Petunia Pickle Bottom Women’s Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag, Peaceful Portofino

Petunia Pickle Bottom Women’s Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag, Peaceful Portofino

Flitter-flutter, stroll or saunter?wanderlust never looked so fashionable. Simple in form and thoughtful in function, the Boxy Backpack is the consummate companion for trips to town, play dates in the park or a stroll by the seashore.

Main features

  • Fabric
  • Strap is adjustable from a drop of 12″ to 23″

Verified reviews


Beautiful, durable bag, but has some flaws

SUMMARY:A beautiful, roomy, very durable bag that is really functional. However, there are some definite flaws in design that some of the cheaper brands do better on (skip hop for example). I would classify this as “maybe” worth the money bag. It really depends what is important to you. One of the biggest positives for me is that Petunia Pickle Bottom has a fantastic selection of fabrics that you can’t get with any other brand. Just don’t expect the bag to be flawless, because there are negative aspects of this bag.DETAILS:The positives:This is a beautiful bag that is very well built. I LOVE the fabric selections Petunia has to offer! When compared to previous baby bags I have owned (include one other very high end bag) this bag has OBVIOUSLY very high quality construction. I’m sure I will have it for a long time. The outside fabric is high quality, and is the coated kind that you can easily wipe clean. The hardware is really nice looking, and clearly durable. The inside pockets are great also! There is a front portion that has pockets for diapers, wipes, and diaper cream. (It also comes with it’s own hard wipes case) It also has the changing pad zipped into this front pocket, attached by velcro. The main portion of the bag is very roomy. It has a few small pockets, as well as a large detachable zipper pouch and a key ring hook. I can fit my large day planner/binder, my kindle, my phone, wallet, and plenty of snacks for my little guy, as well as a change of clothing for him! The outside end bottle pockets are great too- very roomy, so they easily fit bottles, sippy cups, or even my large water bottle with no problem!The Negatives:- The shoulder strap has no padding!! Usually with shoulder bags (especially large ones like this that are meant to carry lots of stuff) there is a small, removable/movable shoulder pad on the strap. This bag actually hurts to carry over the shoulder. The backpack straps aren’t padded either, at all!- The inside is not the same coated fabric as the outside, so will be more difficult to clean.- You have to pay an extra $20 for stroller clips. I guess at least it’s a good thing that stroller clips are even available…..-The main flap that covers the bag connects with a very large strip of velcro. It is SUPER loud to open. This is definitely not good for when you have a sleeping baby, are in a library, or anywhere else it would be nice to stay quiet. I think a magnetic closure would be so much better!

Imogene Youngsville, NM

Fantastic baby bag

The quality of this product is top notch. It’s well designed, stylish, sturdy, and, best of all, amazingly roomy. There are tons of pockets and compartments and the shape holds well no matter what items you place in it.It’s easily as big as many bags that tout their capacity for multiple kids and it has a great strap and backpack straps to boot. Highly recommended.

Cheryl Fosterville, TN

perfect diaper bag

I cloth diaper and needed something with lots of room. This bag is great – it fits diapers, toys, snacks, etc. I love that it fits right over stroller handles (you don’t even need to buy the adapters, just use the shoulder strap!) It’s also great as backpack & you can’t beat the built-in changing pad feature.

Chris Butte Falls, OR

Best Diaper Bag… Worth the Price!

I’m in love with this bag! It’s gorgeous & I get tons of compliments on it. The design of Petunia Picklebottom bags is darn near perfect. I love that I can wear it as a backpack or as a shoulder bag. The fold out changing pad is detachable & washable which is great. You cannot go wrong with this diaper bag!

