Peg Perego Book Plus, Stone

Peg Perego Book Plus, Stone

It’s the stylish, reversible stroller that is practical and easy to use. With the Book Plus, baby can face you or the world ahead, while being surrounded by comfort and security. Wheels with 12 ball bearings ans suspensions allow for 360 degree agility and less effort in pushing. Adjustable backrest reclines to several positions, including a newborn-ready flat recline. Paired with the foot muff, the stroller easily tranforms into carriage mode. The stylish foot muff cover has a pocket for keeping hands warm. Practical and easy to push with one hand, the handlebar can be modified to fit parent’s height preferences. Innovative design allows for a quick and easy stand alone fold and can be folded with or without the seat. Travel system compatible with the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 (sold separately). Also includes rain cover.

Main features

  • Aluminum, Plastic
  • Imported
  • Reversible seat so baby can face parent or the world
  • Carriage Mode, Adjustable backrest reclines to several positions. Newborn-ready flat recline. Paired with foot muff, stroller easily tranforms into carriage mode.
  • One piece, adjustable handlebar, easy to push with one hand; adjusted to parent’s desired height

Verified reviews


Greatr stroller

Love it absolutely love it. Very strudy and multifunctional. Love the features that you can tailor it to multiple stages of growth. Expensive but worth it.

Madelyn Saint Thomas, MO

Really wanted to love this

I read so many great reviews that I thought for sure this stroller would be great. Wrong. First of all the seat. When locked on the frame of the stroller, the center part of the seat (where baby sits) pokes up. Never would lay flat. Second, the back axle of the stroller has this black plastic piece right in the center. (I got a 2013 model, not sure if older models are different) I have no idea what it is for. It does nothing for the stroller function. I constantly kicked it! I’m not tall, only 5′ 5.5″ tall. It was truely annoying! I immediately returned this stroller.

Leta Camden Point, MO

Not all it’s cracked up to be

We wanted to love the stroller, as it has so much functionality in a light weight package. However, given the cost, there are a few oversights for which I cannot recommend this product. You can guide it along with one hand while holding your spouse hand comfortably and happily taking your baby around.Lets start with the good things:- Works for infant all the way to toddlers (lasts 3-4 years)- Very easy to maneuver, responsive, turns sharp corners with ease- Can operate with 1 hand- Lightweight comparatively- Includes all the goodies: detachable infant car seat (just buy the base), rain shield, cup holder, sun canopy, etc. Everything you’ll need.- Baby can go completely upright or laying down- Sun canopy actually covers baby (I’ve used several and they never quite cover the,- Rubber is comfortable and good quality- Breaks to stabilize it (individual front wheel locks as well)- Bottom storage area with gate for ease of access when removing stuff (the bar that lowers helps making get things in and out easier than other strollers)- Easy to foldSo… sounds amazing right? Not so fast…Cons:- Flimsy. It never feels solidly put together. No matter what settings you have it, all the pieces still feel loose. The handle rattles a and moves at least 1/2 an inch in either direction. The canopy stay on, but easily gets out of whack (one side higher than the other).- Watch out for small bumps! Even a ver minor bump on accessible ramps will bring this thing to a screeching halt and a sleeping baby into a rude awakening. Anything over 1/4 of an inch that doesn’t ease in, stops the front wheels. It’s happened several times already. I still can’t believe how such little bumps have this huge impact on this stroller. A $50 stroller we had handled these same bumps easily.- The bottom storage container is very close to the ground. So close in fact, that it tore on us already. A baby bottle (filled with milk) fell off the diaper bag, and apparently it was heavy enough to make it touch the ground (on a flat sidewalk) . We heard a sound took a look at the baby bottle had a slight scratch, checked the canopy and it has a hole in it…. Honestly, a baby bottle full of milk… something you might through there casually. I tested with aluminum bottles (ones parents use to keep baby’s milk cold) and those immediately hit the ground if you put them there.For $500 dollars, there is no way I could recommend it, given those issues. You don’t want it to feel so flimsy, or tear with such a simple bottle place in the storage compartment. Even for $200 I would be hesitant because of those issues. It has a lot of other good things, so I give it 2.5 stars, but those issues are big enough that I wanted to warn anyone about it.

