Peg-Perego 2011 Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat, Paloma

Peg-Perego 2011 Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat, Paloma

IMPV00US35UT13PL46 Features: -Infant car seat.-Adapts to Perego strollers.-Prima upholstery.-5 – 30 lbs / 30 inches.-5 point harness latch system or seat belt. Includes: -Base included. Color/Finish: -Color: Paloma / Cream. Collection: -Primo Viaggio collection.

Main features

  • Side impact protection (SIP) includes an exclusive Confort-Dry pad for the seat and safety-padded wings to protect baby’s head
  • Designed to accommodate babies up to 22 pounds or up to 30 inches
  • 5-point restraint belt system with one-hand adjustment
  • Adjustable base installs in car with LATCH system or seat belts
  • Indicator level shows correct installation angle

Verified reviews


Ridiculous not practical.

I purchased this for my daughter to use with our bugaboo because it seemed to be the best. I regret it and can’t wait to get rid of it. She is noticeably uncomfortable whenever she is in it, it is ridiculously heavy (My wife never carries it) and the straps always always twist. Trying to set this up with a fussy baby is not easy. It has become a hassle taking our daughter out, we have to wait for her to be sleepy so we can strap her in. For the almost $300 I paid for this, I really think it was a let down. Also, peg perego customer service is a joke. I wont even begin on this topic. We are looking at convertible seats on amazon today.

Cherry Liberty, WV

Love a lot about it, but it’s only OK.

First, I love a lot about this seat. It is made of wonderful material that is breathable and every single piece of it comes apart so that you can wash it, which is a huge plus when you have a little one with reflux. However, overall the seat is only okay and possibly dangerous.The latch that secures the shoulder strap in front of the child’s chest is flimsy. It is a regular latch like you might find on a dog collar or closing a backpack, which would be fine if it was made of really hard plastic and gave a nice, loud “click” when it was properly engaged, but it isn’t and it doesn’t. It latches together with only a faint “click” sound and after months of use that sound went away. I took it off to clean it thinking it must be clogged with milk and when I was holding it in my hands I realized that if I pulled really hard the latch came undone! I called Peg Perego to get a new one and that one did the same thing so I have stopped using the seat. I am not a super strong woman, and I would think that me pulling in either direction on the latch should not be enough force to separate it. If it can be that easily separated by hand, how would it perform in an accident?

Ella Davis Wharf, VA

expletives fly every time I use this car seat

The straps ALWAYS tangle twist and get stuck, ALWAYS!! I spend a good 10-15 min every time adjusting the straps and locking the front buckle (which requires you to line up two plastic pieces and slide them into the center locking mechanism – try that with a squirmy baby!) I think this is a major safety issue, since I can see some people may not bother to untwist the straps if they are in a hurry.My boy still doesn’t understand so I proceed to strap him in while cursing the car seat for the duration of the strap-in procedure.We have this car seat installed on my husband’s car and a Graco in mine. Here’s a quick comparison:The peg perego compared to the graco, looks MUCH safer, more solid, and even more comfortable. It is heavier, but because it’s better cushioned. (I really don’t try to remove it from the car, unless I absolutely have to). The Graco is lighter, more portable, questionable safety IMO, easier to strap baby in, and of course, cheaper. Also, my boy outgrew the Graco a long time ago, but is still using the peg perego. Gives us a break from having to buy two replacement car seats at the same time…..

Leslie Yerkes, KY

Worth the $$$

I am surprised to read some of these reviews. Of course, I may have different priorities when it comes to car seats than others. I LIKE that this car seat is heavier than others on the market. It is one of the reasons we selected it. I didn’t purchase this seat as a convenient infant carrier (I have a baby carrier for that) – I want a solid car seat that will cushion my child from the force of an accident. Plus, it’s not THAT heavy.When properly installed, this car seat does not move more than a slight wiggle – no where close to an inch. Even at the top of the base (the loose end). The base almost hugs the seat in our car, so I feel much better about being rear-ended, as the seat would not lift very far. The seat is solid. The straps and SIP adjust very easily. The base was incredibly easy to install (we’re using the LATCH system). I really like the knob that will raise/lower the base to the proper angle. It is easy to turn.The only drawback is that the release on the back of the seat requires a very hard squeeze to remove the seat from the base or from the Peg Perego stroller we purchased. But again, I don’t want it to be “easy” to detach the car seat from the base. That’s the whole point of a car seat – to keep my baby in one place should the worst happen.

Judith Nottingham, NH

Not very user friendly

i have to first say that this seat is very sturdy and safe which is obviously paramount when it comes to car seats. however, this seat is a pain and almost every time i use it i mutter to myself something about how much i dislike it. first i would say that the seat is heavy and cumbersome and i am sure that there are seats out there that are lighter and smaller. next i would say that the carry handle does not move into a back position easily at all; i am constantly trying to click the round circles in in order to move the bar back to get my son into the seat. lastly i would say that the pull strap to tighten the shoulder straps is pretty tough to pull. again, this is a safe seat but i feel as though you can find a seat just as safe without all of these drawbacks. it also doesn’t help that the seat is so expensive and yet i get frustrated with it every time i use it.

Adela Humboldt, NE

Love love the seat

The seat is great, my child is 7 month and it happens often that the poo leaks it’s sooo easy to clean with a wipe and some soap and done no need to washhowever, the seat is heavy and very warm so very good during the winter but not really for the summer I took off all the cushion

Andrea Saint Charles, KY

best buy for sure!

this was rated one of the safest car seats and as an added bonus it was pleather and SUPER easy to clean. Loved one had a few diaper leaks in it all i had to do it pull out the cloth and through it in the washer the used my kitchen cleaner on the leather and DONE! Used it for the frist 9 months only bc loved one grow to tall for it so we had to switch to another size but the weight goes up to 30lb or 30 in and at a little over a year loved one is 19lb and 30 inPlus it fits with the BOB stroller with IM IN LOVE WITH… its also on my momies must buy list!

Sheena Taiban, NM

Safe but extremely heavy

This car seat is the heaviest thing ever. I’ve tried a Britax and my daugther hates it, so we went back to the peg perego and she is OK once we are moving in the car. For me is a nightmare, it’s so heavy I can barely lift it in the car. Even worse during winter when you have to almost run from the car to the nearest door with this EXTRA heavy seat. My husband says is sturdy and well made, and I don’t doubt it but the best car seat is the one you can easily use and this is literally a pain in the back.

Meredith Camp Crook, SD