Peg-Perego 2010 Pliko P3 Stroller, Paloma

Peg-Perego 2010 Pliko P3 Stroller, Paloma

The ultimate, complete stroller, Pliko P3 has all of Peg Perego?s great features: One-hand folding system, Travel System-compatibility, rear footboard for an older child, all-wheel suspension and more!

Main features

  • Maxium comfort for all seasons and the many comfort features adapt as your baby grows, such as the the front bumper hinges open for access to baby, or removes as baby becomes a toddler
  • Height-adjustable, telescoping handles with ergonomic rubber grips and a cup holder that attaches and detaches easily
  • Peg-perego’s unique 5 point freedom of movement harness makes it convenient for mom and confortable for the child to be securely fastened into the stroller
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum frame makes the pliko P3 very lightweight, yet durable enough to last for more than one child
  • All-wheel suspension, front wheels that swivel or lock and one-step rear wheel brakes

Verified reviews


Not worth the price.

Considering I paid over $350 for this stroller, it was a total disappointment. I was expecting more especially after reading all of the great reviews. Two issues: The design of it overall was just poor and the materials it was made of was cheap.

Berta West Brookfield, MA

Umbrella Stroller

This folds up into an umbrella and stands upright. Can be used as a main stroller for people living in apartments since it has a compact fold compared to a graco type stroller. This one does not tip over when you hang bags on the handle. Also, the basket is accessible from the side so it works even if your baby is reclined. Basket is not large but you can fit a small diaper bag underneath. The recline is not completely flat but it is good enough with decent padding (more padding than pliko mini). The canopy is larger than most umbrella strollers (larger and nicer than pliko mini). It weighs 20 pounds. Not lightweight especially for carrying up a lot of stairs. The handles can be adjusted once to make it longer for taller people. The only annoying thing is every time I try to pull the canopy all the way down it pops off the rail. Update: I called the manufacturer and was able to order a new canopy. I had to pay for extra for shipping costs. As my toddler grew heavier (25+pds), this stroller became harder to push but it has good head room for a tall toddler. Update after 2 years: I mainly use the pliko mini. this is a pain to push. If i were to do it all over again i would skip this and the pliko mini and just get the Uppababy G-luxe.

Manuela North Lake, WI


I have had 5 different strollers in the last 2 years and this has been my favorite.Pro’s:-Big canopy-Big underneath basket-Snack tray-Parent drink holder and pocket-Adjustable height of handles-Step for older child to stand on-Easy cleaning materialCon’s:-Smooth ride but cannot turn with one handed-Snack tray is a little smallI would of rated this stroller 5 stars if it was easier to turn with one hand. I cannot talk on my phone and push this stroller at the same time.

Cora Loganville, WI

It’s adorable

It’s beautiful and it looks sturdy and good quality, but haven’t been able to use it yet because baby hasn’t arrived. Once baby is here, I’ll review ease to use, functionality. In the meantime I just can say it looks fantastic and works perfect with the Primo Viaggio car seat (which also is Paloma). It just clicks and that’s it.Dec 25th update:Baby is here and I can say that is very easy to use, it looks beautiful and drives smoothly. It’s not huge if you take into consideration that is a complete travel system; however, if you have a small trunk you better choose something else. I have and Accura RDX and have just little space in my trunk when the stroller is there.

Maude Gilboa, WV

Great Stroller – I’ve tried 7 others

I bought the Pilko P3 7 years ago and used it with two kids and then my friend used it after that. So this review isn’t for this exact model but I can’t imagine the Pilko P3 has chnaged much since.I used it 6-10 times a week every week for 3 years. Which means I open and close it 12-20 times a week and it held up great! After researching strollers for hours and hours I was in limbo with one of those Graco (or similar brand) travel systems and this stroller. We decided on one of the Graco Travel systems and were very unhappy. The price tag is hard to beat but they are SO big, SO heavy, you need a forklift to get them in the car, you need an SUV to fit them, it was very hard to push, the wheels were squeaky right away, the fabric was ugly, it felt cheap, etc.After seeing that, I returned it and spent the extra money for this stroller, and I am SOOOOO happy I did. The fabric looks great and I let my kids eat and drink in there all the time. I can’t tell you how many bottles have leaked, cracker crumbs spilled, etc., etc. and I didn’t had to do anything but wipe it a few times with wet wipes. I am not joking. The fabric did not tear and didn’t look faded in the least. But I also always store it in doors.It is light, and very easy to push and smooth smooth smooth! I am still amazed that it’s everything – very plush, comfortable, light and compact. How’d they do it???? It was very comfortable for my 40 lbs. three year old and also very comfortable for my 20 lbs. one year old. It fit nicely in my small car, and my large SUV.It has some things that could stand improvement and maybe they have with this model? There is no parent tray (annoying!) but if that’s what I have to loose for this compact stroller I will. I just hung my purse over one of the handles and I didn’t have any problems. It didn’t seem to veer to one side when I did that either. I also hung my diaper bag over the back too. The drink holder for the parent is so small it doesn’t hold the average water bottle and it broke off in 2 months – ANNOYING after paying so much. Instead I just tucked it into the huge sun canopy, as when it’s not being used it formed nice large folds to store things in.Also when I first bought it, the sun canopy kept unclipping on one side and I had to keep popping it back into place. I am almost 100% positive I had a defective hood as none of my friends had that problem.All three of my friends who got the larger Graco ones regretted it, and one actually went and bought one of these.The selling points for me are:1) The HUGE sun canopy that is so large it can be pushed down all the way so as to cover your baby up completely so is perfect for when the sun in low in the sky and your walking towards it, or when it’s windy. Nobody beats Peg Pergo and their sun canopies.2) The recline. It reclines flat or almost flat and very easily.3) Easy and smooth pushing.4) Snack tray and cup holder that can unhook on one side so you can push it open for diaper changes – or come off completely if your child doesn’t want it. My kids are snackers – so I don’t buy a stroller unless it’s got this feature.5) Easy folding and light.I LOVE Peg Perego’s harness system that is 5point but also unhooks from the back of the seat so that they can sit forward. They are still hooked in to the 5 point system and still connected to the stroller, but they have much move movability without any danger or chance of escape. I LOVE this and so do my WIGGGGGGLY toddlers.If the price tag is too much the Combi SoHo is awesome too!I also love, love, love, love LOVE the Bob Stroller. I had one and almost prefer it over this.

Latasha Village, AR

Best Stroller Around!!

I picked the Pliko P3 because I wanted the packability of an umbrella stroller, but all the features of a regular full-size stroller. This is the best stroller for that! I love that it’s weighted and balanced so you can hang your purse/diaper bag/shopping purchases/etc. on the handle and it doesn’t tip over! I love the basket below–it’s nice and big enough for most of my junk. Love the hinged snack tray for the little one–very handy and not something you usually get in an umbrella stroller. I also love how big the hood is. You can lay the back down almost flat and the hood nearly covers to the snack tray. The toddler step on the back is also nice if you have more than one kiddo with you. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I would totally recommend this stroller to anyone!

Nadia Watertown, SD