Peg Perego Siesta Highchair, Noce

Peg Perego Siesta Highchair, Noce

The multifunctional, ultra-compact high chair that easily accommodates a child’s growth. From birth, the Siesta can be used as a recliner or as a high chair for feeding, playing and resting. The removable tray and multiple height positions allow child to sit right at the table. The Siesta follows a child from birth through the toddler years. The multi-functional high chair can be used as a comfortable recliner, perfect for keeping a young baby close. As the child grows, the five recline positions and nine height positions provide a perfect spot for relaxing, eating or playing. Dinner will truly be a family affair, as the Siesta’s multiple height settings and removable tray allow child to sit at the dinner table. It’s a smooth move from one room to the next with the Siesta. Floor-friendly caster wheels allow for an easy transition from kitchen to playroom, and automatically lock for safety. When it’s time to put the Siesta away, it folds quickly and compactly. This compact fold makes the Siesta perfect for urban living spaces and is easily stored when not in use. With a sleek design available in five beautiful, saturated colors, the Siesta would be a welcomed addition to any living or kitchen space. Plus, with the Siesta, cleanup is a breeze. The Prima Classe fabric can quickly be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Main features

  • Polyester 70%/Cotton 30%
  • Imported
  • Five reclining seat positions
  • Evolved tilt-in-space seat that fully reclines
  • Nine different height positions
  • Mar-resistant caster wheels automatically lock for safety
  • Extremely compact, standalone fold: 11 5/6 x 34 2/3

Verified reviews


Not for newborns… or 4 month olds

I should have been wary as I had not seen any videos or pictures with an actual newborn in this high chair. I just put my 4 month old son in the chair with the shoulder straps as tight as possible and the waist straps as tight as possible while still being able to buckle the harness. He does not look safe. I don’t understand how a newborn could possibly be safe in this high chair in the reclined position as Peg Perego claims they should be. The shoulder straps need a third, lower position and the chair needs a support cushion when used as a chair for younger infants.I am also super disappointed that I can’t use the tray one handed. I have to squeeze the arms of the chair together to get the pegs to line up. Once I do finally get the pegs in the holes it does not slide smoothly at all. There is no audible or tactile click felt to let you know the tray is secured.I knew the brakes were going to be a pain in the neck and I was willing to live with that because of the other features. If everything else is not as advertised the brakes are a real deal killer as well as a back killer. I don’t know why they went from wheel locks to this annoying brake mechanism that requires you to stoop over the chair and push with both hands. Yes it is the safest way to push a baby in the chair but what if you have a baby in your arms and want to move the empty chair around the house or even push it out from the table?I’m contacting Peg Perego to see what they have to say but I feel like this chair is going to get returned.

Jacquelyn China Grove, NC

Almost perfect high chair

First of all, the pros:- This high chair offers many different height positions and recline positions – perfect even if your baby is already 6 months old and sitting unsupported. I found when starting to feed him solids it helped to keep him in a slightly reclined position. Also, as my son becomes more mobile, I like knowing that I can lower the chair closer to the ground if need to better keep an eye on him.- Super easy to clean. Just wipe down with a damp cloth and you’re good to go. No fabric that is sure to get ratty and needs to be washed at the end of the night.- Stylish. Looks great in any kitchen/dining area; very sleek and the leather is super soft and comfortable looking.- Mobile. I like the fact that it has wheels and can be moved around the house. Even though we live in an apartment and I didn’t think we’d move the chair that much because our apartment is small, I’ve already wheeled the high chair with my son sitting it in countless times between the kitchen and the dining area.- My son loves it! Will sit comfortable in the chair not only to eat, but also to play. Another great, safe place to put him during the day.- Way better than the Baby Bjorn chair (far too small for my bigger than average son); also seems a lot more safe than the Stokke model we considered. I think a lot of high chairs try too hard to be everything – the Stokke, for instance, converts to a toddler and than a child’s and even an adult sized chair. The Peg Perego is simply a great high chair, which is exactly all I care about!!!Cons:- the only negative I have for this high chair is that despite the wheels, it is NOT that easy to move around. This is because the wheels have a safety function so that the baby can’t roll around in the chair unattended. However, it is cumbersome to move the chair and because it’s great in every other way, I wish this small con were not present.Highly recommend overall; worth the money.

