Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Car Seat / Infant Carrier with LATCH Base – Black Sable

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Car Seat / Infant Carrier with LATCH Base – Black Sable

The ultimate travel system, the Primo Viaggio Car Seat / Infant Carrier serves several important functions, all designed around the comfort and safety of your child. The infant car seat with 5-point harness can be used as an infant carrier when you’re not in the car. When you’re ready to travel, simply secure the seat to the stay-in-car base (included, not pictured). When you get to where you’re going, simply detach the seat from the base and lock it into the special car seat anchors on your Peg Perego stroller (sold separately). Stylish upholstery removes easily for machine washing. Accommodates babies up to 20 pounds. Complies with federal NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association) standards.

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Let me clear some things up

I have written a previous review for this car seat but in reading recent reviews, it seems that many people are still giving false info on this seat.The Primo Viaggio is not the safest infant car seat on the market! I can honestly say that I am not sure why so many people make this claim but rest assured that while it is safe (coming in at #2) it is not the safest. If you want the safest infant seat you have to go with a graco snugride. Many people also complain that this is the heaviest seat on the market and it is not even close to the heaviest. It actually weighs only 9 lbs without the base. The lightest seat right now is 7lbs and the heaviest is 13lbs so Peg Perego is actually doing quite well in keeping the seat at a decient weight.I was until last month a department manager at a Babies R Us store but just left to take a different job. I know my stuff when it comes to car seats and strollers and I promise that this info is correct. If anyone has any questions about this seat or any other, you can e-mail me at SaisaJo@yahoo.comOtherwise, I have written an old review for this car seat under the name LJ and by clicking on my name under that review, several other reviews will pop up. Good Luck and congratulations!

Ila Spruce Pine, NC

The best of the best…. zero complaints

People told us that this was a “heavy” car seat.. in truth.. they all are around the same weight — it is the child who gets heavier… This has been a great item… Would use it again.

Robyn Mountain City, TN

Too small for big babies

I agree with the previous review from “Meesah”. My daughter just turned 4 months and she is 15 pounds already…if I hadn’t returned this car seat when she was 8 weeks old,weighed 11.13 pounds & was 24 1/2 inches, she probably would be falling out of it by now. I agree that the canopy does absolutely nothing to shield infants from the sun. It is a joke. My daughter seemed uncomfortable in this car seat from day one. I decided to return this car seat and the Venezia stroller to BRU when my baby was 8 weeks old…best decision I made. I also had several problems with the stroller…I was walking in the mall one afternoon and 2 screws just fell off!!!!!!!!!!(this was one of many problems) I was horrified. Luckily, I stopped to see what it was. I almost kept walking assuming it was something that the wheels ran over. Right at that moment I knew I had made a huge and very expensive mistake…because of all the issues, BRU accepted my return and we bought the Eddie Bauer system instead. My husband and I are very happy with the safety and comfort features of the Eddie Bauer system. Wish we bought that one from the start. Money doesn’t always buy quality. We learned our lesson the hard way. We are much happier now and our daughter is too.

Leann Williston, OH

Average Car Seat At A High Price…

When we registered, we decided to get all the main items by Peg Perego in Black/Sable; high chair, carseat, stroller. And yes, the carseat looks really nice, but there is nothing special about it. The thing that really bothers me is the hood, which I need to use a lot more than I expected. Every time I try to pull the hood down to shield my daughter’s eyes from the sun, the whole thing pulls off. You would think for the cost they would at least put in a few snaps or something to hold it in place. If you are not sure about spending the extra money, don’’s really not worth it.

Adriana Sanborn, ND

We loved it – He hated it

This was a great car seat, very safe & extremely easy to install. Unfortunately our son wasn’t the biggest fan, he was a bigger baby & and grew out of it very quickly. We had to buy a convertible seat when he was only 4 months old, not quite sure how a twenty pound baby could fit. If I would have known how quickly he would grow out of it I would have started with the convertible.

Sheree Purcell, OK

Base Will Not Install Properly

My husband and I were ecstatic when we received a Peg Perego travel system for our shower. We love the stroller and infant seat together, BUT the infant seat base is unable to be installed properly in our Subaru Forester. Our seatbelts are too thin and the accessory that is supposed to take care of this problem is to large to properly fit on the belt between the base and the latch. As a result, the carseat slides from side to side. The fire dept. personnel has recommended we not use the infant seat in our car.

Rhea Buchanan, NY

Not what I expected!

I expected this car seat to be the best. My major complaints are that the material is hard to clean and the seat is way too narrow. My son is 3 months old and is already squished when in the car seat. He does not like being in it at all. I registered for this car seat because I had heard so many great things about Peg Perego. Now that I have been using mine for a few months, I think a Graco or Evenflo is just as good, as well as half the cost. I am extremely happy with my Peg Perego Pliko stroller but would recommend new parents to go with a Graco or Evenflo for the infant car seat.

Viola Butler, WI

This carseat made my baby sleep through the night!

My baby loved this carseat. When she was about 5 weeks old we put her in to sleep at night and she immediately started sleeping through the night. She slept in this carseat, all buckled in, for many weeks (she did finally move to the crib). She thought it was very comfortable!I bought it because of its excellent safety record. I also really liked the colors. The fabric is wonderful- it washes very well and shows no wear. It is very easy to get in and out of the car. It is also easy to rock it on the floor- important for soothing a fussy baby (especially one who sleeps in her carseat at night). I highly recommend this!

Christi Alma, MI

Too small, and synthetic material too HOT for baby!

Like many others, I bought this system b/c of the high safety reviews. And to be fair, safety is the most important thing. I hate the synthetic fabric, however. Even though my baby was born in Nov. (in cold Chicago!), all winter her little head has been drenched in sweat when I take her out of the seat. 🙁 Also, the seat is quite heavy and awfully small. My daughter is in the 95th percentile in weight, and I know I will not be able to use this seat much longer (she is now 4 months). Also, some problems with the stroller: closure latch and cup holder broke in my first week of using it!

Blanca Robstown, TX

Look at something else

This car seat is very safe but does leave a lot to be desired. My son is almost 3 months old and barely fits into this car seat. It is not wide enough to accommodate a larger baby, the canopy leaves A LOT to be desired, and the fabric does not breathe making my child’s back very sweaty. I did call Peg Perego’s customer service (which is fantastic) and asked if they had a better canopy which they did not. The customer service department suggested I sew some fabric on the canopy to make it cover better — get real! If Peg made some adjustments to their seat, it would be fantastic. I am going to look at a Britax.

Elinor Blencoe, IA