Petunia Pickle Bottom Women’s Valet Stroller Accessory Clips, Black

Petunia Pickle Bottom Women’s Valet Stroller Accessory Clips, Black

Designed especially for fashion-savvy moms in motion, our Valet Stroller Clips come in a PPB monogrammed plastic case and feature a non-skid strap that fits most stroller handles. Valet Stroller Clips also boast our signature chrome snap-hook hardware to compliment the sophistication and style of your Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag.

Main features

  • Nylon
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Designed especially for fashion-savvy moms in motion, our Valet Stroller Clips come in a PPB monogrammed plastic case and feature a non-skid strap that fits most stroller handles.
  • Go From Shoulder To Stroller a Snap!
  • For use with the Boxy Backpack, the Abundance Boxy Backpack and the City Carryall.

Verified reviews


Expensive but serves its purpose…

I love these and they are very heavy duty. I’ve been using them for about 4 months now and they look kind of old for some reason – maybe from always repositioning them because I have a few diaper bags that vary in size. My biggest complaint with these is that for my heavier diaper bag, its hard for me to attach them to the hooks because I need both hands to hang it on (one hand to open the hook and the other to keep it from swiveling) leaving me trying to balance my diaper bag with my knee while I juggle this task. Once again, its not an issue with my lighter diaper bags but with my heavier one…its annoying. I actually ended up purchasing another set of stroller hooks just for that bag in particular – one with an open ended hook. Other than that, these are great. Just expensive…

Rosalia Paris, MS

Works well

Bought this to hang my Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel to my First Years Wave Stroller. Wasn’t sure if it would work with that style bag as there wasn’t much info around online, but for the record it works. It doesn’t have specific rings for these clips but I clip it on through the loops the handles are attached to the bag with and that seems to work. Loved the little plastic case they came in also – have turned that into a first aid kid to carry with me in my diaper bag as it’s just the right size. These seem to be good quality straps and very easy to use.

Lelia Oran, MO

Must-have item

If you own a Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag, get this set of stroller clips, you will not regret. They help keeping your bag nice and clean and easy to get to and you can save some space underneath the stroller for your sweater… or something else. It’s so strong and works just great!

Tracie Andover, CT

Works we’ll

Works well, no issues with using this accessory. Worth the money because it’s much easier to attach to stroller then using strap.

Patrice Trenton, NJ

These clips do the trick and hold heavy loads!

I use these clips with my Stokke Xplory and use it to hold my diaper bag on the handle along with shopping bags I acquire throughout my outings. Its definitely up to the task, well made, and comes highly recommended. I just purchased a similar pair for my sister.

Lola Braidwood, IL

Not entirely necessary

The clips take time to clamp and can be tedious. The weight of the bag can also put enough strain on clamps to open on their own thus causing bag to unhook. I believe it is just as easy to use shoulder strap over the stroller bar and save $$.

Ladonna Pleasant Plains, IL


these stroller clips are a must-have and lifesavers for moms/dads with petunia pickle bottom diaper bags! such an easy, convenient way to clip diaper bag onto stroller, and being that there are 2, the weight of the bag is distributed on the handle bar so it is less likely to tip. what’s great about the PPB bags is that even though the clips take the place of the long strap, you can still use the backpack straps. highly recommend!

Carol Freedom, PA

Nice, but expensive

I looked at a few different stroller clip options and bought these. I like the strong Velcro attachment, rather than buckles or something bulky. They look nice, they won’t damage the stroller handle, and they are sturdy enough. However, because of the design of the clip, you need two hands to open the clip and attach anything. It can be a bit awkward. I use these with my Ju Ju Be All diaper bag. 4 stars due to price and needing two hands to clip something.

Lea Gilmore City, IA

PPB makes good stroller clips with one small design flaw.

I really like these stroller clips. They do what they’re supposed to do – clip the diaper bag onto the stroller. My one complaint is that it usually takes both hands to operate the clasp to open the clip, which is not very convenient when also holding the diaper bag.

Jaime Voorhees, NJ

Worth It

These make life just a little easier, which at the end of the day makes them worth every penny. It would probably be easy enough to DIY something that equally gets the job done but who has time for that?!The only thing I will warn against is that if your diaper bag is too heavy it makes it easy to tip the stroller. That’s no fault of the clips themselves but something to be aware of.

Constance Lemmon, SD

Hate the Hassle of VELCRO!

They attach to the bag nicely, but they use velcro to attach to the stroller. Not so thrilled with that. My last bag had buckles like in all the children’s gear – much easier and more secure.

Phyllis Highfalls, NC

Must have!

I love this!! Way to easy to just have these straps on my stroller for my diaper bag. Gives me easy access to the stuff I need without having to bend over reaching for it on the stroller basket.

Janet Forest Hills, NY


These clips are great! I was on the verge of buying a new baby bag because the one I have does not fit very well in the undercarriage of our bugaboo cameleon stroller. I have the PPB diaper bag in the sashay satchel and these clips work nicely on the rings of the bag, and they also work with some of my larger purses that have rings on the sides to clip on. I highly recommend these if your stroller does not have a large capacity undercarriage. Its also really nice when shopping to easily be able to access your wallet right there.

Josefa Point Baker, AK


These are very handy and work well with any bag that has metal rings for the strap. I like that they are easily adjustable and can be moved between strollers quickly.

Ina Wheatcroft, KY

Must Have

Must have if you diaper bag has the special hooks on the sides. I have the Petunia and it works perfectly. I love it. The bag stays in place. Very comfortable. The clips stay still and made well.

Yvette Donahue, IA

Why did I wait so long?

I have been slinging my PPB boxy backpack across the back handles of a single stroller for the past 2+ years. Upon having recently given birth to a now 2 month old, and having purchased a double stroller with one unbroken handlebar in the back, I gave in and bought these straps. Expensive– yes. But I already have the PPB bag, right?They have brought me much more joy than I thought a pair of stroller straps ever would. I suppose being a mom has really changed me! :)They arrived packaged beautifully. High quality material. I really like the non-slip lining inside the stroller strap. They attach wonderfully to a foam handlebar and don’t slip. I have used it on a Britax B-Agile double and also Bumbleride Indie twin, and they both work. It tends to slip a little bit on the Bumbleride, because the center bar is thinner and metal. Sometimes the actual clip is a little fidgety to get open, and twist around a bit when I’m trying to open them. But there is a large overlap of the hooks, so I feel my bag is very well secured.

Marcia Palmer, PR

High Quality Hooks, but bag too heavy

These hooks are super easy to use and really nice quality. Even when I pack light, they pull my stroller down (I have a baby trend expedition). They might work better on a more upright stroller.

Freda Rosiclare, IL

Good product

This product does what it’s suppose to do. I would recommend it to others. It fits for my diaper bag well.

Sonia Capron, IL

Great Convenience

This has been very convenient for me. It frees up space under my stroller so that I can store other items there. It makes it easy to access my Petunia Pickle Bottom backpack diaper bag/purse. Highly recommended!!!

Jeanine Morrisville, PA

Clamps are awkward

I’ve used these clips on my Graco frame stroller as well as a First Years "umbrella" type stroller. They do their job, but they are a complete hassle to hook in and out of. I spend a good 2-3 minutes trying to get my PPB satchel bag hooked into the clips.

Juliet Pleasant Valley, VA

Clever idea!

I bought these for my DIL so that she can attach her Petunia Pickle Bottom Abundance diaper bag to her stroller when she is out and about as that bag was quite big and I am sure willl be heavy once loaded up with her baby accessories. Having it attached to the stroller will free up her hands!

Socorro Richmond, KS