Abigail Damariscotta, ME

Swanky city stroller, newborn & nap friendly, but disappointing basket

Update: The saggy basket is enough of of an issue to deduct a star. You can’t put even a modestly outfitted diaper bag in it without making it so saggy it drags along the ground, scraping and wearing through the fabric. At the price of this thing, that is absurd. My inexpensive Graco (the Taurus of strollers) can manage a structured basket that can handily manage a 20 lb bag of dog food or heavy groceries, so I think it’s reasonable to expect the Lexus (okay, that metaphor isn’t exactly precise, but calling it a Ferrari is going a bit too far) to at least do the same. Unless you never use the basket for anything but balloons or a light sweater, you’ll be disappointed. Hopefully they’ll address this issue.First, a note on the IKEA-like pictogram instructions: written instructions are at the end of the booklet, which I did not realize until I had slowly puzzled and cursed my way through the extensive, sometimes-bewildering illustrations frequently punctuated with CLICK!This stroller is very deluxe. Whether or not it’s worth the price tag will depend on your financial situation, the age of your baby, and your level of baby wearing. If you’re not a baby wearer, you live in a walking city, and you have a newborn, this stroller is pretty darn near perfect and you will probably get every penny’s worth. If you’re rural or suburban, have an older baby (so you may not need the full recline or facing-you positions as much), or like to run, you can probably be just as satisfied with a $100 jogging stroller.But if you can afford it, this stroller is amazing. Between the expansive canopy, the cozy foot muff and the rain shield, it is definitely an all-season stroller. The styling is gorgeous: compact, all black (no ugly accent colors), sleek, high-end fabric and hardware, and all the extras. I feel like I should put on some lipstick and comb my hair when I use it. If you compare one of those cute 2-tier Euro shopping baskets to a Costco shopping cart, you get a sense of the style and maneuverability.It can face either way (and I’ve changed it with a 20-pound baby in the seat, probably not recommended but easy), it can recline completely, making it into an old-fashioned baby buggy (so, no neck strength required–newborn-ready–and easy, dark napping), and it has this genius mesh basket foot thingy, which is not only a great safety device, but also keeps dropped toys, shoes, etc. in the buggy. Once it’s cold, I’ll swap it out with the foot muff, which looks so cozy I expect to minimize winter bundling.It has only has one small cup holder (you can tell it’s not American; my Graco stroller has FOUR). The handle height is adjustable. Until using this, I didn’t realize how awkward the height of my other stroller is. You can maneuver with one hand, brake with one foot (linked brakes), and lock the wheels forward for rough roads. It’s dreamy on paved surfaces and less so on gravel or grass; if that’s your terrain, go for an inflated tire jogger instead. But that’s the nature of hard wheels over inflatables.It folds easily, but it is still rather bulky and heavy, so I wouldn’t really want to drag it along too much (though I might change my tune once my baby’s heavier and less wearable).The only flaws I can find with it are that the basket is a little unstructured and sags when full, and it could use some reflective element. I’d add some discreetly-placed (it’s too pretty to mess with much) reflective tape using it after dark if your neighborhood isn’t well lit.

