Peg-Perego 2011 Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat, Pois Black

Peg-Perego 2011 Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat, Pois Black

IMPV00US35PG13PP13 Features: -Infant car seat.-Adapts to Perego strollers.-5 – 30 lbs / 30 inches.-5 point harness latch system or seat belt. Includes: -Base included. Color/Finish: -Color: Pois Black / Black Dots. Collection: -Primo Viaggio collection.

Main features

  • Exceeds the most stringent side impact protection safety standards in the world – including NHTSA and FAA standards
  • Adjustable side impact protection is easy to adjust in 5 vertical positions to keep babies safe and comfortable as they grow
  • Headrest and padding made of soft confort dry microfiber cloth that stays dry and allows proper ventilation
  • Primo Viaggio offers a 5-point harness and comes with a large adjustable hood that protects baby from the elements
  • Designed for transporting a baby weighing 5 to 30 pounds or up to 30″ long and includes the car seat base – rear facing only

Verified reviews


Too small/ uncomfortable fit/ heavy/ hot polyester

Our 6 month old boy is tall for his age, but I really thought that this seat would’ve accommodated him for longer. In some ways I’m glad he outgrew it because he always seemed uncomfortable in this seat. He was always smashed in there sitting awkwardly.The car seat is too heavy for me to carry with one hand which means when leaving the house, first I have to bring my diaper bag to the car and then come back in the house for the baby in his car seat.The fabric is polyester, gets burning hot in summer. The ear flaps also get hot.Our 6 month old hates his seat so much that I avoid driving in the car altogether.At the end of the day, the Peg Perego is about the most uncomfortable seat you could ever force a baby into.

Pamela Midway, TX

Happy picky mom.

I have 7-yr-old twins and thought my family was complete, so I ditched all my baby stuff. When our surprise baby #3 entered the equation, I had to buy all new stuff and swore I wouldn’t make the same baby item mistakes with this baby that I did with the twins…like the infant car seat. After months of research, I ordered a seat through Amazon. When it arrived, I realized that it wouldn’t work, so I returned it (thanks, Amazon). The hunt was back on.Finally, I purchased the Peg-Perego Primo Vaggio SIP. Out of the box, I was happy with the design – nice fabric, good handle grip size (some are too fat for girl hands), nice big canopy, and user-friendly buttons/lock releases. Now that the baby is here, I’m even more pleased with the purchase. Unlike other reviewers, I found that my baby is MUCH more comfy in this than in the Graco seats I had with our twins. Her head does not flop around like theirs did, she seems cozy and falls asleep every time we use the seat. I even put her in the seat and bring her into the bathroom so that I can shower.The majority of complaints I saw were about the straps tangling. It is my experience that ALL 3- and 5-point harness straps tangle and are a bit of a pain. In any case, I have had no difficulty with them at all. I’m also shocked to see that folks complain about the size and weight of this seat. Yes, it is bulky to lug around. So are all infant car seats. No infant car seat is really ideal for carrying long distances. That’s what snap-n-go strollers are for!In a nutshell: I love this seat and would recommend it.UPDATE: After five months, I still love this car seat and would buy it again. However, I have a few minor complaints that I wish I had known in advance. 1. The canopy ends RIGHT at the handle when it is in the carrying position. That means when I stick it in the crook of my arm, the canopy pops out of it’s locked position. That brings me to gripe #2. The canopy only has two positions – open or folded. It will NOT stay half way. Finally, gripe #3. It is very difficult to find a car seat cover (e.g. Bundle Me) to fit around the head rests. I ended up buying four different styles and, naturally, only the most expensive one fit over the side impact wings.

Elma Tollhouse, CA

Safety first

This carseat is the safest thing I could ever consider putting my child in. That being said, my kid (2 months) screams and cries each and every second he’s in the carseat. I think it’s because he’s so snug inside of it, but “mommy knows best” and I realize now that I bought the best carseat for the safety of my baby. It’s no lightweight, but neither is any other seat out there. It fits perfectly into our Uppababy Vista stroller (with a purchased adapter). I love the gender neutral colors (black/grey) and I plan to use it with our next baby.

