Peg Perego Aria Light Weight One Hand Fold Stroller in Moka

Peg Perego Aria Light Weight One Hand Fold Stroller in Moka

Aria OH is lightweight and convenient, with all of Peg Perego’s great features including the unique “Freedom of Movement” harness, plus easy, one-hand folding. Features: The ultimate lightweight, full-featured convenience stroller Folds easily and compactly with one hand and one step Travel system: Retractable car seat anchors instantly attach to matching Peg Perego car seat (sold separately) Unique 5-point “Freedom of Movement” harness for security and well-being of the child Child’s tray (with dual cup holders) can be opened or removed for easy access to baby Large, adjustable water bottle holder attaches and detaches easily on side of handlebar Large, adjustable hood is completely silent when repositioned Spacious seat with multi-position backrest All-wheel suspension, swivel front wheels and rear-wheel brakes Removable, hand-washable upholstery Handle for carrying when folded JPMA safety certified Designed in Italy

Main features

  • Re-designed tray with dual cup holder attaches easily to the front bar that snaps open and closed to place or remove the child.
  • Ergonomic handle includes an improved drink holder that can be easily attached or removed for cleaning.
  • Five point “Freedom of Moment” seat belt allows the baby or child a full range of moment.
  • 4 double wheels with tread and shock absorbers. Front wheel swivel and lock for better steering.
  • Large storage basket and convenient handles makes this a great travel stroller.

Verified reviews


Great stroller but Moka is not brown! It’s black.

This company really needs to update their photo of the Moka color in the Peg Perego Aria stroller that’s used on every website and even in their own literature. It is NOT brown. It’s black with sort of grey taupey parts. Not a bit of the stroller is the brown color shown in the photos you see everywhere for “Moka”. If I knew I were getting a black color stroller I would have selected another color entirely because I really didn’t want black. But it would be a pain to return so I’m stuck with a boring goth black stroller.My later added note: I know my earlier review wasn’t too helpful! It was just a rant about the color. But now I’ve used the stroller more and noticed something people should know about – if you need to be able to bounce the stroller up stairs, as opposed to taking the baby out and carrying both every time instead, then don’t get this stroller. The brakes on the backs of the wheels catch very easily on stairs and prevent you from pulling the wheels up over the steps. You can’t even go up just one or two steps. When I realized this about the stroller I was shocked. It’s really an example of a stroller designer not trying out everything a parent does with a stroller. I absolutely need to be able to bounce the stroller up stairs so I’ll have to buy a new stroller because of that one flaw.

Jody Woodson, TX

2008 model so much better than older models

I have owned 3 Peg Perego Aria Strollers and this 2008 model has been far better than the other 2 I previously owned (2002 and a 2005). What I really love about my Aria…first of all the Moka color is a great gender neutral color that doesn’t SHOUT!. A great upgrade that Peg perego made to the 2008 model is the wheel housing, its has been redesigned so it actually steers wonderfully, like your driving on air! It moves so smooth and manuevers corners well, so much better than the older models (the steering sucked on those). I can push this around with one hand and not get stuck or have the wheels get caught up on something. Has a full ratcheting canopy that completely covers the baby (love this feature), a decent basket (Graco kicks butt in this dept), this stroller is extremely lightweight at approx 10 lbs, I can fold this up and throw it into my trunk (while 8 mos pregnant) with one hand!! This stroller has a redesigned parent cupholder, but I don’t use it. I purchased a ten dollar Sunshine Kids parent tray (2 cupholders, 1 large storage compartment and 1 small zipper pocket) that velcros onto the handle bar and works prefect for me. The seatback is taller than most standard strollers so it will accomodate taller children for a longer period. Reclines almost flat which is a great feature for newborns. The tray pivots opne and close, has 2 cupholders, and a very small main tray spot. Why I gave it 4 stars, well there is NO PERFECT stroller that I have ever come across (and I am on my 4th kid!). The basket coul dbe better (bigger and stronger). The stroller could actually come with a parent tray (althought my remedy works great, but for the money Peg should have one). The seat sits lower than most strollers at about the height of umbrella strollers or a tad higher, however this is probably what makes it so compact and easy to store in your trunk. I am not a fan of drawstring reclines, I like the bar that gives a fixed position (Venezia and Pliko have this), once again though this adds to the lightweight feature. And lastly I wish the kids tray was a little bigger to actually fit something on the tray part instead of having 2 cupholders. Overall this stroller has almost everything that I wanted and needed…except the HIGH preice tag. Dont think its worth the cost, but no other stroller has what I was looking for without being big and heavy and bulky.

