Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Best High Chair, Paloma

Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Best High Chair, Paloma

It doesn’t get any better than the “best. Peg Perego’s prima pappa best has incredible features, including a tailored backrest, a net storage pouch on the back of the seat and irresistible, stain resistant soft touch prima classe upholstery. The footrest adjusts to three positions to accommodate a growing child, and the tray can be stored easily and compactly on the chair legs when folded. The double tray including the dishwasher safe dinner tray to make clean up easier removes for table feedings. As with all Peg Perego high chairs, the prima pappa best comes fully assembled and has non scratching rubber wheels and brakes. This ultimate high chair has seven height positions, a unique tilt in space feature with four reclining positions, a five point safety harness and passive restraint system. It’s ideal as an adjustable youth chair once your toddler gets bigger. Folds easily for compact storage. Made in Italy.

Main features

  • Aluminum
  • Imported
  • Stylish, sculpted backrest covered in soft, stain resistant, leather like prima classe upholstery that cleans with a damp cloth
  • Tray removes easily, stores on chair’s back legs
  • Includes storage net on back of seat
  • Footrest adjusts to three positions
  • Fully assembled and ready to use

Verified reviews


Love this High Chair

This is not your mother’s high chair. The faux leather plastic wipes down quick. The tray has a “topper” you can quickly pop off for a clean eating surface – very handy when toddlers are learning to feed themselves. The top tray is even dishwasher safe. The height of the chair can be easily adjusted so the tray can rest above the dining table, or the chair can be lowered and tray removed so baby can eat at the actual table. The seat easily reclines – great for transitioning from eating baby foods to self-feeding with a bottle. Lastly, the whole chair folds down for easy transport – fit in the back of a small SUV with other luggage without a problem.[…]

Lea Bayfield, CO

BEST High Chair on Market, all things considered!

So, I have made it my “GOAL” to find the BEST high chair. Here is what I have gathered, and from reading ALL of the reviews, no one else suggests OTHER high chairs over another… I have had an evenflo highchair, an eddie bauer wooden high chair, a graco, a chicco. Almost ALL have gone on Craigslist!The other highchairs all had individual things about them that I didnt like. The #1 thing is the fact that there was NO crotch bar built into the SEAT. The T bar most call it. They are ALL built into the tray itself. I personally DO NOT like this at all! To me, it is unsafe and I dont like the idea that my son’s only protection keeping him from sliding out was a cheap harness. The Peg has an AWESOME harness, however, you dont always need to use it. I used this seat with my 4 month old niece without the harness, reclining the chair slightly… and she was fine. Her 4 year old sister even fit into the chair itself and loved it. The harness on several of the cheaper highchairs is really LOW quality and rubs on your babys neck and legs. This is def. better quality. However, if your child, like mine is a messy eater, than you eventually will want to remove the harness to CLEAN them. This is one of my major complaints with the highchair, as it is NOT easy to remove and CLEAN them. You actually have to take a screw driver and remove the bottom two. Im a MAJOR clean freak, so I often used my steam cleaner for clean up, and it is gross all hte food that falls into all the cracks and crevices. This will happen with ANY high chair… but probablly more with this one, since the padding is so substantial. I have issues with the tray being difficult to push in once removed, and it’s a pain, and often times my husband has to actually do it for me. The two little pointers dont always line up, But it’s a lot nicer since the tray on the “top” is removable, and not easy for baby to undo and remove like every other highchair on the market. This one actually goes right over, so it’s VERY sanitary and I never had issues with cleaning that. I know another reviewer said that it doesnt sit flat on the counter, well use the TOP tray. Not a lot of people even realize there are 2 trays, since the top goes directly over the bottom and the bottom is not even viewable unless you remove the top. The locking mechanism on the bottom that allows it to sit upright doesnt always work. Is it a pain? YES! However, even with that said, I still like this high chair better than any others on the market! It is very nice quality and Ive taken the cover off to clean, and it was easy to do. Sure, not everyone wants to do it… but it has to be done. I LOVE the recline feature. I can let my baby sit in the chair and look at me from being up higher as Im cleaning the kitchen, and his tray, etc. MANY times he fell asleep in the highchair, as did my niece who is a fussy picky sleeper.So, all in all, I would say that Peg Perego is right on saying this is the BEST, as it really is… it is expensive, but if you figure it’s a great SAFE investment… it’s worth it, and you can always re-sell it on craigslist when you’re done with it, get some money back. Eventhough it does have flaws, it really is the best ive used, considering the other brands and their issues… We’re working on baby #2, and I will def. be getting another one of these for the next baby…

Kathryn Keaton, KY

Love the Chair but….