Louise Spencer, IN

Why people hate / love this chair

what an agonizing decision which high chair to buy~basically what you need to know going in is weather your child is sitting up yet (reclining ), if you need the chair to be compact (folded) and if you need it to move( wheels) , also the size of your baby may also be an issue.peg perego is #1 in safety and ease of function according to consumer reports, but according to baby bargains its not recommend because of price and the way it functions . this made my decision even harder. In addition reviews on amazon were mostly positive. so confusing but in the end i chose the siesta because of safety. I went to the store and was not at all comfortable with the ez fisher price chair, and not because of the giraffes~ it wasnt sturdy in my opinion , if you don’t agree then save some bucks and buy it. anywaypeople hate this chair because the instructions are impossible. Luckily the chair comes assembled which was a big bonus because something like this i would not trust in my hands.. lol so here it is before you go running to store to return ~ its the safety that is this chairs downfall so if your not willing or don’t feel those extra features are necessary then you will hate this chair. If you really want the chair but can’t figure out the tray that will also cause you to hate this chair. because the instructions aren’t clear many people believe the tray is broken or just can’t figure out the darn thing. again safety ~ the tray can only be inserted when your hand is inside the hole? right in the middle under the logo , stick your hand there, pull . if you look at the sticks before going in you will see that they move to a straight position allowing the tray to go in smooth. In addition on the left side facing you is another safety a red button underneath allowing that to move down if necessary. also the wheels in the front only go straight which baby bargains hated, but again safety that means the chair stays put & the back wheels do move all around. both sets of wheels move only when you push the stop and go buttons near the arms again safety and the location of the buttons means big sis/bro can’t take baby for ride across the kitchen. as for clean up , i just wipe down and seems fine. as for the gap between tray & child, my child is petite and short, and there is a gap between her and the tray but its not a problem for us she eats fine again i prefer the safety parts of the chair so i’m fine with this but that is why i gave it 4 stars because they should fix that. Anyway if my child could sit up i would have many more options but for now this chair works for us and it is beautiful to have at the table.

Shawn Pleasant Shade, TN

Sleek, but awkward to move. Peg Siesta vs Graco Blossom

I want to love this high chair. It looks awesome, is sleek, lightweight and has great reclining feature making it easy to use early on. I absolutely HATE the 2 handed push button feature necessary to roll the chair. Even more annoying, is I have a very low profile sisal rug on the hardwoods in my kitchen, and the stupid wheels on this high chair will not roll over it!!! Every day, I have to drag or pick up the chair to get the wheels onto the rug, so I can pull it up to the bistro table. I wouldn’t purchase it again for this reason, especially at almost double the price of other chairs. I ordered a Graco blossom for our farm cabin, and although it’s bulkier and not as modern/cool looking, I like it as much if not even more, especially for the almost $200 price difference. The graco has a 1 handed roll and moves easier in all directions. The fabrics feel equally as plush (leatherette material), and are both removeable to clean. I haven’t tried removing the graco straps yet, but the Peg straps are a bit cumbersome to take off and replace. Overall…. great design, but needs some improvements on future models.

Juliette Gerlach, NV

great chair except for one design flaw

I love this high chair for my son. I looked into lot of high chair before purchasing this one and so happy with my choice. Everything about this chair is great, from design, color, functionality, easy to adjust except the break. I HATE the stop and go latch on the top. I really think it would’ve been better if it had break latch at the bottom. You can’t move this chair while holding a baby. They should really reconsider fixing the stop and go latch on the next model.

Millicent Atkins, IA

hefty price tag but comfortable for the child

After trying out the Greco products, we decided to go with this one instead. We like the adjustable food rest and the multi position seat tilt. My 8 month is quite comfortable in it even after 1.5 hours sitting. The design is sleek and the chair folds and be easily stored in small closets. The only complain is the the seat height adjustment is difficult; at a tilt angle, the seat doesn’t simple move up and down. It takes considerable energy to adjust the height when your child is already seated.

Beulah Middleville, NJ

Great high chair!

I’ve been using the Siesta for about 3 months now and love it. The reclining positions are great for infants. The different heights allow to use everywhere in the house. It is true that you need to press two buttons to make it move around. I agree with other reviews that it makes it harder to move around but it’s no big deal to me. It still rolls great compared to other I’ve seen. On top of all this, the fact that it folds super easily and stand up straight by itself makes it the best chair for smaller spaces. The tray is easy to clean, can be brought up close to the child and can be stored at the back of the leg when not in use.I originally wanted the Boon Flair but after my friend bought it and I saw it was just a nice looking version of a regular high chair, it was obvious that the Siesta was 10 times better. Thanks Peg Perego for creating the perfect chair!To answer a previous questions, the foot rest does not have different length settings. It does go back enough to be out of the way for taller children though. They would have their feet dangling down. The measurement from the seat to the foot rest is approximately 6 inches.UPDATEWe have now been using this highchair for feeding for over 2 months. We still love it. Our daughter looks comfy in it at 6 months. We also use it for an 18 months old that also seems to like it quite a lot. The moving around is getting a little more annoying now that we us it more. I wish all four wheels would move 360 instead of only two. It is really like rolling a BBQ around (that’s what my brother in law said), you get us to it.

Jeri Florence, MO

Awesome high chair!

I simply LOVE this chair for every reason it sells for…I won’t rehash every selling feature but I can say the following:-the seat is so easily cleanable…we have the beige and it hasn’t stained yet…wipes clean with a clorox cloth.-the seat reclines to so any positions-we should have gotten this so much earlier (we ould have gotten so much more use out of it!)-it rolls SO easily…and collapses easily, too.-mostly, compared to our friends’ high chairs, it takes up so much less space in our kitchen, and folds flat when not in use.-it is adaptale to many heights…our table in the kitchen is cafe height (relatively tall), and it goes this high so she can eat dinner with us, but it goes down to any height (all the way to near the floor). Very versatile!Overall, it’s attractive and practical…very-well designed!

