Peg-Perego Si Stroller, Corallo

Peg-Perego Si Stroller, Corallo

The compact easy folding stroller that s a breeze to take everywhere baby goes With the Peg Perego Si you get a compact stroller that weighs just lbs sports adjustable handles and accepts nearly any infant car seat In short the Si has it all To add to the perks Peg Perego throws in parent favorites including a cup holder a rain cover and a canopy with a viewing window

Main features

  • Slim “umbrella fold” design closes compactly with one hand and stands alone
  • Adjustable handles, ample storage basket and large, multi-position “ratcheting” hood (with ventilated window and sun visor)
  • Travel System-compatible-Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 which is sold separately attaches easily to the stroller with two included straps (also accepts some other manufacturers’ car seats)
  • Four 6.5″ suspension wheels with ball bearings for smooth, responsive handling offer enhanced steering and maneuverability; front wheels swivel, rear wheels have “one-step” brakes
  • Seat offers backrest that adjusts to three positions; footrest adjusts to two positions and five-point safety harness protects your child

Verified reviews


Not worth the money

I have been using this stroller for about 5 months now and can’t wait to get rid of it.I was looking for a lightweight stroller that I can take everywhere I go with me and decided to go with this one after reading many reviews.First the pros:Lightweight – yes, this stroller is lightweight and folds together oknice canopy – I love the canopy, I can adjust it different ways so my baby is shaded by the sun anytime of the day when the sunlight comes in in different anglesharness – this stroller has a nice 5 point harness , great for a wiggly babybreathable fabric – baby doesn’t sweat in itCons:- stability – I understand this is a lightweight stroller, but this one is terrible on the road )flimsy), the front swivel wheels rattle and shake constantly and make it difficult to push and drive smoothly on normal pavementin order to make the stroller drive properly I have to lock the wheels so they only go straight, which is a pain- the handles rattle as well and feel as if they will fall apart any minute- the basket on the bottom is a joke, even a light blanket will drag in itthe wheels are my main complain and are the reason why I want to get a new stroller. It’s really difficult to use this way

Yvonne Springfield, WI

Best stroller i could have bought

I did not want a bunch of strollers, just one, whether is for walks in the park, for airplane rides or for crowded parks or supermarkets. This one is very, very comfortable, very, very light, easy to fold, has great canopy, stands by itself. I find it so easy to fold it and put it in the trunk (I drive a small car). I carried it all over Europe, and works great for all day trips, since it fully extends to almost a bed like position. I highly recommend this stroller!!!

Natasha Chelsea, VT

great stroller, but could use some improvements…

After much research, I purchased peg perego si from another website. I know all the good things about the si from other reviewers. Here are some cons, in my opinion, after I received the stroller.1) parent cup holder really really sucks!. It’s too small to hold a parent water bottle. It’s probably OK if your only drink from very skinny water bottles.2)The recline mechanism is not good. It required 2 hands, and sometimes 3 hands when it gets stuck. The mechanism is different from the peg perego piliko P3, which is one hand recline. I don’t understand why peg perego did not use the same mechanism on the si.3)the bumper bar requires tool to remove, I think. It’s good and bad. Good that child can’t remove it. But bad because it’s inconvenient.4)can’t add child tray. I hope peg perego gives the option to add child tray. Maybe next year’s design?5)storage is large but may drag on floor if heavy stuff is put in. Storage basket is not supported so it’s only good for clothing, jackets, etc…Other than that, the stroller is excellent. It steers well, folds compact, stands alone when folded, excellent canopy, nice and thick fabric, stable, has stroller hooks(so diaper bag won’t slide down), full seat recline, has adjustable footrest, and is super cute!I am not sure if I’ll keep this stroller. It depends on if I can get over with the above-mentioned issues. Hope peg perego will make those improvements soon!