Audra Kyburz, CA

Great for walking cities; too much for the average user

This is not a negative review by any means, but I feel that paying this much for a stroller would only be justified if you have a lot of disposable income, or if walking is your primary mode of transportation, as in big city living.We have a Chicco Cortina stroller and we have been using that for about a year on a semi-regular basis. This review is a comparison of the two strollers, even though I realize that the average buyer of this brand of stroller probably wouldn’t be considering a Chicco. The price difference between the two is more than just a couple bucks!Assembly:Both strollers were kind of a pain to assemble. The PP had fewer pieces to assemble, but the directions have no words, just pictures. The Chicco took longer to assemble.Weight:The Peg Perego IS lighter, is very easy to push, and easier to maneuver, period. I don’t struggle as much to put the PP in my car. This also makes it easier to steer one-handed.Ride:The PP provides an extremely smooth ride down the sidewalk. It is a pleasure to push. We have very bumpy sidewalks and it does a great job of not bouncing our son to death, although he probably doesn’t mind the bouncing as much as we do. The wheels on the PP are a nice, rubbery texture, where the wheels on the Chicco seem more like a hard plastic in comparison. I think they would hold up better.Features:I like the PP harness better than the Chicco, which has the most annoying harness ever. I like the extra features on the PP, such as being able to turn the baby around to face us and being able to fold the back all the way down so the baby can lie flat. Our son is a little past this stage, but I do appreciate the Peg Perego’s very upright seat. He does not seem to want to face us at this stage (14 months) but it would have been very handy when he was a little smaller. The seat is super easy to remove, and I hear that PP is coming out with another seat you can swap out for this one, making this even more versatile. The cup holder on the PP is lacking. You have to have a VERY skinny bottle to fit in there. On the Chicco, the cup holder is built into the stroller tray bar and has a nice little storage compartment with a hinged lid for keys. We keep our doggy poop bags in there. I appreciate the rain shield and the foot muff, although I would probably never use either of those items. We live in Michigan and don’t take our son on walks if the weather is rainy or too cold. I can see how if you live in a walking city like NYC, you would probably not buy a stroller without these items. You can also make the PP into a full bassinet/pram by folding the seat back flat, folding the footrest up, and pulling the canopy back. Great for newborns and something I look forward to trying with our next baby.Hood/Canopy:The canopy on the PP is awesome! You can fold it all the way over to the footrest and create a baby cocoon! That has always been my main complaint with the Chicco canopy, that it does not provide adequate coverage.Storage:Both have ample storage, but the PP definitely has a bigger basket. You could easily fit a large diaper bag and a couple of purses in there and probably still have room.Folding:This is the great feature of the PP. It folds so easily, just like a book! It is a truly one-handed fold. I can imagine that this would be super easy to take on a bus or the subway.I do miss the two trays that the Chicco has when I use the PP. I was used to having a tray for the baby and a tray for myself. But the smooth ride helps me to forget!Overall, it comes down to if you really need a stroller with all these features or whether you need a stroller for the occasional stroll or trip to the mall. I think the less expensive strollers are more than adequate for most people’s needs. If you live in a big city and walk everywhere, the Peg Perego stroller is a great option!

Christa Perdido, AL

Quite possibly the only stroller you’ll need

I’m a mom of 4 and I’ve had numerous strollers over the years. From Graco’s, Britax, MacLarens and even the high end Transformer of Strollers, the self folding Origami from 4moms. Everyone claims to be the best and the only stroller you’ll need. They all have their pros and cons but finding one where the pros outweighs the cons is what you need. I was not a fan of Graco’s strollers, Britax although they make awesome car seats their strollers aren’t as great. MacLarens I love! I originally bought the Techno XT 8 years ago when my son was born and didn’t have to buy another. Pretty lightweight and super easy to use. The Origami may be self folding, have all the bells and whistles but it’s extremely heavy. Not something you want to lug around and can only be used when your baby can sit up so around 5-6 months.The stroller came in a big box was only required that the wheels and the seat be attached. No tools required which was awesome. You’ll be ready to go in less than 5 minutes.This Book Plus can be used from newborn+. I loved that the seat can be used both forward and rear facing and that it came with all the accessories needed, especially in the winter time. The footmuff is usually something you would have to pay extra for and Peg-Perego included it. It also comes with a raincover. With full recline position, it makes it comfortable for baby to sleep while you’re on the go.What sold me was the extendable handle. I’m 5’10 and hubby is 6’5 and usually I can find a stroller that works for me but not necessarily for him. Although he bends slightly he loves that he isn’t bending like he usually would and says that it’s pretty comfortable. This also comes with a 5 point safety harness which I really like. With my toddler I prefer that she’s in secured and this certainly does the job.I was able to play around with this stroller for a while before writing my Amazon review and with the big rubber wheels I can say that it’s a rather smooth ride as well, both for you and baby. I took this for a test run originally in the mall and then again in my neighborhood both in the street, on the sidewalk and around the creek where there is lots of gravel. Wheels can be locked both the front and back wheels preventing it from rolling away.The only con I can say with this is the weight. It’s slightly heavy but much lighter than most full sized stroller. I do have to agree that this might quite possibly be the only stroller you may need.I also wrote a review on my blog which you can find in my profile complete with photos.

