Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall in Misted Marseille

Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall in Misted Marseille

You will love this classy bag with the built in removable diaper changing pad!

Main features

  • blend
  • Perfect for the classy mom!
  • glazed exterior

Verified reviews


What’s all the hype??

Never had a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag before, but I’d seen it advertised a lot, and with that price and all the different styles, I thought it was something extraordinary. It’s not. Just had my third child and decided to splurge. It’s pretty and cleans well, but it’s not as big as I’d hoped, and the zipper on top opens all the way – like a sweater. for some that might be good because then you can really pull the top apart to get all your stuff in. But it’s a pain to close.And I bought the straps to attach the bag to my stroller. They attach to the bag nicely, but they use velcro to attach to the stroller. Not so thrilled with that. My last bag had buckles like in all the children’s gear – much easier and more secure.

Laurel Constable, NY

Wish it came in CAKE!

For my first child (now 16 months) I was so into the "non-diaper" bag that I bought a beautiful Lacoste bag instead. Big mistake. It was trendy and cool, but the lack of pockets and organization that a real diaper bag has ensured that I NEVER carried it – instead just stuffed random things in my purse which would all jumble at the bottom. Now that i’m 5 months pregnant again, I am returning to my diaper bag search. I was advised to look at Petunia before but originally stopped looking at them because they are too cutesy – not really a diaper bag in disguise. But then I saw a CAKE by Petunia on pinterest and decided to look at the whole Petunia line again.I ordered the City Carryall, and the CAKE Society and Hampton. Ultimately, I kept the Hampton Holdall, but if the City had come in CAKE, I might have kept both.Highs1. Really good "day" size. I just need to carry, a couple bottles, some crackers, some face wipes, a small toy, and maybe one diaper for each kid – along with mom’s phone and wallet. Extra clothes, full meals, etc are not what I need to fit.2. LOVE the built in diaper pad feature. Just perfect for those months when your new baby is pooping often enough to need to change it in public instead of waiting until you are home.3. Overall good organization pocket configuration – I hate it when it all jumbles at the bottom.Cons1. Besides the way the diaper changer zipped side creates a pocket, there is really only one main compartment. This makes it tough to dig for mom’s wallet underneath the bag of crackers and face wipes. I really wanted a bag with 3 main compartments which is the main reason I’m keeping the Hampton Holdall.2. I’m not into the cutesy patterns all that much. I wanted a more incognito bag. I liked the patterns and the fabric quality much better than it shows in the pictures, but its still more "baby" than I hoped. The CAKE line is also bold colors, but they are more luxury purse like than the standard Petunia look. If the City had come in the CAKE line, I probably would have kept it as a 2nd bag.Other bags I considered were the Charlie by SoYoung, the Cake Society Satchel, and the Cake Hampton Holdall. I’m keeping the Hampton.

Isabel Ben Bolt, TX

If you can justify the price, this bag is well worth it!

It took me a long time to justify the price but after trying a courier bag and a regular backpack, I decided I really needed something with a lot of pockets like all diaper bags have. I’ll admit that I haven’t tried any other diaper bag so I can’t really compare but I really like this one.The size surprised me a little (as in it’s big) but this is my first baby and I had no comparison data. Once I started putting stuff in though, I realized the bag was a perfect size. Babies need a lot of stuff!Things I loved:- all the compartments- the print (I got Classically Crete). It is still a bit baby-bag-ish but I find the whimsical print adorable- the material. I love that it’s easily wipe-able for when baby makes messes on the bag- how it feels incredibly sturdyThings I am not as thrilled about:- the weight of the bag. The bag by itself is kind of heavy but I suppose that’s the trade-off for how sturdy it is- the included diaper pad. It’s too small, but thankfully, it’s remove-able so I just detached it and I pack my own changing mat- the price. It is more than I would ever spend on a bag for just myself- I know it’s ridiculous to wish for because no one ever does this but I would have loved 2 zippered pockets inside for my own stuff. There is one but trying to put a bunch of stuff in it means you can’t find anything so I only use it for my wallet now. I ended up getting a pencil pouch to throw my other personal things in so that I could keep it separate from baby’s stuff.What I usually carry: a wipes box, a bunch of diapers, a flannel receiving blanket, a changing pad, a change of clothes for baby, 2 bottles, a few bibs, toys, a few small solid food containers, a water bottle for myself, disinfectant wipes, and a few other odds and ends. I could probably still fit a bit more if I needed to.This bag doesn’t come with the stroller clips so you’d have to get those separately and they’re quite nice so I’m glad I got those too.