Terra Sharon, VT

First impressions

First and foremost, I have no practical review for this product. My baby isn’t due for another couple months but I will give my first impression. I LOVE it.When I was looking for infant car seats, I was giving myself a headache! There are so many pro’s and con’s to each one, personal opinions etc.One of the things that I read was some people said that this car seat was heavy,but I disagree. I find it difficult to life most things and compared to the Graco infant car seat I had with my daughter, I didn’t find it particularly heavy or cumbersome.Also, and probably the most important aspect in my decision is that this car seat has no black on it, except the base and the handlebar. I LOVE that! I find it extremely annoying that so many baby products are so DARK. I wanted a happy, light(er) color for my son to be riding around in and this was perfect. The shades of green are so nice!!The head/body insert also looks very nice and comfortable.The overall fabric feels well made and breathable.

Rosie Novinger, MO

Heavy for a reason

I’m a mom of 3 and haves used Peg seats since 2002. Currently, we have both a Graco Snugride and this Primo Viaggio. The Graco is used with the 2011 Bob jogging stroller car seat adapter as Peg does not work with it in Bob’s newly redesigned 2011 strollers. So the Graco is not used in my Lexus RX and it stays with my jogger. If you put these two brands side by side, you can see & feel the difference: Graco is inferior in material & has no side impact protection for child’s head. My baby’s head rattles around in the Graco so I use A snuzzler insert to brace her head. With the Peg I don’t have to do this. The Graco’s fabric is a little sweaty with nylon fabric, Peg has a Comfort Dry. What it boils down to is which one will withstand a crash…I’d venture to say Peg is safer. The Graco is so plasticy & light but that is reflected in their price. It’s not often I’m lugging baby around without a snap n go type car seat stroller ( I use both a Joovy Caboose & the Baby Trend brand ).The follow up seat we’ve used after 30lbs is Recaro, another superior brand and they make awesome convertible seats to boosters.Viva Italia!

Patrice Goleta, CA

Sturdy and well built

I did lots of research before buying car seat and stroller and ended up with Peg Perego and I am not disappointed. This car seat is sturdy and I feel safe transporting my LO in it. Even got complemented on it in NICu by nurses while doing the car seat challenge.What I like about it:- made in Italy- nice quality fabrics- very comfy newborn insert- easy to install with the base, snaps in- works great with Peg Perego stroller frame – snaps in, just like in the car base- very sturdy- goes up to 30 lb- nice, big hood- Pois grey color is nice for a little boy and nice escape from super bright baby colors (hubby appreciates it)I have read many reviews on this car seat complaining about the weight and I was little concerned. It turns out, it is heavy, but I find it a plus – I know, that my child is safe in it. I am still able to carry it around if needed, but most of the time I use it with the stroller base, so if this is your plan, I highly recommend it.I think the only thing I don’t like about this seat is that the handle is not suppose to be in front of the baby in car mode, so no hanging toys from it to entertain the little one.

Teri Abbeville, LA

Bomb Proof. Very happy with our choice

We bought this car seat for our newborn daughter. As first time parents we were worried about every consumer choice, and did a lot of reading on safety records and reviews of infant car seats. The Peg came out as the clear leader…with a hefty pricetag…so we opted for the last-years-model to save money and keep peace of mind regarding safety.PROS:- This car seat is bomb proof. We don’t mind the weight. As one other reviewer mentioned, it is heavy for a reason.- Side impact protection is still not standard on other car seats, making the Peg Perego with the ‘SIP’ an industry leader.- I love the neutral green and other colors offered.- All of the fabric is easy to remove and reattach for laundering – as we have had to do several times due to voluminous spit up.- The seat has an incline meter to show you if you have installed the seat at the correct angle.- Our daughter is comfortable in the carseat, even when cinched in quite tightly.- It rocks! No…I mean, literally it has a rocking base for easy foot rocking while at a restaurant or elsewhere.CONS:- For safety, the carseat is a bit more upright than some of the other models, meaning that the baby is in less of a sleeping posture in the car. Sometimes her head flops forward because of this. She doesn’t mind, but it looks awkward.- You need to use both hands simultaneously to push the side buttons to move the handle. It would be LOVELY if this could be a one hand operation.- We recently did a plane trip and had to use the carseat in taxis and friends’ cars without the base. It is awkward to use the carseat alone with a seatbelt and is difficult to adjust correctly.

