Petite Creations Baby Cubes, 2 Ounce, 8-Count

Petite Creations Baby Cubes, 2 Ounce, 8-Count

Petite Creations Baby Cubes are designed to keep homemade baby puree as fresh as the day you made it. Reduce waste and only defrost what you need. Baby Cubes are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. The lids attach directly to each cube for convenience, and Baby Cubes stack easily in the freezer, saving space. Included on tray is a “removable plaque’’ you can write on to show date and meals prepared (use dry eraser marker only). Baby Cubes come in 3 sizes – 1 ounce, 2 ounce, and 4 ounce – collect them all and mix and match all sizes. Baby Cubes are BPA and phthalates free. Petite Creations is a family run business that looks for unique baby products from around the world. The utmost consideration and emphasis is always on product quality and safety.

Main features

  • Baby food containers ideal for preserving and freezing baby food
  • Includes eight – 2 ounce Baby Cubes and tray
  • Write directly on tray plaque with dry erase marker to show meal and date prepared
  • Dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe; BPA free
  • Mix and match with 1 ounce and 4 ounce Baby Cubes (sold separately)

Verified reviews


Inconvenient and not cost effective.

I usually take one day a week to cook and puree enough fruits and veggies to last the week, purchasing what fresh produce is in season, or fresh-frozen alternatives. Just one hour in the kitchen once a week is all the time I spend on making baby food, and I love that. I didn’t love these food storage cubes, however.Like other reviewers, I found that the lids rarely stayed in place, whether in the freezer or the fridge, and if you filled a cube even barely above the line, the lid will pop open in the freezer due to expansion. Don’t toss one in your diaper bag for even short outings, either, or you’ll have a mess on your hands.I found that 1-ounce cubes were much too small for my baby’s needs. Filling up 2 trays of these cubes didn’t last us a week. My daughter is a healthy eater and it wasn’t long before 1 ounce of food didn’t satisfy her, and it became a pain to thaw and heat several cubes at once. One ounce is about the size of an ice cube and if you want portions that small, it would be easier to fill a standard ice cube tray, freeze, then pop the cubes out and store in a freezer bag.Also, washing these little cubes by hand was a hassle for me, especially when there are so many other baby items in my life that need hand-washing. To put them in the dishwasher, you have to place them in a basket and they often would nest within each other during the wash cycle and not become clean, or the heat would warp them. The plastic stained easily, too, especially with orange foods.I eventually purchased several packs of Gladware 4-ounce round containers. These are a nice size, a bit larger than baby food jars, so a few containers in the fridge would last us through several meals for a day or 2, and the rest went in the freezer. Before bed each night, I would pull a few more containers from the freezer to thaw in the fridge for the next day. Fast, easy, convenient. They also wash up nicely in the dishwasher and I’ve never had one pop open in the diaper bag.Occasionally one of the blue Gladware lids with crack from having been frozen, heated, and washed repeatedly, but they’re so inexpensive that tossing one in the recycling bin now and then wasn’t a lot of money down the drain.Baby #2 is on the way and I look forward to refining my homemade baby food routine … but I wont be using these cubes! Time to buy some more Gladware containers.

Jewell Dayton, OH

Save your money!

They break easily (never ask a man to fill these)! You can’t put them in the microwave to unthaw. Useless.

Melba East Troy, WI

Get the 2 oz cubes instead

I started out using these, but had problems with the lids popping open in the freezer. They also don’t stand well in their trays. As my baby got bigger, I needed bigger cubes, so I tried the 2 oz cubes expecting the same problems. I love the 2 oz cubes better. The lids are deeper so that they snap and stay on better…and trays are deeper so that they stand in the fridge/freezer better. If you’re going to buy cubes for freezing baby food, go with the 2 oz. You’ll use them eventually and they have 1 oz measurements on the side if you absolutely need it. I gave these 3 stars because I do love the fact that they’re BPA free and allow me to freeze and heat them without any worries.

Chasity Highfalls, NC

Excellent to frozen baby food

This product is Very easy to clean and to storage in the freezer. Perfect size for baby food. Very handy to defrost.

Abbie Buford, GA

Get what you see

This worked well enough for what it is. I made food for my baby and needed something to put it in. I like that the lids are attached to save me the hassle of searching for lost lids. The trays are nice too, although I rarely used them to safe space in our small freezer. I wish they were bigger though, but that’s all I can really criticize. One never held enough food for my baby. All in all a straight forward, get what you see product.

Ronda Mount Sidney, VA

Wish I would have listened

Immediately upon opening the box I began to regret this purchase. I should have listened to the other reviews! To start, one ounce containers are great for the beginning when introducing solids. Other than that, it’s just too small unless you want to serve several different foods to your child in one meal. Secondly, the lid does not close completely and it’s so flimsy. The third complaint is the tray- though it is nice that the cubes look organized and freeze upright, the tray barely has a ledge so if it gets bumped, the cube gets knocked over/off the tray.

Ladonna Wilsondale, WV

These are great!

These are perfect for baby’s first meals! I bought three trays and they’re working great. My only issue is that these cubes deform in the microwave, and the lable for the tray keeps popping off. Also, do not fill over the fill line, otherwise when they freeze the lid will pop open.

