Petunia Pickle Bottom Wistful Weekender in Adoring Autumn

Petunia Pickle Bottom Wistful Weekender in Adoring Autumn

Nothing stirs the soul more perhaps than a journey shared with a child. And nothing is more heroic to a child than the parent who remembers to pack every last bauble. Enter the Wistful Weekender, the day and night bag that expands and contracts as if by magic.

Main features

  • blend
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Expandable interior due to clever side snaps
  • 2 exterior pockets/7 interior organizational pockets and a “no more digging” key clip
  • Removable and wipe-able changing pad

Verified reviews


Lightweight and still good after washing

I used this bag when I took my 11-month-old on vacation that required a 12-hour plane ride. It fits everything we needed and I love how I can fill this bag and not have to worry too much about the weight because the canvas material is very light. While on vacation, I accidentally spilled juice on it so I had to wash the bag and hung it to dry under the sun, to my surprise, the bag looks as good as new after washing and drying. I didn’t expect that from a lightweight-all fabric bag… i thought i would get a wrinkled, faded, deformed mess after the wash, haha!

Lucille Center Barnstead, NH

Love – but wish had slight Improvements

I got this bag back in March 2012 as a gift for my first child. I have a Sashay Satchel that I’m obsessed with & use daily, so I planned on using this for long days or short trips, here are my thoughts.PROs–Love the design & color (I get compliment all the time)-Love the fact that there are snaps on the side to make it bigger or smaller-SUPER light weight (if you get organic cotton – glazed is slightly heavier)-Fits very comfortably on my shoulder & stays, no problems with sliding off when walking-Good amount of pockets on inside & I love the key Fob.CONs–Honestly its not as big as I expected. (Good for day trips, but there is NO WAY i could use it for a whole weekend)-I can’t get it to zip If its fully packed (I have to leave some room at the top, so the zipper will reach)-No support on the bottom so the bottom kind of droops when you carry it (Not a big deal just a little pet peeve)-No Mommy Pocket (I knew this going in, but it would be a great addition if they added one)Overall, I love the bag – I actually have 2 (one glazed & one Organic). The organic is very light, but the glazed is way easier to clean & makes me feel better about putting on the floor or taking it on a plane.Hope that helps!

Milagros Fall City, WA

Not for me – no structure

Let me start by saying I am a HUGE fan of Petunia Pickle Bottom and love their clutches and the touring tote. Unfortunately this bag wasn’t for me. I was looking for a bag that would work for long days out with the kids as the touring tote is only good for me for short trips. This bag was way too big for my frame and as there wasn’t anywhere to attach it to the stroller I looked ridiculous carrying it. There was no structure on the bottom of the bag and it kind of drooped. The lining wasn’t light enough for me and it seemed like a big black hole when I had put my things in it. I think it would be a great travel bag if you don’t mind a bag with no structure, but just wasn’t practical for me. And not really practical for bringing bottles of formula as none of the pockets are insulated. Back to my touring tote – which I LOVE!

Delores Branchville, NJ


I have one child, but I bought this bag for the days that I babysit my nephew as well as to use on vacation. I cloth diaper, so I needed a roomy bag to accommodate my child’s diapers as well as my nephew’s.THIS BAG TOTALLY DELIVERS ON SPACE. It fits everything I need for two babies. I also appreciate the number of pockets, as it helps to keep everything organized.Love the organic cotton and the beautiful pattern.

Marquita Camden, OH

A Huge Bag

I love this bag! But it is very large, and too big for quick trips to the store. I have a two-year-old and an infant. I use this bag when I know we are going to be gone all day and will need several bottles, changes of clothes, diapers, etc. It is also great for trips, because it can hold a lot.It is a beautiful bag and I would definitely buy from Petunia Pickle Bottom again.