Lilly Chestnutridge, MO

Safe and great for a fast growing baby

I have owned two of the Primo Viaggio car seats and we LOVE them. After seeing and handling other car seats with babies of friends and family I would never purchase anything different. I feel like this car seat is so much sturdier and my baby is protected so much better in this seat. I love that the newer versions come with the side impact protection for the baby’s head. Not only is this a great safety feature, it is a very clear visual for when everything needs to be raised to fit the growing baby. Also, raising it is so much easier than previous versions of this car seat (or other car seats). You simply grab the clip in the back and pull, just like unhooking it from the car. This raises the side impact protection and straps as baby gets taller.I also love that this car seat goes up to 30 lbs and 30″. These are the largest numbers I have seen for an infant car seat, which makes the purchase price well worth it. I have very large children (my most recent being 22″ and 9.5 lbs at birth) which means infant car seats aren’t usable for very long with my kids. I was able to use this car seat far longer than I would have had I bought any other brand. Plus I owned a small SUV so fitting a car seat in the back seat once we could no longer keep it in the middle was an issue. The Peg-Perego fit perfectly.As far as portability, the handle on this car seat is very easy to grip (unlike the zig zagged handles of other car seats) or slip your arm through. As my baby is now over 20 lbs I do find it a bit heavy to carry but he is also able to sit up so we tend to put him in the stroller instead. This also clips easily in to any Peg-Perego stroller and sits easily in many other strollers. We had a smaller Pliko P3, we now have the Uno, and we have a larger double stroller. All three of which the Primo Viaggio has worked perfectly with.And my favorite part about the Peg-Perego selection is the variety of bright colors!

Leila Wycombe, PA

Great car seat

Since I have a Peg Perego stroller, I needed a car seat to match. This one gets the job done with style. Came with base that uses the LATCH system so I can leave that in the car and just take the whole seat in and out of the car as needed. Probably one of my favorite purchases out of everything I got for my son. There are areas you can skimp on the kid stuff, but I didn’t want to skimp on a car seat and I’m glad I got this one.

Frieda Hormigueros, PR

Amazing for a picky mom !!!!

I am very very very picky costumer & even pickier MOM, and this car seat exceeded my expectations by far!!!This was an amazing find! My daughter is 10 years old and we are expecting our 2nd in couple of month. I had to start all over again with baby gear & all things baby may need. This car seat is everything I was looking for and the price is UNBEATABLE! It is not the latest model, but the year before. have no problems with that at all. If you are looking for the most safe car seat this is it! Unpopular color also will save you $$$.This color is just what you see on the screen, seat is so comfy & so soft, fabric has great feel to it, defiantly great quality. All comes out to be able to wash. Have all the BELLS & WHISTLES you can think of.Does not even compare to EVENFLOW, GRACO or any other popular brands. You get so much more than buying "THE BEST" from all other brands. It is not the lightest seat but defiantly the safes & most good looking too – quite important to me 🙂 Fits in my JEEP jogger perfectly.I would never switch to a different brand, I found the best for my baby !!! Highly recommended !

Daphne Nashua, NH

wonderful car seat!

This car seat is great! I am a first time Mom and bought this because of its great safety rating. Fortunately, that has not been tested yet. However, for day to day use, this car seat has been great. My daughter is almost 5 months old (50th percentile height and weight), and she still fits into it without a problem. She seems comfortable and happy while riding in it. I like how easy it is easy to carry, transfer between cars and use on our stroller.

Marilyn Junedale, PA

Great Infant Car Seat

Built well easy to use. I feel like all the side impact feature really keeps my child safe. I like the green color too because we didn’t find the gender of our child and this was neutral without being plain.

Judi Rogers, MN

Good car seat

For the most part we really like this car seat. When our daughter was born the hospital actually required that we bring the car seat into the hospital for them to conduct a test with (they put the baby in it for an extended period of time and monitored her vitals)and the nurse actually commented on what a nice car seat it was. Our baby is now 11 weeks and so far so good. She does fuss when we initially put her in but I think that’s just her being fussy and not necessarily her being uncomfortable because once she starts moving (whether in the car or in the Si stroller) she generally falls asleep, so she appears to be comfy.This is our first baby so therefor the first and only car seat we’ve ever used so I can’t do much of a comparison. However, one of the things that drew us to Peg Perego is the quality of the materials. We felt the plastic seemed much more durable then the Chicco and Graco ones.Our biggest complaint is that you need two hands to move the handle and even with two hands it sometimes doesn’t want to cooperate and can be a bit challenging to move when the seat is in the car and you’re leaning over it trying to push the button on the far side. I wish it had the release button at the top of the handle that can be pushed with just one hand. I also wish the canopy could be moved to other positions to adjust to where the sun is – it only covers the top part of the car seat.