Nellie Olaton, KY

Had the old model… this is MUCH better

We used to own the older modelPetunia Pickle Bottom Women’s Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag, Black Currantbut we returned it to get this bag. We got a 20% off coupon from a local retailer and got it there instead of Amazon. (Sorry Amazon!) But since I use Amazon for all my reviews (even when I’m in retail stores), I wanted to share my thoughts.PROS:The bag is large enough (in fact, it seems a little larger than the older model) to hold plenty of stuff. We easily fit in 1-2 spare outfits, socks, shoes, binkies, nursing cover, 1-2 bottles, lotion, hand sanitizer, formula, and of course diapers and wipes.I like that the changing pad on the front can unzip and the wipes and diapers fit nicely in convenient pouches in the front. The pad can be removed for easy washing as well.The bag has sufficient storage for smaller items (2 side pockets are perfect for hand sanitizer, lotion, binkies, or cell phone. The inside has a couple open pouches as well as a zipped pouch.The outside has a nice texture that doesn’t snag like our old model (it had a fuzzy texture that sometimes caught on velcro and tape). It’s a simple “stamped” style pattern but it doesn’t look or feel cheap.We almost always use the back-pack style straps since we prefer having both hands free for carrying other objects (like the baby carseat!). If you use it over your shoulder it can slip pretty easily since the straps don’t have any padding or grip.CONS:Although not a straight “con”, the straps are still a little simple. I thought they might add some padding, but I also haven’t ever had too many heavy items in the bag that would require a lot of padding. Besides, how long am I ever carrying the bag? 10 minutes at most? Usually it is in the car, on the ground, or in the stroller. So the padding isn’t a must.COMPARISON TO OLDER MODEL:So far we like this newer model much better. The biggest improvement is the lack of velcro on the top flap that folds over the whole bag. On the older model they had velcro that came loose by simply picking up the bag. So if you forgot to zip up the bag and simply folded over the flap, the contents of the bag would spill out. But on this newer model, they have magnets (stronger than the velcro) as well as 2 snap settings (1 for normal fit, 1 for stuffing in extra capacity into the bag). It seems like they listened to their customers and we thank the company for that.Hopefully this review helps you in your decision to buy. We like the bag… it’s functional, looks good (come on, I’m a guy and I don’t mind carrying it), and it works great. If you appreciate this review, please let me and the other reviewers know. And leave a comment with any questions.

Cristina Cibecue, AZ

Functional & Cute

If you’re looking for a backpack style diaper bag, this is the one. It’s highly functional and holds a lot of different things, keys..wipes, extra clothes, diapers, bottles etc. There’s several different spaces inside the bag. There’s a zipper at the top as well as magnetic front tab as well. The straps in the back are adjustable. The fabric is really soft and the pattern is subtle yet chic.thumbs up!

Sierra Picacho, NM

Has all the features any mom would want

I am a major bag person so when the opportunity to buy another bag for a baby came along I was in heaven. This bag has everything you’ll probably hope for when it comes to diaper bags. Here’s the list:- It can be worn as a messenger bag, hung on the back of a stroller, or worn as a backpack.- It can be easily wiped down and doesn’t keep stains- The front pocket folds out into a diaper changing station which is super convenient- The print options are all just super cute, modern, and fashionable- There is a lot of room to put all your baby essentials- If you buy this from Nordstrom, it’s got a lifetime guarantee so even after 3 years of use and the zipper breaks, they’ll give you a new one (learned from a seasoned mom of three)If you’d like reviews on other baby must have items or advice on what to expect during the delivery, the first few months of parenthood, or even a full stroller shopping guide, visit the website, AllMomsArePerfect dot com.

Jenna Owensville, MO

love this bag

we’ve owned a few bags over the years and this one is perfect. It has a changing pad that folds out… perfect for changing the kids while we are out and about. This has back pack straps too that come in handy on plane rides and what not. A must have bag.

Lakisha Bickmore, WV

Couldn’t ask more from a diaper bag

This bag goes with us everywhere our baby goes. It is very functional, trendy and has lot of space. Love that you can carry it backpack style too (you need extra set of arms carrying a five month around). The quality is great and this pattern is fairly neutral. I see myself using this for years to come.

Hollie Post Mills, VT

Awesome Diaper Bag

I love this diaper bag. It’s cute, has many compartments, waterproof, and stylish. I haven’t really compared other diaper bags, and this one seems a little on the heavier side, but the style is great. It also has the option to wear it as a backpack, which is very comfortable to wear. The insides seem small and compact, but it actually fits a LOT of items.

Deirdre Warsaw, VA

Cool mama’s cool bag!

I was sceptical about spending so much on a diaper bag but let me tell you it was worth it. First, it looks really good and is a neutral print so that my husband doesn’t feel awkward carrying it. Secondly, it has sufficient storage space. I have been carrying 2-3 tommee tippee bottles, 2-3 ready to feed enfamil bottles, burp cloths, bib extra clothing for baby, a shirt for hubby and a shirt for myself, changing pad (I have my own so dont carry the petunia built in changing pad), makeup and phone, kindle for myself, clutch size wallet and there is still space for more. Also it doesn’t feel all that heavy with all this stuff. I use the messenger strap for carrying as dont really like back packs 🙂 I definitely recommend buying this bag.

Deidre Anton, TX