My Favorite Pads

Love these. They are thin, but I like that as they are disposable, and I feel better about less waste. I use them mostly out of the house, but occasionally use them preemptively for messy diapers at home, too. They do rip easily, but you’ll learn quickly how to handle them to avoid it. Better priced than most, too.

Tonia Flower Mound, TX