Pet Yard Plastic Exercise Pen Expansion Panel, 2-Piece, Gray

Pet Yard Plastic Exercise Pen Expansion Panel, 2-Piece, Gray

Give your child even more safe space to play while keeping him in view with the Extension Kit for the Superyard XT Play Gate. The 2-panel kit attaches to the 6-panel Superyard XT to increase the play area from 18-1/2 sq. ft. to 34-1/2 sq. ft. Your little one and a sibling or friend will have a safe place to entertain themselves while you catch up on household tasks. Portable and lightweight with easy setup. Gray plastic. Made in USA. Each panel 26Hx65L”.

Main features

  • Two-panel extension kit
  • Extension kit expands Superyard Classic to 34.5 square feet
  • By adding this extension kit you can increase the Superyard classic size

Verified reviews


Great product to go with Superyard XT

This is almost a necessity when you purchase the Superyard XT.HINT: Do NOT buy two extensions, as the superyard becomes unstable with more than one set added (per manufacturers specifications).

Gilda Newport, WA

Allows a lot more space!

I got this extention with my playyard because i didnt feel the playyard itself would be big enough for my daughter to crawl freely around and really explore anymore than her pack n play did. plus, i wanted to be able to sit with her and play with her while she could freely move around. with this extension, we have PLENTY of room for BOTH of us and her toys…my 50lb hound dog even joined us at one point! the playyard itself was enough for the two of us, but barely. i definitely recommend getting this extention with the playyard.i can see where it would also allow room for puppies to roam around and even have the mama dog there, too! VERY nice!

Josefina Orange, TX

Good idea in theory

These gates are a nice idea, but in reality they only work for very small children. When set up in a circle they’re easy to shake, although I’m fairly certain they wouldn’t fall down. They’re also pretty unattractive. We used them for a short time and then ended up putting them away.

Erica Olivia, NC


this was a great buy. I love the versatility to use this indoor and outdoors. I have used it more outside…. wonderful product

Chelsey Beecher, IL

Expansion Panel…

Use this for my child, not animal. The Play Yard and extension are probably the best thing I bought as a parent. You WILL get your use out of these. I don’t know what I’d have done without them. She’s almost 3 and we still use them. They’re great because you can use the play yard and extension in so many ways… We used them as an octogan at first, then used them as a long zig-zag room divider when she got bigger, now we use them as individual gates to keep her out of the kitchen, other rooms, etc. You can break each individual wall apart, in any way needed. Inside or outside, easy to clean, animals or kids… they are a life saver.

Leeann Pearl City, IL

Solid buy

I bought this to help block the stairs and built in landing. The rubber feet that comes with keep it in place and will not move. Mind you this will not keep a determined 16mo old from getting on the stairs but will keep them at bay. Buy this its a good product.

Cindy Dewey, IL

just buy two sets –

I would just buy two sets of the panels instead of the extension because it only comes with two for half the price of 6 …you will wish you had bought two ( I later bought a second set after wasting my money on the extension.) Just saying my opinion.

Traci Claunch, NM

works great

bought this to go with my gate…i think it being a square makes it way more steady…my son pushes and pulls it with all his weight and is not able to topple it over nor snap it open…so im ok with leaving him in there while i cook or clean….

Lorraine El Dorado Springs, MO

Great product

I bought 2 superyards and 1 extension kit. THey are easy to use and you can break them down into sections of 2 to block items of furniture if you want. I bend mine in an l shape and block things like chairs and end tables.

Geraldine Alledonia, OH

broke 2 pieces

some bent out of shape.dont make a big area with these.. but for 4-5 pieces they are useful.not super easy to put on and take off but not too bad either.i used it for my baby for a long time. be gentle and dont force trying to set it up, or you will break them.

Sherri Bradyville, TN

Great add on for the larger superyard kit

We bought this to add on to ourNorth States Superyard Classic XT Gate Play Yard, which is very functional. We’d prefer something other than an ugly putty color, but their colorful version is 3 times the cost.

Mindy San Quentin, CA


My crawler/wobbler is now an active toddler and needed more room so I bought this extension. Just what we needed! Word to the wise: once a toddler they will be able to lift & move the fencing a little, not enough to get out but perhaps enough to get closer to something you would rather they not have access to. this is greatly impeded by installing the adhesive pads included, and/or attaching it to the leg of a heavy piece of furniture with the blue nylon snap straps also included. I don’t know if the straps are included for this reason, but this works well for us. between the pads and the straps she cannot push the fencing around the room and has given up trying.

Natalie Clay City, KY

Wobbly, but the safe space is there…

I haven’t had a bad experience with the fact that the extension made the Superyard wobbly so far. I got the basic play yard when my infant was 6 mos old. As she became more agile, pulling herself up to standing and crawling more, I purchased the extension two months later.Overall, the unit has been good.I live in an apartment and there are hazards to avoid. (ie fireplace, balcony, wall heater, etc.) This was the near perfect solution to allow her the space for extended play and exercise.The baby has learned and made adjustments to compensate for the wobbliness, which at first would cause her to lose her balance when she would bring herself to standing by holding on to the gate.She plays for usually up to an hour per entrance with her toys. With a video monitor and physical checks every 10 minutes or so, I feel confident that she is mostly safe from harm. I climb inside and play with her and her toys often by just carefully stepping over it. I did also add the rubber floor mat as well and recommend it in case of inevitable falls.

Verna Victoria, MS


This little fence/playpen is one of the best things we bought for our daughter since her birth! We bought this PLUS one 2 panel extension…and put it on an 8′ x 6′ puzzle mat! It gives her a huge space to play in while we are able to make meals, do dishes etc… without having to worry about not having our hands on her constantly. We have had as many as 4 adults in the pen with her at the same time…and had more than enough room. Way better option than one of the TINY traditional playpens that really are like little baby jails!One suggestion is that when we first got this we set it up in a square at almost 6′ x 6′ However, when you have two panels “straight” together…it isn’t super stable…it works only OK. If you think…Octagon and bend the fence a little between each panel…it is way more stable and works fantastic!!!Highly recommend this product. Daughter learned to stand in here AND started “cruising” all around the pen within days of standing. Would give it 10 stars if I could. Oh last thing, it comes apart and folds up very easily for transport…we take it with us to the grandparents house to use when they watch her for us and when we just visit overnight!

Tonia Somerset, VA