Lisa Broad Brook, CT

Try it first if you have small hands!

I don’t own this stroller, but wanted to share a word of caution after trying it in the store. My husband tried it first and LOVED how it folded and unfolded and how light it was. I was convinced I wanted it – until I tried it myself. It operates by squeezing two buttons on the handle, placed for thumb and fingers. My hands were simply too small to squeeze both buttons at once, and I could not get the knack of doing it two-handed. That completely took it out of consideration for us. This probably applies to a small percentage of parents, but is a good reason to try it in store before ordering.Based on my husband’s liking it so much, we were also surprised to see that Consumer Reports gave it a low rating as well.

Cortney West Newbury, VT

Good Stroller but Plastic

At first I thought of buying the Peg Perego Pliko P3, I couldnt push myself getting one because it is pricey at […] and i am paying for a stroller that mainly made of strong plastic! so I decided on getting something cheaper. I was window shopping at babiesRus.. accidently, i found this 2008 model Aria OH in green bubble on clearance at […]after sale tax!! what a super bargain!!!What I LOVE:
• is pushes smoothly with 1 hand
• 1 hand closing and folds compactly
• My 9 yr old can lift the stroller without problem, so lightweight at 10lbs!
• Large hood and huge peek a poop window
• Multiple reclining positionWhat I HATE:
• Basket is small, hard to reach
• peek a poop is huge but sun goes thru the window
• The harness.. freedom of movement is useless.. my 4months old’s head was resting of the bucket, so uncomfortable.. I have to roll up a cloth to put on the back of the head
• Useless and firmsy parent cupholder
• The carseat is hard to attach to the seat, needs practise, alot!i would recommend this stroller to anyone.. but for 2008 model only.. the present model (2009) the safety button is located at the back of the opening button, so it is real hard to press back and below at the same time.. The 2008 model is locate all together.Thoug i may have some dislike about this stroller, but overall i am happy and especially for the price I paid.. I shouldnt be complaining too much! hey is a Peg Perego, where to find a USD95 Peg Perego!

Robert South Waterford, ME

Very Flimsy

It’s lightweight because it’s mostly made of plastic. The ride isn’t smooth at all and it’s rickity. I’ve seen it on sale for about $100, but it’s not worth it at all. Seems like it would break within a year of mild use. Poor manueverablity and not very well made.Pros:Lightweightsnack traycute lookingCons:cheaply madepoor manueverablityflimsy

Sydney Columbia, NJ

I LOVE IT — the perfect combination of lightweight + reclining

I LOVE IT — the perfect combination of lightweight + recliningit is light — easy to fold and open — the one hand open and close option works very well (after you ‘figure it out’). very durable — we have taken it on 5-6 trips — it has been (man)-handled by the baggage handlers at many different airports (in the US and in a few South American countries)the reclining is more than enough to get my baby to sleep comfortably — the hood is a little small (especially when the seat is reclined), so we used a jacket or blanked to provide additional shade while she was is easy to maneuver in small spaces and on all sorts of surfacesfits easily in a regular sedan trunk

Elsa Grosse Pointe, MI

A perfect compromise

This stroller is remarkably light weight. It’s only a little bit heavier than an umbrella stroller.It folds (and unfolds) in under a second using only one hand.It maneuvers very easily in tight spaces and despite the small wheels can roll over any reasonable terrain.There is adequate storage underneath, a substantial tray table, and side hooks for cup holders, bags, or other small items.If you just want an umbrella stroller then you can buy one for a bit less. It will be a bit lighter and probably nowhere near as sturdy or comfortable for your child. If you want a full sized stroller then you will have to spend a bunch more or sacrifice on comfort, convenience, of both.If you want one stroller that you can use for walks around the neighborhood as well as trips to the mall and trips to other countries then the Pet Perego Aria is an excellent choice.

