Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Stroller, Aloe

Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Stroller, Aloe

The new Pliko Mini offers boundless freedom thanks to the compact size, lightweight (only 11 pounds) and great practicality. One-hand, umbrella folding, means parents do not need to bend over. Super compact fold, 13″ x 37.5″, the Pliko Mini will fit in any trunk, leaving plenty of room for other items. It stands alone when folded, ensuring it stays clean at all times – even when you need to park it. Despite its light weight, the Pliko Mini offers comfort. Backrest reclines in 3 different positions and the leg rest is adjustable too. 5-point harness. Easy maneuverability – wheels with suspension with swivel and locking front wheels. Color accents on wheels match upholstery. Telescoping height-adjustable handles offer a cup holder for parents or baby.

Main features

  • One hand umbrella folding, no need to bend over
  • Backrest reclines in 3 different positions and leg rest
  • Adjustable handle
  • Stands alone when folded
  • Wheels with suspension,swiveling or locking in the front

Verified reviews


Lightweight but not too sturdy

We bought this umbrella stroller because of the fact that it was lightweight and easy to handle with one hand and also for the grandparents. Being made in Italy was also a selling point. It is not however the sturdiest stroller and it took us a while to figure out how to open it with one hand. But it does the job. I love the fact that it reclines and has a full sunshade, features that many umbrella strollers don’t have. I wish it had a couple of good cupholders though.

Katheryn Floral Park, NY

Lightweight stroller

We shopped around quite a bit for a lightweight stroller for our little one for travel/short trips. She’s 7 months old, 16 pounds, so on the lower end of the size spectrum for an umbrella stroller.Use: She likes sitting in the stroller just fine. Up until now we’ve been using the b-safe car seat in her b-ready stroller and she hasn’t been forward facing so riding in this is a whole new world of things to see :)Recline: The recline feature is great, she fell asleep on her first outing.Color – The color is nice, unisex for a boy or girl (we got the green)Height – I’m 5′ 5" and I raise the handles up as far as they can go, so not sure if i’m just weird and like tall handles, or if a taller person might have a problem. Husband 5′ 7" and has the same issue. They are fine for us, but I wouldn’t think it would be comfy for someone taller.Walking – I do kick the wheels slightly when I walk – not sure if this is just me or if everyone would have this problem. It’s not that bad, I just have to be a conscious about it.Opening – says "one handed" but I need two… maybe after a while of using it I’ll figure out the one handed opening trick. Also it opens easily but the bottom part never locks into place automatically – I have to click each side manually. Not a big deal, but one time I put the baby in it and it wasn’t locked right, and when I started walking it was all wobbly and off.Closing – very easy. It also stand up on it’s own when folded which is great.Weight – very lightweight, we won’t have a problem carrying it.Brakes- independent – you have to do each wheel separately.Accessories – it came with a cup holder which honestly I think popped off already and is lost somewhere.Storage – Awful – I do understand that umbrella strollers are smaller than full size and I fully expected it to be less storage area. The space is not that bad, however, the opening to put stuff into the area is really small. I can’t even fit a handbag (13" x 9" or so) in the opening. What would fit? I would say a small wristlet type thing, or individual items — diapers, wipes, etc. Don’t plan on using it for anything substantial.All in all , a solid 4-stars for this.

Rhea Imler, PA


I wanted to love this, especially from all the great reviews. But I don’t. I find it terribly annoying and after less than one year looks as though we’ve had it for ten years.Pros: Folds up small and upright. It’s narrow and lightweight. The aloe is a great color. The seat is higher than the other brands, so it seems like it will fit him longer when he is a bit taller and it makes it easier to get him into it.Cons: All the wheels have to be locked and in proper before folding it up. If not, it will not stand up. The green color shows every speck of dirt and food and stains easily. Ours is so badly stained and we cannot get it clean with ANY stain remover. The fabrics are not machine washable. We washed ours outside with a hose. One of the arms had a problem locking into place and kept unsticking as we were using it. Now that same arm is crooked and lower than the other arm. The only repair places require us renting a car to get to so it’s on the bottom of our list of things to do now. The basket is too small and has already ripped. Cup holder is useless and if it bangs onto anything (say in a narrow aisle at the store) it falls off. The stroller will not fold up if anything is in the way, even a thin blanket in the bottom basket. So it requires you to either carry nothing in it (especially if you are going on a subway or bus) or put your child down in order to take everything out before folding it up to stow. An upright fold doesn’t matter if it becomes this difficult to use.