Trina Glenarm, IL

My child loves this chair.

I have a four month old and he loves this chair. It fits right under the dinner table and allows my son to sit with us for meals. He also stays calm in it to allow us to wash the dishes or other chores. The seat material is luxurious. It’s soft and doesn’t get cold. It folds easily and compact when you need it out of the way. Some people complain about moving the chair around but it was designed this way for your child’s safety. For me, that’s the first priority of a high chair design.

Celeste Manvel, TX

Fantastic highchair!

This highchair ROCKS! I checked out other chairs at numerous stores, and was really disappointed in their quality. I’m not a fan of super cutesy baby gear, and the crazy cartoon patterns just don’t appeal to me. I wanted something functional, something that would last for more than one child, and something that would streamline with my home decor. I couldn’t find this chair anywhere to actually see it in person, but watched the baby gizmo review on you tube and then just took a chance. I am very glad that I did! They thought of everything with this chair! My favorite features are the recline and the way the chair folds up so compactly (and is self standing) to put out of the way when not in use. The material is also just perfect for a highchair. All you have to do to clean it is wipe it off. No laundry necessary. Another important feature to note is that the crotch bar is attached to the chair itself, not to the tray. this is far better for baby’s safety, plus it makes cleaning the tray so much easier. If you are like me and debating on taking a chance on this chair sight unseen, I say go for it! There is a reason this chair has a higher price tag than others! Peg Perego got it right with this one!

Jewel Elbing, KS

SO easy to clean!

My son is such a messy eater! There’s no weird tricks to get this clean though. I just wipe everything on to the floor and sweep it up. My son enjoys being able to have his feet up a little. Even with the shoulder straps on him he still is really comfortable. No, it’s not the easiest highchair to move around but all the other features make that okay to deal with. I’m 20 weeks pregnant and it’s so easy for me to pick up when need to. Nana liked it too and bought one to keep at her house in FL. Looking forward to using it for my newborn as well.

Dianna Thicket, TX

Great Highchair

I really love this highchair. It is easy to use, easy to clean and seems very comfortable for my baby.

Althea Jewett, IL

Very versatile chair

I took my time to read plenty about baby chairs for our baby boy .. after so much read I decide to pull the trigger in this one and despite the price ( steep ) I gotta say, this chair is awesome .. from the versatile point of view, but it’s also very well made and well think .. This it’s out first boy, and sure our first chair .. so my opinion might be biased .. keep that in mind.

Ethel Stevenson, AL

Love Peg!!!

This is one of my favorite pieces of baby equipment!!! I love this highchair…its so easy to clean..the cushion is removed fairly easy… and you just wipe clean!!!! it fits in small spaces…. you can put the straps in the dishwasher…. it can be raised to a few different levels.. it we used it when our son was a few months old and sat him near us during dinner… its still great for our now 1 year old… the quality is good….the back has a small storage space..I did overfill it with cloth bibs and it kind of broke, but we sorta fixed it and holds the bibs again…but it was totally my fault I over over stuffed it!!!

Ruthie Chamois, MO

Solid highchair

I did alot of research. Bought this one despite the hefty price tag. So glad I did. It’s very sturdy. Holds up well to baby’s splatter. Easily wipes down. Has some crevices but not difficult to clean. It takes up a good amount of room due to its wide base so it’s not for a small space but it folds and has a huge removeable tray. Plus it reclines! Looks so cozy, I can see why it’s called siesta. It’s not as difficult to maneuver as some reviewers have said – once you figure out that the back wheels are for steering. The seat can be hot though during the summer. My baby’s hair gets all wet in the back when she’s in the chair for too long. Otherwise Highly recommend.

Miranda Ararat, VA

functional modern highchair

We have had this highchair for about 6 months and so far no big complaints. It is easy to clean, folds up well, and it is nice to be able to adjust the height of the chair. Aesthetically, we like that it has more of a modern feel to it and it does not overpower our kitchen table. We don’t use the reclining feature very much because our daughter only tends to nap in her crib or carseat, but it’s nice to have. The tray is easy to put on with one hand which is helpful when she is trying to kick it away. The biggest downfall is that the front wheels do not rotate so when you are trying to position it you may have to move it back and forth a few times but if they changed that design the breaking system would not work as easily. Overall we are happy with the highchair and I would purchase it again.

Glenda Stevinson, CA

Perfect except for turning

I would love to give this chair 5 stars but there is a design problem with moving it. I can’t understand why it should be so hard to much the chair 90 degrees. the chair has automatic breaks and you must push down 2 buttons, 1 on each side in order to just unlock the breaks. Then on top of it you have to maneuver around to move the chair to where you want it. Really doesn’t make sense for such an expensive chair. I guess if you leave it in one spot an only move it forward or back it wouldn’t be a big deal. But turning is a hassle.Besides for that, it’s very comfortable and has many positions. It really is a nice chair that is built to last for multiple kids down the line.

Pearl Feeding Hills, MA