I actually really like a lot about the Chair , I purchased it to use for my Grandchildren. I wanted something sturdy and made well , comfortable , easy to fold, easily adjustable, easily reclined, removable tray cover, and was easy to manuever around. I feel it met all that criteria and I really love the cocao color, However, there was one main issue I had with the chair and why I returned it . The biggest problem I found with this chair is that the tray is way too tall ( clear up to my 14 mo old grandsons armpits and he is a good size boy.) and there is way to much space between the baby and tray causing food to fall into their lap constantly. I held on to the chair as long as I could before i returned it because I liked the look and so much about it. But on Fathers Day when my 14 mo old grandson couldn’t drink from his sippy cup because he couldn’t get his arms up on the tray well enough made me decide to take it back.. I want to be able to use the chair for my other grandbaby too who is only 1 mo and the older ones too… so I took my grandson with me and sat him in a few chairs. based on which one met the most criteria for me and fit , looks, functionality , i went with the peg perego siesta . The only thing I have found that i am not super pleased with on it is having to push 2 buttons to roll it around… makes it a little inconvenient. hope this helps

Avis Silver Lake, NY

Warning: This chair is absolutely disgusting! Do not buy!

I can’t believe this high chair gets ANY 5 star reviews! I have been using mine for about 9 months, and I’m replacing it asap.In short, this chair has a combination of features that make it impossible to keep clean. My whole downstairs smells like an old movie theater someone threw up in, even though I took to this thing with bleach and cotton swabs a few days ago. The only way I can mention everything is with a list:1) First and foremost, the SEAT PAD. What were they thinking? The vinyl seat cover is made up of four pieces connected in certain places. What this means is that, once it is in the chair, their are little canyons and gullies where food and liquids not only build up, but SEEP down underneath the pad.Also, because I have to remove the pad so often to clean underneath it, it has torn. Now, there is food up inside the pad that I can’t reach, and the pad reeks.2) The TRAY sits far away from my baby’s body and is also really high. There is no adjustment. What this means is that a lot of food ends up in my baby’s lap…and, of course, overflowing into the canyons and gullies at the back of the seat pad.3) The HARNESS might as well not be there unless your baby is a GIANT (like the size of a two year old). My child is very tall for her age, but at 15 months, these straps are still loose enough that she can wiggle out of them. Also the bottom part doesn’t come up high enough. Even at it’s longest setting, it rests at her hips, so she has been able to spread the shoulder straps and stand up in the chair. Even if I could lengthen it more, that would make the harness entirely too loose, because the shoulder straps don’t tighten enough.4) The WAIST STRAP is SCREWED into the exact lowest point of the seat. This means any substance that seeps under the seat pad makes a little lake on the strap, and it is hard to remove it for cleaning. Since this chair gets used 3-6 times a day, there isn’t enough time for it to dry. Our strap grew mold on it and still stinks, even after bleaching.5) The CROTCH STRAP is surrounded by a totally open gap (again not so with some other chairs, on which the seam closest to the child’s crotch overlaps the strap a little). This means that anything dropped/crammed into that area gets under the seat pad, runs down the length of the chair, and eventually joins the lake at the back of the chair. Peas and raisins and things like that just get gummed up around the seams and are difficult to get off.6) All the other NOOKS, OPEN SEAMS, and CRANNIES in this seat that collect food, liquid and other debris: The screws are exposed (not so with the three chairs I’m considering for replacement); the tiny cracks in the plastic between all the pieces; the deep holes in the sides where the tray fits onto the chair, etc. and so forth. There are many unnecessary divisions in this chair.7) If you are looking for something that folds up compactly, this chair does but not. This wasn’t a big issue for us, since we don’t fold it up anyway, but this is listed a feature. Not so.There are two things this chair has that I’ve seen lacking in many other chairs:1) Stability. It’s a tank. This means it’s heavy, but I don’t really mind that very much.2) The tray is only possible to remove if you have adult hands. Your baby will NOT be able to pry it off or get food underneath the tray. Contrary to other reviews on here, it IS actually possible to remove with one hand, as long as that hand has long enough fingers….and mine does.Okay, you have been fairly warned. Don’t buy this chair….don’t take it into your home, even at a discount. There are much better high chairs at less than half the retail price.Good luck on your search.