Monika Paint Lick, KY

Great umbrella Stroller

Let me start with this is the umbrella stroller with the biggest canopy I’ve ever seen, even if the sun is directly on his face I just incline to the second position and it’s gone. It is very light and easy to fold (really ONE hand). The green is really cute and not as bright as it looked on the picture. I have very long legs and the handles are high enough that I don’t kick the back of the stroller (as I read on one of the reviews and was a little worried about it). Now the reason for my 4 stars: There is no place for parents to put your cellphone or keys, a little pocket on the back of the canopy would have been doable and great, like I’ve seen in other umbrella strollers. I actually don’t think there’s a stroller out there that has it all, the Maclaren has the pocket but the canopy is a lot smaller than the Pliko Mini, so you just have to figure out what exactly you are looking for and what are you whiling to give it away. I live where it’s really hot and sunny, so my main thing was the canopy, and you can buy a little strap pocket thing that you attach on the handles. Before you fold it make sure you lock the front wheels so the stroller stands by itself otherwise you have to move them a little to the right position. One last thing, when you unfold it the front of the seat has to lock, before I realized that the stroller almost folded with my son on it, all you have to do is kinda press back on the handles and once you get a hang of it it’s no trouble. Overall I really like this stroller and don’t regret buying it.

Tonia Bradner, OH

Easy to fold, comfortable to ride, reclines nicely

I like this stroller, it folds easily, its light, its easy to push, and the recline works great. My 13 month old has slept in this multiple times and I’ve taken it on trains as well as to malls! Works great!

Edna Elma, WA

Love the roomy seat

Easy to fold and unfold. Stands nicely on its own. Nice and compact. LOVE the roomy seat, baby has room to grow, and she is soo comfortable in it too. Love the deep recline. LOVE the big canopy. Love the fabric and print. Pushes nicely. Very good quality. I did buy this stroller to take in car and use at the malls and stores etc. I use an all terrains for long neighborhood walks and parks etc. I probably wouldn’t use this one on rougher terrain.

Chasity Emerado, ND

OK but expensive

Pros:- deep recline- Stands upright when folded. useful when parking at school.- canopy does not touch wheels when folded.- easy to fold with one hand while holding baby- light weight about 13 pds- good head room for taller toddlers- easy to use buckleCons:- expensive- it is a pain to lock front wheels every time you fold it so that it stands properly- small basket- handles are not adjustable- handles are cheap hard plastic. not ergonomic and uncomfortable. they need better handles for this price!- need to adjust the footrest every time you unfold- canopy is hard to adjust down. Wish there was a canopy extension for better coverage when in full recline.- hard to access basket when reclined- no shoulder carry strap- wheels are squeaky/loudI also have the Uppababy G-lite. I like the fold of the Peg (easier), but besides that there’s not much else going for it.The G-lite is better since the wheels do not make so much noise and it has comfortable handles.The basket is also better because you can put bags along the back of the seat. With the Peg there is a handle in the way (used to close the stroller) so you cannot putanything along the back. The G-lite does not recline but I don’t need it for my child.You can get the G-luxe if you need the recline.

Candice Plymouth, IA

Near perfect

We spent a month living in Amsterdam and wanted a stroller that would be compact, lightweight and agile. We wanted something that we could fold up quickly if we needed to hop on a bus and that we could lift with the baby inside of it if we needed to climb a flight of stairs. I narrowed it down to two choices that we "test drove" at the nearby baby outlets. We were debating between the Peg Perego Pliko Mini and the Mountain Buggy Nano. Both have great features that we needed for our trip overseas.Here’s the link to the Mountain Buggy Nano:;=1398297779&sr;=8-8&keywords;=mountain+buggy+miniHere are the stats comparing the two:PPPM/MBNPrice- $250/$200weight- 13lbs/13lbsFolded size- 37.5” x 13.5” x 13" /22" x 22 x 12.5Unfolded size 40.25” x 19.25” x 33.33” / 39x33x22Recline- 3 position clicks/strap lower like jogging strollerSunshade- large and snaps off the back/attached to back smallerWeight capacity- 45lbs/44lbsShoulder strap- no/yesStands when folded yes/yes, kind of- some fabric might touch the floorOne handed fold yes/noAdjustable leg rest yes/yesOther features- Adjustable handle height/ Compatible with our carseat, has a scooter accessoryThere were a number of differences between the two strollers that made the choice hard though:-PPPM folded with one hand-MBN had a more compact fold- like a briefcase-PPPM easily stood up on its own when folded-MBN worked with basket car seats (so for future babies that would come in handy)-PPPM had a better canopy (sun shade)-MBN has a more comfortable harness strap for the child (the PPPM has a skinny crotch strap that rode up after a while)-PPPM has adjustable handles (although they still don’t extend quite high enough for my 6’4" hubby)-MBN was a brand name we loved because of our jogging stroller (Mountain Buggy Terrain- see my review for that)Summary- Either one of these strollers would have worked for us, but after test driving them with our 8 month old inside we went with the Pliko Mini. Our trip went splendidly and even though we didn’t use the stroller as much as we thought we would (since the Becco Carrier was more convenient- see my review on that), we were happy with our choice. The kicker was the quick folding capabilities. It was SO easy to hold our little guy in one arm and collapse and pick up the stroller with the other hand. Super fast!Hope all this helps!