Constance Hamden, OH

Not perfect by a long shot but perhaps best of the bunch

Having previously had a Bugaboo Bee, we were looking for a few key features:- Forward/Rear facing- Reclines flat or almost flat- CompactOf the current batch, this might one of the more compact strollers, though it does not look like it at all. It is similar to the new Bee, but a touch bigger than the original Bee. I think the only complaint about the original Bee is that the child sits a bit low. The Bee was great for maneuvering indoors & other tight places.The fold is easy, sure, better than the Bee, but with one big problem, you must remove the seat and it still doesn’t fold up as small. Another issue is when you fold it, the handle touches the front wheel, so if you get the wheels wet or dirty, the handle gets dirty too. The seat is bigger & cushier than the Bee, I can’t speak about comfort as the little one can’t talk!It is tough, but not as stiff as the Bee. Certainly we’ve bashed it around and done things we probably shouldn’t, but it has never failed. At the same time, it flexes & creaks all over, unlike the Bee. It doesn’t quite inspire confidence.The storage underneath is pretty good, though for some reason we find it incredibly annoying at times as getting stuff in and out often gets stuck on things. It’s like the openings are too small or odd shaped. The system doesn’t seem as strong as the Bee, but again, it has not broken.The handle at first looks very clever, just rotate up and down for different heights, but there is a key flaw. It rotates up and towards the stroller and down/away. The problem is the people who want it higher are likely to be taller and have longer legs and moving the handle closer to the stroller causes the long-legged to stride into the stroller unless you take mini steps!Handling is not bad, it does look and feel bulky, but on the other hand, I’ve rarely bumped into anything inadvertently even after switching from prolonged usage with the Bee.It also doesn’t really come with a decent rain cover, it only goes over like half the stroller for some reason.For those looking for a compact stroller that can lay down flat and is reversible, this might be one of the best, but it is still far from perfect. If I had to pick, I’d probably pick the Bee, just buy a hair.

Penny Star City, AR

Every feature you could want

Somebody was really thinking when they designed this stroller. With two kids I have been getting familiar with the stroller market for 4 years now. It seems to me Uppababy was the first to really take strollers to the next level. However while I adore the Vista, I was never able to find something with all their features in a smaller, lighter, cheaper model. You either had the “cadillac” models or the umbrella strollers. But I think Peg Perego has got it figured out. While the price is nothing to sneeze at, its really worth it and you will understand why after you use it. And how cool is that its made in Italy!What we like best is that this stroller is more comfortable for baby. Our 8 month old in this and he loves it. He sits up like a big boy, yet the recline feature is great because we can go out to lunch and he can sleep comfortably now. He would always slump over in his Maclaren. I think the breakthrough feature in this stroller is that you can reverse the seat. Not too many strollers offer that, and its very easy to switch and feels secure. I prefer inward facing, but as my son gets older the outward facing will definitely be best for him. The sun shade is also generous. We learned our lesson before; never buy a stroller that has a tiny sun shade.Second, the handling is great. Our toddler likes to walk and hold hands, so we can do that with while easily managing stroller in stores and on walks with one hand. The center of gravity is also such that we can better jump curbs. Its easy to tilt back without thinking you are going to stress or damage the frame. You still have to be careful not to ram into deep sidewalk cracks because the wheels are not big enough to overcome deep variations in surface.Finally, a huge must have is a good basket. With a big diaper bag in tow, or on shopping trips, we HAVE to have a decent basket that is not hard to access. This one has it. That was the most annoying feature about our Maclaren, but the Peg Perego is large and best of all accessible! We have this stroller in black and it looks so cool.