Georgina Metz, WV

love it

i searched and searched for a light weight stroller and found the aria. i love how smooth it moves , its a great size not so bulkie . closes easily with one hand . my 9 month old loves that he is not buckled in tightly, the harness is free moving so he would sit right on the edge of the seat if he wanted. i gave it 4 starts not five for 3 reasons. 1) i wish the seat would recline more, its not that bad but if i had a new born i’m sure i would need it to go in full recline.2) the tray has a cup in it, well you can remove it for cleaning which is great, but…. my first trip on a plane, they took the stroller and gave it back to me with no cup, very annoying. 3) the stroller has a bottle holder on the side, if you dont want that to get lost you better take it off when you travel , i just took it off and put the harness through it. it would have been better if i didn’t have to worry about these accessories falling off and getting lost.after the aria, i regret buying a bulkie and expensive Bebe Confort stroller, only because the seat had a full recline 🙁

Morgan East Ellsworth, WI

UPDATES: All the perks w/o the high price tag or the extra weight

We have 3 strollers…one for when my son was an infant, another that’s the “cadillac” of strollers and then the Aria.We initially got this because we were travelling abroad and didn’t want to take our 19lb stroller with us (partially because I would be by myself for some of the trip with our infant son). Convinced we had to have this one, we ordered it. Unfortunately, our son was too small for it (18lbs) and wasn’t really sitting up right on his own, so we took the Cadillac with us. Since then, we have let our friends and family borrow this for their trips, everyone has been excited and loves it. Compliments on the ease of steering, even with a full load, baby, diaper bag, shopping, knick knacks in the basket. One hand open and close. It’s very easy to use!KEEP IN MIND: this stroller will not be ready for your baby if they are not sitting up on their own. The back is flimsy and not as firm/sturdy as most full size stroller. I didn’t feel like it supported him enough to use it until he was upright on his own. He would flop around from side to side (even harnessed in). The plus side is that there is plenty of room for your baby to grow and use it well into toddler years.WHAT I LIKE ABOUT IT…light (9lbs), very easy to steer with 1 hand, open/close with 1 hand, inexpensive. It has all the functionalities of a more expensive stroller. Ours came fully loaded with the foot muff (great for cold days) and a rain cover (it doesn’t rain much here so that’s useless). It takes up virtually no space when folded up. Very small for the size of the stroller.DISLIKE: I like our PP Switch because we could have our baby facing us or out very easily…I like looking at him, although I think he’s outgrown that phase and likes to look out and see things/people. There isn’t a LARGE cup holder. The one that it comes with is great for a baby bottle, not so much for an adult water bottle. I think it’s a little “low”, if the handles extended I think it would be great for average height folks. (I’m 5’3″ – so it works for me). The transition from “sitting up” to “laying down” is jerky and has woken up our baby. It’s nice that it has that function for the size/price point of this stroller. Not in love with it (smoother in the Switch).Overall – Definitely recommend it. It’s inexpensive and has a lot of the functions/comfort of a regular full size stroller, without the weight.UPDATE: It’s been 2 years since we’ve had this – and when my son was able to sit up on his own, we switched to this stroller and haven’t changes since. I did spent the last month+ looking for an even lighter stroller that had all the benefits of this one.Like – the maneuverability with just 1 hand is insanely easy in a mall or smooth surfaces. On a brick walkway – it takes a little bit of pressure but totally manageable. This thing unfolds with a release of a button – very easy! It’s thin when folded up – also a bonus.Dislikes: The cup holder that comes with the stroller SUCK! it cracks easiy and gets mishappen (found that out when we got our stroller back from gate check after a flight) – you can’t access the storage basket easily when your baby is in full recline mode – wish the back had a sturdier support.I have searched on all sorts of websites and have had NO success in finding a lightweight stroller that offers the SAME use as a full size. I’m so happy with this. I did purchase a few extras to add on storage and a better cup holder.Sunshine Kids Buggy Buddy and the Carry You Saddle bag. I hung the saddlebag on the diaper bag hook (there’s a little hook on the stroller for the Peg Perego Diaper Bag – don’t get their diaper bag, it’s small and totally just for aesthetics) – anyways, I used the velcro on the saddle bag to hook it and now I have easy access to diapers/wipes and binkies. The Sunshine Kids Buggy Buddy is awesome b/c it all collapses with the stroller – it’s the sturdiest cup holder I’ve found that works with this stroller.

Ava Maple Park, IL