Elsie Villa Maria, PA

Not the best way to store frozen baby food

I got these as a gift along with the Fresh Baby Trays at my baby shower. I made my own baby food and put it into these cubes, and then froze them. When I first opened the cubes up, I noticed they were dirty and desperately needed washing. The containers aren’t perfectly clear to begin with but I was surprised at how dirty they were right out of the package. The cube lids do not stay on all the way either. Even if you don’t overfill the cubes as the instructions say, the lids still do not seal all the way and there is a gap that food could spill out of (if it was in the fridge). I had trouble with the lids completely popping open too and had to put Scotch tape on them to keep them closed. The cubes also do not stay on the white tray and tip over and fall off very easily. Also, you must defrost them in the microwave to get the frozen food out. I think you are better off buying the Fresh Baby trays. These are very high-quality trays, where the thick rubber lid stays on and the frozen food pops right out for storage in a zip-lock bag (just like regular ice cubes). Don’t waste your money on these flimsy individual cubes!

Alisha Finger, TN

its ok

these are very handy for freezing and measuring snacks however the lids break easily. they lasted about 6 months of everyday use.

Kristy Asbury, NJ

Perfect, except for the lack of screw top.

First, what I love about these:They come with 10 individual pots. I have 50 freezer pots and an ice cube tray full of baby puree in my freezer, so I won’t even consider the sets that cost twice as much and only include 4 pots.One ounce size. My baby has a very high metabolism and the doctor instructed us to start solids right at 4 months, because she was breast- feeding up to 20 times a day and for up to 3 hours at a time. Now at exactly 6 months she has solids 4 times a day and only breast-feeds 10 times a day. I use the one-ounce size to ensure that she still gets most of her nutrition from breast milk and formula, and to make it easier to feed her a variety of foods. Sure I could just fill a two-ounce container half-way but then the food doesn’t stay fresh as long.The tray. I’ve dropped other freezer pots on the way to the freezer and lost food because they didn’t come with trays.What I don’t like, the lack of a screw-on lid. I’m pretty religious about observing the max fill line, but I have had one pot pop open in the freezer.Overall, these are one of the most fuctional and affordable sets available.

Louella White Cloud, MI

As advertized.

I don’t understand the reviews that say the lid won’t close after washing. I wash mine in the dishwasher on high heat and they didn’t warp and still close every bit as securely. I took a chance and I’m glad I did because mine close just fine.These are not air-tight, though. Or water-tight. And wouldn’t be secure enough for the diaper bag, unless you had something dry in them like puffs or Cheerios. But they are great for stacking in the fridge – for baby food or diced fruits and veggies, etc. And the fridge tray makes it that much easier. Also, you can’t beat the price.

Jeannie Lockport, IL

Homemade baby food

These turned out to be sturdier than I initially thought they would be. We have used them in the refrigerator and freezer. Just don’t fill the cubes to the top if you plan on freezing them-the lids will pop off! Otherwise-great to have for my homemade baby food 🙂

Shelley Wood Ridge, NJ

LOVE IT (I was skeptical).

As someone who makes her own baby food, I was kind of skeptical at spending the money to buy these. I usually just freeze mine in ice cube trays, then separate into labeled baggies. However, I bought 3 of these and I’m SO GLAD that I did! It’s so easy. You just pull them out of the freezer and pop them in the microwave. I wish there was a specialized labeling system you could buy for these, as the baby food labeling stickers I bought at the store are a little bit too big.The 3 sets I bought stack together nicely on the freezer shelf without a problem. Do not fill them above the “max line”. I thought I could, but when I closed the lid, the food squirted all over the place!

April Madras, OR

Pain in the butt

I was looking for a smaller sized baby food freezer tray and chose this one first. The lids never stayed shut (and would sometimes spontaniously open in the freezer) having 10 separate cubes was a real pain to balance in a full freezer and cleaning it was a chore. Get a silicon mold instead.

Simone Morse Mill, MO

Not really dishwasher safe

I bought these and washed them before using. I put them on the top rack of my dishwasher and on the normal setting. After washing I could not get the lids to seal. Instead I bought the ziploc take and toss containers that are dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. They are less expensive and come in multiple sizes.

Katharine Redkey, IN

As good as it probably gets

I really love the design of these cubes and the fact that you can defrost single servings so easily. They’re also wonderful in that trays can stack so easily in the freezer if you buy more than one. The one complaint is that the cubes often open when frozen, even when filled to the Max. Fill line as directed. I guess it’s not the biggest deal since we end up going through them quickly enough to not cause significant freezer burn to develop. Other than this, I’ve found these cubes to be the most practical ones I’ve seen.

Lorene Reynolds Station, KY

Pop open

These are a great idea but they don’t stay closed. The 2-ounce containers from Baby Cubes have a slightly different lid and they don’t pop open as much, so I would buy those if you’re looking at this product. I take a 2-ounce container of veggies out of my freezer before bed, it defrosts in the fridge over night and I serve my baby out of it for a day or two until it’s gone (scooping out a serving and putting it on his plate of course, not spooning directly out of the container). Works great, but the 1-ounce, as I said, they don’t stay closed.

Tammi Maple City, MI

Work pretty well, but unnecessary.

The plastic is a little flimsy and few of the lids broke a little not allowing them to seal properly. I liked the idea…but unless you are making baby food every few days you would need like 5 of these…and then would have no space in your freezer. I make baby food and freeze in ice cube trays…then transfer them into ziploc bags. I only use these if I run out of ice cube trays. For their purpose they are okay, but are really an unnecessary product.

Carole College Grove, TN

Space efficient, and easy to defrost one at a time.

I like the small portion sizes, and easy to take one out at a time the night before to defrost in the refrigerater. From the freezer to the plate, the lids have always stayed shut for me; but I am not sure I would trust the flip lids to hold tight being thrown around in a lunch box or anything. I have not tried it, but I am not willing to either.

Robbie Elgin, NE