Denice Wrigley, KY

So far I love it

So far I love this highchair! I was a little concerned with cleaning issues when reading some of the other reviews but after having this highchair for over a month I really don’t see what other people were complaining about. Clean it after each use and it’s easy to keep clean. It doesn’t have any more nooks and crannies than any of the other highchairs out there. I love the leather like fabric, very easy to clean – just wipe it down. I like the different height levels and the wheels are very quiet too. The tray is a little large and I do have some trouble fitting it in my dishwasher but it’s nice having two. I REALLY like the tray holder thing on the back and the storage pouch is very nice for bibs, toys, etc…

Joann Blodgett, MO


I love this highchair. Comfortable, easy to clean, easy to use and folds easy to store. Looks great and is very sturdy.

Jean Kountze, TX

Absolute overpriced garbage!

I can’t even start saying what a bad buy this chair is.PROS: Zero (maybe Italian leather!)CONS:1- Expensive2- Very hard to clean3- Some of the straps don’t even come out to clean4- Very difficult to remove and replace the main tray (you need to do this if you want to clean the chair). Requires two hands and some muscle!5- Chair is low for the tray (I have big baby. So I am not sure how little babies can even reach the tray)6- The back does not sit up straight so the child is always in 110 degree angle instead of 90.7- Food gets stuck in every fold of this chairIt’s a nightmare!

Shanna West Union, WV

Good only until baby starts to eat!

We are on our third kid and have been through many chairs. I had given everything away so decided with this baby to get new things, thinking they must have improved designs in the last five years. I was struck by the beauty of this chair and wanted to keep my house looking less baby-ish. I wish I had gone ahead and ordered the fisther price chair everyone is raving about. For the first few months, this chair looked great. Everyone commented on how nice it was. That is, until my six month old started eating. This ehair gets disgusting after every meal. Every crevice is filled with food. There is a gap in the tray where food can get smashed in and there is no way to get it out. The tray is too high for six month old–it is almost at his chin and he is a normal sized baby. The tray doesn’t push forward enough and food falls in his lap.As a newborn chair this also is a horrible chair. We had a baby trend chair that reclined well and our first child used to sleep in it and sit in it while I was in the kitchen. This chair does not tilt back far enough, so I had to constantly put blankets around his head so he wouldn’t fall over.The seat belts are also designed poorly.The reason I didn’t give this chair only one star is because I am not sure what chair is better. Don’t waste your money–read reviews! I have heard that fisher price rainforest chair and also the chicco are better choices. I have sseen the chiccos in person and they look great–as good as the peg peregos so I would buy one if this wasn’t my last time with a high chair!

Kitty King Of Prussia, PA

Just don’t

I purchased a Boon high chair for my 1st son which I absolutely love. When my 2nd son arrived, my older one was still using the Boon chair and, being cheap, I did not want to buy another high chair. So my girlfriend gave me her old chair, this one. I wish I had just shelled out the money and bought another Boon. So much easier to move around, to clean, to put the tray in and out. Such a better design. THIS CHAIR IS VERY POORLY DESIGNED. My 11 month old is lost in it. The tray is bulky and so high up he can not reach his food. My husband finally put a home made booster cushion underneath the seat to raise him up a little so he could at least somewhat reach his food. Just sheer frustration that is not needed. If you are thinking of purchasing this high chair, just don’t! Get yourself a Boon high chair and be happy. The only silver lining for me is that, at least, I did not pay anything for this dumb high chair.

Krystal Muldrow, OK

looks great, easy to use, comfy for baby

This is a great high chair! It’s easy to use, lasts a long time, is comfortable for baby, and is very stylish.The seat fully reclines back so we actually started using it when my daughter was a few months old; we reclined the chair back and gave her a bottle, pulled the chair up to the table and sat together while we ate. As she got older, we sat the seat up and began feeding her in it. The tray was never too high for her, she started solids around 5-6 months old. The tray is very easy to clean; as with most high chairs you take the top tray off and wipe it down after baby finishes eating. There is a gap in between the tray and baby, but no different than when she sits in her cousins fisher-price high-chair, so it’s not concerning to me. I have a baby bjorn molded bib that I use when I feed her so anything that falls is caught in that anyhow. My daughter is now 1 and we still use it daily for meals. The wheels are so convenient to move the chair around and you can lock them as needed. The fabric is nice and plush, easy to clean (though some food can get stuck deep in the crevices and you might have to dig a little). There are adjustable straps and a back pocket for storage. The chair height is adjustable, as well as the foot rest. We had trouble with the tray in the beginning because it would get stuck and not come out; I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me a replacement for free (1 year warranty). I would definitely recommend this chair – aesthetically it looks great, especially if you want it to blend in with your kitchen/dining furniture. The seat is so comfortable for baby, it’s easy to move around the house (folds up a bit for travel too), a nice large tray, and lasts a long time.

