Perfect Size! AB Lifestyles Hypoallergenic Toddler Pillow 14×20

Perfect Size! AB Lifestyles Hypoallergenic Toddler Pillow 14×20

NEW MANUFACTURING SPECIFICATIONS! After listening to customers, we learned that many of you felt our pillow had too much fill and was too “poofy” for toddlers. We took that feedback and went back to the drawing board to experiment with different amounts of fiberfill to get a pillow more suitably sized for toddlers. OUR NEW PILLOW HAS 8 ounces of brand new, hypoallergenic 100% polyester fiberfill. (This is down from the original pillow that had 13 ounces.) We feel this is the PERFECT size for Toddlers and Children! This pillow still measures 14×20. Filled with brand new 100% polyester fiberfill. Kids love this size pillow for nap time at home, school or daycare. Great for travel too! We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Main features

  • cotton/polyester cover
  • Made in USA
  • Toddler / Child size pillow measuring 14×20 with a less lofty fill than before
  • Hypoallergenic! Made of a 50% cotton & 50% polyester cover with 8 ounces of 100% polyester fiberfill.
  • Perfect size for Toddlers & Children
  • Fits pillowcases found in AB Lifestyles Toddler Sheet Sets
  • Proudly Made in the USA

Verified reviews


Toddler Pillow

Happy with this purchase. They are fluffy and durable, which they have to be since my grandkids have spent more time tossing them around and hitting each other than sleeping on them! 😉

Dawn North Spring, WV

Way too thick for a toddler or child!

Going back to write my review, I wish I’d read the other parent reviews…which say the same thing I am about to: this pillow is WAY too thick for a child. It’s thicker than my own personal pillow which I would give my child before this one. The only thing toddler/child sized about it is the length/width. I would HIGHLY recommend not purchasing this item for your child. I had to return it.

Marion Blue Ridge, GA

dimensions mostly good

I bought this pillow for my 2 year old after she would repeatedly snuggle up with mommy’s or daddy’s. It’s WAYYYYYYYY to fat for a toddler. I think it’s fluffier than my pillow. However, once I removed about half of the stuffing and closed the pillow back up, it’s pretty good. It’s just the right size for her converted crib toddler bed. I’m not sure if buy it again, though, since I could make one cheaper and with about the same level of crafting.

Francesca Winthrop, NY

Too thick for a toddler (or child).

I don’t understand how this is marketed as a toddler/child pillow. It’s way, way too lofty, even for an adult. There’s no way this can be used as a first toddler pillow or even as a child’s pillow. It might work as a travel pillow for use in a car or airplane. I can’t think of any other sleep-related use for it.If you’re looking for a toddler pillow (for a kid who’s used to sleeping without a pillow), tryClevamama ClevaFoam Toddler Pillow, Cream. It’s the thinnest small pillow I’ve found and my toddler (22 months old when we got it) took to it right away. He’d shown signs of wanting a pillow, by using them on the couch and on adults’ beds, so we took his cue.The only problem with the Clevamama pillow is that it doesn’t fit into “toddler” pillowcases. We ended up putting it width-wise into a king-size pillowcase and tucking the excess under the toddler mattress. That’s actually a pretty good solution because it forces the pillow to stay put.Bottom line: This small pillow is way, way too thick for even a side-sleeping toddler or child to use comfortably. Don’t waste your time or money on it.NOTE FOR PROSPECTIVE PARENTS: This is my one piece of advice that I wish I’d known when we were buying things in advance of our first child’s delivery. If you’re like most modern parents, you’re going to have a lot of tiny beds with different-sized mattresses, mattress pads, and sheets. You’re also going to be doing a lot of laundry. These various sheets are different sizes, but it can be hard to tell which is which when they come out of the dryer. You do not want to be fighting with the sheets when it comes time to remake a bed after a vomit or feces incident.The solution is to choose ONE color for the sheets of a particular size and stick to it. For instance, get all green crib sheets. Make all of your co-sleeper sheets cream. For the pack ‘n’ play? All brown. (The brown will hide travel smudges, too.) Buy white or yellow toddler sheet sets. Also, get alaundry markerand write a code for the size on the mattress pads’ labels.People got you fancy bedding sets (which, if they contain padded elements, can be dangerous for infants)? You bought into the hype and got all kinds of crazy sheets for the crib? Return them if you can. Or consign them. Or give them away. Seriously, having a unified color for each size sheet will simplify your life for YEARS to come, especially if you have more than one kid.

Cathryn Kerby, OR

It is too big at first

The pillow tones it down a little after some use. But it has lasted a while & still is decent. My suggestion is to wash it to make it a little flatter.

Josefa Wheeler, IL

Incorrect Size Advertised

I returned this item because the size was suppose to be 14×20 like it advertised but it was only 10x 14 or something. I even measured it to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. It was extremely tiny my 15 month old’s head would barely fit on it if I tried and nothing like the picture shown either in the toddler bed (all crib mattresses are universal so I KNOW that’s not the pillow in the picture)

Adelaide Christiansburg, VA


This pillow is a bit firm for what I was looking for… good size, but a little less filling would’ve been better. My son is 2 1/2 and it’s been hard to find just the right size and comfort for him…. this is the size I need, but a pit too poofy!

Lisa Pembroke Pines, FL

How is this even usable??

Well shame on me for buying a toddler pillow. I thought that buying a toddler pillow would be made for toddlers, the size of their head, neck size etc. First off the pillow is super tiny! How is a toddler who moves ALL over the place going to lay their head on this, roll over and stay on? Second it is way poofy! It is so thick that when my daughter laid her head on it it made her chin touch her chest. How is the supposed to be comfortable?? Save yourself some money and time and just buy a normal thinner pillow.

Selena Fowlstown, GA

Too Thick

This pillow is sold as a toddler pillow. It is a small pillow, which is perfect for a toddler sized bed, but it is so thick, that it is impossible for a child to lie down comfortably with their head upon it. I have had to use it as a decorative pillow only.

Nettie Goldsboro, NC

OK pillow

A little bit too thick than I expected but works Ok for my toddler. I wish it would be thinner.

Claudette Brillion, WI