Meredith Western Springs, IL

Seems great, nice brand, not functional.

While this bag is nice and seems functional, I think it is a little small. Once you put everything you need inside, it becomes hard to sort through. And, I really couldn’t get over the attached diaper pad. Why doesn’t it come off? This is silly to me and it seems like baby would outgrow it very quickly. I researched bags for weeks and after multiple returns, I finally decided on the StorkSak Bobby which I love and it’s priced about the same. Also, I thought the gold on the special edition would be really nice, but it ended up just looking cheap.

Geri Mount Erie, IL

Love, Love, Love

I love this bag! Yes, the color was "last season" but the style hasn’t changed. It’s big enough for me to fit all of baby’s things: diapers, wipes, 2 bottles, extra formula, a couple toys, a few onsies, and a swaddle blanket with room to spare for some of my things too! The front "pocket" folds out to a changing pad which is very convenient when you don’t know where you’ll be able to change baby. However, my daughter is 5 months old and is ALMOST too tall (long) for the changing pad now.Another great feature is the wipeable fabric. It kind of feels like vinyl and easily wipes clean. This is great for sanitizing once you’ve had the pad rolled out in a public bathroom.The style is my favorite part about this bag. It has a cute embroidered piece on the front that adds some pizazz. I get compliments every I carry it! Since I made this purchase, I’ve bought two other Petunia Pickle Bottom bags. All have been of great quality and no wear and tear after 5 months of regular use.

Mabel Enterprise, LA

Could be bigger, but I still love it.

This bag would NEVER work for more than one baby, but there are several pockets to keep most everything organized. I’ve used the pull out diaper change pad on multiple occasions. The bag stays pretty slim, but I’m still able to get everything in there. It’s not as organized as I’d like, but I’m pretty sure I’ll never find a bag that suits me 100%.

Juliette Cuero, TX

Three Wishes

I love Petunia bags. This is my first. I poured over reviews of several Petunia and many many more nonPetunia brand bags. I chose this bag for its clean black lines so it would go with most of my outfits, jackets, shoes. The material is soft and thick, high quality. Hardware is all nice and heavy weight. I love the external bottle pockets, I can add my own bottle of water there too.I gave it 4 stars due to the fact that I wish the changing pad was not a velcro off kind. Id rather it just lay loose and be full sized. I wouldnt want to lay my baby down on a changing table with the bag attached to the pad and thus be right next to his head. You can unvelcro the pad but then youre working with a much smaller section….dooable but Id rather it just be one long intact piece.I also wish the bag weighed a bit less. Even empty you can feel the quality of the hardware and fabric really adding weight to this. I prefer to let my stroller bar carry this bag. I didnt buy the stroller clips as the long strap is plenty long enough for me to secure around my handlebar on my Chicco stroller.My third wish is that the bag were slightly larger. My son is 2 months old so Im still packing 2-3 bottles, formula, 6 diapers, spare outfit, paci’s, then my own items like my wallet, keys, few cosmetics. It gets very heavy at this point.I still adore this bag, just wish I could change those things.

Alexandra Rockford, OH


I LOVE this diaper bag! It is very stylish and practical! I am so happy I decided to purchase it.

Anastasia Mecosta, MI

Super cute!

Got this as a baby shower gift for a friend, and she cannot stop raving about it! Really pretty bag with embellishment in the front (I didn’t know it on the picture).

Sylvia Center Hill, FL