Raquel Deerfield, WI

Absolutely Amazing! I received this bag in Minted Meadows as …

Absolutely Amazing! I received this bag in Minted Meadows as a gift to use for my 3 under 3. I also cloth diaper all three of my babies. This bag fits all of their needs. I previously had a large bag that was overflowing with just the needs of my first two girls and no matter where I seemed to look I couldn’t find a large enough bag to suit my needs for 3. Cue Petunia Picklebottom’s Wistful Weekender! I love the size (have yet to find one larger), the quality, and the style. This is a bag for a mom with multiple young children, a trip away from home, or for the overpacked/ over prepared mom! I could probably fit a fourth child’s needs in this bag if it came down to it.The bag holds up well, cleans easy, and Petunia Picklebottom is known for its amazing customer service. The changing mat matches the bag and although it isn’t as padded as some, it serves its purpose and is durable. This bag also comes with a wipe case and adjustable shoulder strap. I am particularly fond of the strap as I have never encountered one that gets that long. I have a tall torso and can easily wear this bag across my chest.There are two small and hidden pockets on the outside of the bag on both sides of the Petunia Picklebottom label. I found them only by checking the seams of the bag to ensure its quality when it first arrived. I thought that this was a neat feature and made grabbing a bit of cash, card, or ID much easier than opening up the diaper bag.There are multiple pockets inside that serve pretty much any purpose. The reason for the non attached zipper on the edges is for those moms with long cups and bottles. It also permits the bag to expand a bit larger than if they closed off those two edges with the zipper.The Wistful Weekender is huge (which is exactly why I wanted it) and because of its size it will of course get heavy if you pack it full. The bag itself is light weight, but it is common sense that it will be heavier than other diaper bags, because it is larger and holds more.

Courtney Grenora, ND

Very nice quality large diaper bag!

This is a bag that is large enough for two small babies in cloth diapers! I love this bag. It is a very high quality. The photos on this listing for the Rambling Rose pattern in NO WAY comes close to what it looks like in person! The background of the fabric is a charcoal brownish-gray. The flowers are pink (even though they look like they are purple on here!) and the leaves are a bright lime green. Everywhere I go people comment on it and tell me that they like it. They ask me about it often! I am very glad that I purchased it!

Nelly Blackwater, VA


Item delivered on time, was as described, great overall experience! I cannot wait to use this diaper bag as soon as our baby is born!

Linda Centreville, MS

Great Bag for a Day Trip

This is my go to bag for an all day trip out with my son. I can fit everything for him and myself in there and still find what I need, even when it’s fully packed. Another perk is that I get all kinds of complements on it. I’m very happy I purchased this bag!

Candice Hughes Springs, TX

Great for carryon luggage

This bag has been a lifesaver for me every time I take a plane trip with my infant. It’s roomy enough to pack the essentials, yet it’s small enough to be carried on your shoulder. Now, would I use this for “everyday” errands? Perhaps not, because of the big size. But for plane trips, this would do the trick. It’s big enough to pack in my little insulated cooler bag for breast milk (4 bottles) that keeps milk cold for up to 12 hours (which is a relief if we are in transit for 8+ hours!). My only complaint is, I wish it had more outer pockets for easy grabs.

Jacqueline York, SC

Perfect for Traveling!

This bag is HUGE! Definitely check out the dimensions in the product description before purchasing. There’s no way I would ever need to carry this on a daily basis as a diaper bag. Unless you have a litter of children it’s way too big. However for a weekend trip or even a lengthy trip it’s fantastic. My husband and I used to take many weekend trips before our little one came along, and I wish I had this then. It would fit all our clothes and our toiletry bag without needing to drag around a suitcase. It would have been perfect for a hospital bag too. Now that the wee one is here I’m packing everything for him in this bag for our next trip. I love that it zips mostly closed (note it does not zip completely closed so don’t throw it in the car upside down) and the sides unbutton so it opens up even wider. I also love that there is a long strap you can attach as well. My best friend has one and that’s how I was introduced to it. I’ve been longing for this bag for almost a year, but kept putting off purchasing because of the price. I’m so happy I finally took the plunge and got this bag.

Kaye Cataldo, ID

Second Whistful Weekend PP Bag purchased for our home!

Love this bag! I bought this one for myself. I have another for my daughter for weekends and trips which is great for all of the items little kids and toddlers need. But this bag is perfect for the adult too, even though it does come with a wipes plastic container and diaper changing pad 🙂 This is a beautiful and chic bag, and it was a great purchase!The only complaint on this one bag in particular is, the stitching on the handles is on the inside so it scrapes on your hand. And if you are carrying it by the handles, over weight or over stuffed bag and the stitching could hurt your hands (possibly) maybe its just my bag?

Guadalupe Camino, CA