Rita Franklinville, NJ

Nice Luxury Stroller

We have owned a number of strollers, including Britax B-Agile and B-Ready. This stroller is comparable to those, with a few additions that may make it better (in our opinion). This stroller, of course, only seats one, so if you’re looking for a double stroller (or option for a double), this won’t be it.The handling is nice. Easy enough to do with one hand if you need to.Stroller seems comfortable for our little one. I wish there were more color options. In black, this stroller seemed to get hot in the late summer. Not such a big deal now that fall is coming. (Which is when the nice foot cover will come in handy.)Below-seat basket is fine. Nothing special. And cup holder is cheap (like the Britax).I have no problem pushing the stroller (I’m 5’4″).I don’t think it’s as heavy as the Britax B-Ready, but I haven’t actually put it onto the scale. May just be easier to handle while lifting. Takes up the entire trunk of our Suzuki SX4, so we don’t travel with it in that car often.Overall, we are satisfied with the stroller. It’s tough to make a commitment to a single stroller, so if you have the chance to see it in person, I recommend.

Therese West Sunbury, PA

Great reversible, heavy duty stroller

I bought this stroller mainly because I wanted a reversible stroller that wasn’t overly bulky. I was choosing between this and the Pliko Switch, but opted for this one because of the one hand steering, wheel suspension, and bigger basket. So far, being able to talk to my baby while pushing the stroller is such a great advantage. I also like how I can create it into a bassinet with the included net.Pros:Reversible seat!Soft fabricEasy, one hand steeringBig canopyReally smooth rideCons:The canopy is big indeed, but it can get in the way as you’re trying to recline the seat or fold it. There’s just so much fabric canopy to fold.The cup holder only fits a very narrow bottle, not my starbucks latte cup.The fold – It’s not as compact as the Pliko Switch, but it still folds down nicely. I haven’t tried it yet, but it seems vulnerable if you were to lay something on top of it. I feel like it would break easily if I were to gate check this if I were to go on a flight. You’ve seen how the flight crew treats these things… they toss them around like luggage and stack them. I have yet to see if it can withstand the stress.Overall, a great stroller! The best part is, my baby loves it and I love being able to see him smile and laugh as we go on our walks.

Madeleine Glastonbury, CT

Pois Black is hard to see in the dark – pick a brighter color.

.4.5 Stars out of 5I am amazed at the sophistication of this stroller. It is NOT the same animal as the under $100 varieties and in ten years it will still be a beautiful, fully loaded, functional work of art. If your budget can absorb the sticker shock associated with this stroller, you’ll be hard pressed to find something more versatile or better constructed. I’m going to start with what I think of as the negatives aspects as there fewer of them than positives.Cons:
• Price – of course.
• The Pois Black stroller is hard to see in the dark. You’ll trip over it at night and it makes me nervous to walk the neighborhood at dawn and dusk.
• There may be too many features. It easily becomes overwhelming to try to understand how to use them all.Pros:
• High quality construction with premium materials.
• Extremely versatile and will continue to offer functionality and beneficial features as your baby grows.
• Fairly lightweight and easy to stow into the back of the car.
• You can get the baby seat from the same manufacturer and it will snap securely onto the frame. Here’s Amazon’s listing:Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio Infant Car Seat, Myrto
• Front or rear facing functionality with a peek portal.
• Plenty of onboard storage.
• Water bottle holder.
• Adjustable handle to easily accommodate taller as well as shorter people.
• Turns on a dime – great for elevators and shopping aisles.
• The rear wheels lock to help keep the stroller from creeping away from you.
• Easy to clean materials.
• Beautifully designed and attractive.There are so many other features and positive things I could say about this stroller, but I think I’ve gotten my point across. I did not choose the color I received and as my only real negative, I would caution parents to select one that has bright visible colors on it. We have tripped over this stroller in the darkness of the house (insert not-baby-friendly expletives here for stubbed toes). I also don’t feel it is visible enough for strolling the neighborhood in lower light conditions. Add a glow-in-the-dark doo-dad here and there and you’ve just solved this problem.I have to admit that I still don’t know how to quickly use every feature of this stroller. When in doubt, I refer to the video on this page. I’ve watched it at least a dozen times by now and I have it bookmarked for easy reference.Enjoy, and congratulations! This Grammy is beyond delighted!