Elma Ashland, MO

Very nice and smooth wheels

Nice looking, large and comfortable for my chubby little butter ball, and it rolls smooth. I can move it outside in the patio very easily too.

Audra Lonsdale, AR

Great chair but not high enough

I love the soft leather feel (though not of real leather) of this high chair. I’ve spilled a wee bit of milk on it, and it was easy to clean off. We haven’t tried it out with food yet. My daughter used to make a face/squealed when I set her in the chair b/c the leather was cold to the touch, but I solved that problem by placing a piece of sheepskin on it (It’s still narrow enough for me to use the harness). The wheels make it easy to manoeuvre round the house. I have two minor complaints: it’s not tall enough for me-I’m 5’6″; and the recline is not the greatest. The instructions say that it’s perfect for newborns?! I don’t think so, unless your newborn is okay with a 40-45-degree incline and wide chair-back. However, the existing recline is okay for my 1-year-old daughter who has reflux. It’s convenient to have her in this chair for her feeds/post feed-time period. She has to sit up for 30 minutes after each meal.As with our other Peg Perego products, this high chair is very good, comes highly recommended, has wonderful safety record, but is not perfect. Then again, is there ever a perfect baby product that will please every parent? Overall, I like this high chair very much and would recommend it.***Update after a few months of use***I still like this chair, but it is a PAIN to clean! Wiping down the plastic parts/tray is easy enough, but the nooks and crannies of the buckles make it very difficult to clean the straps, especially where milk and pudding have dried. As the straps are not detachable, I ended up taking the entire chair outside and using the high-power hose spray on those nooks and crannies, giving both the entire chair and myself a nice cool shower. I wiped everything dry and lay it on its side to get the water to drain from the unreachable parts. The leather cover was washed down too. I just noticed that the stitching on the cover’s right side had been badly done. On the other side, the leather had been correctly tucked in and sewn. The right side’s leather was sewn “sticking out”…This does not detract from the function of the high chair, of course, but it does raise my brow, seeing as Peg Perego usually has top quality craftsmanship. Maybe this chair was on the defective list, but it had not been listed as such. In any case, the high chair serves its purpose well, and my daughter gets to have the occasional post-meal nap in the reclined mode.

Mercedes Westminster, MA

Great long lasting chair from infant to toddler

Yes, it is a big chair for the average baby. My baby in particular is more petit than most, and I bought a little flower pillow to put in the seat for a while, until she felt more comfortable in it and less "lost" in the space. However the other side of the coin is too small to grow with it for toddlers. My sister has the Graco Blossom 4 in 1, and her baby stopped fitting in it securely at 18 months, the baby seemed like it would fall out of it. Not on this Peg Perego, even without the straps. Also compared it to the other chair my sister has which is a Chicco Polly High Chair, same effect as the Graco, again, the Peg Perego works much better.Im not saying Graco or Chicco are bad chairs, they are certainly great price and quality, they were just small after 18 months. So if you would like to use your high chair for a little longer, this one is perfect. The chair is much more comfortable and soft than regular high chairs have, and take on most regular all purpose cleaners without fail or color falling, or any negative effect. Now I take off the tray and approach my daughter to the table and she eats with us comfortably and with safety. I don’t have sturdy kitchen chairs that you can use for a booster seat, so the fact that the high chair allows me to still keep her in it at 20 months old, and still have space to spare, is a huge plus for me.On a side note, this chair is by far the best quality chair out there short of the Boon line (which is insanely small anyway), and provides true high quality looking, with the plus side of being all washable. The recline levels are comfortable enough, the back pocket is super practical, as is the double tray (which is big for small dishwashers).Transportation of the chair is easy and practical, its not super light, but its certainly compact and easy to fold.I hope you find this helpful. Good luck to all.

Chrystal Gold Beach, OR

great high chair

This chair works great, is pretty, and rolls well. The material is easy to clean. The seat reclines. My son has actually fell asleep in it before. It has a 5 point harness. The only problem is that the straps on the harness are hard to clean.

Lily Albany, TX