Petunia Pickle Bottom Abundance Boxy Backpack, Breakfast in Berkshire/Grey

Petunia Pickle Bottom Abundance Boxy Backpack, Breakfast in Berkshire/Grey

A diaper bag designed for mothers of multiples, the Abundance boxy backpack boasts a large main compartment with several spacious pockets. It features our signature built-in changing station, multiple carrying options and comes in playful prints on our easy-to-clean glazed coated cotton canvas.

Main features

  • A diaper bag designed for mothers of multiples, the abundance boxy backpack boasts a large main compartment with several spacious pockets, it features our signature built-in changing station and our easy-to-clean glazed coated cotton canvas
  • Spacious interior with 4 large pockets, 2 bottle pockets and a key clip
  • 2 exterior side bottle pockets
  • Zip-out changing station with detachable changing pad and 3 pockets for diapers and wipes and 3 pacifier pouches
  • Versatile, with three ways to carry: backpack, cross-body/on shoulder, or on stroller with valet stroller clips (sold separately)

Verified reviews


Too cumbersome, doesn’t close well and the velcro is cause for DISASTER!

I own several PP items and love almost all of them. This product however, was a disaster for me. I thought the size would be great, but its shape is overly cumbersome and weighs you down considerably. This might not be a problem if you have only one baby, but I had twins so I already had my hands full. I needed something with good storage capacity, but that wouldn’t be so difficult to carry – this had plenty storage capacity but was not easy to carry at all. I am not a large person – average weight, but tall. It made me so wide I had trouble fitting through tight spaces (like between cars in the parking garage, etc). It would scratch against the cars, or bump into peoples chairs when walking through restaurants. Then there was the velcro closure. I cannot count how many pairs of tights and how many sweaters were ruined by that stuff. I had my twins in November, so it was cold and I was wearing that kind of attire daily. If I got in a hurry (imagine that happening when you are a busy mom with newborn twins) and picked it up without properly closing it (which generally required two hands – HA, I haven’t had two free hands since I became a mom!!) it would snag the heck out of whatever I was wearing. And it is a HUGE piece of velcro! I sold this barely used bag and several matching accessories at a twins sale and went with a touring tote plus a matching faraway fold out tote to use as a companion bag when I need to carry more baby gear with me and I am a much happier camper.

Bridgett Germansville, PA

Waste of money!

I’ll admit: I was suckered in by the PP look and status symbol. I left the tags on my bag for a few days while I decided if it was really worth the large fee I paid. Deciding just to treat myself and go for it, I removed the tags and took it on my first real outing – and was SEVERELY disappointed. The biggest issue is that the seatbelt-like straps slip off the shoulder; there is absolutely no grip. I’ll have to make something for it, myself, which should not be the case with something in this price range. Secondly, while the fold out diaper changing area is cool for tiny infants, it ends up being a waste of space once your child is beyond 6 or 8 months old. This is because there is no other exterior pocket – the entire thing is comprised of the fold out changing pad. When you no longer need a changing pad, you can’t substitute other useful things in that space. Next, the exterior bottle pockets are just a smidge too tight for my Target- purchased toddler cups (I have an infant and a 3 y.o.) and while I applaud that the bag is generally larger than many others on the market it’s not THAT much larger – and with the absence of exterior pockets, all of your stuff has to be stacked on top of each other inside. It makes locating that certain toy just that much more difficult in a pinch. My husband hates the bag because the backpack straps have large clasps on it that poke him when he carries it from the house to the car. Overall, it just really wasn’t worth the money. Buy a Rickshaw bag, instead. I didn’t know this at the time, but they have all kinds of baby components you can add to a regular messenger bag to make it 100% customizable to your needs. A much better value!

Valarie Morganville, NJ

Big Beautiful Beast!!!

This is such a pretty bag but it us too big for my needs so it is being returned. Maybe a regular Boxy in place of it.

Tricia Capshaw, AL

Needs a few edits

For the price, I was hoping for the near perfect bag. It is lacking for me. I chose this bag for its larger size to have room for cloth diapers and my over-packing tendencies. The backpack straps were a key requirement as well. However, here are my main issues:Velcro closure of the main flap is very noisy and has snagged multiple blankets and clothing items. I suggest PPB change it to a magnetic closure for the flap.Lacking a "mommy pocket". Suggest adding a pocket on the back or within the flap to allow room for wallet, phone, a ipad… just needs some exterior space for mom items that get lost in the bag.Bottle pockets should be insulated.Changing pad seems like it should have more of a laminated, easy to wipe surface.

Billie Copake Falls, NY

Amazing bag

This bag is a must… It has a great amount of room, i just used it fir our hand luggAge for a long hall flight, the zipper changing area at the front is so handy too …

Stacie Ingomar, MT

I want to like this more….

I wanted a roomy bag that I would be able to wear on my back or messenger style to free my hands. I also wanted something cute, but functional, and large enough to hold everything I need for my two small kids (plus one more on the way).My biggest complaint is that the outer cup/bottle holders are impossible to clean. My son’s milk spilled out of his cup, and I cannot for the life of me totally clean this out. The inside of these pockets have turned black and started to smell – I have tried bleach, lysol, etc.The diaper pockets are awful – I cannot fit more than 2-3 diapers in each pocket easily.As far as the inside, the pockets are plentiful, but as there isn’t that much internal compartment room the stuff I put in those pockets is constantly falling out. I end up digging through the bag to find what I am looking for, which can be tough when trying to find keys while walking with two small kids. Overall, you have to stack stuff on top of each other in order to fit everything in. The bag, when filled, is very heavy, and it never fits on my back (it sags oddly when really full).I gave it three stars because the pattern is cute, and the outside is wipeable. It’s also very durable and can fit a lot, if you don’t mind carrying a heavy bag around.

Morgan Walton, OR

cute but bulky

I purchased this after returning the original sized boxy backpack bc it didnt seem large enough.. this one is quite bulky and would be awkward to actually wear as a backpack. Baby isn’t here yet to give any further review but it seems like it’ll be cumbersome. Cute pattern, sturdy but "sticky" coated material… good quality overall. .

Latoya Mosca, CO

Beautiful bag!

I bought this bag for my DIL as she is expecting their second child in Sept. I heard people on facebook talking about Petunia Pickle Bottom and asked her if she ever heard about this designer. She said yes she loved their bags but they were too expensive to justify buying one. So I asked her which design she liked. She told me she would love to have the abundance bag as it is big and will hold enough diapers for both children for daycare. I ordered it and when I got it I was shocked at how large this bag really is, but I can see why she likes it. Has lots of room, nice changing pad inside and will keep her nice and organized. It is a pricey bag, but I hope that it will last for many years to come!!

Crystal Murrells Inlet, SC