Erica Gold Run, CA

This goes great with the stokke explory stroller

I love this car seat. The color says apricot but when it arrived I burst out laughing. It is more like emergency orange! But I do love it. You certainly can’t miss it for the color. This is a simple car seat, safe, easy to use in all sorts of seat belts and relatively light weight. I bought this specifically to go with my stokke explory stroller. If you do the same, make sure to order the adapter pieces for the stroller. Thee are easily purchased here on amazon.

Claire Cherryville, PA

Good Seat Great Customer Service

I gave this seat a five star for with the 5th star being for their customer service. The only reason I would have given it a 4 star is because it is heavy and awkward (and I’m a very strong girl). I would think that by now the technology could allow for a lighter seat without sacrificing safety features. But all the seats seem to have this issue, so perhaps I should have given it a 5 star anyways.As for the customer service….I was having a problem with the chest clip. Somehow my 9 month old figured out how to undo the chest clip! I thought it was ours was faulty, but apparently it was perfectly fine. I couldn’t figure out why I kept finding it undone. So for this I should probably have given it a 1-star. What kind of safety can this seat provide if a 9 month old can figure out how to undo the clip. Well, after calling them, the women said she hadn’t ever gotten a call from someone with the same issue. So they were going to send out an identical clip to see what happened…but 5 minutes after we hung up, the woman called me and said they still had some old clips (the style where you have to squeeze both top and bottom to unlock) and wanted to know if I’d prefer it. I said definitely, and it arrived within a couple of days!

Flora Gibbsboro, NJ

great product, its kinda heavy due to all the …

great product, its kinda heavy due to all the padding but it lasted my daughter for her full 1st year … we are happy …

Christian Soquel, CA

Truly nice car seat..

Really beautiful car seat. Spent month researching for a good one and was ready to settle for a Britax model but after reading some reviews about children sometimes getting too hot due to the material the seat was made of, i changed my mind and I am glad I did. Was afraid the color was going to be too bright but it is actually not as light as shown on picture. Baby hasn’t try it yet but I am sure will love It, mommy does!!

Milagros Everetts, NC

Favorite carseat ever!

The color took a bit to get used to. It’s kind of like a very BIG lifejacket. VERY orange! VERY VERY orange! But, once you get over that, it’s such a nice carseat! It’s very easy to latch, loosen/tighten, and move. Easy to attach to the included base, and the base is very easy to install with Latch system or seatbelt. As comfortable as it can be to carry (obviously, the heavier the baby, the less comfy these become!). Compared to seats we had previously w/ other kids, this is definitely my favorite for a variety of reasons. The ONLY downside to it is that it has been used "almost" 3 months now & is filthy. I’ve read you aren’t supposed to wash the padding on a carseat due to fire retardancy chemicals that are on them (Not sure if that’s true, but we haven’t washed it because of this). Spot cleaning has done no good. I can imagine that in another 9 months, it’s going to be black instead of orange at this rate! haha

Madeline Woodgate, NY

I Would Buy Again

What I love most about this carrier is that the hood is wide enough to actually shield the sun from my son’s eyes. My son is perfectly content in this carrier. The only con may be, and this will be determined later, is that my long son may outgrow this seat before it’s time to move up to the next carrier.

Greta Boothbay, ME

What can I say? It’s functional, and the …

What can I say? It’s functional, and the green is a unique color that works for both genders.

Kari Comfrey, MN

Seems better than the chicco

I have to be completely honest I haven’t used any car seat yet, but I ordered the chicco newborn seat and had to return it after I realized it wasn’t compatible with my stokke stroller. I ordered this one since it fits the adapter for the stokke, and even though I haven’t used it yet, it already seems better than the chicco. Both seem similar in terms of safety and weight, but the peg perego feels like they used better materials.

Wendi Whitsett, TX