Jillian Walker, MN

Sleek look, thoughtful additions

This was easy enough to put together but it would be better if there were also words instead of just pictures in the manual. I’m actually still not sure if I got everything right, but there have not been any problems with anything falling apart. It is lightweight and very easy to steer with a nice sleek look. The handle is adjustable for different heights. The seat can be positioned facing forward or backwards. A footmuff is included, although the strap closure looks flimsy. I haven’t tested out the rain cover but it’s a nice addition.The only other stroller I could compare this to is the Graco Alano stroller (full size) that I got as part of a travel system with a car seat. That one has two built-in cup holders on either side of a small storage area big enough for a cell phone, id, money, etc. It also has a removable tray with a cup holder for the baby. The maximum weight recommendation is higher by 5 pounds. It was also easier to put together and less than half the price of the Book Plus. On the flip side: the Book Plus is lighter by 14 pounds, the backrest is easier to position, and it can be turned into a carriage easily and without the addition of a car seat.Overall I like this lightweight version of a stroller and the additions are convenient. The price is very steep, though.

Florence Kasilof, AK

Design is practical. Should last in good condition for 3 babies in succession

I’ve had several types of strollers including a German-made double jogger stroller that was more than twice as expensive as this one. The cheapest strollers I’ve had were simple umbrella strollers. In my experience, strollers serve particular purposes and none serves all of them.The first consideration for a stroller selection, in my view, is the wheels. The wheels should match the surface and speed for which they’ll be used, and they have to be sturdy. The wheels on this Peg Perego work well on all smooth surfaces such as paved sidewalks and streets and the floors of malls. These wheels have ball bearings – they are excellent. They’re too small for continuous use on grass, stone or unimproved surfaces. They’re too big for the sometimes wonderfully lightweight and carefree mall use where you can leave the stroller unattended while dining with baby in a restaurant mall. For that last use, cheap and small umbrella stroller, costing literally 22 bucks in a discount store, are ideal.The second consideration is the handle unless you’re quite short. That’s because a lot of inexpensive stroller have a low handle that causes constant bending. The handle on this stroller can be adjusted to accommodate tall people – excellent. Also, this handle is connected and that gives the whole frame a lot more strength as well as longevity of use for several years or a few babies – literally.Next, we have to look at how the baby can be seated and whether it gives good comfort. This is probably the best attribute of this stroller, compared to others of its type, because the seat is sturdy, comfortable and has so many settings to position baby. During the first several months, it’s ideal to face baby toward you. After that, face baby to front since babies like to see everything in front of them once they’re big enough. And the baby can be put entirely horizontal and even covered – amazing. I never had a stroller that could do that, and it’s a great thing so that the parent can do some other things while baby sleeps, not having to keep hands actually on the stroller every second.The coverings are, as can be seen in the product video, as good as any of the competition in the same category. The rain covering is a pain to carry around in the bottom hanging bag, but comes in handy at the right times. The only stroller for which I don’t need a rain covering is the simple umbrella type, for which I only sometimes carry in the car and use at malls and such. Coverings are important to keep out sun, minimize the effect of wind, help a baby to sleep within an enclosed space. In my experience, the regular coverings (not the rain one) are the first thing that may break, so it’s important to fold them up correctly when transporting this stroller.In summary, for most stroller uses but certainly not all, this is a chic high-end stroller that should last for uses with at least three babies over time. The wheels are good for most uses. Bigger wheels are much better for unimproved surfaces and faster speeds, and smaller wheels are good for easy car transport and mall use since they can be put into small spaces and easily carried. This stroller is practical as one’s primary stroller and is worth taking good care of in order to be later used with another baby.

Sophia Gowen City, PA