Nadine Tortilla Flat, AZ

Great light weight stroller

This stroller was recommended to us by a family member when they saw we had a different one on our registry. We ended up taking their advice and got this one (they were actually nice enough to purchase it for us). We’ve been using it for 3 months and so far really like it. Since our baby is just 3 months we’ve only used it with the infant car seat (Peg Perego Viaggo SIP) so can’t account for all its uses yet but I can at least offer the pros and cons that we’ve encountered.Pros:- light weight and easy to get in and our of the car- offers a pretty smooth ride and turns easily (in fact, our baby is generally pretty content when we’re on walks even after her initial fuss when being put into the car seat)- adjustable handles (I’m 5’1 and my husband’s 6’1 so we need different heights)- collapses and opens very easily and can often be done with just one hand (sometimes I need an extra hand when opening it)- car seat is very easy to attach and we’re comfortable with its safety and stability- good quality and sturdy materials- brakes are easy to turn on and off- when using the infant car seat you have both the sun canopy of the car seat as well as the one on the stroller, which together allow you to completely enclose your infant since they are on opposite sides- when the stroller’s sun canopy is open you have access to a little pouch to put small things such as phone and keysCons:- There is not a tray up top for the parents to utilize (i.e. something that you can put drinks (plural), or just to plop thing in as you go). I suspect this will be even more annoying once she’s a bit older and we’re using the stroller more for errands, theme parks (we live in Florida), etc.- there is a single cup holder you can attach to the side, but as others have mentioned, it’s relatively useless because only very skinny bottles/cups can fit in it. And something really small, like a Dixie cup, (although not sure how often one would be drinking from one) would actually just fall right out of it.- there isn’t a “snack” tray for the child either. I figured there at least had to be an accessory you could purchase separately, but nope. Again, this isn’t an issue now but could be once she’s olderGeneral note:- it’s not as bothersome as we initially thought it would be, but the storage on the bottom of the stroller is only accessible from the sides (others have found this to be a con).Overall, we are very happy with this stroller and so far have been able to overlook and do without the items we mentioned as cons.

Sonja Carl Junction, MO

If you have to get only one stroller, get this one

I have three, a double stroller (we now have two kids. I have to CityMini and like it but it’s pretty giant), a Mutsy luxury stroller (which I do love, but it’s too heavy for trips), and this one. I love this one. It features the best canopy on the market, with just your childs’ little legs popping out that might be unshaded. It folds down easily once you get the hang of it (and pops open easily too). It automatically locks shut, and has adjustable handles for height. It also allows you to connect carseats to it which makes it the only umbrella type stroller that does that on the market at this point. The only con is that the basket is flimsy and with some weight in it will drag on the floor.There’s an excellent stroller shopping guide at the website AllMomsArePerfect.comIf you’re starting a baby registry or looking for great items to buy for a new family, check out the MUST HAVE baby registry list. It helps new parents learn what they really need and what they could live without, especially if on a tight budget or living in tight quarters. Just google: All Moms are Perfect.

Krista Limington, ME

Excellent stroller!

Peg perego once again delivered a great stroller. Very happy with it. Very easy to close, fairly easy to open. Here I need to mention that when you open the stroller, there are the 2 front bars that need to click into the stroller base. Those are quite interesting as they don’t click automatically when you open the stroller as the video shows, but I do it manually to make sure they don’t get damaged. Other than that, very easy to move around, comfortable for the baby, easy to transport. Great product, I would buy it again.

Maureen Manson, IA

ALMOST Perfect. Not quite.

