Periwinkle Large Wet Bag by Mommy’s Touch

Periwinkle Large Wet Bag by Mommy’s Touch

Mommy’s Touch Wet Bags are made of a PUL fabric to hold in wetness from those wet diapers or for damp swimsuits after an outing at the pool or beach. Our bags come with Zipper closure to ensure any unwanted smells stay where they belong: In The BAG!

Main features

  • Proudly Handmade in the USA by WAHMS (work at home moms)
  • Super-soft, envirmentally friendly, non-cruchy PUL
  • Holds about 6 diapers
  • Great for soiled baby clothes as well
  • Zipper closure and carrying handle for convenience

Verified reviews


Our favorite wet bag

We own a lot of wet bags. Now with two kiddos in diapers, we had to move up on size and get this bag in the larger size. It is so moldable that you can squish it in to any diaper bag and be on your way. It holds a lot of diapers (more than listed), as it seems that you can keep stuffing them in. It wasn’t until probably over two good years of consistent washing, that our old Mommy’s Touch bag began to break down a little. I find that this bag masks the odor of diapers better than many of the more expensive brands, even though the material is thinner. We’ll definitely continue to purchase these for everything from diapers to wet swimwear.

Darlene Moscow, PA

Leaks for me

I have a problem with leaking. Simply wet diapers do not leak through, but diapers that have been dunked / sprayed always leak for me. My Planet Wise bags don’t do this. I will continue to use this bag as a laundry bag only.

Doris Winter Park, FL

Great wetbag…does wear out after about a year

I use these wetbags for storage until laundry day. Mine holds about 8 prefolds and a few covers, which I wash every other day. I have a three-gallon bin (the bag is not big enough to line) that I put the wetbag on one side and a garbage bag on the other… it works for me. These bags are good for a day trip or an over-nighter away from home. I hang them to dry. I’ve not had any problems as of yet… however, I just started using them about a week ago. I’ll update my review in a few months to let you know how they hold up.Update as of Jan 2013:The PUL separated from the fabric a few months ago…still using it, however, moisture does get through.Update as of June 2013:The PUL ripped from the bag…had to just cut it out. Now I have a bag that is not waterproof….hmmmmm. Any suggestions?

Tracey Monroe, OK

Perfect size for the diaper bag!

This is my second wet bag that I have purchased. The first one would only hold about 2-3 cloth diapers and this could probably hold 6-8. (I use BumGenius diapers.) It’s thin and lightweight, so when it is empty it doesn’t take up much space in the diaper bag. It really holds in the smells and washes up wonderfully!I would highly recommend this bag for it’s quality and price! It’s also great to know that it is helping a fellow mom!

Gwendolyn Spurger, TX

Great Cloth diaper accessory

We hang these in the bathroom and put cloth diapers in them before bath and when we put my son on the potty. It’s the perfect size!

Katina East Dorset, VT

Great wet bag to go back and forth to day care – and more!

This bag has held up perfectly over the past 6 months with daily use and frequent washing. Smelly messes stay well inside the bag, and I’ve never had a problem with leaking or odor. It’s big enough for about 6 clean BumGenius diapers (to fit comfortably), and you could fit more in there when they’re dirty (because I usually roll them up tightly). The print (we have the cow print and the animal print) is fun, and I don’t feel too conspicuous carrying it in and out of school (daycare). We even took it on vacation to act as our impromptu diaper pail, and we used the loop to hang on a dresser pull in the hotel – there was no smell discernible from the bag!If I had a complaint, it’s that the loop is a little small to use as a carrying strap. It fits over my hand, but is just small enough to be awkward while holding a baby and other bags. And it’s not comfortable on the wrist, so I just throw it in a larger catch-all bag with her baby food and other stuff. This bag would be perfect with a better carry strap, but I still give it 5 stars for durability, wetness and odor control (after all, that’s what it’s for!)Update: We’ve now been using these for 15 months, and they’re still going strong – many, many washes later!

Hilary Lyon Mountain, NY

What I Expected

I bought this bag so the daycare provider could easily send cloth diapers (FuzziBunz) home. She just wraps the diapers up and puts them in the bag, I empty the diapers out and throw the bag in the wash with the diapers. I do not dry them as it seems to break the lining down faster (in these type of bags, not these specifically). You could fit like 8-10 (maybe a few more) FuzziBunz diapers in one of these. I ended up getting 3 of them, one for each day I work. We have been using them for about 3 weeks now, and they are great. I highly suggest these bags.

Latonya Onancock, VA