Petunia Pickle Bottom Hush Velcro Silencer

Petunia Pickle Bottom Hush Velcro Silencer

A discreet addition to the must-have for modern moms, allowing easy access to essentials, even during naptime. Invisible when bag is closed and barely noticeable when opened, the Hush Velcro Silencer has built-in magnets to help keep contents secure, and effectively “hush” the sound of the Velcro closure on the original Boxy Backpack®

Main features

  • Hush Velcro® Silencer
  • For use on the Boxy Backpacks
  • Allowing easy access to essentials, even during nap time.

Verified reviews


High hopes

I wanted to love this product as I was really tired of the Velcro on my diaper bag waking up my baby every time I opened it. The bad news, it doesn’t work. My bag does not stay closed with the strength of these magnets. Maybe if they were stronger… Bottom line, I’d rather have a bag that stays shut than a bag that is super quiet.

Kelly Phippsburg, CO

I love it when a company actually listens…

In my opinion, this is a must have for the boxy backpack.I had seen so many reviewers bashing PPB bags becasue of the Velcro closure, I almost didn’t buy one. I have also met some long time PPB owners who have shown me the failing Velcro on their bags.Whith the hush silencers in place, I can turn my bag upside down and shake the crap out of it, and it doesn’t open.The Velcro used to startle (awake or asleep) my newborn son. Not an issue anymore.When changing a diaper on carpet the Velcro on the front of boxy backpack would stick to the floor. Not anymore.I have ruined a fine knit sweater by brushing it up against the Velcro. Never again.Thank you Petunia for making a great bag perfect with this product!

Leslie East Hebron, NH


I’ve read that some people have issues with the strength of the magnets so I tested it to see if it could hold everything that goes into my diaper bag. Contents of the bag include: 5 cloth prefolds, 2 covers, a wet bad with wipe solution and 16 cloth wipes, a change of baby clothes, the changing pad, a teething toy, pacifier, a set of snappies in a case, 2 receiving blankets, and last but not least a large ring sling. I closed it up and flipped it up side down and shook it and nothing came out.It holds solidly, closes and opens quietly and basically is exactly what I wish the diaper bag was made like to begin with. Awesome product. Seller was also very quick getting it to me.

Rachel Piney Creek, NC


These do not work, a waste of money. I ended up just take my bag back to Nordstrom and bought the bag that is magnetic from the supplier versus trying to shush the velcro and making it magnetic.

Florine Muddy, IL

saved my sweaters!

I constantly had problems with the velcro on my (older version) boxy backpack snagging my sweaters (cashmere and wool). These have really alleviated the problem.And they helped me avoid a lot of glares at church when I want to get something out of the diaper bag during the service. The velcro is so loud otherwise!Enjoy. They’re worth it.

Laurel Clarita, OK

Great Concept – Needs a re-vamp!

I was SO bummed to learn the new PPB bags came with magnetic closure AND snaps! My PPB was the very first thing I bought (on sale) after I found out I was pregnant. Of course, it was only a couple of months later they had the new design. The velcro snags on my sweaters, A&A blankets, it’s own straps – annoying! When I heard about this product, I hurriedly ordered one despite the mixed reviews. It just flat out doesn’t work on a bag with any normal amount of items in it. I tested it like the one reviewer wrote – upside down. What a joke. I emptied out the contents of my bag, one by one. Basically, the bag has to be kind of wrinkly empty in order for the flap to stay closed. This would have been perfect with the magnet PLUS the snaps on it, to make it like the newer versions of the bags. OR maybe just with snaps. Only plus is that our things are no longer being snagged. Debating on whther or not to return it.

Maureen Raleigh, IL