Leanna Windsor, PA

Love this Umbrella Stroller!

I started out with a Chicco Liteway, after extensive research and “test driving” I happily switched to the Peg Pèrego Pliko Mini:Pros:-The fold is fantastic. You really can do it one handed! Great for public transportation or wrangling a wiggly baby or toddler-Folds up shorter than other umbrella strollers, and the folded stroller is more symmetrical. When it stands up you don’t have wheels flopping around, and it’s easier to fit into your trunk as a result.-Stands on it’s own when folded!-The wheels don’t end up any where near the handles when folded. Germaphobes rejoice!-The fabric is very nice. It seems to repel stains well and doesn’t hold onto wrinkles. I added this stroller liner for added stain protection/comfortSkip Hop Memory Foam Stroller Liner, Platinum-Full recline!-Adjustable height handles! I also love that they’re plastic. Foam and even rubber handles seem to hold onto dirt. These don’t, and they’re comfortable to use.-It feels really well made. I wouldn’t classify any umbrella stroller as “sturdy” feeling, but this one feels like it will last for a long time.-Has a handle on the side for carrying while folded. I had trouble finding it at first because it’s black plastic and sits flush with the frame, but it will pop out after you tug on it.-Overall finish is really nice. Even the harness straps have plastic grommets on the end to protect them.-Parent cup holder included, and you can fold the stroller with it attached. Nice, but I prefer this oneSkip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organizer, PlatinumCons:-When you unfold the stroller, two bars on the front need to catch and lock into position. This doesn’t always happen. You can correct it by lifting the front wheels and tapping them on the ground quickly, by hand, or allow the weight of your child to do it. This was a bit annoying at first, but you get the hang of it.-The storage basket is pretty small. You might be able to stuff your kid’s jacket in there.-The canopy is really big, but I feel that the second extended position is a little awkward. Your child will definitely be protected from the sun, though!-My husband gave it “The Wobble Test” where he shook the handles and put some weight on it to see how sturdy it was. Yes, it wobbles. There’s a lot of hinges in this thing! But well, that’s the trade off with a super compact fold.-The window in the canopy is made of plastic that looks and feels a little cheap.-The front wheels need to be the the right position for the stroller to stand after it’s folded. Try pushing it forward a few inches after folding, this seems to get the wheels in the right position for standing.Overall, I’m very pleased! I’d recommend it!

Serena Bellvue, CO

So close to perfect, but with one REALLY annoying quirk.

I researched umbrella strollers for weeks before finally settling on the Pilko Mini. When I received the stroller I fell in love with the neon print and easy, one handed, fold. The stroller definitely has a lot going for it, but it feels cheap and flimsy, and worst of all, the wheels SQEEK…. No… SQUEAL like crazy! And yes, they’re noisy on your first trip out on the town! If I didn’t know the price I would have honest to god guessed that this was a $50 stroller- not $250! C’mon peg, I can deal with the light and flimsy feel of the stroller, but fix the insanely noisy wheels STAT!

Germaine Albion, NY

The best umbrella stroller

I purchased this stroller for a trip to Orlando, FL. I love how easy you can fold it and pack it away. It has a nice big shade for the little one, a cup holder and it’s easy to maneuver. It’s also very comfortable for my son too. It definitely made our trip much more enjoyable.

Aileen Brewster, NE

Lightweight and easy to open and close.

Stands alone!!! Just like a perego stroller I had for my boys 30 some years ago. Don’t have to bend down or over to open or close. Lightweight and so easy to use. Love, love, love it.

Rhoda Kinston, AL

Nice little stroller for travel.

I am going to Disney world with my 15 month old, so I wanted to buy a smaller stroller that I wouldn’t be nervous leaving alone in the parks. I have an orbit system and a stokke explory as well. I brought both my orbit car seat and stroller chaisis, and the explory last time, and found I was preoccupied with stroller theft a vast majority of the time. Obviously this does not compare to either of my other strollers, but it’s a great little stroller for what it is. Its also the ONLY umbrella stroller I could find that wasn’t disgustingly overpriced (not to say it doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, but in comparison to other high end brands, it’s much cheaper) that is NOT made in China.I was lucky enough to get this on sale at babies r us, so i can’t say anything about the shipping and whatnot from Amazon.

Maribel Gerton, NC

Great umbrella stroller.

Easy to open and close.Great convenient features you don’t get on the cheap strollers.My son loves riding in it and naps comfortably in the reclined position.

Ollie Chester, AR