We bought the 2010 Peg Perego Si in “Kiwi” to replace our bulky travel system Chicco Trevi stroller while we’re on trips. We’ve had it a week now, and took it on vacation already. This would be the BEST stroller, if not for just a couple big problems.Pros:-Folds very compactly (about 6 inches shorter and wider than the Trevi), has a great standing fold.-Great color, looks great.-Very comfy seat, good harness.-Big basket under the seat (doesn’t drag, even when loaded).-Big sunshade.-Extendable handles are comfortable to hold.- Very tall back for a big baby.-Slim enough to go down aisles in stores, and between tables in restaurants.-Can hold a heavy diaper bag without tipping, and has hooks on the handles to hold it.Cons:-Cup holder falls off all the time, can’t actually fit a cup.-The front legs have to latch into plastic sockets when you unfold the stroller. The manual makes it sound like this should happen automatically when you unfold it, or that you can push the seat down and they’ll click in. Mine don’t line up with the sockets though, so I have to bend down and put each one in manually. This takes some time.-Some people have mentioned that their front wheels shake uncontrollably. Mine shake pretty noticeably, causing the whole stroller to tremble a bit when moving at any speed. This is a BIG issue, however, I chose to keep the stroller instead of sending it back because….Overall, this stroller has a lot of great features and if not for the annoying wheel shaking, and the time it takes to unfold and assemble the legs, it would be the perfect stroller. It has enough of the features I wanted that I decided to keep it, since all of the umbrella strollers I tried out at the store seemed to be made more cheaply. This is not at all a good outdoor stroller, in fact, I’ve kept our big travel system stroller for going on walks, because the Si shakes horribly when used outdoors. However, it does a fine job indoors, for running errands. This is a lot of money to pay for a stroller that can’t be used outdoors, so if that’s what you’re looking for, I recommend you keep looking.UPDATE JUNE 2011:After using this stroller for several months, I’ve decided to add one star to my earlier review. Although the wheels still shake on walks outside, it happens less often now (only when trying to go at a faster pace) and this has become my preferred stroller for most outings. It’s still not capable of off-roading, but the steering is fantastic and it’s so slim and lightweight compared to our “outdoor” stroller. The fabric has held up nicely, repelling water and stains very well. Now that our son can eat solids, I do wish there was a a small snack/cupholder attachment on the front bar so that he could serve himself while we’re on the go. I still wish it had a good adult cupholder too. Overall, I’d buy it again and recommend it as a great stroller for indoors and walking around the neighborhood.

Sydney Stendal, IN

We’re in love!

Great stroller! This rides so smoothly! The canopy is amazingly large, the seat reclines for 3 positions. The 5 point harness is secure and only slightly difficult to unbuckle (making it safe from our little ones hands). The basket is only accessoble from the sides and it’s not huge, but it will hold a good medium-to-large sized bag. The extendable handles are great. I’m 5’2″ and my husband is 6’2″. We are both comfortable pushing this and my husband doesn’t have to slouch at all. Folding it is very easy. Opening is not one-handed, it takes 2 steps, open then push the seat down to click in place, but it’s not really an issue. So glad we found this!

Carmen Carbon, IN

Great Stroller but could use minor improvements

I purchased this stroller because my Maclaren Quest did not recline all the way. I needed a stroller with added comfort when taking my son on vacation or trips to theme parks where he would have to be in his stroller for prolonged periods of time. After much research, I decided upon the Si because it was lightweight with a big sun canopy and had an extended foot rest with a full reclining seat.For the most part I like this stroller because my Son Is able to take long naps in it when we are sight seeing or at amusement parks. It is very easy to steer, fold and unfold. the harness secures my son really well and the canopy can pull forward pretty far, shielding him from the sun on hot days. I also like that there is a cup holder provided and that the handle height is adjustable.The only things that I did not like are that the stroller when folded is not as compact as I thought, it is also a bit heavier that my Maclaren Quest. The cup holder could also use improvement as it cannot hold a four ounce baby bottle securely. It is perfect for adult beverages though. The under cargo basket could also use improvement because it sometimes drags on the ground if too many items are placed in the basket. Unlike that Maclaren basket which is very high off the ground and never has dragging issues.Inspite of these minor flaws, its still a very good/sturdy stroller overall and does its main duty which is to give my son a safe and comfortable ride. It was a little on the pricier end though and very similar to the Chicco Light Way which is almost $100.00 cheaper. I also have the Chicco Light Way which I had won in a raffle after I had purchased the Si and had I known of the light way any sooner, I probably would have saved the $100 and stuck with the Light Way instead as it virtually has a lot of the same features, with a more secure cup holder and also reclines as far as the Si. The Light Way also folds more compactly than the Si.

Leah Grand Rapids, MN

Great stroller

Great stroller! Pretty easy to figure out and seems very sturdy. I bought this stroller because my sister has the same one and its solid, and really attractive. With no tax and free shipping, it was a great deal. I had ordered it from another website for $20 cheaper, but the stroller was on back order for 12 weeks! All in all, a great purchase – and trusted since I went through Amazon.

Lelia Cockeysville, MD